City of Manitowoc, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

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[C-13-3]-Rose W. Paape/1890-1963 Tombstone
[C-13-3]-Paul C. Paape/1881-1914 Tombstone

PAARMANN: [H-19-2]-Christine BOLDT/geb. Paarmann/geboren 26 Aug. 1839/gestorben 14 Dez. 1885 Tombstone, next to: BOLDT [W2-113-2]-Christine/Gattin von Caspar MAHNKE/gebne Paarmann/28 Sept. 1797/gest 27 April 1891 Tombstone, next to: See MAHNKE

PABIAN: [A-22-4]-[Miss Kate/bur. 01-20-1890/age 18 yrs./cause: irregularity of menstrue] [A-22-4]-[Joseph Pabian/bur. 08-14-1890/age 5 yrs./cause: croup] [A-22-4]-[Miss Mary/bur. 04-22-1893/age 16 yrs./cause: chronic peritonitis] [A-22-4]-Mathew 1840-1914, [bur. 05-11-1914/cause: drowning] Tombstone, ossw: [A-22-4]-Mary/1846-1914 [bur. 04-27-1914/cause: chronic nephritis/burial on Mathias Pabian lot] Tombstone [G-13-6]-Ida M./1892-1969 Tombstone, ossw: [G-13-6]-Reinhart J. Pabian/World War I/ June 5, 1890/Jan. 17, 1985 Tombstone [Y-2-31]-Raymond W. Pabian/Mar. 12, 1923/Feb. 20, 1998 Tombstone [Y-2-31]-LaVerne M. Pabian/June 21, 1921/June 1, 2007 Tombstone


PACKARD: [E2-89-6]-Tombstone Packard family stone [E2-89-6]-[Arthur J. Packard/bur. 02-26-1918] No Tombstone [E2-89-6]-E.W. Packard/Died Oct. 17, 1871/AE 43 yrs. 8 mo. 12 ds. Tombstone, next to: [E2-89-6]-Josephine Packard/Wife/Oct. 2, 1854/Mar. 19, 1939 Tombstone

PACKOWSKI: [E-39-6]-Anthony F. Packowski/Jan. 28, 1919/July 4, 1994 Tombstone, ossw: [E-39-6]-Florence M./1919-2016 Tombstone

PADDOCK: [I-25-5]-Ralph J. Paddock/Jan. 14, 1903/Jan. 6, 1987 Tombstone [I-25-5]-Isabel M. Paddock/d. Mar. 3, 1990 at Brookfield WI/age 79 yrs./widow of Ralph Paddock/bur. on Edmund Sommers lot] Tombstone

PAETZ: [L-1-10]-Valeria/d. Jul. 22, 1926 [W2-113-2]-Emma J. Paetz/Oct. 4, 1880/Oct. 2, 1976, ossw: [W2-113-2]-Rev. August/1883-1939 Tombstone August/Emma See KASTEN


PAGE: [T-6-2]-Harry A. Page/Apr. 18, 1891/Dec. 1, 1969 Tombstone, ossw: [T-6-2]-Lydia B. Page/Dec. 23, 1888/June 21, 1984 Tombstone

PAGELS: [E-23-1]-Mae Pagels/Feb. 6, 1919/Sept. 24, 2006 Tombstone, ossw: [E-23-1]-Raymond/1921-2007 Tombstone, ossw: [E-23-1]-Raymond W. Pagels/Sgt US Army/World War II/ Mar. 2, 1921/Mar. 30, 2007 Tombstone [E-23-4]-Gregg R. Pagels/Son/May 3, 1960/Oct. 6, 1981 Tombstone [T-31-4]-Emma E. Pagels/Dec. 25, 1900/Aug. 22, 1985 Tombstone, ossw: [T-31-4]-Carl J./1909-1949 Tombstone [V-26-7]-Bernard H. Pagels Jr./Apr. 6, 1907/July 8, 1968 Tombstone, ossw: [V-26-7]-Myrtle E. Pagels/Mar. 6, 1905/Feb. 20, 1976 Tombstone

PAINE: [H-9-2]-Richard Andrew Paine/1883-1949 Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: [H-9-2]-Hattie KRUEGER Paine/1885-1939 Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: [H-9-2]-Libbie PATCHEN Paine/1850-1932 Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: [H-9-2]-Richard Kendall Paine M.D. [R. Dr. Paine]/1841-1904/21st Wis. Inft. Vol. Tombstone Tombstone, next to: [H-9-2]-Rufus Paine/Born Dec. 10, 1812/Died March 3, 1901 Tombstone See ZEMAN

PALLERINE: [S-43-73]-Charles A. Pallerine/Jan. 30, 1920/Sept. 6, 1994 [married]

PALM: [E2-32-5]-[Mr. J.C. Palm/bur. 09-14-1883/age 73 yrs.] [E2-32-5]-[Lina Palm/d. unk] Tombstone Tombstone [E2-32-5]-[Sophia Palm/bur. 1857] [E2-32-5]-Charlie Lina Palm Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: [E2-32-5]-Charles Palm/1811-1883 Tombstone, ossw: [E2-32-5]-Sophia/wife of Ch. Palm/1818-1872 Tombstone

PALMATER: [A-21-3]-Jerome Palmater/1837-1940 Tombstone

PALMER: [L-13-1]-[Joseph Palmer/bur. 03-21-1899/age 40 yrs./cause: heart disease] [L-13-1]-[Marguerite Palmer/bur. 03-21-1899/age 2 yrs.] [O-26-1]-Robert Y. Palmer/Oct. 8, 1843/Dec. 6, 1946 [Robert Young Palmer/d. 12-06-1946 at Gatun Canal Zone/cause: drowning/bur. on Mrs. Jacob Young lot] Tombstone [S-43-33]-Esther A. Palmer/Dec. 21, 1897/Sept. 19, 1990 [single] Tombstone [U-35-5]-Frank W. Palmer/Mar. 21, 1892/Mar. 4, 1967

PALTINSEN: [E2-62-4]-[Boyce Paltinsen/bur. 1879]

PANGBURN: [H-15-5]-[Carlton E. Pangburn/Born 1849-Died 1889 Tombstone, ossw: [H-15-5]-Elizabeth E. Pangburn/Born 1852-Died 1884 Tombstone, ossw: [H-15-5]-Harvey D. Pangburn/Born 1874-Died 1899 Tombstone [H-15-5]-Footstones: Father/Mother/Harvey D. [Unk]-(Son of Carl Pangburn/b. Dec. 9, 1881/d. Aug. 1882/from obit)

PANIUSKI: [U-37-6]-Dolores K. Paniuski/July 3, 1930/Mar. 26, 2000 Tombstone, ossw: [U-37-6]-Anton P. Paniuski/Apr. 22, 1919/Jan. 12, 2000 Tombstone

PANKOPF: [S-51-5]-Emma/July 10, 1881/Nov. 1, 1967 Tombstone, ossw: [S-51-5]-Paul/July 10, 1872/May 17, 1927 Tombstone

PANKOW: [E2-78-3]-Emma Pankow/1861-1939 Tombstone

PANKRATZ: [C-11-5]-Pankratz monument [C-11-5]-Frank/1876-1928 Tombstone, ossw: [C-11-5]-George Pankratz/1837-1894 Tombstone, ossw: [C-11-5]-Philippina Pankratz/1840-1920 Tombstone, ossw: [C-11-5]-Rose [P.]/1867-1940 Tombstone, ossw: [C-11-5]-Ella/1878-1960 [d. 12-26-1960/age 82 yrs./bur. on Mrs. P. Pankratz lot] Tombstone, next to: [C-11-5]-Footstones: TombstoneFrank/Mother/Father/Rose/Ella [E2-8-9]-Dora Pankratz/1857-1931 Tombstone, next to: [E2-8-9]-Ignatz Pankratz/1859-1935 Tombstone [L-4-11]-[Maximillian Pankratz/bur. 7-10-1934/cause: acute cardiac dilatation myocarditis mitral regurgitation] [P-9-5]-George W. Pankratz/1869-1955 Tombstone, next to: [P-9-5]-Isabelle Pankratz/1868-1934 Tombstone [R-5-7]-Bernard C. Pankratz/Dec. 3, 1892/Dec. 8, 1974 Tombstone, ossw: [R-5-7]-Hilda B. Pankratz/Nov. 8, 1899/Aug. 16, 1986 (War vet flag) Tombstone [Y-6-15]-Robert L. Pankratz/Sept. 11, 1926/Sept. 12, 2005 Tombstone, ossw: [Y-6-15]-Dorothy G./Mar. 15 1924/Dec. 7, 2014 Tombstone See KELLNER See SEEGER

PANOCH: [P-23-6]-James J. Panoch/1890-1945, next to: [P-23-6]-Clare Panoch DONNELLY/1895-1966 See DONNELLY

PANOS: Andela/Nar. R. 1916/Stari 10 Dni., ossw: Antonie/Nar. R. 1911/Stari 7 Mesie

PANOSH: [E-30-12]-Myles J. Panosh/1888-1963 Tombstone, ossw: [E-30-12]-Anna M. Panosh/July 19, 1896/Nov. 7, 1995 Tombstone [E-34-15]-Janet A. Panosh/d. 05-10-1994 Tombstone [E-34-15]-Walter John Panosh/Apr. 2, 1917/July 6, 2004 Tombstone [L-16-1]-Anton/son of T. & D. Panosh/1883-1912 [bur. 08-20-1912/cause: enteric fever] Tombstone [O-22-1]-Priscilla Lillian Panosh/1925-Mar. 22, 1984 Tombstone [O-22-1]-Myles Panosh/Aug. 27, 1927/Mar. 18, 2006 Tombstone [O-24-5]-[Angeline Panosh/bur. 12-29-1914/cause: congenital debility] Tombstone [O-24-5]-[Frank Panosh/bur. 11-08-1918/cause: inanition] Tombstone [O-24-5]-[Thony Panosh/bur. 01-12-1918/male] Tombstone [P-31-1]-Dora Panosh/Mother/1862-1942 Tombstone, next to: [P-31-1]-Thomas Panosh/Father/1842-1918, [bur. 10-27-1918/age 76 yrs/cause: senile disability/burial in L-1-1 grave #98 on 10-27-1945 but moved to sec. P on 4-20-1945/bur. on Emil B Panosh lot] Tombstone, next to: [P-31-1]-William Joseph Panosh/1881-1968 [d. 01-15-1968, Laona, WI/age 86 yrs./ bur. on Emil B. Panosh lot] Tombstone, next to: [P-31-1]-Emil B./1886-1947 (MFD Local No. 368 flag) Tombstone, ossw: [P-31-1]-Emma F. Panosh/May 25, 1889/July 15, 1966 Tombstone [S-43-5]-Anton E. Panosh/Dec. 11, 1897/June 10, 1977 (VFW Aux./U.S. War vet flags) Tombstone, ossw: [S-43-5]-Marie/1906-1975 Tombstone [T-37-5]-Mary 1871-1957 [d. 11-17-1957/age 86 yrs./bur. on George Panosh lot] Tombstone, ossw: [T-37-5]-Frank/1869-1951 Tombstone [T-37-5]-George Edward Panosh/Apr. 7, 1905/Nov. 24, 1993 Tombstone [U-36-10]-Donald Arden Panosh/Nov. 17, 1935/Sept. 24, 1968 Tombstone, next to: [U-36-10]-Wenzel A. Panosh/Apr. 10, 1901/Jan. 13, 1985 Tombstone, ossw: [U-36-10]-Mary M./1898-1963 Tombstone [U-36-10]-Ruth Agnes Panosh/Dec. 29, 1921/Apr. 9, 2004 Tombstone [U-36-10]-James A. Panosh/Cpl US Army/Korea/Feb. 13, 1931/Dec. 31, 1953 Tombstone

