These photos are from the Schubert Studio in Kiel and were rescued from being destroyed by Ed Majkrazak and the Kiel Historical Society. It is Ed and the Kiel Historical Society who have made the effort to collect and save these photos and the obits that will eventually be put with these people. Without the efforts of the Kiel Historical Society, the glass negatives would have been tossed into a land fill site back in the 1990's. A special thanks to Bob Domagalski who has taken the time to scan all these and put them on cd's so they can be put online for your perusal. I certainly hope someone will find their ancestors here. If anyone wants to, I could use help in finding them in the cemeteries or marriages. Many are from Calumet and Sheboygan counties. Deb who puts genealogy online for those counties could use help also. The links to her sites are at the bottom of my main page. There is a lot of deterioration on some of them that can be fixed...that's next...but I wanted to present them as fast as possible. If anyone wants one fixed before taking it let me know. To add them to your family tree, just right click on the photo and save it to an image program. Note: Some of these names were difficult to read on the envelope the photo was in, also some names were scratched onto the negative, so some may be off a tad. Bob is working to re-read those names for better accuracy, so the names are bouncing around a bit because of re-reading them and because of finding marriages for the many single women in the photos.

Since so many of the people in the photos are in the New Holstein and St. Anna cemeteries in Calumet county, I've added transcriptions for those two cemeteries. For more information you can go to the Calumet county site that has a link at the bottom of my main page.

New Holstein Cemetery transcriptions.

St. Anna Cemetery transcriptions.

Obit or information is added to the ones with a star *.

* Achter, Mr. and Mrs. John
* Adam, John (Married Anna Jens)
Adams, Katherine (Married George Nauth) See Katherine (Adams) Nauth
* Adolph, Regina (Reinhardt) (Mrs. Christian Adolph & children)
Aebischer, Anna M. (Mrs. Gustav Horst) See Gustave Horst
Aebischer, Anna, Emma, Wilhelmina (sisters)
* Aebischer Christian

* Aebischer Clara (Ebert) (Mrs. Frank Aebischer)
* Aebischer, Hulda (Maas) (Mrs. Henry Aebischer)
Aebischer, Susanna Wilhelmina (Mrs. George Horst) See George Horst
* Aebischer, William
Agle, S.J.
Albers, Emilie (Mrs. John Rueckenick) See Emilie Rueckenick
Albers, Fred

* Albers Henry
* Albert, Hulda (Herberg) (Mrs. Theodore Albert)
Albrecht, Augusta (Mrs. Edward Wegner) See Augusta (Albrecht) Wegner
Aler, A.
Allen, Ure

* Altenberger, John
Amly, W.
* Ammann, Flora (Lindner) (Mrs. Henry Ammann)
* Ammann, Henry (Married Flora Lindner)

* Ammann, Joe
* Ammann, Rosa
* Anders, Caroline (Schmitt) (Mrs. William Anders)
Anders, Pauline (Mrs. Peter Lotzer) See Pauline Lotzer
* Andersen, Mary (Jess) (Mrs. Peter Andersen)

Anhalt, August
Anhalt, Margaret (Mrs. Carl Mahloch) See Carl Mahloch
Appelbaker, Helen (Mrs. Edward Henschel) See Edward Henschel
* Arens, Adamine (Buettner) (Mrs. Heinrich Arens)
* Arens, August (Married Anna Schroeder)
Arens, Emma (Mrs. Julius Schroeder) See Emma (Arens) Schroeder
* Arens, Gretchen
Arens, Ina (Mrs. Adolf Muenster) See Adolf Muenster

Arens Unknown
Arens, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
* Arens, Louis

* Arens, Otto (Married Emma Krohnke)
* Arens, Emma (Krohnke) (Mrs. Otto Arens)
Armsteder, Matt
* Armstrong, Ida (Clark) (Married John F. Armstrong)

* Arnold, Jacob (Married Anna Kazmeier)
** Arnold, Philip (Married Emma Voland)
* Arnold, Phil
* Arnold, Philip and Company

* Arpke, Laura (Peters) (Mrs. Carl Arpke)
Arps, Anna (Mrs. Friedrick Beyerstedt) See Anna Beyerstedt
* Arps, Edward
* Arps, Friederika (Hansen) (Mrs. Fritz/Frederick Arps)
* Arps, Adolphine (Thiesen) (Mrs. John C. Arps)
* Arps, John (Married Adolphine Thiesen)
Asmus, Anna (Mrs. William Greve) See Anna (Asmus) Greve

* Asmus, John (Married Dorothea Dickelmann)
Asmus, Mathilda (Mrs. Anton Scheurle) See Mathilda (Asmus) Scheurle
Atzman, Kati
* Avery, Louise (Ruppenthal) (Mrs. Ben Avery)

* Awe, Charlotte Friederike (Loos) (Mrs. Henry Awe)
* Awe, Henry (Married Charlotte Loos)
* Awe, Henry (2)
* Awe, Henry (3)
Awe, Marie (Mrs. Franz Mueller) See Marie Mueller
* Awe, Joseph (Married Charlotte Kuhn)

Backerd, Ellen Backhaus, Emilie (Mrs. John Voigt) See John Voigt * Backhaus, Louis (Married Mary Hansen) Backhaus, Louise (Mrs. Otto Dedering) See Louise Dedering * Backhaus, Mary (Hansen) (Mrs. Louis Backhaus) Backhaus, Mrs. * Baer, Mary (Niederprum) (Mrs. Fredrick Baer) * Baivier, Edward (Married Christine Ehlenbeck) Baivier, Elizabeth (Roeder, 1. m. Joachim Baivier/2. m. Frank Liffring) See Elizabeth Liffring * Baivier, Mary * Balz, John Banlocker Barber, Al Barmel, Mrs. (2 photos) Barrett, Alice (Mrs. James Toole) See Alice Toole * Barth, Josephine * Barth, Louisa (Fredrickson)(2 photos) (Mrs. John Barth) Barth, Elizabeth (Mrs. Peter Junck) See Elizabeth (Barth) Junck Bartlet * Barts, Sophie (Winkel) (Mrs. Carl Barts) * Bartz, August (Married Maria Zahn) * Bartz, Mr. and Mrs. August Basil, Mary (Mrs. Joseph Holzer) See Mary Holzer * Bauer, Frank * Baumann, Ernst P. (Married Anthonia Wernicke) Baumgarten, Wilhelmina (Mrs. Herman Gaedke) See Wilhelmina Gaedke Beck, Dora (Mrs. Gustav Brickbauer) See Dora (Beck) Brickbauer * Beck, John (Married Rosina Gross) * Beck, Ludwig and Johanna (Mauer) Family Beck, Miss * Beck, Nic Becker, Caroline (Mrs. Phillip Menne) See Phillip Menne * Becker, Mathias (Married Martha Kaiser) Behnke, Bertha (Mrs. Adolph Kasper) See Adolph Kasper * Belitz, Alfred Belitz, Clara (Mrs. Gustave Hipke) See Clara Hipke Belitz, Helen (Mrs. John Hoyer, Dr.) See Helen (Belitz) Hoyer Belter, Ricki Bensen, Ed * Benson, J. Benson, Minni * Benson, Miss * Benson, Pat * Benson, Tom * Berchem, Mathias and Ann Margareth (Puetz) Berer, M. Berer, Mrs. * Berg, Anna (Henschel) (Mrs. Julius Berg) * Berg, Miss Katie (Voelker) (Mrs. Wendel Berg) * Berg, Lizzie (Dexheimer) and Company (Mrs. Nicolaus Berg) Berg, Louise (Mrs. Adolph Meiselwitz) See Adolph Meiselwitz * Berg, Wilhelmine (Donath) (Mrs. Ernst Berg) Berger, Lizzie Berger, Mrs. Bernam, Eva Berneuer, Leo father and son * Best, Louise (Mrs. Carl Best) * Beyerstedt, Anna (Arps) (Mrs. Friedrick Beyerstedt) Beyerstedt, Minna (Mrs. August Vollstedt) See August Vollstedt Bink, Catherine (Mrs. Charles Boll) See Catherine Boll Blake, W. Family Blatz, J. Blessing, Em. Blessing, George * Bodenstab, Anna (Kuehling) (Mrs. George Bodenstab) * Bodenstab, George (Married Anna Kuehling) * Boege, Jack * Boege, Jacob Jr. (Married Wilhelmina Feldt) * Boege, Wilhelmina (Feldt) (Mrs. Jacob Boege) * Boege, Sophia (Blievernicht/Stecker) (Mrs. Jacob Boege Sr.) Boehnke, Joseph Boeslager Boeslager * Boettcher, Johanna (Ruck) (Mrs. August Boettcher) Bohrmann, Miss Boie, Anna D. (Mrs. Ernst Paulsen) See Ernst Paulsen Boie, Cecilia/Lena (Mrs. Fred Matzen) See Fred/Fritz Matzen Boie, Tillie (Mrs. Charles Sebelien) See Tillie (Boie) Sebelien * Boll, Catherine (Bink) (Mrs. Charles Boll) * Boll, Mary (Herzog) (Mrs. Valentine Boll) * Boll, Mary (Herzog) (Mrs. Valentine Boll) * Boockmeier, George - Chilton Oct, 1890 (Married Maggie Sell) * Boockmeier, Maggie (Sell) (Mrs. George Boockmeier) Borgman, Lizzie Borgwardt, Anna (Mrs. William Sonnenburg) See Anna Sonnenburg Borgwardt, Wilhelmina (Mrs. Albert Haese) See Wilhelmina Haese * Borman, Friedrick (Married Emma Erbach) Borngesse, Anna (Mrs. August Schleunes) See Anna (Borngesse) Schleunes * Bosma, Albert * Bosma, Albert and Minnie (Brother and sister) * Bosma, Minnie (Minnie Bosma) * Bosma, Meinert Bostwich, Al * Bourgeois, Julie (Langenfeld) (Mrs. Henry J. Bourgeois) Bow, C. Boylke, Tillie Boyl, W. Brachvogel, Frank * Brandes, Wilhelm and Augusta (Augusta nee Kollermus) Brandls, N. Brass, D. * Bratz, Anna (Voss) (Mrs. Frank Bratz) * Bratz, Frank (Married Anna Voss) * Breeden, Emma (Timm) (Mrs. William Breeden) Brehmier, F. Brehmier, Graten Brehmier, Mrs. F. * Breu, George (2 photos) (Married Odelia Haag) Breu, Joseph (Son of George Breu) See George Breu * Brickbauer, Amalia (Sinz) (Mrs. George Brickbauer) * Brickbauer, Martha (Gutheil) (Mrs. George Brickbauer) * Brickbauer, George (Married (1) Amalia Sinz, (2)Martha Gutheil) * Brickbauer, Carl * Brickbauer, Dora (Beck) (Mrs. Gustav Brickbauer) * Brickbauer, Gustave (Married Dora Beck) * Brickbauer, John (Mar. Mrs. Rosina Staege nee Conrad) * Brickbauer, Peter (Married Anna Beck) * Brickheimer, Christina (Henschel) (Mrs. Henry Brickheimer) * Brieske, Amalia (Henschel) (Mrs. Willie Brieske) Brieske, Louisa (Mrs. Philip Manz) See Philip Manz Brigg, M. Brill, Clara (Mrs. Nicholas Rach) See Clara Rach Brill, Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph Hanert) See Elizabeth Hanert Brill, Ida (Mrs. Amandos George) See Ida George * Brill Jennie (LaCroix) (Mrs. Joseph Brill) * Brill, Joseph (Married Jennie LaCroix) * Brill, Mrs. Katharina (George) (Mrs. William Brill) * Brill, Mrs. Katharina (George) * Brill, Leopold (Married Clara George) Brill, Veronica (Mrs. Peter Petesch) See Veronica Petesch * Brinkman, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brinkman, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Brink, Mrs. Fred Broechert * Broeckert, Anna (Ostermann) (Mrs. Luedert Broeckert) Broeckert, E. * Broeckert, Dorothea (Meier) (Mrs. John D. Brockert) * Broeckert, William (Married Johanna Hansen) * Brost, Magdalena (Stein) * Brost, Mr. and Mrs. Nic and Magdalena (Stein) * Brown, Wiebke (Thomsen) (Mrs. Lucien Brown) Bruhn, Ernest Bruhn, Mathilda (Mrs. Jesse Slater) See Jesse Slater Bruhn, Miss and Company Bruhn, Miss Ki * Bruhn, Otto (Married Margaretha Schaar) Brumier, George * Bruns, John - Oct. 1890 (Married Bertha Auguste Hagemann) * Bruns, Wibke * Bruss, Charles - Brillion (Married Elise Hansen) * Bruss, Elise (Hansen) (Mrs. Charles Bruss) * Bubb, Ida (Menne) (Mrs. Jacob Bubb) * Bubb, Ida (Menne) (2) (Mrs. Jacob Bubb Buchmann, Louise (Mrs. Louis Henschel) See Louis Henschel * Burgdorf, Charles Family (Married Hermina Voigt) * Burgert, Martin (has a dau. Lizzie and wife Margaret) Burkard, W. Burk, Fred Burk, Mr and Mrs. W. C. Burk, P. Burkhardt, Anna (Mrs. Edgar Schunk) See Anna Schunk * Burkhardt, Bertha * Burkhardt Elizabeth (Feile) (Mrs. Mathias Burkhardt) * Burkhardt, Gottlieb Photo dated Sept. 15, 1885 * Burkhardt, Alma (Glock) (Mrs. Gottlieb Burkhardt) * Burkhardt, Henry - Kiel * Burkhardt, Henrietta (Reichart) (Mrs. William Burkhardt) * Burkhardt, Henrietta "Jette" (Reichert) (Mrs. William Burkhardt) * Burkhardt, William Bushmann, Maria (Mrs. Henry Westling) See Henry Westling Butz, Annie

