City of Manitowoc, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

[ DI ]


DICK: [I-14-5]-Dick family stone [I-14-5]-Jerome Arthur Dick/1884-1919 Tombstone [I-14-5]-LaDonna Dick GEISLER/1887-1967 (See GEISLER-have obit) [R-8-4]-Oscar G. Dick/July 12, 1916/Jan. 24, 1988 Tombstone [R-8-4]-Susan M. Dick/1929 Tombstone [R-8-5]-Hector A. Dick/1879-1950 Tombstone [R-8-5]-Mollie OLSON Dick/1884-1943 Tombstone [Q]-Jerome Oscar Dick/Oct. 26, 1938/Sept. 14, 2011 Tombstone

DICKE: [Unk]-[?? Dicke/bur. 12-09-1883] [C-33-3]-Bertha Dicke/Dec. 3, 1855/Nov. 18, 1912 Tombstone, ossw: [C-33-3]-William F. Dicke/Aug. 30, 1857/Aug. 8, 1898 Tombstone [C-33-3]-Margeretha Dicke/Sept. 1, 1829/Mar. 9, 1897 Tombstone [E2-75-2]-[Miss Dicke/bur. 10-16-1868/buried on Dietrich Dicke lot] (Maria Emilie Dicke/b. 21 Dec. 1851/d. 13 Oct. 1868/from records of 1st German Evangelical Lutheran Church) [Burial register has "buried the daughter Mr. Deitrich Dicke, lot 2 B75, $2.50" (same price as adult burial fee); relative said name should be Dicke & that family was primarily in Two Rivers. She thinks Dietrich Dicke was the brother-in-law of Marie Carstens. (Miss Dicke & Marie Carstens are on the same lot that was purchased by Dietrich Dicke.)] [L-1-9]-Constance Dicke/July 25-27, 1921 [bur. 07-27-1921/cause: spina bifida/space #21] Tombstone [R-44-4]-William C. Dicke/1885-1955 Tombstone, ossw: [R-44-4]-Lillian S. Dicke/Oct. 8, 1886/Dec. 10, 1978 Tombstone [S-43-74]-William E. Dicke/Feb. 13, 1927/Apr. 19, 1997 Tombstone [U-35-9]-Edgar P. Dicke/June 23, 1897/May 2, 1978 Tombstone, ossw: [U-35-9]-Ethel M. Dicke/1897-1966 Tombstone [W2-170-4]-[Infant Dicke/d. unk] [W2-170-4]-[Ernst Dicke/d. unk] [W2-170-4]-Ernst WAGNER/March 3, 1829/Aug. 13, 1892 (See WAGNER-have obit), ossw: [W2-170-4]-Catharina Wagner/wife of E. WAGNER/Jan. 22, 1826/July 2, 1890 (See WAGNER-have obit), ossw: [W2-170-4]-Kurt W. Dicke/Jan. 12, 1881/Apr. 29, 1935 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-170-4]-Anna Wagner/Dau. of E. & C. WAGNER/born Jan. 28, 1865/died June 16, 1877 See HUEBNER See LEHMKUHL

DICKENS: [E-35-4]-Perry Allen Dickens/1898-1965 Tombstone, ossw: [E-35-4]-Irene T. Dickens/Aug. 13, 1905/Jan. 2, 1995 Tombstone

DICKERT: [O-6-3]-Raymond Dickert/1902-1929, ossw: [O-6-3]-Emil Dickert/1869-1937, ossw: [O-6-3]-Lydia Dickert/1879-1970 Tombstone Raymond/Emil/Lydia [R-4-9]-Emil Dickert/1887-1952 Tombstone [R-4-9]-Clara H. Dickert/Apr. 28, 1892/14 Oct. 14, 1983 Tombstone [S-44-11]-Robert H. Dickert Sr./Nov. 13, 1922/Mar. 25, 1990 Tombstone, ossw: [S-44-11]-Edith T./1923-2011 Tombstone [S-45-15]-Edward [C.] Dickert/1904-1958 Tombstone [S-45-15]-Robert Dickert/1876-1929 Tombstone, ossw: [S-45-15]-Emma Dickert Lemke/1881-1977 (Emma Lemke/23 Feb 1881/Oct 1977/SSDI/she was the widow of Robert Dickert & William Lemke) Tombstone [S-45-15]-Paul O. Dickert/1899-1965 Tombstone [T-4-15]-Harold W. Dickert/Apr. 26, 1910/Apr. 16, 1983 Tombstone, ossw: [T-4-15]-Anne/1915-2013 Tombstone