PANZRAM: [S-45-1]-Hugo/1873-1928 Tombstone, ossw: [S-45-1]-Odelia/1878-1969 Tombstone

PAPE: [B-13-1]-Willie Pape [C. Willie]/1889-1893 [bur. 01-23-1893/age 4 yrs./cause: convulsions] Tombstone [E2-8-7]-Arthur Pape/7-2-1919/9-14-1919 [bur. 09-18-1919/cause: gastro enteritis/ bur. on Arthur E Pape lot] Tombstone, next to: [E2-8-7]-Adela Pape/4-22-1918/4-20-1919, [bur. 04-22-1919/cause: acute bronchitis/bur. on Arthur F Pape lot] Tombstone, next to: [E2-8-7]-Johanna E. Pape/Dec. 23, 1883/Apr. 20, 1980 Tombstone, ossw: [E2-8-7]-Arthur F./1880-1966 Tombstone, ossw: [E2-8-7]-Clara/1884-1934 Tombstone Johanna/Arthur/Clara [F-32-1]-Pape family stone, next to: [F-32-1]-Antonie Pape [Antonia]/1869-1908 Tombstone, next to: [F-32-1]-August [C.] Pape/1867-1949 Tombstone [I-8-3]-Wilamena Pape/1833-1921 Tombstone [L-32-12]-[Baby Pape/d. 08-29-1938/cause: fetal asphyxiation] [U-25-8]-Adolph Pape/1909-1955 Tombstone, ossw: [U-25-8]-Helen Pape/May 8, 1900/Feb. 2, 1996 Tombstone [W2-128-3]-Wilhelmine/Gattin des/Carl Pape/geboren 5 Juli 1828/gestorben 8 Marz 1884[age 55 yrs.] Tombstone, ossw: [W2-128-3]-Carl Pape/geboren 7 Nov. 1820/gestorben 20 Mai 1904 Tombstone, next to: [W2-128-3]-Footstone: W.P.

PAPPAS: [E-2-7]-Anthony P. Pappas/Dec. 10, 1887/June 18, 1964 Tombstone, ossw: [E-2-7]-Mae/1883-1962 Tombstone

PAQUE: [V-28-4]-Clarence A. Paque/Aug. 1, 1912/Nov. 19, 1977 (War vet flag) Tombstone [V-28-4]-Jeffery A. Paque/S.A./United States Coast Guard/ Aug. 26, 1950/Aug. 3, 1969 Tombstone [V-28-4]-Jeanette A. Paque-Yonke/Dec. 5, 1917/Jan. 23, 1994 [wife of Walter Yonke/ widow of Clarence Paque] Tombstone

PAQUETTE: [M-12-6]-Hazel Ann Paquette/June 9, 1932/Jan. 3, 2004 Tombstone

PARIZEK: [R-21-4]-Adeline A. Parizek/June 27, 1921/Nov. 24, 1995 Tombstone

PARK: [P-28-3]-George E. Park/1881-1940 Tombstone

PARLEFIKE: [L-3-2]-[Veronica Parlefike/bur. 05-26-1902/age 35 yrs.][cause: gastro entritis]

PARTENSKI: [Y-5-7]-Chester A. Partenski/June 29, 1927/Dec. 7, 1994 [single/bur. on Donna M. Elm lot]

PARWORTH: [A-9-4]-[Virginia Parworth/bur. 05-15-1920/cause: broncho pneumonia/bur. on J. Parworth lot] Tombstone [A-9-4]-[Job Parworth/bur. 09-20-1918] Tombstone [A-9-4]-Lloyd/Father/1880-1946 Tombstone, ossw: [A-9-4]-Blanche/Mother/1881-1934 Tombstone, ossw: [A-9-4]-Kenneth D. Parworth/Nov. 8, 1924/Apr. 9, 1986 Tombstone, next to: [A-9-4]-Elmira [Almira] LLOYD/wife of J. Parworth/Born in New York/ 20 Sept. 1816/Died in Chicago/15 July 1887 [cause: tumor] Tombstone [A-9-4]-[Frank Parworth/bur. 04-23-1910/cause: congenidt] Tombstone Parworth family stone/no data [E-29-8]-James A. Parworth/Nov. 2, 1947/6 Dec. 6, 1983 Tombstone [E-29-8]-Earl J. Parworth/June 20, 1906/Aug. 3, 1995 Tombstone [E-29-8]-Stella M. Parworth/August 21, 1906/March 11, 1994 Tombstone [F-16-4]-[Baby Boy Parworth/bur. 11-12-1937/cause: spina bifida/bur. on Mrs. Archie Galbraith lot] Tombstone [F-16-4]-[Baby Parworth/bur. 07-25-1940/cause: premature birth/bur. on Mrs. Archie Galbraith lot] No Tombstone [F-16-4]-[Baby Parworth/bur. 07-14-1941/stillborn/bur. on Mrs. Archie Galbraith lot] No Tombstone [U-5-8]-Calvin D. Parworth/Apr. 5, 1916/June 26, 1993 Tombstone, ossw: [U-5-8]-Leona R. Parworth/Dec. 15, 1921/Sept. 3, 1975 Tombstone, ossw: [U-5-8]-Jill Mary JIRIKOWIC/-Oct. 31, 1966- Tombstone Calvin/Leona/Jill See HALL

PASCHKE: [Y-3-17]-Darrel A./Apr. 8, 1923/June 10, 2009 Tombstone

PASER: [L-3-12]-[James Paser/bur. 12-19-1927/cause: pneumonia]

PASEWALK: [Unk]-[?? Pasewalk/bur. 05-05-1874] [Unk]-[Baby Pasewalk/bur. 01-25-1875] [B-4-6]-Reginald A./1896-1961, ossw: [B-4-6]-Ida M. Pasewalk/Mar. 6, 1896/Aug. 2, 1981 Tombstone Reginald/Ida [B-9-3]-[August Pasewalk/bur. 10-2-1892] No Tombstone [B-9-3]-[Christina Anderson/Mrs./d. 07-26-1942 at Winnebago State Hosp. Oshkosh, WI/ age 75 yrs./nee Mrs. Aug. Pasewalk/bur. on Mrs. August Pasewalk lot] [D-1-1]-[Harold Pasewalk/bur. 04-13-1907] No Tombstone [D-1-1]-[Charles E Pasewalk/bur. 11-21-1918/cause: spina bifida/bur. on Edw G Pasewalk lot] [D-1-1]-Edward G. Pasewalk/1879-1953 Tombstone, next to: [D-1-1]-Hannah B. Pasewalk/1881-1952 Tombstone [E-33-7]-Leroy W. Pasewalk/Mar. 2, 1900/Dec. 2, 1965 Tombstone, ossw: [E-33-7]-Ethel A. Pasewalk/Nov. 12, 1914/Feb. 7, 1997 Tombstone [E2-77-6]-[Caroline (Mrs. John) Pasewalk/bur. Sept. 11, 1883] [E2-77-6]-[Friederika Pasewalk/Mrs./bur. 12-13-1891/age 72 yrs.] [E2-77-6]-[August Pasewalk/bur. 06-06-1897/age 76 yrs.] [F-25-1]-Martha Pasewalk/Mother/July 28, 1872/June 4, 1946 Tombstone [F-25-1]-August Pasewalk/Father/Oct. 3, 1868/Aug. 9, 1912 Tombstone [F-25-1]-Charlie Pasewalk [C.W. Pasewalk]/Son/Aug. 14, 1902/Feb. 5, 1908 Tombstone [F-25-2]-Helen Pasewalk/Mother/Aug. 18, 1845/Apr. 25, 1929 Photo Tombstone [F-25-2]-William Pasewalk/Father/May 18, 1842/Mar. 18, 1921 Tombstone [F-25-2]-Anna/1872-1956 Tombstone, ossw: [F-25-2]-John C./1870-1953 Tombstone Anna/John [L-6-3]-Louis Pasewalk/1855-1905 Tombstone

PASHOL: [E]-Carol May Pashol/1930-1940

PASHOLK: [L-31-7]-[Carolyn Lee Pasholk/d. 04-04-1941/age 10 months/Buried on a baby space purchased by John Porten.]