Casper, Jack children * Casper, Joseph (Married Anna Nennich) Chenesen, Jo * Christel, Mary (Stahl)(2 photos) (Mrs. Richard Christel) * Christel Twins Elizabeth and Bertha Christel * Christel, Richard (Married Johanna Sproll) * Christel, William and Wilhelmina * Christel, W.F. children * Christel, William F. child * Christel, Wm. F. children Chur, Chris Clark, Ida (Mrs. John F. Armstrong) See Ida (Clark) Armstrong Conert, Magy Conrad and Brill Conrad, John Conrad, John Conrad, Elizabeth (Mrs. Lambert Schmitz) See Elizabeth Schmitz * Conrad, Mathilde (2 photos) (Possibly Martha Conrad) Conrad, Miss and cousin * Conrad, Nic (Married Anna Janty nee Bernardi) * Conrad, Philip (2 photos) (Married Louise Ebert) * Corcoran, Mary E. (Hephner) (Mrs. John H. Corcoran) * Cornish, Jesse H. * Cornish, Lillie (Griswold) (Mrs. Jesse Cornish) Cottrell, Flora (Mrs. Henry Fowler) See Flora (Cottrell) Fowler Crawford, Manni Crigon, Kati * Curtiss, Louis

Dahl, A. * Damrow, Anna (Eimermann) (Mrs. Louis Damrow) Danke, Mary (Mrs. Philip Fluhr) See Mary Fluhr * Darling, Charles * Dassler, Albert W. (Married Clara Heins) * Dassler, Clara (Heins) (Mrs. Albert Dassler) * Daun, Adam * Daun, Albert Davis, A. * Dedering Caroline (Radder) and sister (Mrs. William Dedering) Dedering, Katherine (Bies) (Mrs. J. Henry Dedering) * Dedering, Louisa (Backhaus) (Mrs. Otto Dedering) Dedering, P. * Degenhardt, Mary (Heisdorf) (Mrs. Peter Degenhardt) * Dehn, August * Deicher, Adam (Married Minna Schroeder) Deischer, Lena (Mrs. Arthur Pfeil) See Lena (Deischer) Pfeil * Deischer, Tina DeLaHunt, Cecelia (Mrs. George Keenan) See George Keenan Demgen, Katherine (Mrs. John Heisdorf) See John Heisdorf * Dexheimer, Anton, Jr. (Married Jennie Harbrecht) Dexheimer, J. Dexheimer, J. * Dexheimer, John (Married Sophie Krueger) Dexheimer, Lizzie (Mrs. Nicolaus Berg) See Lizzie Berg Dexheimer, N. Dhein, Magg. * Dickelman, August Dickelmann, Ida (Mrs. John Schmidt) See Ida Schmidt Dickelmann, Dorothea (Mrs. John Asmus) See John Asmus Dickelmann, Sophia (Mrs. Wilhelm Drews) See Sophia Drews * Dickrell, Agnes (nee Possely) and friend * Dickrell, Agnes (nee Possely) * Dickrell, John, Sr. * Dickrell, Joseph (Married Catherine Roeder) * Dickrell, Nic (Married Anna Jeanty) * Diem, George (Child of Fred Diem) Dietrich, Anna (Mrs. Henry Klein) See Anna (Dietrich) Klein Dietrich, Katherine (Mrs. Henry Ramminger) See Henry Ramminger Dill, Miss * Dooley, John (Married Minnie Golding) * Dorn, Barthel (Married Pauline Laures/Mary Geiger) Dorn, Margaret (Mrs. Joseph Gilsdorf) See Joseph Gilsdorf * Dorn, Michael (Married Frederica Laures) * Dorschel and Gutheil * Doyle, Mary (Quinn) (Mrs. John Joseph Doyle) Dreger, R. Dreger, R. Dreiner, Magg * Drews, August (Married Elizabeth Radder) Drews, Dasy * Drews, Sophia (Dickelmann) (Mrs. Wilhelm Drews) Duchow, Ad., V. * Duecker, Mr. and Mrs. Charles - Kiel (Married A. F. Elise Stecker) Duecker, Charles * Duecker, Ella * Duecker, George - Kiel * Duecker, George * Duecker, Gustav * Duecker, Gustav * Duecker, Gustav * Duecker, Gustav and Anna (Griebenow) * Duecker, Anna (Griebenow) * Duecker, Henry and Lizzie (Stark) Duecker - Kiel * Duecker, Herman (Married Anna Rothfock/Rothfolk) * Duecker, John M. * Duecker, Mr. and Mrs. John * Duecker, Emilie (Griebenow) (Mrs. John M. Duecker) * Duecker, Mary (nee Roeck) * Duecker, William - Kiel * Duerwaechter, Charles Duerwaechter, Louisa (Mrs. Philip Staats) See Louisa (Duerwaechter) Staats) * Duerwaechter, William Dumke, Emma (Mrs. Meilke) See Emma Meilke * Dumke Sisters Dumke, Minnie (Mrs. Adolph Weber) See Minnie (Dumke) Weber * Dumke, Miss Therese - Chilton Durlz, Joseph Dutscher, D.

Eberle, Child of Frank * Ebert, Anna (Zillmann) (Mrs. Frank Ebert) Ebert, Clara (Mrs. Frank Aebischer) See Clara Aebischer Ebert, Clara (Mrs. John F. McMullen) See John McMullen) Ebert, Louise (Mrs. Philip Conrad) See Philip Conrad * Ebert, Mrs. Moses J. Ebert (Adellia Norton Ebert) Ebling, Maria (Mrs. Rudolph Mueller) See Rudolph Mueller Edens, Anna (Mrs. Jacob Gessert) See Anna (Edens) Gessert * Edens, Anna and Mary (Daughters of Claus Edens) * Edens, Mary * Edens, Katrina (Klug) (Mrs. Reimer Edens) Eggens, M. Eggens, W. Ehlenbeck, Catherine (Mrs. Nicolaus Huberty) See Nicolaus Huberty Ehlenbeck, Christine (Mrs. Edward Baivier) See Edward Baivier Ehlenbeck, Mary (Mrs. Joseph Posseby) See Mary (Ehlenbeck) Posseby Ehnert, Aug. Eichhorn, J. Eichmeier, Theresa (Mrs. John Stier) See Theresa Stier Eick, Auguste (Mrs. David Laux) See Auguste (Eick) Laux Eick, Emil Eimermann, Anna (Mrs. Louis Damrow) See Anna (Eimermann) Damrow * Ellenbecker, Nicolas (Married Clara Schaefer) Elliker, San Elmegreen, Dora (Mrs. Henry Sell) See Dora (Elmegreen) Sell * Elmegreen, Irvan * Endries, Peter (Married Sophia Wagner) * Enders/Endries, Sophia (Wagner) (Wife of Peter Enders/Endries) Engel, Olga (Mrs. Franz "Frank" Johst) See Franz Johst Erbach, Emma (Bormann) (Mrs. Friedrick Bormann) Erling, Aug. Erling, Mathilde Ester, Aug.

Faber, Eva (Mrs. Christian Kuhr) See Eva (Faber) Kuhr Fahr, A. * Faust, Adam Faust, Gertrude (Mrs. Herman Schoon) See Gertrude (Faust) Schoon * Faust, Jacob, Jr. (Married Anna Krippes) * Faust, Anna (Krippes) (Mrs. Jacob Faust, Jr.) * Faust, Jacob, Sr. (Married 1.Barbara Brown, 2.Concessa Becker) * Faust, Margaretha (Roeder) (Mrs. Ernst Faust) Fehrenbach, Caroline (Mrs. John Steffen) See John Steffen Feile, Elizabeth (Mrs. Mathias Burkhardt) See Elizabeth (Feile) Burkhardt * Feld, Mary (Reichert) (Mrs. Charles Feld) * Feldmann, John (Married to Julia Uhl) * Feldmann, Julia (Uhl)(2 photos) (Mrs. John Feldmann) * Feldner, Joseph Feldner, Lizzie * Feldt, August (Married Julia Stueven) Feldt, Augusta (Mrs. Herman C. Stueven) See Herman Stueven Feldt, Wilhelmina (Mrs. Jacob Boege) See Jacob Boege Fenn, Hattie (Mrs. August Garlieb) See August Garlieb Fessler, Anton children Fieberg, Henry Fiedler, A. * Fiedler, Bernard Fischer * Fischer, Agnes (Mueller) (Mrs. Nicolaus Fischer) * Fischer, Anna (Mueller) (Mrs. Albert Fischer) * Fischer, Emma (Langjahr) (Mrs. Frank Fischer) * Fischer, Frank * Fischer, Lorenz (Married Elizabeth Weber) Fischer, Magdalens (Mrs. Jacob Frick) See Magdalena (Fischer) Frick Fitzgerald, Agnes * Flaherty, Agnes (Higgins) (Mrs. James P. Flaherty) Fleischer, Clara Fligetter, Katherine (Mrs. Eugidius Grotzinger) See Katherine Grotzinger * Fluhr Mary (Danke) (Mrs. Philip Fluhr) * Fluhr, Mr. and Mrs. Philip (Married Mary Danke) Foelker, Joe Foerster, Emma Forster, Barbara (Mrs. John H. Schmidt) See Barbara (Forster) Schmidt Foster, Wm. * Fowler, Flora (Cottrell) (Mrs. Henry Fowler) * Fox, Pauline "Lena" (Hanert) (Mrs. Leo Fox) Fraenzel, Ottilia (Mrs. Emil Hungsberg) See Ottilia (Fraenzel) Hungsberg * Francke, Anna (Schildhauer) (Mrs. Herman Francke) * Franke, Frank (Married Lydia Steuerwald) * Frankman, Anton Frankman, Caroline (Mrs. John Grogan) See John Grogan Frankman, Nancy (Mrs. John Murrin) See Nancy (Frankman) Murrin * Frankman, Peter Franson, Louise (Mrs. John Lorge) See John Lorge Franzen Franzen, Chas. * Franzen, Nicholas (Married Catherine Giebel) Freese, Augusta (Mrs. Herman Libke) See Herman Libke * Frick, Magdalena (Fischer) (Mrs. Jacob Frick, William Steinhardt,Henry Wriedt) Fuertsch, Balt. * Fuhrman, Oscar Funke, Wilhelmine (Mrs. Edward Arps) See Edward Arps