DICKEY: [L-29-18]-Eleanor A. Dickey/1849-1938 Tombstone [U-2-7]-Jay A. Dickey/1876-1951 (war vet flag), ossw: [U-2-7]-Anna M. Dickey/1885-1962 Tombstone Jay/Anna

DICKIESON: [L-26-1]-Baby Dickieson/Feb. 6, 2003/Feb. 6, 2003

DICKMAN: [F-39-5]-[Baby Dickman/bur. 02-22-1918/premature birth] [F-39-5]-[Norman Dickman/bur. 10-15-1909/cause: convulsion] [I-19-5]-[Esther Krueger Dickman/1902-1969 (1st spouse Krueger/2nd spouse Dickman) Tombstone

DICKSON: [O-4-2]-Grace Dickson McKEOUGH/1896-1918 [O-4-2]-Gilbert Henderson Dickson/1857-1919 Tombstone See MCKEOUGH

DIDIER: [E-30-11]-Edward F. Didier/Sept. 10, 1897/Feb. 1964, ossw: [E-30-11]-Velma C. Didier/Aug. 9, 1909-Aug. 7, 1989 Tombstone Edward/Velma

DIEBERT: [R-45-6]-Eva Diebert/1856-1942 Tombstone [R-45-6]-Jacob G. Diebert/1858-1932 Tombstone [R-45-6]-Franklin E. Diebert/1883-1927 Tombstone [R-45-6]-Emma REIMER Diebert/1884-1967 Tombstone

DIECHEL: [Unk]-[Marie Diechel/Mrs./bur.06-09-1887/age 75 yrs./cause: old age] No Tombstone

DIECHOW: [L-7-4]-[Maria Diechow/bur. 11-27-1895] No Tombstone

DIEDERICHS: [P-25-11]-Harry E. Diederichs/1907-1943 Tombstone, ossw: [P-25-11]-Violet 0. Diederichs/1908-[12 Mar. 2000]/ANSORGE (Violet O. Ansorge/29 May 1908/12 Mar 2000/SSDI) [From cem. office: This is actually Harry E. Diederich and his wife Violet Diederich (she married an Ansorge after Harry's death. The lot was purchased by Mrs. Violet Diederich.] Tombstone

DIEDRICH: [B-13-3]-Albertina Hildebrandt Diedrich/18 Sept. 1850/11 Nov. 1911 [bur. 11-13-1911/cause: cancer] Tombstone [D-19-3]-Ella T. Diedrich/1891-1973 Tombstone, ossw: [D-19-3]-Carl L. Diedrich/1888-1966 Tombstone [D-19-3]-William Diedrich/Vater/Geb. 6 Marz 1865/Gest. 28 Juni 1932 Photo/Tombstone [D-19-3]-Wilhelmina Diedrich/Mutter/Geb. 17 Dez. 1858/Gest. 18 Sept. 1941 Photo/Tombstone [D-19-3]-Willie Diedrich/Gest. 26 Mai 1900/Alter 20 Jah, 9 Mo, 10 Ta. Tombstone [L-26-1]-[Baby Diedrich/Sept. 1, 1998/Sept. 1, 1998 No Tombstone [L-25-1]-Baby Diedrich/Oct. 18, 2003/Oct. 18, 2003 No Tombstone [U-19-2]-Robert C. Diedrich/Jan. 20, 1924/Nov. 1, 1997 Tombstone