PASSAWALT: [Unk]-[Baby Passawalt/bur. 05-21-1867]

PASZKIEWICZ: [E-16-4]-Francis William Paszkiewicz/Aug. 8, 1931/Oct. 8, 2004

PATCHEN: [H-9-1]-[(Willie) Baby Patchen/bur. 09-06-1899] Tombstone [H-9-1]-Grace I./wife of G.W. Patchen Tombstone, next to: [H-9-1]-A.J. Patchen/Father/Capt. Co. G 39 Wis. Vol. Tombstone, next to: [H-9-1]-Dr. Andrew J. Patchen/Dec. 24, 1830/Nov. 12, 1897 Tombstone, ossw: [H-9-1]-Nancy M. Patchen/Mar. 13, 1831/July 15, 1899 Tombstone, ossw:See PAINE [H-9-4]-George E./Jan. 12, 1854/March 1, 1854 Tombstone, ossw: [H-9-4]-Terah J./Dec. 18, 1863/Febr. 5, 1864 No Tombstone, ossw: [H-9-4]-Infant children of A.J. & N.M. Patchen, ossw: [H-9-4]-Ralph Willis Patchen/Jan. 7, 1876/Drowned Aug. 3, 1884 Tombstone, ossw: [H-9-4]-Ida E./July 1, 1855/Nov. 22, 1926 Tombstone Ralph/Ida, ossw: [H-9-4]-Jo Patchen MAHONEY/1866-1935 Tombstone, ossw: [H-9-4]-George W. Patchen M.D./1871-1939 Tombstone Jo/George

PATERSON: [E2-4-2]-[?? Paterson, Jr./bur. 06-25-1872] See RANKIN

PATES: [D-2-3]-Henry Pates/1832-1899 Tombstone

PATRATZ: [Unk]-[?? Patratz/bur. 08-16-1874] [Unk]-[Mrs. Patratz/bur. 10-23-1885/age 64 yrs.]

PATTEN: [G-7-4]-James Patten/1907-1975 Marker

PATTERSON: [A-23-1]-James Patterson/Died Nov. 23, 1889/Aged 78 years Tombstone, ossw: [A-23-1]-Amelia MOREY/died Apr. 22, 1909/aged 60 years Tombstone James/Amelia [E2-4-2]-Isabella/wife of J. Patterson/died Mar. 29, 1858/AE 32 ys. 9 ms. Tombstone [E2-4-2]-J. Patterson [John]/d. Jun. 25, 1872 Tombstone [E2-4-2]-Footstone: J.P.

PATYNSKI: [Y-1-14]-Arnold A. Patynski/May 6, 1943/Nov. 30, 1977 Tombstone

PATZER: [K-21-5]-Edward Patzer/1892-1918 Tombstone [K-21-5]-[Conrad E. Patzer/bur. 1-27-1932] [K-21-5]-[Margaret Patzer/d. Nov. 18, 1926] [P-13-8]-Henry Patzer/1858-1939, ossw: [P-13-8]-Louise Patzer/1859-1954 [W2-144-1]-Emilie Patzer Tombstone [Miss Emily Patzer/bur. 01-23-1872]See Karnofsky (burial register says dau. of G. Karnofsky)

PAUKOVICH: [E2-31-6]-[Michael Paukovich/d. 10-29-1948/age 61 yrs./bur. on E. Morris lot]

PAUL: [L-7-8]-[Conrad/bur 01-07-1923/cause: lobar pneumonia/space #30] [V-24-3]-Harold/Feb. 1, 1913/Jan. 17, 2004, ossw: [V-24-3]-Amy/Feb. 11, 1914 Tombstone Harold/Amy [W-19-7]-Leroy Fred Paul/July 24, 1923/Aug. 18, 2003 [W-19-7]-Vivian Mae Paul/May 15, 1921/Dec. 11, 2004 Wilhelmina Paul/1845-1864 (Wilhelmine Paul/b. 7 Oct. 1845/d. 18 Sept. 1865/from records of First German Evang. Luth. Ch.), next to: Footstone: W.P.

PAULMANN: [T-18-5]-Jane Ida Paulmann/-1952- Tombstone [T-18-5]-Olivia J. Paulmann/1916-1976 Tombstone [T-18-5]-Alma L. Paulmann/1906-1949 Tombstone, ossw: [T-18-5]-Elmer W. Paulmann/Aug. 7, 1908/Feb. 20, 1984 Tombstone

PAULSEN: [W2-142-4]-[Inger Margaret Paulsen/d. unk] [W2-142-4]-[Baby Paulsen/d. unk] [W2-142-4]-Huldah Paulsen/1879-1944 Tombstone [W2-142-4]-Sena Paulsen/1875-1935 Tombstone, next to: [W2-142-4]-Annie Paulsen/1850-1933 Tombstone, next to: [W2-142-4]-Marcus Paulsen/1844-1919 Tombstone, next to: [W2-142-4]-Footstone: J.M.P. [W2-234-4]-Othelia/1876-1957, ossw: [W2-234-4]-Agnes M. Paulsen/Jan. 27, 1882/Nov. 22, 1967 Tombstone Othelia/Agnes

PAULSENE: [A-36-2]-George M.C.C. PALSENE/Died Aug. 11, 1868/aged 3 yrs. 9 ms., next to: [A-36-2]-Clara E./Jan. 26, 1871/Oct. 21, 1887 Tombstone [Clara Polzin/bur. 10-27-1887/age 14 yrs./cause: typhoid fever], ossw: [A-36-2]-Maud A./Dec. 20, 1883/Nov. 7, 1887 Tombstone [Maud Polzin/bur. 11-08-1887/age 4 yrs./cause: typhoid fever], ossw: [A-36-2]-Susan L./Oct. 15, 1875/Nov. 15, 1887 Tombstone [Susan Lillian Polzin/bur. 11-17-1887/age 12 yrs./cause: typhoid fever], ossw: [A-36-2]-Children of C.A. A.E. Paulsene, next to: [A-36-2]-Footstones: C.E.P./M.A.P./S.A.P., next to: [A-36-2]-Anna Paulsene/1844-1900 Tombstone, on same lot with: [A-36-2]-Walter Paulsene/1878-1900 Tombstone [A-36-2]-[August (Paulsene) Polzin/bur. 04-17-1917] [A-36-2]-Aug. POLZEN/Co. E./14 Wis. Inf. [April 15, 1832/April 15, 1917/from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable] on same lot with Paulsene. Tombstone [A-36-2]-[Eliza (Paulsene) Polzin/bur. 03-13-1900/age 56 yrs.] [A-36-2]-Paulsene family plot [O-27-3]-Sophia [POLZINE]/Feb. 21, 1831/June 6, 1911 [cause: artis celerosis]

PAULSON: [E2-62-4]-[Henry Paulson/bur. 10-30-1898/age 71 yrs.] [O-11-6]-[Alice Anderson Paulson/bur. 09-14-1921] [W2-133-2]-Julia Paulson/[Miss]/1859-1873 [bur. 10-15-1873] Tombstone, next to: [W2-133-2]-Minnie Paulson/1870-1873 [bur. 12-04-1873] Tombstone, next to: [W2-133-2]-Julia [A.] Paulson/1874-1875 Tombstone, next to: Footstones: M.P./J.P.

PAULUS: [D-16-2]-Mira Paulus/1888-1962 Tombstone, ossw; [D-16-2]-Esther Alberta Paulus/Sept. 10, 1893/Feb. 9, 1970 [d. at Los Angeles CA/ cremains/bur. on Mrs. Thelma Hansen lot] Tombstone [E-13-10]-Jacqueline D. Paulus/May 19, 1932/May 3, 1998 Tombstone [W2-99-4]-[Babe Paulus/bur. 03-19-1913/cause: premature birth/bur. on Charles Paulus lot] [W2-99-4]-Ida Paulus/1873-1876 [bur. 06-07-1876] Tombstone [W2-99-4]-Blanche Paulus/1886-1887 Tombstone [W2-99-4]-Carl H. Paulus/1839-1914 Tombstone [W2-99-4]-Mary Paulus/1847-1937 Tombstone [W2-174-2]-Herman Paulus/1880-1958 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-174-2]-Hettie Paulus/1881-1965 Tombstone [W2-174-3]-Charles Fredric Paulus/May 8, 1915/Apr. 11, 2002 Tombstone [W2-174-3]-Janet M. Paulus/Jan. 8, 1915/July 6, 2005 Tombstone

PAULY: [R-9-5]-William Pauly/Infant 1916 Tombstone [R-9-5]-William H. Pauly/1886-1974 Tombstone [R-9-5]-Olive HOWE Pauly/1885-1970 Tombstone [R-9-5]-Robert Pauly/1918-1940 Photo Tombstone [R-9-6]-Pauly family stone [R-9-6]-Ann Elizabeth Pauly/Dec. 15, 1954 [d. at Madison, WI/stillborn/bur. on William H. Pauly lot] Tombstone [R-9-6]-Magdalen GEIMER Pauly/1893-1954 Tombstone [R-9-6]-Felix T. Pauly/1878-1953 Tombstone [R-9-6]-Emily WEBB Pauly/1880-1940 Tombstone [R-9-6]-John B. Pauly/1874-1954 Tombstone

PAUSTIAN: [T-24-3]-Hilda/1898-1945 Tombstone, ossw: [T-24-3]-Oscar A. Paustian/Feb. 21, 1897/May 6, 1980 (U.S. flag) Tombstone [T-24-3]-Helen Paustian/Dec. 4, 1906/Oct. 24, 1988 Tombstone