* Gaedke, Wilhelmina (Baumgarten) (Mrs. Herman Gaedke) Gamernish, Theresa * Garlieb, August (Married Hedwig "Hattie" Fenn) * Gebhard, Adam (2 photos) * Gebhard, Andrew * Gebhard, Katherine and Elizabeth Daughters of Wenzel * Gebhard, Katharine (Kern) (Mrs. Martin Gebhard) * Gebhard, Martin (Married to Katharine Kern) * Gebhard, Michael Geiberger, Anna (Mrs. Adam Schnell) See Adam Schnell Geiger, Mary (Mrs. Bartel Dorn) See Bartel Dorn * Gellings, Katherine (Mueller) (Mrs. John Gellings) * Gellings, Katherine (Mueller) and Miss Gerlock * Gensch, Frieda (Kreimann) (Mrs. Ernest Gensch) George, Clara (Brill) (Mrs. Leopold Brill) See Leopold Brill * George, Ida (Brill) (Mrs. Amandos George) George, Katharina (Brill) (Mrs. William Brill) See Katharina Brill * Gerhard, George (Married Augusta Ruppenthal) * Gerhard, Jacob (Married Katherine Rosenthal) Gerhard, Otto Gerhardt, Elizabeth (Mrs. Karl Sell) See Elizabeth (Gerhardt) Sell Gerlach, John * Gerlach, Peter (Married Ida Jochmann Gerlach Schoedel) Gerlach, Will * Gessert, Anna (Ramminger) (Mrs Charles Gessert) * Gessert, Anna (Edens) (Mrs. Jacob Gessert) * Gilsdorf, Henry (Married Catherine Zimmermann) * Gilsdorf, Joseph (Married Margaret Dorn) Gilsdorf, Steven Glock, Anna (Mrs. Carl Schuette) See Anna (Glock) Schuette Glock, Alma (Mrs. Gottlieb Burkhardt) See Gottlieb Burkhardt Gnis..eson, John * Goebel, Mary (Rach) (Mrs. Nicolaus Goebel) * Goerbing, August (Married Anna Stegemann) * Goerbing, August Jr. * Goerbing, Charles * Goeser, Anna (Mannebach) (2 photos) (Married Cresent (Chrysant) Goeser) * Goeser, Maria (Hoffmann) (Mrs. Jacob Goeser) * Goessling, Hermina (Schlichting) (Mrs. Charles Goessling) * Goetz, Frank son of Alois Goggins, Sarah Jane (Mrs. Dr. Dennis John Hayes) See Dr. Dennis John Hayes * Goggins, Charles (Married Catherine O'Malley) * Goldammer, Adolph (Married Caroline Feldmann) * Goldammer, Caroline (Feldmann) (Mrs. Adolph Goldammer) Gossert, Joseph Gourninger, B.N. Grabs, Ernestine (Mrs. August Hass) See Ernestine Hass * Grabs, Gustave * Grady, Maria (Kleiler) (Mrs. Edward Grady) Gran, Adam Granning, Maychel Grant, Alice (Mrs. Gustave Grabs) See Gustave Grabs Greese, Adolphine (Mrs. Charles Hansen) See Adolphine (Greese) Hansen * Greese, Wilhelm Greschel, Mr. and Mrs. W. Grether, A. Jr. Grether, A. Sr. Gretzi, John * Greve, Anna (Asmus) and Sister (Mrs. William Greve) Greve, Bertha (Mrs. Frank Schoetzel) See Frank Schoetzel * Greve, Carl Greve, Emma (Mrs. William Thode) See Emma (Greve) Thode Greve, Emilia * Greve, Helen (Tiedeman) (Mrs. John Greve) Greve, Helene (Mrs. Oscar F. Neblungen) See Helene (Greve) Neblungen) * Greve, Herman and Helene (Herman m. Helen Paulsen) * Greve, John * Greve, Minnie (1) * Greve, Minnie (2) * Greve, Minnie (3) * Greve, Paul * Greve, Wilhelm F. (Married Pauline Meinert) Griebenow, Anna (Mrs. Gustav Duecker) See Anna Duecker Griebenow, Emilie (Mrs. John Duecker) See Emilie Duecker Griebenow, Helen (Mrs. Emil Hanske) See Emil Hanske Griebenow, Mathilda (Mrs. Charles Heins) See Charles Heins * Griem, Emma (Weber) (Mrs. James Griem) * Griem, Katherine (Weber) (Mrs. Charles Griem) * Griem, Charles and Katherine (Weber) * Griem, Anna (Herbing) (Mrs. William Griem) * Griem, William L. (Married Annie Herberg) Grior, Saniri Groeschel, Rose (Mrs. Charles Jochimsen) See Rose Jochimsen * Grogan, John (Married Caroline Frankman) * Groh, Barb (nee Koenig) Gross, Rosina (Mrs. John Beck) See John Beck * Grossheim, Louise (Schuricht) (Mrs. Roderich Grossheim) Grosunt, Ad. * Grotzinger, Katherine * Gruhle, William (Married Victoria "Dora" Stoll) * Gruse, Ida (2 photos) * Guelig, Jacob (Married Elisabeth Wolf) Guelig/Gelig/Gulig, Margaret (Mrs. Querin Loehr) See Margaret Loehr Gulig, Lena (Mrs. Edward Merk) See Edward Merk * Gunderman, Gust (Married Albertina Schankey/Shankey) * Gutenkunst, Edward * Gutenkunst, Ed and Melvin Gerluch, Linda Burgdorf, Alvina Bruns Gutheil and Dorschil * Gutheil, Arthur * Gutheil, Bernard (Married Margaretha Mattes) * Gutheil, Margaretha (Mattes) (Mrs. Bernard Gutheil) * Gutheil, Bernie * Gutheil, Helena (Haysen) (Mrs. Oscar Gutheil) * Gutheil, Johanna C.E. * Gutheil, Louis (Married Johanna Ree) * Gutheil, Johanna (Mrs. Louis Gutheil) Gutheil, Martha (Mrs. Brickbauer) See Martha Brickbauer * Gutheil, Siegfried * Gutheil, Waldemar "Walter" Gutschow, Caroline (Mrs. Samuel Juno) See Samuel Juno

Haacker, Al Haacker, N. or W. Haag, Odelia (Mrs. George Breu) See George Breu * Haarmann, Friedrich (Married Mathilda Quante) Hachez, Clara (Mrs. William Luehr) See Clara (Hachez) Luehr, Gan * Haese, Wilhelmina (Borgwardt) (Mrs. Albert Haese) Hageman, Bertha Auguste (Mrs. John Bruns) See John Bruns Hagenar, John * Hajenga, Bertha (Kreimann) (Mrs. George Hajenga) * Hajenga, Marie (Westphalen) (Mrs. Meinert Hajenga) * Hajenga, Meinert (Married Marie Westphalen) * Halbach, Anna (Kocher) (Mrs. Michael Halbach) Halbach, I. or J. Halbach, Catherine (Mrs. John Schommer) See Catherine Schommer Halbach, Mary (Mrs. Nicholas Mahlberg) See Mary (Halbach) Mahlberg * Halbach, Miss Annie Halp or Holp, Dora nee Wailbet Halsted, Anusby or Onusby Halversen, Emma (Mrs. Ole Jole) See Emma Jole Hammert, K. Hamon or Hanson, Miss Mary * Hanert, John B. (Married Mary Turba) * Hanert, Elizabeth (Brill (Mrs. Joseph Hanert) * Hanert, Joseph (Married Elizabeth Brill) Hanert, Pauline "Lena" (Mrs. Leo Fox) See Pauline (Hanert) Fox Hanert, Sophie (Mrs. Henry Rach) See Sophie Rach Hansen Hansen, A. (maybe) * Hansen, Adolphine (Greese) (Mrs. Charles Hansen) Hansen, Augusta (Mrs. George Schildhauer) See Augusta Schildhauer Hansen, D. Hansen, Friederika (Mrs. Fritz Arps) See Fritz Arps * Hansen, George (Married Caroline Schildhauer) * Hansen L. and Company * Hansen, Lena 2 Hansen, Marie (Mrs. Herman Menks) See Marie Menks Hansen, Mary (Mrs. Louis Backhaus) See Louis Backhaus ** Hanske, Emil (3 photos (Married Helene Griebenow) Hansman, Miss Hanson, Con * Happel, George (Married Lizetta Mueller) * Happel, Lizetta (Mueller) (Mrs. George Happel) * Harbrecht, Henry (Married Mary Augustin) Harbrecht, Wilhelmine (Mrs. B. Kabelitz) See Wilhelmine (Harbrecht) Kabelitz * Harbrecht, Will * Harder, Herman (2 photos) (Married Erna Karsten) Harlow, Maggie (Mrs. Francis Laughlin) See Maggie Laughlin Harmon, Annie * Hartmann, Herman (Married Mary Laures) Hartman and others Hartmann, Johanna (Mrs. Henry C. Pingel) See Henry C. Pingel * Hartmann, Joseph (Married Lizzie Mueller) Hartmann, Mary (Mrs. Franz Heinzen) See Mary Heinzen * Hartmann, Robert (Married Auguste Sinner) * Hass, Ernestine (nee Grabs) (Mrs. August Hass) * Hauptmandel, Louise Hauptmantel, Anna (Mrs. Michael Martin) See Anna Martin * Hauschild, Anna (Hipke) (Mrs. Detlef Hauschild) * Hauschild, Detlef (Married Anna Hipke) * Hauschild, William (Married Mary Zarmsdorf) Hausman * Hayes, Dr. Dennis John Hays, Edward Hays, Lucy Haysen, Helena (Mrs. Oscar Gutheil) See Helena Gutheil Hayssen, Marie Gutheil (Mrs. Ferdinand Gutheil) See Marie Gutheil Hayton, Ed Heiderer, Miss Heiderer, Mary, Feb. 1886 * Hein, Magdalena Heinen, Christine Heinen, John Heinen, John (2) * Heinen, Lizzie (Mannebach) (Married John Heinen) * Heins, Arthur (3 photos) (Married Anna Simon) * Heins, Charles A. (2 photos) (Married Mathilda Griebenow) Heins, Clara (Mrs. Albert Dassler) See Clara Dassler * Heins, Mathilda (Griebenow) (2 photos) (Mrs. Charles Heins) Heins, Pauline (Mrs. J.B. Laun) See Pauline Laun * Heinzen, Mary (Hartmann) (Mrs. Franz Heinzen) Heis, George * Heisdorf, John Heisdorf, Mary (Mrs. Peter Degenhardt) See Mary Degenhardt Helm, Mrs. Henderson, Mary and Company Henke, Kati (Mrs. Max Emil Mueller) See Kati Mueller Henning, Wilhelmina (Mrs. Heinrich Radder) See Henry Radder Henschel, Anna (Mrs. Julius Berg) See Anna (Henschel) Berg Henschel, Amalia (Mrs. Willie Brieske) See Amalia (Henschel) Brieske Henschel, Amelia (Mrs. Louis Polster) See Louis Polster entry Henschel, Bertha and Friend Henschel, Christina (Mrs. Henry Brickheimer) See Christina (Henschel) Brickheimer * Henschel, Edward (Married Helena Appelbaker) * Henschel, Helena (Appelbaker) (Mrs. Edward Henschel) Henschel, H. * Henschel, Louis (2 photos) (Married Adella Thiesen) * Henschel, Philipp (Married Caroline Siegmund) * Henschel, Caroline (Siegmund) (Mrs. Philipp Henschel) * Henschel, Rosina (Mrs. Carl in the center) Hephner, Mary E. (Mrs. John H. Corcoran) See Mary Corcoran Her.., P.J. Herberg, A. Herberg, Hulda (Mrs. Theodore Albert) See Theodore Albert Herberg, Miss Herbing, Annie E.B. (Mrs. William L. Griem) See William Griem Herich, Anna Herold, Olga Hert and Moony Hertel, Elizabeth (Mrs. John Krippes) See John Krippes * Herzog, Anton * Herzog, Anton Herzog, Catharina (Mrs. John Klotz) See John Klotz Herzog, Fransizka/Frances (Mrs. John Mertens) See John Mertens Herzog, Mary (Mrs. Valentine Boll) See Mary (Herzog) Boll * Heth, Anne (Libke) (Mrs. Bert Heth) * Hewitt, Patrick (Married Mary Malony/Maloney) Hickman, Gust Higgins, Agnes (Mrs. James P. Flaherty) See Agnes Flaherty Hipke, Anna (Mrs. William Koehring) See Anna (Hipke) Koehring * Hipke, Clara (Belitz) (Mrs. Gustave Hipke) * Hipke, Dora (Vollstedt) (Mrs. Louis Hipke) Hipke, Ella (Mrs. Henry Schueler) See Henry Schueler * Hipke, Mary Hobedand, Ed * Hoefler, Theresa (Roeder) (Mrs. George Hoefler) Hoffman, Casper Hoffman and Company * Hoffman, George (Married Elizabeth Nisler) Hoffman, R. Hoffmann, Maria (Mrs. Jacob Goeser) See Maria Goeser * Holdenried, Frank (Married Anna Schroeder Arens) Holdenried, Louise (Mrs. Edward Luehr) See Louise (Holdenried) Luehr Holdenried, Mathilda (Mrs. August Schroeder) See August Schroeder Hollensteiner, Laura (Mrs. Hugo Schmidt) See Laura (Hollensteiner) Schmidt Holliday, J. * Holst, Doris (Sebelien) (Mrs. Wm. F. Holst) Holthusen, Minnie (Mrs. Albert Bosma) See Albert Bosma ** Holzer, Mary (nee Basil) (Mrs. Joseph Holzer) * Holzer, Mary and Company Holzer, Theresia (Mrs. Henry Jansen) See Theresia Jansen Hoping, Fred Horneck, Clara Hornick, Ann Hornick, Frances (Mrs. John Miller) See John Miller * Horst, Anna (Aebischer)(2 photos) (Mrs. Gustave Horst) * Horst, George (Married Susanna Aebischer) * Horst, Gustave (2 photos) (Married Anna Aebischer) * Horst, Susanna Wilhelmina (Aebischer)(2 photos) (Mrs. George Horst) * Hoyer, Helen (Belitz) (Mrs. John Hoyer) * Huberty, Clemens * Huberty, Emil (2 photos) (Married Annie Buttler) * Huberty, Nicholas (2 photos) (Married Catherine Ehlenbeck) * Hungsberg, Ottilia (Fraenzel) (Mrs. Emil Hungsberg)