DIEGEL: [A-12-4]-[Emma Diegel/bur. 09-22-1888/age 7 mo./cause: blood poisoning] Tombstone [A-12-4]-William J. Diegel/1854-1931 Tombstone [A-12-4]-Laura C. Diegel/1912-1958 Tombstone [A-12-4]-Louise C. Diegel/1860-1934 Tombstone [A-12-4]-John F. Diegel/1889-1975 Tombstone [A-12-4]-William C. Diegel/1881-1950 Tombstone [S-43-14]-Dora L. Diegel/Mother/Oct. 31, 1890/Feb. 2, 1979 Tombstone [S-43-14]-Milton W. Diegel/July 18, 1930/Mar. 12, 1984, ossw: [S-43-14]-Germaine M. Diegel/May 5, 1934/Nov. 17, 1994 (nee Schelthelm) [cremains/widow of Milton W. Diegel] Tombstone Milton/Germaine [S-46-11]-Grace A. Diegel/1895-1967, ossw: [S-46-11]-Arthur H. Diegel/Sept. 9, 1894/Nov. 27, 1976, ossw: [S-46-11]-[Glenn] Diegel/Baby/Apr. 13-17, 1930, ossw: [S-46-11]-Baby Diegel/Apr. 6, 1933 [bur. 04-07-1933/stillborn/bur. on Arthur H. Diegel lot] Tombstone Grace/Arthur/Baby Glenn/Baby

DIEHM: [B-22-1]-Olivia [B.] LARSEN Diehm/nee FEHRING/Aug. 27, 1891/Nov. 23, 1940 Tombstone See FEHRING

DIER: [P-29-8]-Mary D. Dier/1876-1949, ossw: [P-29-8]-Ted Dier/1876-1956 Tombstone Mary/Theodore See SENGLAUB

DIETL: [V-26-5]-Francis A. Dietl/1908-1969, ossw: [V-26-5]-Dorothy Dietl/Nov. 25, 1916/May 6, 1980 Tombstone Francis/Dorothy [W2-177-2]-[Frank Dietl/bur. 01-20-1881/burial register has buried the child Mr. Fra Dietl, L2 B177, $2/lot diagram book has lot owner as Frank Diedtle (lot paid for 2/7/1881 - $5.00)]

DIETRICH: [F-18-2]-John A. Dietrich/1889-1974 Tombstone, ossw: [F-18-2]-Barbara Dietrich/1890-1974 Tombstone [F-18-2]-Johnnie Dietrich/Our baby/Son of J & B Dietrich/Born Apr. 26/Died June 2, 1913 {John Dietrich/bur. 06-24-1913/age 2 months/cause: acute enteritis] Tombstone [F-18-2]-William C. Dietrich/Wisconsin/PFC 4300 QM Railhead Co/ World War II/Nov. 1. 1914/Jan. 21, 1971 Tombstone [G-11-2]-Ellen L. Dietrich/PVT US Marine Corps/ July 28, 1923/Dec. 14, 1974 Tombstone [T-3-5]-Charles M. Dietrich/May 29, 1925/Apr. 4, 1978 Tombstone, ossw: [T-3-5]-Florence M. Dietrich/Mar. 18, 1925/Jan. 22, 1993 [widow of Charles Dietrich] Tombstone

DIETZ: [E-4-3]-Joseph E. Dietz/1913-1964 Tombstone, ossw: [E-4-3]-Frances A. Dietz/Apr. 2, 1905/Oct. 24, 1999 Tombstone


DIGEL: Maria Digel

DIGMAN: [V-15-1]-Betty L. Digman/1925-1972/First Police Woman/in history of Wauwatosa [d. 10-16-1972 at Wauwatosa Milwaukee WI/age 47 yrs./on Harvey L. Phalen lot] Tombstone

DILL: [R-13-11]-Donald Dill/1915-1935 Tombstone, ossw: [R-13-11]-Harry Dill/Nov. 6, 1892/Jan. 14, 1978 Tombstone, ossw: [R-13-11]-Cora M. Dill/Aug. 26, 1893/Feb. 16, 1982 Tombstone [R-13-11]-Baby Dill/Daughter/Aug. 14, 1913 [bur. 08-15-1913/cause: premature birth/removed from L-16-3/bur. on Harry Dill lot]Tombstone [R-43-4]-Martha Dill/Mother/June 14, 1861/June 13, 1931 Tombstone [R-43-4]-William Dill/Father/Oct. 28, 1861/Dec. 27, 1928 Tombstone [U-9-8]-Ernest W. Dill/Husband-Father/1887-1953 Tombstone, ossw: [U-9-8]-Anna M. Dill/Wife-Mother/1888-1973 Tombstone [U-20-3]-Ernest Frank Dill, Jr./May 26, 1910/May 9, 1994 Tombstone, ossw: [U-20-3]-Hilda J. Dill/Beloved wife/July 14, 1914/June 17, 1968 Tombstone