PAUTZ: [Unk]-[?? Pautz, Jr./bur. 06-13-1875/burial register has buried the son of Mr. Pautz, $2.50/ adult burial fee/probably the Charles Pautz in the linked obituary] [Unk]-[(daughter of Fred) Pautz/bur. 10-09-1876] [Unk]-[C. Pautz/bur. 05-18-1883/age 19 yrs.] [Unk]-[?? Pautz, Jr./bur. 11-10-1883] [Unk]-(Emily Pautz/Mrs. F./d. Jan. 29, 1884) [Mrs. F. Pautz/bur. 02-01-1884] [Unk]-[Miss F. Pautz/bur. 04-09-1884/age 34 yrs.] [Unk]-[C. Pautz, Jr./bur. 04-12-1885/age 22 yrs.] [A-20-6]-[Miss Pautz/bur. 03-05-1887] [A-20-6]-Gottlieb Pautz/Father/1835-1901 Tombstone [D-15-1]-Pautz lot [D-15-1]-Emil Pautz/Geb. 26 Nov. 1897/Gest. 8 Mar. 1901, next to: [D-15-1]-Herman Pautz/Geb. 17 Apr. 1900/Gest. 30 Mai 1900, next to: [D-15-1]-Martha Pautz/Geb. 5 Mar. 1895/1 Mar. 1901 Tombstone, next to: [D-15-1]-Emma DUPREY/nee Pautz/Sister/1903-1935 (See DUPREY-have obit), next to: [D-15-1]-Herman Pautz/Father/1864-1937 Tombstone [D-15-1]-Minna Pautz/Mother/1867-1938 Tombstone [D-16-2]-Arthur O. Pautz/May 5, 1909/May 15, 1991 [single] Tombstone [E2-16-1]-[William Pautz/bur. 10-30-1902] [E2-16-1]-[Louisa Pautz/bur. 05-16-1903/age 75 yrs.] [E2-18-6]-Eleanore H. Pautz/Mar. 18, 1902/Sept. 27, 1982 Tombstone [E2-66-5]-Marie/geb. Feb. 4, 1869/gest. June 24, 1869 Tombstone, ossw: [E2-66-5]-Emma/Geb. Feb. 2, 1861/Gest. Aug. 30, 1865 [?? Pautz/bur. 08-30-1865] Tombstone [E2-66-5]-Willie/Geb. Juni 27, 1872/Gest. Mai 10, 1875 [?? Pautz/bur. 05-13-1875] Tombstone, ossw: [E2-66-5]-Baby/Geb. Mar. 28, 1880/Gest. Mar. 28, 1880 Tombstone [E2-66-5]-Ferdinand Pautz/gestorben 5 Aug. 1870/alter 33 Jah. 28 Tag Tombstone, ossw: [E2-66-5]-Bertha Louisa KRIESER/geboren 5 Oct. 1840/starb 29 Juni 1895 Tombstone, ossw: [E2-66-5]-Wm. John KRIESER/geboren 30 Mai 1837/starb 25 Apr. 1895 Tombstone, next to: [E2-66-5]-Footstones: Father/Mother/Father [E2-77-5]-[?? Pautz/bur. 03-11-1867] [E2-77-5]-[Minnie Pautz/bur. 10-17-1912] [E2-77-5]-[Gustave Pautz/d. 12-21-1939 at Wauwatosa, WI/age 69 yrs./cause: broncho- pneumonia cont. pulmonary tuberculosis/bur. on Charles Pautz lot] [E2-84-1]-[Carl Pautz/bur. 12-18-1890/age 62 yrs.] [G-2-7]-Pautz family stone, next to: [G-2-7]-Henry F. Pautz/Father/Jan. 15, 1874/Mar. 17, 1963 Tombstone, next to: [G-2-7]-Clara M. Pautz/Mother/Oct. 3, 1874/Mar. 16, 1944 Tombstone, next to: [G-2-7]-Melvin E. Pautz/Oct. 6, 1899/Oct. 9, 1923 Tombstone [G-2-10]-Mary Pautz/1885-1964 Tombstone, ossw: [G-2-10]-Emil PECH/1877-1942 (See Pech/have obit) [H-18-1]-Emilie LORENZ/geborene Pautz/geb. 11 Sept. 1855/gest. 16 Aug. 1883, next to:(See LORENZ) [K-3-3]-[Edward Pautz/1871/bur.12-10-1914] Tombstone, ossw: [K-3-3]-Barbara Pautz/1873-1957 Tombstone Edward/Barbara [P-17-9]-George A./1912-1946 Tombstone, ossw: [P-17-9]-Arline B./1912-1990 [Arline B. Buss/d. 03-20-1990 at Appleton WI/age 77 yrs./ widow of George Pautz/wife of Jerome Buss] Tombstone [U-34-8]-Richard D. Pautz/June 17, 1878/Dec. 6, 1963 Tombstone, ossw: [U-34-8]-Elizabeth/1881-1963 Tombstone [V-27-2]-Walter F. Pautz/Feb. 9, 1898/Aug. 20, 1983 Tombstone, ossw: [V-27-2]-Louise C. Pautz/Sept. 20, 1898/Oct. 7, 1978 Tombstone [W2-120-2]-[F. Pautz/bur. 04-20-1876] [W2-120-2]-[Amelia Pautz/1899?] [W2-120-2]-[Sarah Pautz/bur. 12-13-1888/age 18/cause: consumption] [W2-120-2]-Fred Pautz/1832-1903, ossw: [W2-120-2]-Emelia Pautz/1843-1883 Tombstone Fred/Emelia, next to: [W2-120-2]-Footstone: L.P. [W2-130-3]-[Baby Pautz/bur. 02-21-1896]

PAVLOWICH: [L-4-9]-Walter Pavlowich/1891-1931 [L-29-23]-Priscilla Pavlowich/1894-1956 [space #221]

PAYNE: [L-13-2]-[Baby Payne/bur. 06-12-1908/cause: premature]

PEARSON: [A-25-3]-[Marie A. Pearson/female/cremains/bur. 1/17/1935/d. at Sonora, CA/ age 59/cause: cerebral hemorrhage/bur. on H. Zeischold lot] [M-10-1]-Viola Pearson/Aug. 21, 1927/July 18, 2010 Tombstone [V-14-7]-Dorothy L. Pearson/1920-2011 Tombstone

PEASHEK: [G-1-1]-Marion [H.] ALLEN Peashek/1903-1950, next to: [G-1-1]-Cyril J. Peashek/1900-1960

PEASLEE: [L-12-2]-[Anna Peaslee/bur. 11-11-1900/premature birth] [W-16-9]-Muriel E. (Kuestner) Peaslee/Sept. 9, 1916/Apr. 7, 2006, ossw: [W-16-9]-John B. Peaslee/May 6, 1919/July 6, 2008 Tombstone Muriel/John

PECH: [B-27-3]-Ellen M. Pech/Mother/1880-1960 Photo Tombstone [B-27-3]-James Wenzel Pech/Father/1870-1940 Tombstone [B-27-3]-Ethel Grace Pech/Feb. 23, 1902/Sept. 21, 1990 [single/bur. on Mrs. James W. Pech lot] Tombstone [C-6-1]-Sara A. Pech/Jan. 15, 1970/Jan. 9, 1986 Tombstone [C-6-1]-Martha A. Pech/May 31, 1931/Dec. 25, 1994 Tombstone [C-12-5]-[Baby Pech/bur. 04-04-1893/cause: premature birth] No Tombstone [C-12-5]-Stephen Pech/1866-1930 Tombstone [C-12-5]-Vlasta Pech/1870-1945 Tombstone [C-12-5]-Elsie S. Pech/Jan. 8, 1905/Oct. 11, 1977 Tombstone [G-2-10]-Pech family stone (war vet flag) [G-2-10]-Edwin Pech/Jan. 15, 1908/Sept. 28, 1929 Tombstone [G-2-10]-Dolores Pech/Nov. 3, 1929/Mar. 26, 1930 Tombstone [G-2-10]-Mary PAUTZ/1885-1964 (See Pautz/have obit), ossw: [G-2-10]-Emil Pech/1877-1942 Tombstone [G-3-10]-Louis A. Pech/1908-1930/Son Tombstone [G-3-10]-Anna Pech/1874-1963/Mother Tombstone [G-3-10]-Anton Pech/1866-1927/Father Tombstone [R-17-4]-Joseph M. Pech, Jr./May 9, 1891/Jan. 11, 1961 Tombstone, ossw: [R-17-4]-Blanche/1888-1934 Tombstone, ossw: [R-17-4]-Alvina E. Pech/June 17, 1910/July 12, 1979 Tombstone [R-39-3]-Adolph J. Pech/Aug. 20, 1898/Nov. 1, 1984 Tombstone [R-39-3]-Lillian M. Pech/June 10, 1903/Aug. 19, 1997 Tombstone [R-39-3]-Mary C. Pech/Dec. 6, 1923/Mar. 18, 2002 Tombstone [R-39-3]-Norman A. Pech/Mar. 12, 1921/May 8, 1988 Tombstone Tombstone [R-39-4]-Anton J. Pech/June 30, 1892/Mar. 11, 1974 Tombstone, ossw: [R-39-4]-Lillian "Lilly" E. Pech/Feb. 22, 1895/June 2, 1984 Tombstone [R-39-4]-J.I. Pech family stone [R-39-4]-Joseph I. Pech/Otec/Narozen/10 Rijna 1868/Zemrel 5 Srpna 1932 Tombstone [R-39-4]-Marie Pech/Matka/Narozena 8 Cervna 1870/Zemrela 13 Rijna 1919 Tombstone [T-23-2]-Emma/1897-1946 Tombstone, ossw: [T-23-2]-Albin/1896-1954 Tombstone [T-30-1]-Edward Earl Pech, Jr./Apr. 11, 1926/Nov. 9, 1999 Tombstone, ossw: [T-30-1]-Vera Pech/1922-2011 Tombstone [T-30-1]-[Baby Pech/d. 01-01-1951] No Tombstone [U-23-6]-Adela/1892-1971 Tombstone, ossw: [U-23-6]-Edwin/1894-1955 Tombstone Adela/Edwin [U-27-1]-William S./1893-1954 Tombstone, ossw: [U-27-1]-Tillie E. Pech/Oct. 17, 1897/May 21, 1976 Tombstone [U-27-10]-Agnes J. Pech/Oct. 8, 1912/Aug. 7, 1985 Tombstone, ossw: [U-27-10]-Quirin C. Pech/Sept. 9, 1912/Feb. 21, 2002 Tombstone [V-7-3]-Quentin J. Pech/Sept. 17, 1919/Feb. 4, 1985 Tombstone, ossw: [V-7-3]-Catherine C. Pech/July 29, 1920/Jan. 13, 2011 Tombstone [V-7-4]-Arlene D. Pech/July 17, 1911/Apr. 17, 1987 Tombstone [V-7-4]-Donald Joseph Pech/May 27, 1947/Oct. 11, 2004 Tombstone [V-15-3]-George/1903-1971 Tombstone, ossw: [V-15-3]-Anita E. Pech/Mar. 16, 1916/Feb. 24, 2001 Tombstone [V-17-9]-Ross C./1946-1970 Tombstone, ossw: [V-17-9]-Richard J./1910-1971 Tombstone, ossw: [V-17-9]-Violet I. Pech/Jan. 4, 1911/July 28, 1990 Tombstone [V-19-8]-Victor F. Pech/Sept. 12, 1921/Feb. 7, 2002 Tombstone, ossw: [V-19-8]-Priscilla R./May 4, 1922/Mar. 26, 2015 Tombstone [V-25-1]-Walter H. PLAUTZ/Oct. 27, 1901/Jan. 17, 1981, ossw: [V-25-1]-Mildred Pech/1902-1979 (19 Dec 1902/May 1979/SSDI) [V-27-4]-Julia Agnes/Jan. 13, 1903/May 22, 2000 Tombstone [V-27-4]-Fred Pech/Father/1891-1942 Tombstone [V-27-5]-Gardy W. Pech/Wisconsin/Pvt. Medical Dept./World War II/ July 20, 1923/Aug. 27, 1970 Tombstone [V-27-5]-Mary J. Pech/July 31, 1928/June 20, 2008 Tombstone [V-37-4]-Lester Joseph Pech/Dec. 8, 1921/Jan. 4, 2004 Tombstone [V-37-4]-Thomas Joseph Pech/Dec. 2, 1949/Jan. 1, 2003 Tombstone See HACKER See POLIVKA