** Ibe, Pauline (Quante) (Mrs. Charles Ibe) Igel, Franziska (Mrs. John Wimmer) See Franziska Wimmer Igle, Kate

Jackels, Anna (Mrs. Casper Wesling) See Casper Wesling Jacob, Ed Jacobi, Maria (Mrs. Nicolaus Voelker) See Maria Voelker Jacolin * Jahnke, Martha (Pingel) (Mrs. Otto Jahnke) * Jansen, Theresia (Holzer) Mrs. Henry Jansen Janty, Mathilda (Mrs. John Baptist LaCroix) See John B. LaCroix * Janty, Nicolaus (Married Elizabeth LaCroix) * Janty, Elizabeth (LaCroix) (Mrs. Nicolaus Janty) * Jaschob, Mary (Pasch) (Mrs. Herman Jaschob) Jaschob, Pauline (Mrs. August Kanzke) See Pauline (Jaschob) Kanzke) * Jeanty, Victor (Married Mary Wieseckel) Jegeler, Kati Jens, Anne (Mrs. John Adams) See John Adams Jens, M. Jens, Sophia Jerred, Cath. Jerred, Mary Jerred, Nick Jess, Doris (Mrs. John W. Piper) See Doris Piper Jess, M. Jess, Mary (Mrs. Peter Andersen) See Peter Andersen * Jochimsen, Bertha (Voss)(2 photos) (Mrs. William Jochimsen) * Jochimsen, Johanna * Jochimsen, Rose (Groeschel) (Mrs. Charles Jochimsen) * Jochmann, August and Johanna Jochmann, Ida (Mrs. Peter Gerlach/Mrs. William Schoedel) See Peter Gerlach * Jochmann, William (Married Anna Widder) * Johst, Franz * Jole, Emma (Halversen) (Mrs. Ole Jole) * Jordan, E.W. Jost, Anna (Mrs. Andrew Michels) See Andrew Michels Juchen, Jac Juenk, Emma (Lau) (Mrs. Heinrich Juenk) * Junge, Claus (Married Amalia Mundt) * Junck, Elizabeth (Barth) (Mrs. Peter Junck) Junk, Anni * Junk, John (Married Katherine Mahloch) Junk, Magdalena (Mrs. Mathias Klauk) See Mathias Klauk * Juno, Samuel (Married Caroline Gutschow)

* Kabelitz, Wilhelmine (Harbrecht) (Mrs. B. Kabelitz) Kaiser, Martha (Mrs. Mathias Becker) See Mathias Becker * Kanzke, Pauline (Jaschob) (Mrs. August Kanzke) * Kappel, Mary (Roggenbuk) (Mrs. Henry A. Kappel) Karls, Anna (Mrs. Adam Daun) See Adam Daun * Kasper, Adolph (Married Bertha Behnke) Kasper, Elizabeth (Mrs. August Lindner) See August Lindner Kautzer, Agnes Kautzer, Anna (Mrs. Ambrose Schwab) See Anna Schwab Kazmeier, Anna (Mrs. Jacob Arnold) See Jacob Arnold * Kearns, Lizzie (O'Brien) (Mrs. Harry Kearns) Keenan, Alice (Mrs. Thomas Walsh) See Alice Walsh * Keenan, George Keenan, Mary (Mrs. Patrick Mortell) See Patrick Mortell * Keenan, Ottilie (Lueloff) (Mrs. John Keenan * Kellen, Elizabeth (Martin) (Mrs. Peter Kellen) Kerkers wagon Kern, Katharine (Mrs. Martin Gebhard) See Katharine Gebhard * Kersten, John (Married Mollie Robinson) * Kestly, Mathilda (Stephany) (Mrs. James Kestly) * Keuler, Anton (Married Margareth Malberg) Keyler, Ann Kiers, Frank Kieser, Miss Mag. Kindler, Bertha * Kirsch, Frank (Married Maria Hensen) * Kirsch, Peter Rudolph (Married Katherine Wessling) * Klauck, Mr. and Mrs. F. * Klauck, Kunigunda (nee Winter) (Mrs. John Klauck) * Klauk, Mathew/Mathias also Klauck (Married Magdalena Junk/Victoria (Conrardy) Jolin) Kleiler, Maria (Mrs. Edward Grady) See Maria Grady * Klein, Anna * Klein, Anna (Dietrich) (Mrs. Henry Klein) * Klein, Henry (Married Anna Dietrich) Klein, Kate (Mrs. Valentine Mueller) See Valentine Mueller * Klein, Mary (Martin) (Married John Klein) Klein, Mary (Mrs. Fred Zimmerman) See Fred Zimmerman Kleins, S. * Kleist, Charles (Married Bertha Ullrich) * Klessig, Caroline (Schliemann) (Mrs. Christoph Klessig) * Klessig, Louis (Married Bertha Bubolz) * Kletzien, Wilhelm (Married Helena Catharine Oesau) Klinner, Herman * Kloppenberg, Mrs. D. (Married John Kloppenberg) * Klotz, John (Married Catharina Herzog Knand, J. Knoll, Anna Knoll, Miss Minni Knoor, Miss Kobriger, Catherina (Mrs. Valentine Voelker) See Catherina (Kobriger) Voelker Kocher, Anna (Mrs. Michael Halbach) See Anna (Kocher) Halbach * Kocher, Max and sister Louisa (Married Mary Leitner) * Koehring, Anna (Hipke) (Mrs. William Koehring) * Koehring, Karoline (Miller) (Mrs. William Koehring) Koenig, Anna Koenig, Child ** Koenig, Regina (Stein) (Mrs. Peter Koenig) Koening, Barbara (Mrs. William Groh) See Barbara Groh * Koeppen, Wilhelmina (Mrs. August Haarman) * Koeppen, Frederick Kolen, W. * Koling, Margaretha (Thiel) (Married John Koling) Kollermus, Augusta (Mrs. Wilhelm Brandes) See Wilhelm Brandes Kooric, Marie Korb, Catherine (Mrs. Mathias Kremer) See Catherine Kremer Korb, E. Kortz Kurtz, Kati Kraemer * Kraemer, Christian (Married Rosina Pfeifer) * Kramer, John (2 photos) (Married Maria Henschel) Kramer, Katie (Mrs. Fred LaBudde) See Katie (Kramer) LaBudde Krammer, Aug. Krause, Minnie (Mrs. Roland Temme) See Roland Temme * Kreimann, August (Married Caroline Wieting) Kreimann, Auguste (Mrs. Robert Timm) See Robert Timm Kreimann, Bertha (Mrs. George Hajenga) See Bertha (Kreimann) Hajenga * Kreimann, Ed. (Married to Emma Schilling) Kreimann, Emma (Mrs. Andrew Meggers) See Emma (Kreimann) Meggers * Kreimann, Ferdinand (Married Helen Cecilia Greve) Kreimann, Frieda (Mrs. Ernest Gensch) See Frieda (Kreimann) Gensch Kreimann, Min. Kreimann, Norman Kreimann, W. * Kremer, Catherine (Korb) (Mrs. Mathias Kremer) * Kretsch, Hulda (Tagge) (Mrs. John Kretsch) * Krieger, Augusta (Mrs. August Krieger) Krieger, Johanna Krippes, Anna (Mrs. Jacob Faust Jr.) See Jacob Faust Jr. * Krippes, Elizabeth (Hertel) (Mrs. John Krippes) * Krippes, John (Married Elizabeth Hertel) Kroehnke, Anna (Mrs. Theodore Schultz) See Anna Schultz Kroehnke, Bertha (Mrs. Henry Siegrist) See Bertha Siegrist Kroehnke, E. * Krueger, Henrietta (Windmaier) (Mrs. Conrad Krueger) Krueger, Sophie (Mrs. John Dexheimer) See John Dexheimer Kruger, Mary Krumhas, Al Krutzik, Mary (Pitzen) (Mrs. John Krutzik * Kuehl, Castor "Carl" (Married Hulda Kruger) Kuehl, Clara Kuehl/Kuhl Dorothea (Mrs. Joachim Schildhauer) See Joachim Schildhauer Kuehl, Magg Kuehl, Pauline (Mrs. Henry N. Petersen) Pauline Petersen * Kuhn, Ludwig (Married Julie Dessloch) * Kuhr, Eva (Faber) (Mrs. Christian Kuhr) Kurtz or Kortz Kurtz or Kortz, Henry Kurtz or Kortz, Kati Kustner, Catherine (Mrs. Herman Reichwald) See Catherine (Kustner) Reichwald