DILLON: [E-29-5]-Alden T. Dillon/1884-1969, ossw: [E-29-5]-Reine [Z.] Dillon/1885-1964 Tombstone Alden/Reine

DIRKMAN: [E-30-10]-Paul [S.] Dirkman/1906-1964, ossw: [E-30-10]-Florence/1904-2008 Tombstone Paul/Florence

DISHMAKER: [I-1-8]-Violette M. Dishmaker/Daughter/Jan. 5, 1910/Mar. 19, 1945 Tombstone

DISKOWSKI: [T-33-2]-Matilda Diskowski/Mar. 1, 1886/Mar. 11, 1967 Tombstone, ossw: [T-33-2]-Herman A. Diskowski/1884-1950 Tombstone [T-33-2]-Dorothy M. Diskowski/Aug. 21, 1913/Nov. 2, 1989 Tombstone [cremains/bur. on Mrs. Mathilda Diskowski lot] [T-33-2]-Shirley/1924-2012 Tombstone

DITHMAR: [R-9-7]-Julius T. Dithmar/1871-1936 Tombstone [R-9-7]-Georgie MUNGER Dithmar/1883-1972 Tombstone


DITMORE: [Unk]-[J. Ditmore/bur. 12-20-1866]

DITRICH: [Unk]-[Fred Ditrich/bur. 09-11-1883] [B-12-4]-[Louise Ditrich/bur. 05-18-1892/age 15 mo./cause: pneumonia and convulsions]

DITTMANN: [U-7-7]-Ethel L. Menge Dittmann/Aug. 17, 1896/Sept. 5 1983, ossw: [U-7-7]-Herbert Menge/1892-1952 (See MENGE-have obit) See MENGE

DITTMAR: [Unk]-[Georg August Dittmar/bur. 05-11-1863] (Georg August Dillmar(sic)/b. 20 Apr. 1861/d. 11 May 1863/from records of First German Evangelical Lutheran Church 1856-1874) [Unk]-[Baby Dittmar/Dec. 16, 1866] (Stillborn child of Joh. Dittmar/b. 16 Dec. 1866/d. 16 Dec. 1866/from records of First German Evangelical Lutheran Church 1856-1874) [C-5-1]-Fredericka Dittmar/Mutter/Geb. 14 Nov. 1829/Gest. 2 Mar. 1916 Tombstone [C-5-1]-Johann Dittmar/Vater/Geb. 16 Juli 1830/Gest. 9 Nov. 1896 Tombstone [G-8-9]-Augusta Dittmar/Mother/1858-1929 Tombstone [G-8-9]-John [T.] Dittmar/Father/1855-1924 Tombstone [G-8-9]-Herman C. Dittmar/1881-1949 Tombstone, ossw: [G-8-9]-Louise I. Dittmar/Feb. 18, 1883/Aug. 9, 1977 Tombstone

DITTMER: [E2-69-6]-Amanda [A.] Dittmer/Mother/1877-1933 Tombstone [U-23-9]-Leona Augusta Dittmer/1896-1977 Tombstone [U-23-9]-Max R. Dittmer/Father/1877-1967 Tombstone


DOBBERT: [Unk]-[?? Dobbert/bur. 05-02-1868] [E2-50-1]-[Baby Dobbert/bur. 02-27-1861/burial register has buried the child of Mr. Dobbart, lot 1, block 50] [E2-52-1]-Hulda H. Dobbert/Mother/Dec. 13. 1833/Aug. 13, 1918 Tombstone [E2-52-1]-Chas. T. Dobbert/Father/Dec. 24, 1830/July 18, 1909 Tombstone [E2-52-1]-Lina Tombstone [E2-52-1]-Anna Tombstone [E2-52-1]-Clara Tombstone [E2-69-3]-Hattie HOYER Dobbert/Dec 28, 1868/Jan. 18, 1916 Tombstone [P-29-1]-William Dobbert/1875-1941, ossw: [P-29-1]-Rose Dobbert/1887-1960 Tombstone William/Rose