PECK: [E-42-5]-Robert A. Peck/Father/May 6, 1910/Jan. 5, 1981 Tombstone, ossw: [E-43-5]-Mildred A./Mother/Mar. 29, 1910/Oct. 16, 1981 Tombstone Tombstone Robert/Mildred [T-29-6]-Gene Peck/1941-1947 Tombstone, next to: [T-29-6]-Hannah C./1901-1965, ossw: [T-29-6]-Leon O./1899-1962 Tombstone Hannah/Leon

PECKA: [Unk]-[Katharina Pecka/bur. 02-09-1881/age 20 yrs.] [Unk]-[Joseph Pecka/bur. 01-08-1883] [Unk]-[?? Pecka/bur. 01-19-1886/age 9 yrs.] [L-16-5]-[Mary Pecka/bur. 11-13-1888/age 27 yrs./cause: consumption]

PECKHAM: [T-34-6]-Delmar Peckham/1926-1950 Tombstone

PEDERSON: [E2-1-10]-Palmer A. Pederson/1893-1940 Tombstone [E2-1-10]-Anne Pederson/Mother/1871-1954 Tombstone, next to: [E2-1-10]-Nels A. Pederson/Father/1865-1956 Tombstone [E2-1-10]-Alma N. Pederson/Sept. 4, 1898/Feb. 27, 1994 Tombstone [E2-5-4]-George C. Pederson/1900-1965 Tombstone [I-1-5]-Lars Pederson/Fader/27 Nov. 1850/26 Aug. 1913 Tombstone, ossw: [I-1-5]-[Ingebor Pederson/bur. 8-22-1928/cause: heart disease/bur. on Mrs. Lars Pederson lot] Tombstone [P-26-14]-Olga N./Mother/1885-1942 Tombstone, ossw: [P-26-14]-Hiram D./Father/1888-1958 Tombstone [T-34-2]-Sheila Marie Pederson/May 10-Oct. 6, 1950 Tombstone [T-34-2]-Arndt A. Pederson/Aug. 20, 1917/Apr. 19, 1988 Tombstone [T-34-2]-Julia M. Pederson/Jan. 2, 1917/Nov. 17, 1996 Tombstone [W2-216-2]-[Nels N. Pederson/bur. 03-02-1920/age 70 yrs] No Tombstone [W2-216-2]-[Clara Mrs. Niels Pederson/bur. 02-27-1883]

PEDRO: [E-35-11]-Carolyn NEUSER Pedro/1944-1970 Tombstone

PEEBLES: [P-13-6]-Alma Hilda BECK Peebles/Dec. 25, 1893/Nov. 28, 1985 Tombstone

PEEGE: [K-25-2]-Helen Mae Peege/July 6, 1891/Jan. 2, 1973 [d. at East Troy WI/cremains/bur. on Mrs. Harriet Reed Owsley lot]

PEET: [W2-191-1]-Charles Emerson Peet/1869-1955 [Charles E. Peet/d. 09-02-1955 at Pasadena/ age 86 yrs./cremains/bur. 11-22-1955/bur. on John F. Dumbke lot] Tombstone, ossw: [W2-191-1]-Julia DUMKE Peet/1871-1953 Tombstone, next to: See DUMKE

PEHRSON: [T-13-5]-Harry Pehrson/Wisconsin/Pvt. STU Army TNG Corps/World War I/ July 10, 1893/June 24, 1952 Tombstone See FOOTE

PEITERSEN: [E-12-4]-Christian E. Peitersen/Sept. 24, 1913/July 16, 1991 [husband of Adeline Peitersen] [E-12-4]-Adeline A. Peitersen/Nov. 2, 1920/Dec. 28, 1992 [widow of Christian Peitersen] [S-45-15]-[Baby Peitersen/bur. 09-06-1940/stillborn/bur. on Mrs. Emma Dickert lot]

PEITHER: [L-3-12]-[Charles Peither/bur. 4-13-1928] No Tombstone

PEJSAR: [L-3-10]-[Barbara Pejsar/bur. 1-2-1929] No Tombstone

PEKAREK: [F-14-1]-Marcella M. Pekarek/May 3, 1917/Jan. 5, 1983 [d. at Stevens Point, WI/wife of John C. Pekarek], ossw: [F-14-1]-John C. Pekarek/Feb. 24, 1925/July 21, 1989 Tombstone Marcella/John [F-14-1]-John/1890-1971, ossw: [F-14-1]-Paul/1921-1924, ossw: [F-14-1]-Clara/1898-1954 Tombstone John/Paul/Clara

PEKARSKE: [E-30-7]-John A. "Jack" Pekarske/June 30, 1924/Feb. 20, 2005 Tombstone [P-35-4]-Nora Lee Pekarske/Daughter/Apr. 10, 1926/Apr. 16, 1926 Tombstone, next to: [P-35-4]-Albert A./1897-1960 (see Albert Baker) Tombstone, ossw: [P-35-4]-Olive/1900-1940 Tombstone [R-8-9]-M. Grace Pekarske/1903-1992/Hansen [Mary Grace/d. 10-29-1992/age 89 yrs./widow of John Pekarske and Delmar Hansen/bur. on John Kadow lot] Tombstone [R-8-9]-John J. Pekarske/1898-1956 (War vet flg) Tombstone [S-43-66]-Thomas J. Pekarske/Apr. 15, 1929/Oct. 31, 2000 Tombstone [S-43-66]-Joan C. Pekarske/Oct. 31, 1930/Nov. 5, 1992 [wife of Thomas Pekarske] Tombstone [S-43-80]-Larry J./Oct. 5, 1952/Apr. 23, 2009 Tombstone [T-28-10]-Magdelyn C. Pekarske/Sept. 16, 1908/Mar. 23, 1987 Tombstone

PEKEL: [P-16-3]-Joseph [F.]/1890-1943 Photo, ossw: [P-16-3]-Clara/1892-1972 (Am. Leg. flg)

PEKULIK: [L-29-9]-Anton J. Pekulik/Brother/1904-1948


PELISCHEK: [L-26-1]-Baby (fetus)/d. June 14, 2006

PELISEK: [Unk]-[?? Pelisek/bur. 04-17-1878] (Rose PELESHEK/d. 15 Apr. 1878/age 9 mo./cause: inflammation of the brain/ from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc) [Burial register has buried the child of Mr. Bellisick frie gr, $1] [R-19-1]-[Florence Pelisek/bur. 9-26-1928] [Y-6-1]-Shirley Mae Pelisek/Apr. 30, 1935/Jan. 15, 2000

PELISHEK: [E-4-7]-William Pelishek/Nov. 25, 1895/Mar. 28, 1978 Tombstone, ossw: [E-4-7]-Elizabeth/1902-1970 Tombstone [E-4-7]-Frank L. Pelishek/June 10, 1900/Mar. 29, 1979 Tombstone, ossw: [E-4-7]-Clara J. Pelishek/Aug. 2, 1903/Feb. 13, 2000 Tombstone [G-7-13]-Frank Pelishek/Father/1841-1924 [bur 05-10-1924/cause: senile decline/bur on Frank Pelishek estate lot] Tombstone [G-7-13]-Mary Pelishek/Mother/1844-1932 Tombstone, next to: [G-7-13]-Mary H. Pelishek/Daughter/1874-1936 [Mary Pelishek/bur. 2-28-1936/age 60 yrs/ died at Geneva, OH/cause: chronic myocarditis/bur. on Frank Pelishek estate lot] Tombstone [G-7-13]-[Blanch Pelishek/d. 01-30-1953/age 79 yrs.] [T-26-4]-Louis/1870-1953 Tombstone, ossw: [T-26-4]-Barbara/1871-1961 Tombstone

PELKEY: [U-32-6]-[Mary (Peltier) Pelkey/d. 04-11-1958/age 81 yrs.] Tombstone, ossw: [U-32-6]-[Andrew (Peltier) Pelkey/d. 08-16-1958/age 88 yrs.] Tombstone See PELTIER

PELLET: [B-5-3]-[Ada Pellet/died 12/31/1941/age 69 yrs./cause: cancer of stomach]

PELNAR: [T-12-6]-Matt J./1893-1961 Tombstone, ossw: [T-12-6]-Alma Pelnar/Apr. 11, 1894/June 8, 1993 [widow of Benj. Coen and Matt Pelnar](War vet flg) Tombstone

PELOFSKE: [M-12-8]-Carol M. Pelofske/Apr. 16, 1946/Feb. 5, 2001 Tombstone [M-12-8]-Harold M. Pelofske/d. May 25, 2004 Tombstone

PELTIER: [O-14-6]-Clarence C. Peltier/Father/1908-1949 Tombstone [U-32-6]-Irene M. Peltier/Sept. 26, 1900/May 15, 1977 Tombstone, ossw: [U-32-6]-Earl E./1897-1972 Tombstone, ossw: [U-32-6]-Mary (Peltier) Pelkey/1877-1958 Tombstone, ossw: [U-32-6]-Andrew (Peltier) Pelkey/1870-1958 Tombstone [W-1-15]-Andrew W. Peltier/July 15, 1978/Jan. 3, 1999 Tombstone

PEMBERTON: [V-10-8]-Donald R. Pemberton/Apr. 10, 1904/Aug. 6, 1986 Tombstone [V-10-8]-Margaret G. Pemberton/Apr. 29, 1905/Dec. 13, 1992 [widow of Donald Pemberton] Tombstone

PENKALA: [W-14-1]-David Joseph Penkala/June 13, 1955/Oct. 22, 1999 Tombstone

PENTONY: [R-29-8]-Mary M. Pentony/Apr. 28, 1876/Nov. 30, 1967 Tombstone [R-29-8]-John Pentony/1870-1930 Tombstone [R-29-8]-Florence A. Pentony/June 5, 1901/Mar. 20, 1997 Tombstone

PENTZIEN: [O-21-2]-[Baby Pentzien/bur. 02-23-1911/cause: premature] [O-21-2]-Arthur Pentzien/April 11, 1889/Sept. 1, 1912 Tombstone [P-6-7]-August/July 10, 1880/Dec. 2, 1938 Tombstone, ossw: [P-6-7]-Mary/June 29, 1884/Mar. 26, 1970 Tombstone