* LaBudde, Katie (Kramer) (Mrs. Fred LaBudde) LaCroix, Elizabeth (Mrs. Nicolaus Janty) See Nicolaus Janty LaCroix, Jennie (Mrs. Joseph Brill) See Joseph Brill * LaCroix, John * LaCroix, John B. (2 photos) (Married Mathilda Janty) LaCroix, Louisa (Mrs. John Turba) See John Turba LaCroix, Mary (Mrs. Henry Stemper) See Henry Stemper * Landry, Dora (Oesau) (Mrs. John Landry) * Landua, John Landua, Josephine (Mrs. Herman Schmidt) See Josephine (Landua) Schmidt Lanet, Ed Langer, Anna E. (Mrs. George Sell) See George Sell * Langenfeld, John (Married Theresa Brosh) Langenfeld, Julie (Mrs. Henry J. Bourgeois) See Julie Bourgeois Langjahr, Emma (Mrs. Frank Fischer) See Emma Fischer * Langjahr, Emilie (Lueloff) (Mrs. Otto Langjahr) * Larsen, Anna (Williams) (2 photos) (Mrs. Carl Larsen) Lau, Anna (Mrs. William Roeh) See Anna Roeh Lau, Emma (Mrs. Heinrich Juenk) See Emma (Lau) Juenk) Lau, Miss * Lau, William (Married Walburga Holzer) * Laughlin, Maggie (Harlow) (Mrs. Francis Laughlin) * Laughlin, Maggie (Harlow) Possibly should be Laughrin * Laun, Pauline (Heins) (Mrs. J.B. Laun) * Laurent, Margaret (Oesau) (Mrs. Frank Laurent Laures, Fredericka (Mrs. Michael Dorn) See Michael Dorn Laures, Mary (Mrs. Herman Hartmann) See Herman Hartmann Laures, Pauline (Mrs. Barthel Dorn) See Barthel Dorn Lausen * Lausen, Martha (Thedens) (Mrs. Detlef Lausen) Lausen, Christina (Mrs. Charles Raidl) See Christina (Lausen) Raidl * Laux, Auguste (Eick) (Mrs. David Laux) * Laux, Fritz * Lehner, George * Lehner, Mathias (Married Rosina Berger) * Lehner, Rosina Leichtman, Kati (Mrs. Frank Proell) See Frank Proell * Leidel, Mathias Lerche, Theresa (Mrs. Nicholas Nenig) See Theresa Nenig Lerche, Emma Lerche, J. Lerche.., Miss * Leustkes, Ida (Schoetzel) (Mrs. Rudolph Leustkes) * Leverenz, Charles (Married Alma Reichardt) * Leverenz, William (Married Isabelle Nickelsen) Levering, Emily (Mrs. Gustav Weber) See Emily Weber * Libke, Anna (Struck) (Mrs. Henry Libke) Libke, Anne (Mrs. Bert Heth) See Anne (Libke) Heth * Libke, Herman (Married Augusta Freese) Libke, Helen (Married Rudolph Zarmsdorf) See Helen (Libke) Zarmsdorf) * Libke, Max (Married Emma Peters) * Liffring, Elizabeth (Roeder) (Mrs. 1. Joachim Baivier)(2. Frank Liffring) * Liffring, Jacob A. Liffering, Miss Kathy and Company * Lindeman, Gertrude (Wessling) (Mrs. John Lindeman) * Lindemann, August Lindeman, Emma, Helen, Augusta, L. (Lindeman) Hansen * Lindemann, Herman (Married Bertha Arnold) * Lindner, August Lindner, Flora (Mrs. Henry Ammann) See Henry Ammann * Lissack, John and Company (2 photos) Lissack, Mary Lissack, Mary (2) Livy, Mary Lobles, George * Loehr, Margaret (Gelig/Guelig/Gulig) (Mrs. Querin Loehr) * Loewenhagen, Lucy (Veers) (Mrs. Friedrich Loewenhagen) * Loewenhagen, Sophia (Beyerstedt) (Mrs. Lawrence Loewenhagen) Loos Loos, Charlotte Friederike (Mrs. Henry Awe) See Henry Awe Loos, Miss Lopas, Mary Lopel, Eva Lorenzen, Fridricka (Mrs. Otto Messerschmidt) See Fridricka Messerschmidt Lorenzer, Fred Lorenzer, John * Lorge, John * Lorge, John Both of these photos are of the same John Lorge. Lortz, W. Losken, F. * Lotzer, Pauline (Anders) (Wife of Peter Lotzer) Lotzer, Peter children Lovett, Bl. Ludler, Anton * Luebke, John (Also Luebbe) (Married Mary Welker) * Luebke, Mary (Welker/Johnson) (Mrs. John Luebbe/Luebke/her second marriage) * Luehr, Clara (Hachez) (Mrs. William Luehr) * Luehr, Louise (Holdenried) (Mrs. Edward Luehr) Lueloff, Emilie (Mrs. Otto Langjahr) See Emilie (Lueloff) Langjahr Lueloff, Ottilie (Mrs. John Keenan) See Ottilie (Lueloff) Keenan * Luethy, Arnold (Married Wanda Zutz) Luithen, Mrs. P. Luldan, Aug. Luldan, Mrs. * Luloff, Emily (Voss) (Mrs. Edward Luloff) Lulloff, Al Lulloff, Al child Lulloff, Will Lupzip Lutter, Dr.

* Mahlberg, Clara (Thielmann) (Married Peter Mahlberg) * Mahlberg, Miss Mary * Mahlberg, Mary (Halbach) (Mrs. Nicholas Mahlberg) * Mahlberg, Nicholas (Married Mary Halbach) * Mahlich, Joseph (Married Rosa Ramminger) Mahlitz, F. * Mahloch, Carl (Married Margaret Anhalt) Mahloch, Katie (Mrs. John Junk) See John Junk * Mahlstedt, Ernestine (Matthiesen) (Married John Mahlstedt) Mannebach, Anna (Mrs. Cresent (Chrysant) Goeser) (See Anna (Mannebach) Goeser) * Mannebach, Jacob * Mannebach, John "Jack" (Married Gertrude Steffen) Mannebach, Lizzie (Mrs. John Heinen) See Lizzie (Mannebach) Heinen * Mannebach, Martin (2 photos) Manthei, Anna (Mrs. Albert Puls) See Anna (Manthei) Puls * Manthei, Emil * Manthei, Emil * Manz, Philipp (Married Louise Brieske) * Martin, Anna (Hauptmantel) (Mrs. Michael Martin) Martin, Elizabeth (Mrs. Peter Keller) See Elizabeth Keller Martin, Jennie (Mrs. Wm. H. Petersen) See Jennie (Martin) Petersen Martin, Mary (Mrs. John Klein) See Mary (Martin) Klein Mathaeus, Louise (Mrs. Albert Vetting) See Louise (Mathaeus) Vetting * Mathaeus, William (Married Mary Meinert) Mathews, Frances (Mrs. Griffin Pritchard) See Frances Pritchard Mathews, Franziska Mattes, Katharina (Mrs. Herman Stoll) See Herman Stoll * Matthiesen, Frida Matthiesen, Ernestine (Mrs. John Mahlstedt) See Ernestine Mahlstedt Mattison, J. * Matzen, Cecilia (Boie) (Mrs. Fred Matzen) * Matzen, Cecilia (Boie) (2) * Matzen, Fred "Fritz" (Married Cecilia Boie) Mauer, Johanna (Mrs. Ludwig Beck) See Ludwig Beck Maurer, Emilia (Mrs. Adolph Henschel) See Emilia Henschel Maurer, Eva (Mrs. Louis Schuricht) See Louis Schuricht Maurer, Mary (Mrs. Philip Mueller) See Philip Mueller McElrer, J. * McGarigle, Martha (Ree) (2 photos) (Mrs. Frank McGarigle) * McGarigle, Martha (Ree) and Lucy (Veers) Loewenhagen * McMullen, John and children (Married Clara Ebert) * McMullen, Clara (Ebert) (Mrs. John McMullen) * Meggers, Emma (Kreimann) (Mrs. Andrew Meggers) Meggers, Min. Meggers, Miss Meggers, Miss *Meilke, Emma (Dumke) Meinert, Mary (Mrs. William Matthaeus) See William Matthaeus Meinert, Pauline (Mrs. Wilhelm F. Greve) See Wilhelm Greve Meinert and Company Meinert, Teresa * Meiselwitz, Adolph, William, Arthur * Meiselwitz, Adolph (Married Louise Berg) * Meiselwitz, Carl Julius (Married Minnie Zimmermann) * Meiselwitz, Henrietta (Vordensand) (Mrs. William Meiselwitz) * Menks, Marie (Hansen) (Mrs. Herman Menks) * Menne, Anna (Mueller) (Mrs. John Menne) * Menne, Catharine (Reichard) (Mrs. Jacob Menne) Menne, Ida (Mrs. Jacob Bubb) See Ida (Menne) Bubb * Menne, Jacob (Married Catharine Reichard) * Menne, John (Married Anna Mueller) Menne Kaen and sister * Menne, Phillip (Married Caroline Becker) Mennsar or Meunsar, Ella * Merk, Edward (Married Lena Gulig) * Merk, Lena (Gulig) Merk, Josephine (Mrs. Joseph Turba) See Joseph Turba Mertens, Clara (Mrs. Joseph L. Voelker) See Clara Voelker * Mertens, Fransizka (Herzog) (Mrs. John Mertens) * Mertens, John Mertens, Sophia (Mrs. Anton Herzog) See Anton Herzog * Mertens, Sophia (Pitzen) (Mrs. Joseph Mertens) * Messerschmidt, Fridricka (Lorenzen) (Mrs. Otto Messerschmidt) * Meyer, Augusta (Thiessen) (Mrs. Anthony Meyer) Meyer and Wagner Meyer, Birdu Meyer, C. child * Meyer, Christ. (Married Mary Ranz) Meyer, Franzis Meyer, Gertrude (Mrs. Joseph Schnettler) See Joseph Schnettler * Meyer, Henry Meyer, Henry..girl Meyer, John Meyer, John Meyer, Louise (Mrs. Charles Best) See Louise Best Meyer, Maggie * Meyer, Mary (Peter) (Mrs. August Meyer) * Meyer, Nic * Michels, Andrew * Michels, Andrew Miersberger, Elizabeth (Mrs. Wenzel Zipnick) See Wenzel Zipnick * Miersberger, Elizabeth (Roeder) (Mrs. Jacob Miersberger) Miller, Eddis Miller, Frank Miller, Helen Miller, Henry * Miller, John 1920 (Married Katherine Koenig) * Miller, John Jr. 1956 (Married Frances Hornick) Miller, Karoline (Mrs. William Koehring) See Karoline Koehring Miller, Minnie (Mrs. Fritz Schleunes) See Fritz Schleunes Miller, Rosa Milton, Miss Alice (Halice) * Mortell, Mary (Keenan) (Mrs. Patrick Mortell) * Mortell, Patrick (Married Mary Keenan also Jennie Keenan) * Muellenbach, Arnold (Married Elizabeth Koenig) * Muellenbach, Nic * Muellenbach, Mr. and Mrs. Peter (Married Anna Roehrig) Mueller, Anna (Mrs. Albert Fischer) See Anna (Mueller) Fischer Mueller, Anna (Mrs. John Menne) See Anna Menne * Mueller, Anton * Mueller, Christian (Married Maria Winkel) Mueller, Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph Hartmann) See Joseph Hartmann Mueller, Emma (Mrs. Nicholaus Zorn) See Nicholaus Zorn * Mueller, Gottfried (Married Anna Perschke) * Mueller, Helena * Mueller, Henry (2 photos) (Married Gertrude Reineck) * Mueller, Gertrude (Reineck) (2 photos) (Mrs. Henry Mueller) Mueller, Joseph Mueller, Katherine (Mrs. John Gellings) See Katharine Gellings * Mueller, Kati (Henke) (Mrs. Max Emil Mueller) Mueller, Lizetta (Mrs. George Happel) See Lizetta Happel * Mueller, Magdalene * Mueller, Marie (Awe) Mary sister of P. Awe (Mrs. Franz Mueller) * Mueller, Magdalena (Reichert) (Mrs. Mathias Mueller) * Mueller, Mathias (Married Magdalina Reichert) Mueller, Mrs. Mueller, P. Mueller, Pet * Mueller, Philip (Married Mary Maurer) * Mueller, Rudolph (Married Maria Essling) Mueller, Sophia Mueller, Theresa Mueller, Tina * Mueller, Kate (Klein) (Mrs. Valentine Mueller) * Mueller, Valentine (Married Kate Klein) Muench, A. * Muenster Adolf (Married Ina Arens) * Muenster, Edward (Married Emma Muenster) * Muenster, Emma (Mrs. Edward Muenster) * Muenster, Ernest (Married Doris Greve) Muenster, Lilly (Mrs. Herman Tiedjens) See Herman Tiedjens * Murphy, Thomas * Murrin, Nancy (Frankman) (Mrs. John Murrin)