DOBERT: See Dabbert


DOBLER: [Unk]-[?? Dobler/bur. 05-18-1877]

DODGE: [B-15-3]-Lizzie Dodge/Dau. of A & V KRAJNIK/1863-1892 Tombstone [E2-47-3]-Children of G.B. & L.E. Dodge, ossw: [E2-47-3]-Darling little/Levi A. Dodge/died/Nov. 2, 1859/aged 2 years/11 mos. Tombstone [E2-47-3]-[Jennie E. Dodge/d.unk] Tombstone (from St. James Episc. ch. record: Levi Addison Dodge/b. 18 June 1857/ d. 1 Nov. 1859/son of Geo. B. & Lydia Ellen Dodge - ??? Dodge/d. 1 Nov. 1859/dau. of Geo. B. & Lydia Ellen Dodge - interred together) [Y-2-23]-Jasper J. Dodge/Feb. 21, 1897/Nov. 19, 1983 [Y-2-23]-Dagny Avilda Dodge/May 17, 1913/Oct. 23, 1999 Tombstone Jasper/Dagny (See KRAJNIK)

DOE: [L-3-6]-[John Doe/bur. 06-22-1903/age 40 yrs./cause: drowning] [L-6-3]-[Richard Doe/bur. 04-27-1906/age 40 yrs./cause: found in river]

DOEMAS: [T-36-6]-[James Doemas/d. 10-05-1950/age 64 yrs.]

DOEMEL: [L-26-1]-Baby (fetus)/June 8, 1998/June 8, 1998

DOERFLER: [Y-1-8]-Todd Eric Doerfler/Apr. 10, 1965/Aug. 21, 1977 Tombstone [Y-1-8]-Vernon D. Doerfler/May 25, 1939/Nov. 18, 1996 Tombstone, ossw: [Y-1-8]-Judith A. Doerfler/Jun. 13, 1938/Mar. 27, 2008 Tombstone

DOERSCHNER: [E2-7-10]-Carl Doerschner/1856-1941, ossw: [E2-7-10]-Louisa Doerschner/1855-1938 Tombstone Carl/Louisa [G-13-2]-Doerschner family stone [G-13-2]-William Doerschner/1885-1918 [bur 07-19-1920/cause: diabetis] (William Ernst Carl Doerschner/d. 11/23/1918/bur. 11/26/1918/from records of St. Johns Evang. Luth. Ch.) Tombstone [G-13-2]-Erna Doerschner/1892-1928 Tombstone

DOESCHER: [D-25-1]-Friedrich Doescher/Geb. 20 Marz 1833/Gest. 3 Aug 1909 Tombstone [D-25-1]-Maria Doescher/Geb. 12 Feb. 1834/Gest Tombstone

DOHNAL: [H-12-4]-[Grace Gladys Dohnal/bur. 4-14-1936/age 2 days] Tombstone [H-12-4]-Gladys [B.] Dohnal/1911-1936 No Tombstone

DOKEY: [E-41-3]-Robert A. Dokey Sr./July 24, 1921/May 5, 1991 [widower of Georgine Dokey] Tombstone, ossw: [E-41-6]-Georgine I. Dokey/Apr. 4, 1922/July 19, 1988 Tombstone [E-41-6]-Daniel Dokey/June 23, 1949/Feb. 20, 2006 (Veteran) Tombstone [E-42-7]-James R. Dokey/1942-1989 Tombstone

DOLAN: [E-21-8]-Donald W. Dolan/Apr. 29, 1911/Aug. 8, 1989 Tombstone, ossw: [E-21-8]-Katherine M. Dolan/Aug. 23, 1907/Aug. 14, 1996 Tombstone [L-4-8]-Barthelme J. Dolan/1854-1930 Tombstone See MCCARTY

DOLEZAL: [H-24-3]-Walter J. Dolezal/Nov. 21, 1910/Apr. 8, 1981 (US War vet flag) Tombstone, ossw: [H-24-3]-LaVerne C. Dolezal/Mar. 16, 1916/July 17, 2010 Tombstone [U-11-2]-Francis A./1917-2008 Tombstone