PEOT: [U-12-7]-Hilary M./1897-1962 Tombstone, ossw: [U-12-7]-Joanne M./1928-1958 Tombstone, ossw: [U-12-7]-Manila C./1898-1974 (Am.Leg./Aux./flg) Tombstone

PEPPARD: [F-21-4]-Margaret Peppard/Aug. 20, 1873/Nov. 7, 1950 (Ladies VFW Aux.) Tombstone, next to: [F-21-4]-John H. Peppard/Apr. 1, 1866/July 2, 1945 Tombstone, next to: [F-21-4]-Mary Peppard/Aug. 22, 1902/Jan. 7, 1916 Tombstone [F-21-4]-Gerald E. Peppard/Tec 4 US Army/World War II/ Jan. 21, 1915/Jan. 5, 2006 Tombstone [L-30-1]-Jack Daniel Peppard/Nov. 1967 [d. 11-09-1967/age 2 unknown/cremains/ mother-Mary Ann Peppard](Mittnacht marker) No Tombstone

PEPPLER: [T-11-7]-Rinehart M. Peppler/May 16, 1911/Aug. 2, 1968, ossw: [T-11-7]-Irene D. Peppler/Sept. 22, 1912/Jan. 28, 2011 Tombstone Rinehart/Irene See ANTAL

PEREZ: [E-19-2]-Luis Perez/b-d. Nov. 12, 2009, ossw: [E-19-2]-Jose Perez/b-d. Nov. 12, 2009 Tombstone Luis/Jose

PERKINS: [U-7-7]-Otis T. Perkins/1899-1953 (war vet flg), ossw: [U-7-7]-Naomi C. Perkins/Feb. 14, 1898/Nov. 8, 1976 Tombstone Otis/Naomi [d. at Oshkosh WI/age 78 yrs./widow of O.T. Perkins]

PERNOT: [U-3-8]-Marie Pernot/1876-1957 Tombstone

PERONTO: [F-12-3]-Emanuel Peronto/1880-1943 Tombstone [O-24-3]-Mary G. Peronto/Mar. 4, 1899/June 12, 1974 Tombstone, ossw: [O-24-3]-Fred/1898-1975 (war vet flg) Tombstone [R-11-9]-Peronto/Krainik family stone [R-11-9]-Mary H. Peronto/1939-1957 Tombstone [R-11-9]-Alice Peronto/July 16, 1906/July 15, 1981 Tombstone [R-11-9]-Roy F. Peronto/Feb. 11, 1906/June 6, 1996 Tombstone [U-24-5]-Angeline J. Peronto/Mar. 19, 1908/Feb. 12, 1984 Tombstone [U-24-5]-Lena Peronto/1885-1955 Tombstone See GOSPODAREK

PEROUTKA: [A-7-1]-[Joseph Peroutka/bur. 05-19-1889/cause: weakness] No Tombstone [A-7-1]-Richard Peroutka/1887-1925 Tombstone [A-7-2]-George Peroutka/1886-1942 Tombstone [A-7-1]-Thomas Peroutka/Father/1861-1940 Tombstone [A-7-1]-Mary Peroutka/Mother/1866-1932 Tombstone [A-24-2]-[Mrs.]Anna/Manzella/T. PEROUTKY/Narozena 18 Cervna 1832/Zemrela/ 23 Ledna 1890 [cause: heart disease] Tombstone, ossw: [A-24-2]-Tomas Peroutka/Narozen/23 Rijna 1828/Zemrel/1 Unora 1880 Tombstone [?? Barutka/bur. 02-04-1880/burial register has buried Mr. Barutka (umlaut over u), fr gr (L), $2.75/even though the burial register says it was in L, he may have been moved as the lot was paid for 1/24/1890 by the Peroutka Bros. (maybe his sons?) about 10 years after his death.] [A-24-2]-Footstones: Otec/Matka [A-24-2]-Edward Peroutka/1877-1921 Tombstone [W2-148-4]-Joseph/1871-1958 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-148-4]-Helen/1876-1952 Tombstone [W2-148-4]-Leonard J. Peroutka/Wisconsin/T/Sgt H&H Det. 320 Ord BN/World War II/ Jan. 27, 1911/March 5, 1972 Tombstone [W2-148-4]-Mary P. Peroutka/July 21, 1916/Dec. 13, 1997 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-148-4]-Leo T. Peroutka/July 16, 1914/Oct. 17, 1987 Tombstone See LINDNER

PEROUTKY: See Peroutka

PERRODIN: [E-36-2]-Arthur F. Perrodin Sr./Mar. 24, 1905/Dec. 14, 1964 Tombstone, ossw: [E-36-2]-Henrietta M. Perrodin/Mar. 7, 1908/Sept. 10, 1987 Tombstone [W2-233-7]-Annie Perrodin/1878-1921 Tombstone

PERRY: [L-31-8]-Margaret A. Perry/Nov. 25, 1946/Nov. 29, 1946 [Margaret Ann Perry/d. at Milwaukee, WI] Tombstone [K-4-5]-Walter M./1909-1974 Tombstone, ossw: [K-4-5]-Alice Perry/Nov. 16, 1914/June 8, 2001 Tombstone [S-43-86]-Wilbur C. Perry/Jan. 7, 1924/Dec. 23, 1996 Tombstone

PERUELLE: [W2-109-1]-[Mrs. Gottlieb Peruelle/bur. 08-06-1875]

PESCE: [Y-5-37]-LeRoy Frank Pesce/Aug. 12, 1940/Nov. 23, 1988 Tombstone

PESERIK: [T-16-6]-Wenzel H. Peserik/Apr. 1, 1894/Sept. 16, 1968 Tombstone [T-16-9]-[Helen Peserik/1887-1971 Tombstone [W2-225-1]-Peserik Baby/1949-1949 Marker [Baby Peserik/bur. 06-01-1949/stillborn/bur. on Charles Hoeffner lot]

PESHEK: [L-3-2]-[William Peshek/bur. 09-16-1901]

PESTEK: [L-1-6]-[Baby Pestek/bur. 02-24-1920/cause: injury by forceps at birth/space #5] [L-17-5]-[Baby Pestek/bur. 04-10-1912/cause: premature birth]

PETCHY: [L-8-4]-Photo of lot Stone with names [L-8-4]-Marie/Dcera J & H. Petchy/Narozena/10 Brez.1864/Zemrela/4 Zari 1877 Tombstone, ossw: [L-8-4]-Katerina/Manzelka/J. Petcky/2 Kvet 1826/Zemrela/31 Kvet 1880 Tombstone, ossw: [L-8-4]-Katerina/Dcera/J&K Petchy/Narozena 26 Dub. 1861/Zemrela/1 Unora 1881 Tombstone, ossw: [L-8-4]-Anna TACHETCY/Narozena/25 List. 1797/Zemrela/26 Rij. 1876 Tombstone

PETERIK: [C-5-4]-Joseph/1856-1939 Tombstone, ossw: [C-5-4]-Mary/1857-1947 Tombstone [E-39-10]-Robert C. Peterik/July 25, 1926/Sept. 27, 1974 Tombstone, ossw: [E-39-10]-Lois A. Peterik Edinger/1928-2012 Tombstone [E2-5-11]-Leta/1901-1969 Tombstone, ossw: [E2-5-11]-Charles J. Peterik/Sept. 24, 1898/May 21, 1998 Tombstone [I-5-1]-Mary Peterik/Mother/Nov. 11, 1857/Sept. 26, 1924 Tombstone, next to: [I-5-1]-VOLLENDORF-Peterik stone, ossw: [I-5-1]-John Peterik/May 7, 1856/Oct. 22, 1902 Tombstone, ossw: [I-5-1]-Elizabeth BRUCE/Oct. 11, 1886/Nov. 21, 1960 (See BRUCE-have obit) Tombstone John/Elizabeth, next to: [I-5-1]-Joseph Peterik/July 17, 1877/July 1, 1917 Tombstone [I-5-4]-Jiri Peterik [George Peterik]/6 Kvet 1869/20 Kvet 1903 Tombstone, ossw: [I-5-4]-Verona Peterik/21 Led 1871/16 List. 1937 Tombstone Jiri/Verona, next to: [I-5-4]-Emil Peterik/Father/1899-1944 Tombstone [P-8-2]-Rose/1890-1954 Tombstone, ossw: [P-8-2]-George Jr./1891-1958 Tombstone, next to: [P-8-2]-Erhard G. Peterik/Feb. 9, 1912/July 29, 1981 Tombstone [P-27-5]-Charles Peterik/Nov. 25, 1894/June 6, 1981 Tombstone, ossw: [P-27-5]-Lillian Peterik/July 18, 1895/Oct. 26, 1989 [widow of Charles Peterik] Tombstone [R-15-9]-John C. Peterik/Oct. 11, 1908/Feb. 27, 1996 [widower of Majie Peterik] Tombstone, ossw: [R-15-9]-Majie L. Peterik/Jan. 21, 1910/Jan. 10, 1980 Photo Tombstone John/Majie [T-37-6]-Virginia L. Peterik/Mar. 25, 1925/Dec. 28, 1996 Tombstone [U-31-3]-John M. Sr./1878-1954 Tombstone, ossw: [U-31-3]-Christina/1880-1957 Tombstone John/Christina [U-31-5]-Eleanor Peterik/1914-2010 See HENDERSON See VOLLENDORF

PETERMAN: [L-29-13]-Charles J. Peterman/Father/1881-1939 Tombstone [Y-5-10]-Lucas G. Peterman/July 1, 1981/July 25, 1996 Tombstone