Naberman, Gust Nageler, Sophia (Mrs. John Westerhof) See Sophia (Nageler) Westerhof Narnest, J. * Nauth, Katherine (Adams) (Mrs. George Nauth * Neblungen, Helene (Greve) (Mrs. Oscar Neblungen) Nehls, Fred Nehring, Claus Neichman, Kati Nelson, M Nemze, Anton Nennig, A. * Nennig, Elizabeth (Schmidt) (Mrs. Nic Nennig) * Nennig, Frank (2 photos) (Married Margaretha Schoening) * Nennig, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob (Married Theresa Herzog) * Nennig, Peter (Married Bertha Prahl) * Nennig, Theresa (Lerche) (Mrs. Nicholas Nennig) Nett, Alex * Nett, Anton * Nett, Anton 2 * Nett, Katharina (Pitzen) (Mrs. John Nett) * Neubauer, Raimond (Married Theresa Neubauer) * Neubauer, Theresa (Mrs. Raimond Neubauer) * Neuber, Tillie ** Neumann, Katherine (Pickruhn) (Mrs. John Neumann) ** Neumann, Katharine (Ruh) (Mrs. William August Neumann) Nidri, Mrs. Niederprum, Mary (Mrs. Fredrick Baer) See Mary (Niederprum) Baer Nieland, Mary Niemade, Rud Nieslaus, Miss Ninmer, John * Noll, Emil (Married Magdalena Gehrtz) * Noll, Magdalena (Gehrtz) (Mrs. Emil Noll) Norton, Adellia (Mrs. Moses J. Ebert) See Mrs. Moses Ebert Noworatzky, Joseph child

O'Brien, Lizzie (Mrs. Harry Kearns) See Lizzie Kearns Oelerich, Aug. (woman) * Oehlrich, August (Married Anna Achter) Oesau * Oesau, Arthur (Married Helen Temke) Oesau, Helena Catharine (Mrs. Wilhelm Kletzien) See Wilhelm Kletzien Oesau, Clara (Mrs. August Struck) See Clara Struck Oesau, Christina (Mrs. Henry Stenback) See Christina (Oesau) Stenback * Oesau, Christina and Helena - sisters (Helena Kletzien/Christina Steenbock) Oesau, Dora (Mrs. John Landry) See John Landry * Oesau, George * Oesau, Helen (Zarmsdorf) (Mrs. Henry Oesau) * Oesau, Henry, Jr. Oesau, H. brother and sister Oesau, Margaret (Mrs. Frank Laurent) See Margaret (Oesau) Laurent * Oesau, Margaretha (Arens) (Mrs. Simon Henry Oesau) * Oesau, Marie (Schoen) * Oesau, Mathilda (Weber) (Mrs. Will Oesau) * Oesau, William (Married Mathilda Weber/Minnie Voss) Ohde, J. * Ohde, William (Married to Eva Delano) Olbricht, Anna Olsen, Ferd. O'Neal, Kati O'Neal, Kati2 O'Neil Ort Dorthy * Ortlepp, Albert (Married Anna Stecker) * Ortlepp, Anna (Stecker) (Mrs. Albert Wm. Max Ortlepp) Ottstedt, Mrs.

Palotis, Gust. Pape, Mary (Mrs. Friedrich Schmidt) See Mary Schmidt Pasch, Mary (Mrs. Herman Jaschob) See Mary (Pasch) Jaschob Paschov, N. Patten, Pat Paul, Bertha (Mrs. Herman Seewald) See Bertha (Paul) Seewald Paul, Mary (Mrs. Henry Scheel) See Mary (Paul) Scheel) Paulsen, Ella (Mrs. William Pinnow) See Ella Pinnow * Paulsen, Anna (Boie) (Mrs. Ernest Paulsen) * Paulsen, Ernest (Married Anna D. Boie) Pentelton, Chas. Perschke, Anna (Mrs. Gottfried Mueller) See Gottfried Miller Persohn, Hanna/Johanna (Mrs. Charlie H. Timm) See Charles Timm Peter, Mary (Mrs. August Meyer) See Mary (Peter) Meyer Peters, Emma (Mrs. Max Libke) See Max Libke Peters, Emma (Mrs. William Schiefer) See Emma (Peters) Schiefer Peters, Laura (Mrs. Carl Arpke) See Laura Arpke Peters, Miss * Petersen, Bertha (Piper) (Mrs. Friedrich Petersen) * Petersen, Fred (Married Bertha Piper) * Petersen, E. * Petersen, E. * Petersen, Jennie (Martin) (Mrs. Wm. H. Petersen) * Petersen, Pauline (Kuehl (Mrs. Henry Petersen) Peterson, M. * Petesch, Veronica (Brill) (Mrs. Peter Petesch) Petzold, William, Paul Tetzloff and unknown Pfeifer, Rosina (Mrs. Christian Kraemer) See Christian Kraemer * Pfeil, Lena (Deischer) (Mrs. Arthur Pfeil) Pfrang, Ottilia (Mrs. Nicholas Stemper) See Nicholas Stemper Pickruhn2 Pickruhn, J. Pickruhn, J. 2 Pickruhn, Katherine (Mrs. John Neumann) See Katherine Neumann Pickruhn, Maria (Mrs. Alfred Voland) See Alfred Voland * Pickruhn, Minnie (Mrs. Knuth) Pickruhn, N. Pieker, C. Pilens, Emma * Pingel, Henry C. (Married Johanna Hartmann) Pingel, Martha (Mrs. Otto Jahnke) See Martha (Pingel) Jahnke * Pinnow, Ella (Paulsen) (Mrs. William Pinnow) * Piper, Doris (Jess) (Mrs. John W. Piper) Pitzen Pitzen, Kate (Mrs. John Nett) See Kate (Pitzen) Nett Pitzen, Mary (Mrs. John Krutzik) See Mary (Pitzen) Krutzik * Pitzen, Katherine (Burg) (Mrs. John Pitzen Pitzen, Sophia (Mrs. Joseph Mertens) See Sophia Mertens * Polster, Amelia (Henschel) (Mrs. Louis Polster) * Polster, Louis (Married Amelia Henschel) * Polster, Louis 2 * Polster, Mrs. Louis Poppi Portman, C. Portmann, Mohi Possible Hotel Possley, Agnes (Mrs. John Dickrell) See Agnes Dickrell * Possley, Anna (Michels) (2 photos) (Mrs. Nick. Possley) * Possley, Mary (Ehlenbeck) (Mrs. Joseph Possley) Potsie, Otto Prahl Prani, Lu Pruesler, Frank Prichard, Joseph * Pritchard, Frances (Mathews) (Mrs. Griffin Pritchard) * Proell, Frank (Married Kati Leichtman) * Prueter, Louis * Puchner, Alfred * Puchner, Emma * Puchner, Helen * Puchner, Helen (Dumke) (Mrs. Edward Puchner) Puetz, Ann Margareth (Mrs. Mathias Berchem) See Mathias Berchem * Puls, Anna (Manthei) (Mrs. Albert Puls) * Puls, Anna (Manthei) (2) (Mrs. Albert Puls)

* Quante, August Jr. Quante, Helen (Mrs. August Roehl) See Helen (Quante) Roehl Quante, Mathilda (Mrs. Friedrich Haarmann) See Friedrich Haarmann Quante, Pauline (Mrs. Charles Ibe) See Pauline Ibe Quinn, Mary (Mrs. John Joseph Doyle) See Mary Doyle

Rach, Anna (Mrs. John Wick) See Mr. and Mrs. John Wick * Rach, Clara (Brill) (Mrs. Nicholas Rach) * Rach, Elizabeth (LaCroix) (Married Nick Rach) * Rach, Henry (Married to Sophie Hanert) * Rach, Sophie (Hanert) (Mrs. Henry Rach) * Rach, John (Married Barbara Meyer) Rach, Mary (Mrs. Nicolaus Goebel) See Mary (Rach) Goebel * Rach, Peter Radder, Elizabeth (Mrs. August Drews) See August Drews Radder, Caroline (Mrs. D. William Dedering) See Caroline Dedering Radder, Marie (Mrs. Heinrich Wriedt) See Henry Wriedt * Radder, Mr. and Mrs. Henry wedding * Radder, William (Married Friedericka Roesseler) Raddinger, Joseph * Raidl, Christina (Lausen) (Mrs. Charles Raidl) Ramminger, Anna (Mrs. Charles Gessert) See Anna Gessert * Ramminger, F. * Ramminger, Franzis * Ramminger, Franziska Ramminger, Henry and Raquet, Jacob * Ramminger, Henry (2 photos) (Married Katherine Dietrich) * Raquet Barbara * Raquet, Jacob (Married Anna Reichert/Annie Buettner) Rasch, Emma *Rather, H. *Rather, Mathilda *Rather, Oscar *Rather, Willie Rauler, Anton Ree, Anna Ree, Clara (Mrs. John Veers) See Clara Veers Ree, Johanna (Mrs. Louis Gutheil) See Johanna Gutheil Ree, Martha (Mrs. Frank McGarigle) See Martha McGarigle * Rehm, Katherine (Trost) (Mrs. John Rehm) * Reichart, Sophia (Stange) (Mrs. Edward Reichart) Reichert, Anna (Mrs. Jacob Raquet) See Jacob Raquet * Reichert, Catherine * Reichert, Emma (Leverenz) (Jacob Reichert/1st Emma Wieting/2nd Emma Leverenz) * Reichert, Frederika (Anhalt) (Mrs. Friederich Reichert) Reichert, Henrietta (Mrs. William Burkhardt) See William Burkhardt Reichert, Magdelena (Mrs. Mathias Mueller) See Mathias Mueller Reichert, Mary (Mrs. Charles Feld) See Mary (Reichert) Feld Reichwald, Frank * Reichwald, Catherine (Kustner) (Mrs. Herman Reichwald) Reimers, Emma (Mrs. William Schulz) See Emma Schulz Reineck, Gertrude (Mrs. Henry Mueller) See Henry Mueller * Reinholdt, Mary (Sievers) (Mrs. William Reinholdt) * Reininger, Rev. Albert * Reinl, Katie Reiser, R. Reuther, Anna (nee Brouchiert) Reuther, Henrietta (Mrs. Herman B. Schlichting) See Herman Schlichting * Riechert, Helen (Schulz) (Mrs. William Riechert) Rieth, Miss Lizzie * Rietz, Robert Riger, R. Riloenhal Risser, Aug. Risser, N. Rock, Anna Rock, Emma * Rock, Gusta (2 photos) Roeck, Paulina (Mrs. Adolph Zimmermann) See Adolph Zimmermann * Roeder, Anthony (Married Elizabeth Stemper) * Roeder, Bartholmaeus (Married Anna Hiederer) Roeder, Elizabeth (1. m. Joachim Baivier/2. m. Frank Liffring) See Elizabeth Liffring) Roeder, Elizabeth (Mrs. Jacob Miersberger) See Elizabeth Miersberger Roeder, Margaretha (Mrs. Ernst Faust) See Margaretha Faust Roeder, Theresa (Mrs. George Hoefler) See Theresa Hoefler * Roeh, Anna (Lau) (Mrs. William Roeh) ** Roehl, Helen (Quante) (Mrs. August Roehl) Roehrig, Mary Roethel, Miss Carl Roewert, W. Roggenbuk, Mary (Mrs. Henry A. Kappel) See Mary (Roggenbuk) Kappel Roidlick, Ernest Roilsch, Mrs. Rollmann, Ella Rolsch, R. Rosaer, M. Rosbing, Clara * Rosenbauer, Johann (Married Maria Mouch) Rosin, Franzes Rossler/, Friedericke (Mrs. William Friederich Radder) See William Radder Rothfock, Annie (Mrs. Herman Duecker) See Herman Duecker * Rothfolk, William * Rothman, Edward * Rothman, Philip Rothman, Walter Ruberg, Bertha Ruchel, Hugo Ruck, Johanna (Mrs. August Boettcher) See Johanna Boettcher * Rueckenick, Emily (Albers) (Mrs. John Philipp Rueckenick) Ruh, Katharine (Mrs. William August Neumann) See Katharine Neumann Rumpff, Anna (Mrs. Wilhelm Tagge) See Wilhelm Tagge * Rumpff, Augusta (Schultz) (Mrs. William Rumpff) * Rumpff, Augusta (Schultz) * Rumpff, William (Married Augusta Schultz) Rumpff, Christina (Mrs. Wilhelm Tagge) See Wilhelm Tagge Ruppenthal, Louise (Mrs. Ben Avery) See Louise Avery * Ryan, Daniel (Married Mary Hickey) Ryan, K. Ryan, K.