DONAHUE: [S-49-7]-Donahue Urn [S-49-7]-Myrtle M. Donahue/Mar. 8, 1917/Dec. 10, 1925, ossw: [S-49-7]-Baby James HORNES/Born-Died Mar. 1944 Tombstone Myrtle/Baby James [S-49-7]-James R. Donahue/1872-1951 Tombstone [S-49-7]-Laura Donahue/June 13, 1892/June 28, 1955 Tombstone See HORNES

DONAIS: [V-26-1]-Anna Mary Donais/1889-1973 Tombstone [V-26-1]-Joseph H. Donais/1889-19__ [Joseph H. Donais buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI/name was on marker on V-26-1, but marker was removed and space quit claimed to city 8/4/1997]

DONALDSON: [Unk]-[Nicholas Donaldson/bur. 03-13-1873] [E2-37-4]-[Baby Donaldson/bur. 03-11-1895]

DONATELL: [Y-5-16]-Henry E. Donatell/July 25, 1938/July 5, 1987 Tombstone

DONEFF: [L-26-1]-Baby Doneff/Nov. 16, 2005/Nov. 16, 2005 No Tombstone [V-38-4]-Ethelyn E. Doneff/Oct. 4, 1924/Feb. 25, 2008 Tombstone, ossw: [V-38-4]-Anton/June 5, 1925/Sept. 18, 2009 Tombstone

DONKERS: [T-35-10]-Rudolph P. Donkers/1882-1950 Tombstone, ossw: [T-35-10]-Ida Donkers/1876-1960 Tombstone

DONNELLEY: [R-28-1]-Margaret Ellen Donnelley/1865-1938 [d. 12-11-1938/age 72 yrs.] Tombstone (See GUNNELL)

DONNELLY: [P-23-6]-James J. PANOCH/1890-1945 (See PANOCH-have obit) [P-23-6]-Clare L. PANOCH Donnelly/1895-1966 Tombstone [W2-233-8]-Helen B. Donnelly/Oct. 17, 1867/Mar. 8, 1936 Tombstone [W2-233-8]-James C. Donnelly/June 28, 1854/Dec. 13, 1922 Tombstone

DONOHUE: [Unk]-(Mrs. Mary T. Donohue/bur. 25 Sept. 1859/age 24 yrs./no stone) [U-28-4]-William E./1882-1959 (Am. Leg. flg) Tombstone, ossw: [U-28-4]-Anita C./1900-1989 Tombstone

DONOVAN: [Unk]-[Baby Donovan/bur. 11-30-1865]

DOOLAN: [E2-8-1]-[(Thomas) Doolan/bur. 10-27-1861] No Tombstone [P-9-3]-John Doolan/Father/1879-1945 Tombstone [P-9-3]-Mary Doolan/Sept. 11, 1887/Mar. 5, 1977 Tombstone [P-9-3]-Helen A. Doolan/Nov. 26, 1911/Feb. 3, 1975 Tombstone [P-9-3]-Florence E. Doolan/June 1, 1913/June 9, 2007 Tombstone

DOOLEY: [C-6-6]-John Dooley/1857-1906 [bur. 01-30-1906/cause: pneumonia] (Note: His photo may be in the glass negative photos. The photo and this obit is information on the only John Dooley that can be found in a 3 county area/ Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Calumet) Tombstone [C-6-6]-Minnie VanZon/1862-1942 (1st husband Dooley/2nd husband Van Zon)(See VanZon-have obit [C-6-6]-[Baby Heise/male/cause of death: premature, buried 7/13/1925 on the John Dooley lot] See VANZON

DOPPERT: [Unk]-[?? Doppert/bur. 02-22-1866] [Unk]-[?? Doppert/bur. 10-08-1876]

DORAK: [V-3-4]-David J. Dorak/Nov. 16. 1951/Feb. 26, 1973 Tombstone [V-3-4]-June E. Dorak/Mar. 17, 1925/Apr. 28, 1991 [d. 04-28-1991/nee March/wife of Marvin H. Dorak], ossw: [V-3-4]-Marvin H./July 27, 1925/Sept. 20, 2012 Tombstone June/Marvin

DORAN: [L-3-6]-[Dan Doran/bur. 10-13-1903/age 36 yrs.]