PETERS: [C-22-3]-Peters family stone [C-22-3]-[Alice H./bur. 03-08-1935/d. at Chicago, IL/age 60 yrs.] Tombstone [C-22-3]-[Ernest J. Peters/d. 12-15-1938 at Chicago, IL] Tombstone [C-22-3]-Friedrich Peters/19 Nov. 1824/18 Juni 1902, ossw: [C-22-3]-Sophia Peters/20 Juni 1837/25 Nov. 1905 Tombstone Tombstone Fred/Sophia, next to: [D-31-3]-Lenora Peters/Mother/1891-1935 Tombstone, next to: [D-31-3]-George A. Peters/Father/1883-1951 Tombstone [G-5-11]-Sophia Peters/1872-1961 Tombstone, next to: [G-5-11]-Ferdinand Peters/1869-1929 Tombstone [G-9-12]-George Peters/1887-1924 Tombstone [G-9-12]-[Alma Pfeifer/d. 03-14-1990/age 96 yrs./widow of George Peters/wife of Otto Pfeifer] [I-9-1]-[Jimmie Peters/bur. 03-27-1922/cause: premature birth/bur. on William Hendries lot] [I-9-1]-George W. Peters/Wisconsin/Cpl US Marine Corps Res./World War II/ July 5, 1925/Feb. 23, 1971, ossw: [I-9-1]-Earl L./1923-2007 Tombstone George/Earl [O-11-5]-Erwin T. Peters/Feb. 17, 1899/Dec. 13, 1980 (war vet flg), ossw: [O-11-5]-Laura Evelyn Peters/July 19, 1895/Sept. 19, 1979 Tombstone Erwin/Laura [R-15-8]-Lillian/1933-1936, ossw: [R-15-8]-Agnes/1907-1990 [Agnes P. Meyer/d. 11-25-1990/age 83 yrs./widow of Charles Peters and Charles Meyer], ossw: [R-15-8]-Charles Peters/Oct. 21, 1893/Feb. 25, 1974, ossw: [R-15-8]-George -1938 -[Baby Peters/bur. 04-04-1938/stillborn/bur. on Charles Peters lot], ossw: [R-15-8]-Charles - 1940 - [baby Peters/d. 03-15-1940/cause: premature birth/bur. on Charles Peters lot] Tombstone Lillian/Agnes/Charles/George/Charles [R-29-9]-Dorothy Peters/Aug. 19, 1903/Apr. 1, 1995 Tombstone [R-29-9]-Alvin J. Peters/1903-1945 Tombstone, ossw: [R-29-9]-Maud FRASIER GRUHLE/1884-1926 (See GRUHLE-have obit), ossw: [R-29-9]-Charles GRUHLE/1865-1956 (See GRUHLE-have obit) [R-34-4]-Anna Peters/Mother/1859-1934 Tombstone, next to: [R-34-4]-Martin F. Peters/Father/1856-1931 Tombstone [R-34-4]-[Roy Peters/d. 10-02-1945 at Winona, MN] Tombstone [U-35-2]-Eugene Peters/Wisconsin/PFC 414 AAA Gun BN CAC/World War II/ June 10, 1905-Oct. 2, 1957 Tombstone [U-35-2]-Helen E. Peters/Oct. 28, 1925/Dec. 22, 2007 Tombstone [V-23-2]-Thomas E. Peters/May 16, 1949/July 5, 2007 [V-24-5]-David G. Peters/Mar. 20, 1951/Jan. 1, 1979 Tombstone [W2-108-4]-Bert/1898-1973 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-108-4]-Elvi/1904-1963 Tombstone Bert/Elvi

PETERSEN: [C-27-7]-Harold R. Petersen/April 11, 1894/April 20, 1945 (War vet flg) Tombstone, next to: [C-27-7]-Orin Paul [Oren P. PETERSON]/Son/BabyDec. 21, 1896/July 6, 1897 [cause: convulsions] Tombstone, next to: [C-27-7]-Gladys [Gladys (Baby) PETERSON/Baby/bur. 04-10-1893/age 3 mo. Tombstone, next to: [C-27-7]-Jule Petersen/Husband/April 11, 1863-July 11,1897 Tombstone, next to: [C-27-7]-Julia Petersen/Wife/March 29, 1867/Feb. 7, 1948 [died at Milwaukee WI] Tombstone [G-13-4]-Maud [C.] Petersen/Mother/1878-1935 Tombstone, next to: [G-13-4]-Ester May/1913-1919 Tombstone, next to: [G-13-4]-Edward J. Petersen/Father/1870-1945 Tombstone [G-13-4]-Ralph E. Petersen/May 30, 1904/Oct. 14, 1997 No Tombstone [G-13-4]-Ellen K. Petersen/d. Feb. 24, 2005 No Tombstone [K-1-6]-Joshua Jeffrey Petersen/Feb. 26, 1986/Feb. 28, 1988 Tombstone [P-17-6]-Alice M./1875-1946, ossw: [P-17-6]-Martin/1874-1952 [S-46-1]-Christ Petersen/Father/1867-1927 [bur. 9-10-1927/cause: heart failure/ bur. on Mrs. Amelia Petersen lot] Tombstone, next to: [S-46-1]-Amelia Petersen/Mother/1878-1947 Tombstone, next to: [S-46-1]-Ardina Petersen/1902-1950 Tombstone [S-46-1]-Vinton B. Petersen/Jan. 23, 1915/Feb. 3, 1984 Tombstone [S-46-1]-Phyllis C. Petersen/Feb. 20, 1909/July 1, 1994 Tombstone [U-7-6]-Theodore Petersen/1880-1952 Tombstone [U-24-5]-Eva/1903-1982 (31 Dec 1903/Apr 1982/SSDI) [Eva Stene/d. 9 Apr 1982/age 78 yrs/cremains/wife of Carl Stene/bur. on Mrs. Walter G. Petersen lot][Apparently, she must have been married twice. Her cremains and Carl's cremains are on space 3 and Walter is on space 4. The Petersen marker is centered over the 2 spaces.], ossw: [U-24-5]-Walter [G.]/1890-1955(war vet flg hldr) [U-28-7]-Edward J. Petersen/June 18, 1904/Sept. 11, 1990 [widower of Nora Petersen] Tombstone, ossw: [U-28-7]-Nora M. Petersen/Oct. 30, 1898/May 17, 1973 Tombstone [W2-106-4]-The Christian Petersen Family [W2-106-4]-[Christian Petersen/bur. 10-01-1918/age 90 yrs] Tombstone [W2-106-4]-[Agnes J. Petersen/d. 01-25-1960 at Milwaukee WI] [W2-125-2]-Henry W./1890-1956 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-125-2]-Mary C. Petersen/Mar. 7, 1884/Dec. 8, 1962 Tombstone Henry/Mary [W2-167-2]-Jobie L./dau. of P & M Petersen/died/May 9, 1880 [The lot diagram book has Josie L. Peterson.] Tombstone [W2-167-2]-George J./son of P & M Petersen/died May 5, 1879/aged 1 mon. 26 ds. [W2-167-2]-Frankie 0./Son of P & M Petersen/Died May 9, 1880 Tombstone [W2-167-2]-[Malvin Petersen/bur. 01-09-1888] No Tombstone [W2-167-2]-[Peter J. Petersen/bur. 2-17-1920] No Tombstone [W2-194-3]-Laura K. Petersen/Oct. 1, 1885/Mar. 10, 1966 Tombstone

PETERSOHN: [B-19-2]-Andrew Petersohn/CPL US Army/Jan. 5, 1918/Apr. 14, 1974 [bur. on G.A.R. lot] Tombstone [L-31-12]-[Baby Petersohn/bur. 07-24-1950/age 1 hour/space #270] [M-9-8]-Gerry L./Dec. 1, 1948/Feb 12, 2007 Tombstone [Y-5-25]-Louis Petersohn/1926-2011 Tombstone