* Sachs, Adam (Married Anna Horst) * Sachs, Gustave (Married Elsie Rupp) Sael, F. * Salzman, Alvin (Married Hattie Winkel) Sattner or Suttner, W.C. Saurer, Cath. Schankey, Tina (Mrs. Gust Gunderman) See Gust Gunderman Schaar, Annie * Schaar, Henry (Married Lina Kolk) Schaar, Margaretha (Mrs. Otto Bruhn) See Otto Bruhn * Schaar, Margaretha (Sievers) (Mrs. Diedrich Schaar) Schaefer, Dr. Herman - 1898 Schaefer, John (young woman) Schaefer, Lois Schaefer, Magg. * Schaf, August (Married Henriette Grosse) * Schaller, Katherine (Holzer) (Mrs. Carl Mathias Schaller) * Scheel, Mary (Paul) (2 photos) (Mrs. Henry Scheel) * Scheurle, Mathilda (Asmus) (Mrs. Anton Scheurle) * Schiefer, Emma (Peters)(2 photos) (Mrs. William Schiefer) Schildhauer, Anna (Mrs. Herman Francke) See Anna (Schildhauer) Francke * Schildhauer, Auguste (Hansen) (Mrs. George Schildhauer) * Schildhauer, George (Married Auguste Hansen) * Schildhauer, Clara * Schildhauer, Herman (Agnes M. Schmidt) * Schildhauer, Joachim (Married Dorothea (Kuehl/Kuhl) * Schildhauer, Dorothea (Mrs. Joachim Schildhauer) * Schildhauer, William (3 photos) Schiller, Thelete Margrethe Helen (Mrs. Henry Albers) See Henry Albers Schilling, Emma (Mrs. Ed. Kreimann) See Ed. Kreimann Schilling, Louise (Mrs. Carl Wieting) See Louise (Schilling) Wieting Schilling, N. ** Schilling, Philip C. (Married Minnie Zick) Schilling, W. * Schimmel, Joseph Schissler, Emma * Schleunes, Anna (Borngesse) (Mrs. August Schleunes * Schleunes, Fred (Married Minnie Mueller) * Schlichting, Herman Schlichting, Hermina (Mrs. Charles Goessling) See Hermina Goessling * Schlichting, Oscar - June 29, 1885 Schliemann, Caroline (Mrs. Christoph Klessig) See Caroline (Schliemann) Klessig Schmall, Mr. and Mrs. * Schmall/Schmahl, William (Married Elsie Kasper) Schmidt, Anna (Mrs. Henry Westling) See Anna Westling * Schmidt, Barbara (Forster) (Mrs. John H. Schmidt) Schmidt, Emma Schmidt, Helen * Schmidt, Ida (Dickelmann) (Mrs. John Schmidt) * Schmidt, Josephine (Landua) (Mrs. Herman Schmidt) * Schmidt, Laura (Hollensteiner) (Mrs. Hugo Schmidt) Schmidt, Miss * Schmidt, Mary (Pape) (Mrs. Friedrich Schmidt) Schmidt, Miss Mary Schmidt, N. Schmidt, Pac Schmidt, R. Schmidt, Rosa Schmith, Anna - St. Anna Schmitt, Caroline (Mrs. William Anders) See William Anders * Schmitz, Elizabeth (Conrad) (Mrs. Lambert Schmitz) * Schmitz, Lambert (Married Elizabeth Conrad) Schneider, Helen (Mrs. August Schreiber) See August Schreiber Schneider, Kate Schneider, Rosa Schneider, Will * Schnell, Adam and Anna Geiberger * Schnell, Adam (from older photo) Schnell, Sisters * Schnettler, Joseph (3 photos) Schoedel, William (Married Ida Jochmann Gerlach Schoedel) See Peter Gerlach Schoen, J. * Schoetzel, Bertha (Greve) (Mrs. Frank Schoetzel) * Schoetzel, Frank (Married Bertha Greve) Schoetzel, Ida (Mrs. Rudolph Leustkes/Lenstkes/Leustker) See Ida (Schoetzel) Leustkes Schomburg, Sophia (Mrs. Carl Henschel) See Sophia Henschel * Schommer, Catherine (Halbach) (Mrs. John Schommer) * Schoon, Gertrude (Faust) (Mrs. Herman Schoon) Schott, Tessy (Mrs. August Tanck) See Tanck, August Schraeder, W.I. Caroline (Mrs. Carl Brinkmann) See Carl Brinkmann * Schreiber, August (Married Helen Schneider) * Schreiber, John Schreibert, Anna Schreibert, George Schreiner, Theresia (Mother of George Breu) See George Breu * Schrempp, Sister Euphrosia Schrieber, Anna Schrieber, H. Schrinaker, Gust Schroeder, Anna (Mrs. August Arens) See August Arens * Schroeder, August (Married Mathilda Holdenried) * Schroeder, Mathilda (Holdenried) (Mrs. August Schroeder) Schroeder, Auguste * Schroeder, Bertha (Timm) (Mrs. George Schroeder) * Schroeder, George (Married Bertha Timm) * Schroeder, Emma (Arens) (Mrs. Julius Schroeder) * Schroeder, George * Schroeder, Henry * Schroeder, John (Married Frida Theede) Schuasel, S. * Schubert, Emma (Harbrecht) (Mrs. Fred Schubert) * Schubert, Fred (Married Emma Harbrecht) * Schubert, Paul and Fred * Schueler, Ella (Hipke) (Mrs. Henry Schueler) * Schueler, Henry (Married Ella Hipke) * Schuette, Anna (Glock) (Mrs. Carl Schuette) Schuler, Casp. Schuler, P. Schuler, Sisters Schultz, Auguste Schultz, Emma Schultz, Miss * Schultz, Theodore (Married Anna Kroehnke) Schulz, Helen (Mrs. William Riechert) See Helen Riechert * Schulz, Herman * Schulz, Julius (Married Catherine Staeffler) * Schulz, William (Married Emma Reimers) * Schulz, Emma (Reimers) (Mrs. William Schulz) Schumaker * Schunk, Anna (Burkhardt) (Mrs. Edgar Schunk) * Schuricht, Adolph (Married Louise Pfeifer) * Schuricht, Eva (Maurer) (Mrs. Karl Schuricht) * Schuricht, John (Married Mathilda Frederick) * Schuricht, Louis (Married Emma Friedrich) Schuricht, Louise (Mrs. Roderich Grossheim) See Louise (Schuricht) Grossheim) Schuricht, Otto * Schwab, Annie (nee Kautzer) (Mrs. Ambrose Schwab) Schwagert, J. * Schwalenberg, Valentine (single) Schwartz, Girls Schwengler, (from older photo) Schwinn, Aug. Sebelien, Doris (Mrs. Wm. F. Holst) See Doris (Sebelien) Holst * Sebelien, Charles (Married Mathilda Boie) * Sebelien, Mathilda (Boie) (Mrs. Charles Sebelien) * Seewald, Bertha (Paul) (Mrs. Herman Seewald) Seichter, Miss Theresa Selig, S. Sell, Emma (Mrs. Jurgen Carl Thede) See Emma Thede) * Sell, Hans and Catherine * Sell, Chas. (2 photos) * Sell, Dora (Elmegreen) (Mrs. Henry Sell) * Sell, Elizabeth (Gerhardt)(2 photos) (Mrs. Karl Sell) * Sell, Fred (2 photos) * Sell, George Sell, Maggie (Mrs. George Boockmeier) See George Boockmeier * Severin, Jacob (Married Anna Tiedjens) Shunk, Thessiss (Laux/Lex) Siegmund, Caroline (Mrs. Philipp Henschel) See Philipp Henschel * Siegrist, Bertha (Kroehnke) (Mrs. Henry Siegrist) Siever, Miss Sievers, Dora (Mrs. Peter Welker) See Dora (Sievers) Welker * Sievers, George (Married Agnes Ludke) Sievers, Margaretha (Mrs. Diedrich Schaar) See Margaretha Schaar Sievers, Mary (Mrs. William Reinholdt) See Mary Reinholdt * Sievers, Peter Sievert, Al Sievert, H. * Simpich, Albert J. (Married Amanda Heller) Simsen, Miss Sinner, Augusta (Mrs. Robert Hartmann) See Robert Hartmann Sinz, Amalia (Mrs. George Brickbauer) See George Brickbauer * Slater, Jesse * Smith, Alecia Smith, F.G. Sohn, Mrs. George Sohn, J. * Sonnenburg, Anna (Borgwardt) (Mrs. William Sonnenburg) Spaner, G. * Sperl, Alfred * Sperl Michael and Emilie family Sperman, Eva Spindler, J. Srienener, Mr. and Mrs. Henry * Staats, Louisa (Duerwaechter) (Mrs. Phillip Staats) * Staats, Louisa (Duerwaechter) and friend (Mrs. Phillip Staats) ** Stahl, Anna Stahl, Lizzie Stahl, Mary (Mrs. Richard Christel) See Mary Christel * Stange, Carl * Stange, Fritz (3 Photos) (Married Mary Conrad) Stange, Sophia (Mrs. Edward Reichart) See Sophia (Stange) Reichart * Stark, Frank (Married Caroline Stecker) Stecker, Anna (Mrs. Albert Wm. Max Ortlepp) See Anna Ortlepp * Steenbock, Christina (Oesau) (Mrs. Henry Steenbock) Stefel, Will Steffen, Al and Company * Steffen, John Steffen, Paul Steffen, Paul Stein, Magdalena (Mrs. Nicolaus Brost) See Nicolaus Brost Stein, Regina (Mrs. Peter Koenig) See Regina (Stein) Koenig Steinke, Emil Steker, Caroline "Lena" (Mrs. Frank Stark) See Frank Stark Stemper, Christina * Stemper, Henry (Married Mary LaCroix) * Stemper Mary (LaCroix) (Mrs. Henry Stemper) * Stemper, Nic Family (Married Louise Marshal) * Stemper, Nick (Married Ottilia Pfrang/Pfranz) Stenson, Margaretha (Mrs. Joe. Ammann) See Joe Ammann Stephany, K. Stephany, Mathilda (Mrs. James Kestly) See Mathilda (Stephany) Kestly * Stier, Theresa (Eichmeier) (Mrs. John Stier) Stoecker, Mrs. * Stoecker, William (Married Louise John) * Stoelting, Otto and Mathilde Boedecker wedding (Also married Helen Voelker/2nd mar.) Stoever, Mary * Stoffel, Jacob (Married Margaretha Stoffel) * Stoffel, William (Married Belle Biter) * Stoll, August (Married Meta Goerres) Stoll, Dora (Mrs. William Gruhle) See William Gruhle * Stoll, Herman (Married Katharina Mattes) Stollenwerk and Company - Mt. Calvary Stollenwerk - Mt. Calvary Strade, Aug. Strade, K. Streubert, Louisa * Strichert, Otto (Married Bertha Hinze) Struck, Anna (Mrs. Henry Libke) See Anna (Struck) Libke * Struck, Clara (Oesau) (Mrs. August Struck) * Struck, August (Married Clara Oesau * Stueven, Auguste (Feldt) (Mrs. Herman Stueven) * Stueven, Herman (Married Augusta Feldt) Stueven, Julia (Mrs. August Feldt) See August Feldt Suhr, Margaret (Mrs. Adam Zimmerman) See Adam Zimmerman) * Sy, August