DORAZIL: [Unk]-[?? Dorazil/bur. 08-28-1877]

DOREY: [F-11-1]-C. Earl Dorey/1896-1960 Tombstone [F-11-1]-Thomas C. Dorey Sr./1861-1952 Tombstone [F-11-1]-Margaret Dorey/1861-1947/Mother Tombstone [F-11-1]-Thomas Dorey Jr./1903-1946 Tombstone [F-11-1]-Kenneth F. Dorey/Lost in Lake Huron/1902-1924 Tombstone [U-8-10]-J. Leo Dorey/1887-1964 Tombstone, ossw: [U-8-10]-Ida D. Dorey/1888-1970 Tombstone [U-8-10]-James L. Dorey/Aug 10, 1920/Mar. 21, 1984 Tombstone

DORNAUS: [H-4-3]-Louisa Dornaus/Gest. 28 Oct. 1905/Alter 27 Jahre

DORSCH: [L-16-2]-[Baby Dorsch/stillborn/bur. 12-10-1914] [L-16-3]-[Baby Dorsch/cause: asphyxiation/bur. 08/16/1913] [L-16-3]-[Baby girl Dorsch/bur. 5-22-1928] [U-35-10]-Charlotte T. Dorsch/1889-1962, ossw: [U-35-10]-Walter A. Dorsch/1889-1967 Tombstone Charlotte/Walter

DORSCHNER: [U-14-9]-Harold J. Dorschner/Dec. 14. 1896/July 13, 1981 (war vet flag), ossw: [U-14-9]-Clara E. Dorschner/Dec. 14. 1896/Sept. 18, 1990 [widow of Harold Dorschner] Tombstone Harold/Clara

DOSCHER: [D]-Friedrich Doscher/Geb. 20 Marz 1833/Gest 3 Aug. 1909, next to: [D]-Maria Doscher/Geb. 12, Feb. 1834/Gest. (Bal. too deep) See DOESCHER

DOSE: [L-9-5]-[Augusta Dose/bur. 03-09-1917] No Tombstone

DOTTO: [Unk]-[(Baby) Dotto/bur. 11-10-1864] No Tombstone

DOTY: See Bast

DOUBEK: [E-28-8]-Louis E. Doubek/July 26, 1908/Feb. 22, 1990 Tombstone, ossw: [E-28-8]-John Doubek/1952-1964 Photo Tombstone, ossw: [E-28-8]-Mildred Rose Doubek/Sept. 25, 1914/July 20, 1998 Tombstone [P-4-6]-Emma Doubek/1894-1966 Tombstone, ossw: [P-4-6]-Edward Doubek/1891-1938 Tombstone [P-5-4]-Emily Doubek/Nov. 9, 1899/Mar. 4, 1994 Tombstone [P-5-4]-Julius W. Doubek/July 25, 1900/May 16, 1986 Tombstone [R-17-4]-Anna Doubek/Mother/1886-1940 Tombstone [R-17-4]-Wencel Doubek/Father/1884-1934 Tombstone [R-17-4]-Grace Doubek/Daughter/Nov 5, 1919/Apr. 27, 1920 [removal from Green Street cemetery/bur. on Mrs. Wenzel Doubek lot/bur. 05-01-1935] Tombstone [Y-3-9]-Roderick DoubekTombstone, ossw: [Y-3-9]-Shirley/July 11, 1929/July 1, 2008 Tombstone

DOUGHTY: [E-21-4]-John C. Doughty/Nov. 28, 1924/Sept. 15, 1992 Tombstone

DOUGLAS: [C-16-4]-[Baby Douglas/bur. 1-29-1916] [E2-2-12]-George Douglas/1854-1920, ossw: [E2-2-12]-Minnie Douglas/1850-1922 Tombstone George/Minnie [G-14-11]-Anna K. Douglas/Mother/1882-1932 Tombstone [G-14-11]-[John H. Douglas/d. 11-30-1954 at Antigo, WI/age 72 yrs.] [L-4-6]-[Herman Douglas/bur. 02-15-1896/age 7 mos./cause: marasmus] [P-27-3]-Robert C. Douglas/1881-1941, ossw: [P-27-3]-Mollie O. Douglas/1886-1972 Tombstone Robert/Mollie [T-4-5]-Lily Douglas/1892-1944, ossw: [T-4-5]-Charles H. Douglas/Dec. 23, 1889/Dec. 10, 1975, ossw: [T-4-5]-Violet M. Douglas/Jan. 24, 1898/Aug. 3, 1993 [cremains/widow of Charles Douglas Sr.] Tombstone Lily/Charles/Violet [T-6-10]-Herman Douglas/1912-1968 (Pfeffer Funeral Home marker) [T-7-9]-Bruce K. Douglas/Mar. 2 1952/July 24, 1955 Tombstone