PETERSON: [Unk]-[Charles Peterson/bur. 08-30-1864] [Unk]-[?? Peterson/bur. 04-09-1864] [Unk]-[?? Peterson/bur. 09-05-1872] [Unk]-[?? Peterson/bur. 07-20-1873] [Unk]-[?? Peterson/bur. 09-06-1873] [Unk]-[Peter Peterson/bur. 09-21-1873] [Unk]-[?? Peterson/bur. 08-07-1874] [Unk]-[?? Peterson/bur. 02-22-1878] [Unk]-[Peter Peterson/bur. 11-05-1881] [Unk]-[?? Peterson/bur. 01-02-1886] [Unk]-[Mrs. Peterson/bur. 04-11-1893/age 70 yrs./cause: old age] [A-18-1]-[Mrs. Katherine Peterson/d. 04-16-1891/age 72 yrs./cause: cancer] [A-18-1]-[Jacob Peterson/bur. 01-16-1894/age 75 yrs.] [B-6-6]-Clara Peterson/1888-1946 Tombstone [B-6-6]-Bertha Peterson/Mother/1861-1929 Tombstone [B-6-6]-Peter Peterson/Father/1860-1916 Tombstone [B-6-6]-[Agnes Peterson/bur. 04-28-1892/age 1 yr./cause: bronchitis] [C-9-4]-Mabel A. Peterson/Mar. 17, 1894/Mar. 22, 1982, ossw: [C-9-4]-Walter [H.]/1878-1963 Tombstone Mabel/Walter [C-10-2]-Thomas H. Peterson/d. 5-2-1998/age 62 yrs.] [C-10-2]-Raymond C. Peterson/Dec. 7, 1908/Apr. 13, 1969, ossw: [C-10-2]-Lucille J. (Rathsack) Peterson/Dec. 22, 1909/Nov. 12, 1994 [d. at Mountainview CA/ age 85 yrs./wife of Raymond/bur. on Hans T. Erickson lot] Tombstone Raymond/Lucille [C-29-3]-Hazel G. Peterson/Oct. 15, 1895/Aug. 20, 1984 Tombstone [E-15-1]-Roy A. "Rusty" Peterson/Apr. 12, 1924/July 21, 2002, ossw: [E-15-1]-Gladys M./1926-2007 [E-16-3]-Carol A. Peterson/Dec. 4, 1950/Nov. 3, 2008 Photo [E-23-11]-Royal A. Peterson/1908-1983, ossw: [E-23-11]-Cecelia/1911-____ [E-33-9]-Marcella L. Peterson/1907-1967, next to: [E-33-9]-Gordon C. Peterson/Aug. 18, 1914/Apr. 29, 1979 [E2-10-1]-[Baby Peterson/bur. 12-20-1900/stillborn] [E2-62-2]-[Christian Peterson/bur. 06-18-1890/age 76 yrs/cause: old age] [E2-62-2]-[?? Peterson/bur. 09-18-1866] [E2-62-2]-[Annie Peterson/bur. 12-21-1899/age 85 yrs./cause: old age] [E2-62-4]-[Baby Peterson/bur. 05-01-1908/stillborn] [E2-72-3]-Karen 0. Peterson/Born Jan. 5, 1841/Died June 14, 1914, ossw: [E2-72-3]-John P. Peterson/Sept. 24, 1837/Aug. 26, 1917 Tombstone Karen/John [E2-73-1]-[Anna Peterson/Mrs./bur.02-12-1890/age 79 yrs./cause: rheumatism] [E2-73-2]-[George Peterson/bur. 12-10-1932/age 67 yrs/cause: cirrhosis of liver/bur. on Andrew Michelson lot] [F-22-4]-Mary/wife of Walter Peterson/1877-1912 Tombstone [G-13-4]-[Esther Mary Peterson/bur. 11-15-1919/cause: hemorrage-operation in neck/bur. on Edward J Peterson lot] [I-4-3]-[Ingaborg Peterson/bur. 06-01-1903/age 62 yrs.] [I-4-8]-Mabel Peterson/1887-1904 Tombstone [I-4-8]-Anna Peterson/Mother/1855-1919 Tombstone [I-4-8]-Louis Peterson/Father/1854-1918 Tombstone [K-20-6]-Genevieve K. Peterson/Apr. 22, 1896/Jan. 22, 1997 Tombstone, ossw: [K-20-6]-Ivor A./May 17, 1897/Nov. 10, 1981 Tombstone [L-3-5]-[John Peterson/bur. 01-07-1906/age 62 yrs./cause: heart disease] [L-3-5]-[Anna Peterson/bur. 02-07-1907/age 68 yrs./cause: bronchitis] [L-13-1]-[Samuel G. Peterson/bur. 03-29-1899] [L-31-7]-Karen Peterson/1940-1940 [L-31-12]-[Baby Peterson/bur. 11-11-1950/age 18 hours] [L-32-10]-[Donald Harry Peterson/bur. 1-28-1931/cause: atelectosis] [M-9-16]-Duane R. Peterson/May 12, 1938/Apr. 16, 2006 [P-29-5]-Charles E./1875-1943, ossw: [P-29-5]-Mattie Peterson/1882-1970 [R-8-13]-George C. Peterson/Nov. 19, 1892-Feb. 21, 1960 [R-8-13]-Julia I. Peterson/Feb. 15, 1893/Jan. 15, 1970 [R-14-11]-Stanley Peterson/1903-1944, ossw: [R-14-11]-Selma/1907-1975 Tombstone Stanley/Selma [R-14-11]-Peter/1870-1943, ossw: [R-14-11]-Anna/1872-1935 Tombstone Peter/Anna [R-14-11]-Bernice Peterson ALTHEN/1908-1977 (See ALTHEN-have obit) [R-17-2]-Ronald [Warren] Peterson/Baby/Nov. 29, 1936/Mar. 31, 1937 [cause: broncho pneumonia/bur. on Philip Felde lot] Tombstone [R-42-3]-Carl R. HOLLANDER/1913-1980 (See HOLLANDER-have obit), ossw: [R-42-3]-Gladys HOLLANDER/Nee Peterson1915-1978 (07 May 1915/Jan 1978/SSDI) [R-42-3]-Rumilda F. Peterson/Daughter/1922-1929 [bur. 5 Mar. 1929/age 7 yrs./ cause: lung abcess/bur. on Oscar C. Peterson lot] Tombstone [R-42-3]-Minnie WEGNER Peterson/Mother/1897-1945 Tombstone [R-42-3]-Oscar C. Peterson/Father/1888-1954 Tombstone [S-43-49]-Charles D. Peterson/AMM1 US Navy/World War II/ Mar 2, 1922/Apr. 5, 1991 [d. at Green Bay WI] Tombstone [S-48-3]-Robert John/1886-1932, ossw: [S-48-3]-Carrie G. (LAUER)/1891-1977 (16 Aug 1891/Sep 1977/SSDI) [T-8-8]-Harlan J. Peterson/June 7, 1903/July 15, 1977 Tombstone, ossw: [T-8-8]-Evelyn J. Peterson/Sept. 23, 1906/July 16, 1993 [d. at Ballard WA/widow of Harlan Peterson] Tombstone [T-22-2]-Nels P./1895-1973, ossw: [T-22-2]-Gladys L./1900-1973 (Am. Leg./Am. Leg. Aux. flg) Tombstone [T-34-10]-Gladys/1903-1949 Tombstone, ossw: [T-34-10]-Herbert Theodore Peterson/June 8, 1905/June 20, 1984 Tombstone [U-22-3]-Rose M. Peterson/1910-1957 Tombstone [U-37-4]-Christen H./1883-1958 Tombstone, ossw: [U-37-4]-Elizabeth/1892-1975 Tombstone [V-5-6]-Patrick H. Peterson/Sept. 23, 1926/July 10, 1978 Tombstone, ossw: [V-5-6]-Dorothy A./1926-2012 (War vet flg) Tombstone [W-15-8]-Jennifer S. Peterson/June 26, 1960/Apr. 21, 1997 Tombstone [W2-106-4]-[Mina Peterson/bur 11-18-1922] [W2-106-4]-[?? Peterson/bur. 02-06-1876] [W2-106-4]-[Ida Peterson/bur. 06-01-1899] [W2-131-2]-[Mrs. Peterson/bur. 12-04-1872] [W2-179-2]-[Christ Peterson/bur. 05-27-1910] [W2-179-2]-Joseph H. Peterson Jr./Wisconsin/Pvt. US Army/World War I/ Dec. 13, 1895/Nov. 16, 1966 Tombstone, next to: [W2-179-2]-Martha/wife of/Christ. Peterson/Born/April 22, 1833/Died/ July 30, 1891 [cause: consumption] Tombstone [W2-179-2]-Caroline/1871-1949, ossw: [W2-179-2]-Joseph H./1870-1955 Tombstone Caroline/Joseph [W2-188-3]-[Chester Peterson/bur. 04-29-1933] [W2-217-2]-[?? Peterson/bur. 03-02-1882/bur. on Larson/Torrison lot] [W2-217-2]-[Karan Peterson/bur. 01-19-1897/age 82 yrs./cause: exhaustion] See ANDERSON See PETERSEN

PETH: [E2-50-5]-[Carl Peth/bur. 03-19-1892/age 79 yrs./cause: old age]

PETRAN: [L-31-1]-Eric R. Petran/-June 16, 1983- [age 1 month] Pfeffer marker

PETRASCH: [Unk]-[Frank Petrasch/bur. 03-25-1872]


PETRESHOCK: [R-19-6]-Shirley F. Petreshock/June 23, 1925/Apr. 15, 1981 Tombstone

PETRI: [H-4-3]-Dora OWART Petri/Mother/1867-1931

PETRIE: [U-27-10]-Frank Petrie/Jan. 15, 1903/Oct. 3, 1977 Tombstone, ossw: [U-27-10]-Lillian Petrie/Mar. 10, 1905/Dec. 1, 1986 Tombstone

PETROSKY: [L-1-9]-[Fannie PETROSKY/bur 01-12-1921/cause: convulsions](Fannie Petroskey/ d. 9 Jan. 1921/age 3 da./cause: injury at birth/from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc)

PETSKA: [D-30-4]-Frank Petska/1876-1953 Tombstone [D-30-4]-Adolph Petska/1873-1951 (VFW flg) Tombstone, next to: [D-30-4]-Mary Petska/1828-1907 Tombstone [E-5-2]-John A./1893-1967 Tombstone, ossw: [E-5-2]-Ella P. Petska/June 20, 1892/Apr. 13, 1987 Tombstone [E-7-8]-Victor E. Petska/Sept. 12, 1921/Feb. 7, 1977 Tombstone, ossw: [E-7-8]-Betty/1927-____, ossw: [E-7-8]-Marie/Granddaughter/-1969- [d. 09-23-1969/age 14 hours/infant dau. of Robert V. and Mary L. Petska] Tombstone [L-Unk]-Mary Petska/d. 9/3/1877/ No Tombstone [O-12-2]-Anna Petska/Apr. 13, 1856 Nov. 5, 1914 Tombstone, ossw: [O-12-2]-Joseph Petska/Feb. 12, 1853/Oct. 24, 1939 Tombstone, ossw: [O-12-2]-Mary Petska/Oct. 17, 1858/Oct. 30, 1927 Tombstone, next to: [O-12-2]-Footstones: Mother/Father/Mary Petska [P-15-3]-Edward [E.] Petska/Father/1888-1939 (Am.Leg. flg) Tombstone [R-38-3]-Stone reads: SIEBOLD-Petska, ossw: [R-38-3]-Wenzel SIEBOLD/1881-1928, ossw: [R-38-3]-Emma SIEBOLD Petska/1882-1948 Tombstone, ossw: [R-38-3]-Emil Petska/1881-1955 Tombstone [T-8-10]-Theresa/1884-1955 Tombstone, ossw: [T-8-10]-Joseph J./Mar. 16, 1881/Aug. 29, 1964 Tombstone, ossw: [T-8-10]-Adolph V. Petska/June 27, 1918/May 7, 1980 (War vet flg) Tombstone [V-23-2]-Sherry Peters Petska/Jan. 25, 1975/Feb. 5, 1999 Tombstone, ossw: [V-23-2]-Zachary/Jan. 8, 1999/June 15, 1999 Tombstone [V-24-5]-Tristan Petska/Mar. 8, 1998 Tombstone [V-11-6]-Wilhelmina A. Petska/1918-1997 Tombstone [V-11-6]-Virgil A. Petska/Dec. 5, 1913/Dec. 14, 2004 Tombstone [X]-Bonnie L. Petska/Jan. 7, 1946/Apr. 24, 2009 Tombstone

PETTIT: [Unk]-[?? Pettit/bur. 07-12-1864]

PETZKA: [Unk]-[Mr. Petzka/bur. 01-17-1884]

PETZNICK: [T-3-12]-Ethel Mae (Waak) Petznick/May 10, 1917/July 25, 2006 Tombstone/photo, ossw: [T-3-12]-Robert H. Petznick/Feb. 24, 1914/Dec. 2, 1965 (War vet flg) Tombstone/Photo

PEW: [U-22-5]-Lester A. Pew/Dec. 22, 1901/Dec. 9, 1986 Tombstone, ossw: [U-22-5]-Rubie H./1898-1967 Tombstone

PEYER: [L-3-2]-[Henry Peyer/bur. 07-01-1902/age 45 yrs./cause: cancer of the stomach]

PEZZANI: [P-26-7]-Mike Pietro Pezzani/Apr. 16, 1909/Jan. 15, 1986 Tombstone, ossw: [P-26-7]-Adeline M. Pezzani/May 6, 1911/Apr. 18, 1972 (Am.Leg. Aux. flg) Tombstone

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