* Tagge, Charles (Married Katharina Rothmann) * Tagge, Mrs. Charles (Katharina Rothmann) Tagge, Hulda (Mrs. John Kretsch) See Hulda (Tagge) Kretsch * Tagge, John Henry (Married Anna Gaul) Tagge, Mrs. Aug. * Tagge, Anna (Rumpff) (Mrs. Wilhelm Tagge) * Tagge, Wilhelm (Married #1 Christina Rumpff/#2 Minna Thielke) * Tams, Will * Tanck, August (aka Tank) (Married Emma Therisia Schott) * Tanck, Tessy (Schott) (Mrs. August Tanck/aka Tank) * Tecks, John (Married Anna Tempke) * Temme, Roland (Married Minnie Krause) * Tetzlaff, Paul (Married Hulda Krostag) * Thede, Emma (Sell) (Mrs. Jurgen [George] Carl Thede) Thedens, Martha (Mrs. Detlef Lausen) See Martha (Thedens) Lausen Theede, Frida (Mrs. John Schroeder) See John Schroeder ** Theel, Anna (Voss) (Mrs. William Theel) Thiel, Margaretha (Mrs. John Koling) See Margaretha Koling * Thiele, Frederick (Married Fredericke Luchtehand) Thieler, Mary * Thielke, Frank (2 photos) (Married Minna Voigt) Thiesen, Adolphine (Mrs. John C. Arps) See John Arps Thiessen, Augusta (Mrs. Anthony Meyer) See Augusta (Thiessen) Meyer * Thiessen, Claus (Married Catherine Tamms) * Thiessen, Herman M. (Married Caroline Schildhauer) * Thiessen, John M. (Married Lisette Hagemann) * Thiessen, Reinhardt (Married Clara Lindemann) Thilke, Miss Thilke, Miss * Thode, Emma (Greve) (Mrs. William Thode) Thomsen, Wiebke (Mrs. Lucien Brown) See Wiebke (Thomsen) Brown Tiedeman, Helen (Mrs. John Greve) See Helen (Tiedeman) Greve * Tiedjens, Herman and Family (Married Lilly Muenster) Tillinger, Mike and Company * Tillmann, Clara * Tillmann, Michael Timm, Bertha (Mrs. George Schroeder) See George Schroeder * Timm, Charles (Married Johanna Persohn) Timm, Emma (Mrs. William Breeden) See Emma Breeden Timm, Miss * Timm, Robert Tissen, Aug. Tonis, Anna Tonis, George Tonis, Pet * Toole, Alice (Barrett) (Mrs. James Toole) Tremme, George Trost, Katherine (Mrs. John Rehm) See Katherine (Trost) Rehm * Tuerpe, Oswald (Married Mary Burmahln Belitz) * Turba, John (Married Louisa LaCroix) * Turba, Louisa (LaCroix) (Mrs. John LaCroix) * Turba, Joseph Married Josephine Merk/Married Lena Meyer) * Turba, Josephine (Merk) (Mrs. Joseph Turba) Turba, Mary (Mrs. John B. Hanert) See John B. Hanert

Uhl, Julia (Mrs. John Feldmann) See Julia Feldmann Ullrich, Bertha M. (Mrs. Charles Kleist) See Charles Kleist Ulrich, I. Unlabeled Couple Unlabeled Female 1 Unlabeled Female 2 Identified as Josephine Barth Unlabeled Female 3 Unlabeled Female 4 Unlabeled Female 5 Unlabeled Female 6 Unlabeled Female 7 Unlabeled Female Multi-photos Unlabeled Group 1 Unlabeled Group 2 Unlabeled Male 1 Unlabeled Male 1a Unlabeled Male 2 Unlabeled Male 3 Unlabeled Male 4 Unlabeled Male 5 Unlabeled Male 6 Unlabeled Male 7 Unlabeled Male Multi-photos 1 Unlabeled Male Multi-photos 2 Unlabeled Outdoor Scene

* VanderBlomen, Theo. (Married Alice Booler) Vanderhoot, Miss * Veers, Clara (Ree) (Mrs. John Veers) Veers, Lucy (Mrs. Friedrich Loewenhagen) See Lucy Loewenhagen Vertinger, A. * Vetting, Louise (Mathaeus) (Mrs. Albert Vetting) Vetting, Min. Vietinger, Will Vietmeyer, Meta (Mrs. Herman Schulz) See Herman Schulz Vigs, Minnie * Voelker, Catherina (Kobriger) (Mrs. Valentine Voelker) * Voelker, Clara (Mertens) (Mrs. Joseph L. Voelker) Voelker, Katie (Mrs. Wendel Berg) See Katie (Voelker) Berg * Voelker, Maria (Jacobi) (Mrs. Nicolaus Voelker) Voelker, Pauline (Mrs. Mich. Wilgen) See Pauline Wilgen Vogt, Hedwig * Voigt, John (Married Emilie Backhaus) * Voland, Alfred (Married Mary Pickruhn) Voland, Carl Voland, Emma (Mrs. Philip Arnold) See Philip Arnold Volker, Mrs. * Vollstedt, August (Married Minnie Beyerstedt) * Vollstedt, Nickolas Vollstedt, Dora (Mrs. Louis Hipke) See Dora Hipke * Voltz, August (Married Anna Heinrich) Voltz, Aug. * Von Bergen, Catherine (Mrs. John Von Bergen) Vordensand, Henrietta (Mrs. William Meiselwitz) See Henrietta (Vordensand) Meiselwitz Vorpahl, Arthur, Waldo Arnold, Edgar Ruck, Albert Laun, Adol. Voss, Anna (Mrs. Frank Bratz) See Frank Bratz Voss, Anna (Mrs. William Theel) See Anna Theel Voss, Bertha (Mrs. Willie Jochimsen) See Bertha Jochimsen Voss, Emily (Mrs. Edward Luloff) See Emily (Voss) Luloff * Voss, Dr. Gasto Voss, Mr. Vriccie, John

* Wagner, George * Wagner, Bertha (Nass) (Mrs. George Wagner) Wagner, Sophia (Mrs. Peter Enders) See Sophia Enders Wagon Scene Waldring or Wuldring, Anna Waldsdorf, John * Walsh, Alice (Keenan) (Mrs. Thomas Walsh) Wandens Wanke, Mathilda Ward, R.L. Weber, Emma (Mrs. James George Griem) See Emma (Weber) Griem Weber, Elizabeth (Mrs. Lorenz Fischer) See Lorenz Fischer * Weber, Gertrude * Weber, Emily (Leverenz) (Mrs. Gustav Weber) * Weber, Gustav (Married to Emily Levering) * Weber, Helen (Wife of Alois Weber) Weber, John Weber, Katherine (Mrs. Charles Griem) See Katherine (Weber) Griem * Weber, Louis (Married to Alice Friess) Weber, Mathilda (Mrs. William Oesau) See Mathilda Oesau * Weber, Minnie (Dumke) (Married Adolph Weber) Weber, Mrs. Weber, Peter - Chilton, Oct. 1890 Webner, Nic Webner, Sabine Weeks, Lucy J. (Mrs. William F. Aebischer) See William Aebischer * Wegner, Augusta (Albrecht) (Mrs. Edward Wegner) Weidler, A. Weimer, John * Weinkoetz, Eva, Peter and Helen * Weinkoetz, Peter * Weinkoetz, Theodore * Welker, Dora (Sievers) (Mrs. Peter Welker) Welker, Mary (Mrs. John Luebke) See Mary (Welker/Johnson) Luebke Wenstein, John Werneke, Clara Wernicke, Anthonia (Mrs. Ernst P. Baumann) See Ernst Baumann Wertzel, Julia Wesberg, Lizzie Weskord, Mrs. T. Wesling, Anna (Mrs. Emil Manther) See Emil Manther * Wesling, Bernhard (Mrs. Bernhard Wesling) * Wesling, Casper Wessling, Gertrude (Mrs. John Lindeman) See Gertrude (Wessling) Lindeman * Westerhof, Sophia (Nageler) (Mrs. John Westerhof) Westling, Ad. Westling, Adolph * Westling, Anna (Schmidt) (Mrs. Henry Westling) Westling, Carry * Westling, Henry * Westling, Maria (Bushmann) (Mrs. Henry Westling) Westling, Miss * Westphalen, Ferdinand (Married Amelia Lechler) Westphalen, Marie (Mrs. Meinert Hajenga) See Meinert Hajenga * Wick, Mr. and Mrs. John (Anna Rach) Wickman, Mary Wieseckel, Mary (Mrs. Victor Jeanty) See Victor Jeanty * Wieting, Joachim (Married Sophia Leverenz) * Wieting, Sophia (Leverenz) (Mrs. Joachim Wieting) * Wieting, Louise (Schilling) (Mrs. Carl Wieting) * Wilgen, Pauline (Voelker) (Mrs. Mich. Wilgen) Wilke, Carl Williams, Anna (Mrs. Larsen) See Anna (Williams) Larsen * Williams, Matt (Married Susanna Dressen) * Williams, John (Married Dorothy Dressen) * Wimmer, Franziska (nee Igel) (Mrs. Johann Wimmer) Windmaier, Henrietta (Mrs. Conrad Krueger) See Henrietta Krueger Winkel, Mary (Mrs. Christian Mueller) See Christian Mueller Winkel, Sophie (Mrs. Carl Barts) See Sophie (Winkel) Barts Winter, Kuniguna (Mrs. John Klauck) See Kuniguna Klauck Winter, Miss Winter, Anna (Mrs. Louis Witt) See Anna (Winter) Witt Winter, R. * Wirling, Mary Wisnant, A. * Witt, Anna (Winter) (Mrs. Louis Witt) Witters, John * Witthuhn, Ernst and Adela Oemichen wedding Wittman, Friedrich, then of Pittsburg, PA (young) Wittman, William - Pittsburg PA, 1885 Woelfel Woelfel, R. * Woelfel, Regina Woolenberg, Dravis Worrening * Wriedt, Henry (Married Marie Radder) Wring, Mrs.

Yard Scene Yrunher or Grunher

Zakner, Amanda Zarmsdorf, Helen (Mrs. Henry Oesau) See Henry Oesau * Zarmsdorf, Helen (Libke) (Mrs. Rudolph Zarmsdorf) Zarmstorf, Mary (Mrs. William H. Hauschild) See William Hauschild Zeiger, Carl Zeiger, Carl - Civil War Zeigler *Zepnick, M. * Zepnick, Wenzel Zick, Minnie S. (Mrs. Philip C. Schilling) See Philip Schilling Ziehr, John Zield Zierh, Pat Zillmann, Anna (Mrs. Frank Ebert) See Anna (Zillmann) Ebert * Zillmann, George (Married Mary Nichols) ** Zillmann, William (Single) Zillman, W. Zilsness, Gust * Zimmerman, Adam * Zimmerman, Mrs. Adam (Margaret Suhr) Zimmerman, C. (perhaps) * Zimmerman, Fred (Married Mary Klein) Zimmerman, Kati Zimmerman, Wilhelmine (Mrs. Carl Julius Meiselwitz) See Carl Meiselwitz Zimmermann, Catherine (Mrs. Henry Gilsdorf) See Henry Gilsdorf * Zimmermann, Adolph * Zimmermann, John Zorn, L. * Zorn, Nicholas (Married Emma Mueller) Zorn, Pet Zuehl, Emma Zutz * Zutz, Michael