Herman Schlichting

From Calumet county marriage records:
Herman B. Schlichting and Henriette Anna Reuther (v.3 p.102)
Nov. 18, 1890 at Brillion, Calumet County
Herman B. Schlichting
Son of Reinhard Schlichting and Bertha Belitz
Born Kiel –book keeper in St. Paul, Minnesota
Henrietta Anna Reuther
Daughter of Peter Reuther and Auguste Amalia Rossberg
Born Town of Centerville, Manitowoc Coutny
Herman B. Schlichting, Former a Resident of Chilton, Died at Los Angeles, California
The body of Herman B. Schlichting, who died in a hospital at Los Angeles, 
California, on Monday evening, Jan. 12th, was brought to this city on 
Tuesday evening of this week and taken to the Masonic Temple where it lay 
in state until one o'clock on Wednesday afternoon when the funeral services 
were conducted by brother masons of Chilton Lodge No. 154. A large number 
of old neighbors and friends were present at the funeral rites.
Mr. Schlichting and his wife, who resided at San Diego, Calif., had gone to 
Los Angeles for the holidays and while attending a theater on New Year's the 
former was taken with an acute attack of hiccoughs which was the first warning 
of a serious indigestion. Every known remedy to relieve him of the annoyance 
was applied, but to no purpose. He was finally taken to a hospital and other 
complications settling in he underwent a surgical operation for appendicitis, 
passing away shortly after.
Herman B. Schlichting, oldest son of the late Major Reinhart and Bertha Belitz 
Schlichting, was born at Kiel, June 28, 1866, the same year coming to Chilton 
with his parents who took charge of the Washington House. He attended the high 
school and upon leaving that institution entered the local office of the Chicago, 
Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad and took up the study of telegraphy. In 1889 he 
went to Duluth, Minn., to accept a position as bookkeeper with the Falk, Jung & 
Borchert Brewing Company in their branch office in that city. The following year 
he was transferred by the company to their St. Paul office.  On Nov. 18, 
(end of obit clipping) Jan 24, 1920


Oscar Schlichting - June 29, 1885

Oscar Schlichting of This City Suddenly Expires While at Work in St. Paul
on Wednesday Afternoon.
At four o'clock Wednesday afternoon a message came over the wires from St.
Paul to this city, which conveyed sad and sorrowing news to the home of
Maj. Reinhart Schlichting and wife. The message was brief, stating that
their son Oscar had dropped dead that afternoon and that his earthly remains
would be brought here Friday morning. No pen can describe the anguish and
sorrow it cast over the loving parents of the young man, nor the feeling 
within them when they looked upon their boy, cold in clay, who but a short
time ago was with them, happy, joyful and full of life. Oscar was generally
known and beloved for kind and affectionate manners, not only to his parents,
but to all with whom he came in contact. He was never known to perform an
unworthy action or failed in any instance to perform his duty to his father
and mother, whom he idolized. Among those who have known him from childhood
he was a favorite and was always beloved by his schoolmates for his unselfish
devotion to the wants of all of them. This sudden death is hard to realize
by those companions of his youth.
On the day of his death Oscar went to his work, happy and light hearted and
had a pleasant word for all who visited the shop. He was waiting on a customer
and carrying on a conversation when he suddenly fell backward and expired.
Oscar is the second son of Reinhart and Bertha Schlichting. He was born in
Chilton, Oct. 19, 1867. He spent his boyhood days here and attended the public
school until nearly 17, when he went at work to learn the butcher trade. In
1885 he went to Sheboygan and remained their(sic) two years. He then went to
northern Michigan and worked at his trade in the mining districts, going thence
to Duluth, Minn., where here(sic) remained a few years. During his residence
in Duluth he made many warm personal friends by his honest, upright course
and genial ways and was appointed to the position of meat inspector of that
city. Several months ago he left Duluth and has since made St. Paul his home.
The remains reached here this (Friday morning) in charge of the deceased's
brother Herman and were met at the depot by relatives and a large concourse
of mourning friends and conveyed to the home of Mr. Schlichting. At three
o'clock Friday afternoon the funeral occurred. The remains were taken to the
Breed cemetery for interment. Oscar is at rest and it is a peaceful one. The
bereft relatives have the sympathy of all who know them.
(Written at the bottom of the obituary..Bertha Belitz's son and Henry Belitz's
(No newspaper named, 1892 July 30 handwritten on the obituary)

Mr. and Mrs. Schmall