DOUTRE: [S-43-42]-Alcide J. Doutre/Apr. 2, 1903/June 12, 1990 Tombstone [S-43-42]-Synona Doutre/Oct. 21, 1912/Feb. 15, 2001 Tombstone

DOVER: [C-36-2]-Anita Dover/July 28, 1897/Aug. 15, 1920 [C-36-2]-Clara Dover/Mar. 13, 1859/Oct. 17, 1905 [F-3-1]-Katherine E. Dover/July 14, 1860/Mar. 28, 1953 Tombstone

DOW: [Unk]-[??? Dow/bur. 02-12-1863] [A-14-6]-Raymond E. Dow/1902-1970 Tombstone [A-36-1]-[Edward E. Dow/d. 4-6-1964/age 73 yrs.] [A-36-1]-Elder Dow/son of A.E. & A. Dow/born Dec. 6. 1895/Died Oct. 26, 1909 [A-36-1]-[Arthur] Dow/Father/1858-1946 Tombstone, ossw: [A-36-1]-[Adelaid] Dow/Mother/1864-1953 Tombstone Father/Mother [A-36-1]-Mary Ann Dow/Mother/1835-1920 Tombstone [A-36-1]-Wire Dow/U.S. Navy Tribune article Tombstone [L-12-6]-[Baby Dow/bur. 11-18-1903] Photo of lot [R-30-7]-Herbert F. Dow/Mar. 7, 1893/June 24, 1966 Tombstone, ossw: [R-30-7]-Frances Dow/1904-1971 Tombstone, ossw: [R-30-7]-Phyllis Dow/1914-1929 Tombstone [R-30-7]-Donald Edward Dow/Aug. 7, 1919/June 23, 1983 Tombstone [R-30-7]-Eunice V. Dow/Nov. 23, 1919/May 10, 2007 Tombstone

DOWLEY: [B-33-3]-[Margaret Dowley/bur. 07-30-1909]

DOWSEY: [S-46-4]-[Henry Dowsey/bur. 3-7-1931/age 61 year]

DOXROD: [W2-162-4]-Niels ANDERSON Doxrod/Fodt/den 2 Dec. 1811/Fod den 27 July, 1886, ossw: [W2-162-4]-Thurine ANDERSON Doxrod/ fodt den 8 June 1811/dod den 9 Marts 1889 Tombstone Niels/Thurine

DOYLE: [U-8-1]-Thomas E. Doyle/1882-1967 Tombstone, ossw: [U-8-1]-Mayme L Doyle/1883-1975 Tombstone

DRAGOVICH: [S-45-8]-Dan Dragovich/1882-1964 Tombstone, ossw: [S-45-8]-Anna [K.] Dragovich/Nov. 19, 1885/Apr. 18, 1974 Tombstone

DRAHEIM: [S-44-5]-Berniece Draheim/1910-2013 Tombstone, ossw; [S-44-5]-Herman J. Draheim/Jan. 23, 1907/Mar. 7, 2001 Tombstone Berniece/Herman [Y-3-9]-Lindsey A. Draheim/May 23, 1983/June 21, 2002 Tombstone

DRAKE: [T-22-3]-Frank W. Drake/Father/1887-1948 Tombstone, ossw: [T-22-3]-Martha E. Drake/Mother/1889-1975 Tombstone


DRAMM: [R-25-8]-Elsa L. Dramm/1893-1964 Photo Tombstone [R-25-8]-F. William Dramm/1915-1934 Tombstone [R-25-8]-Emma L. Dramm/1862-1948 Tombstone [R-25-8]-John G. Dramm/1850-1929 Tombstone [R-25-8]-Herman H. Dramm/1886-1962 Photo Tombstone [R-25-8]-Marie J. Dramm/Oct. 4, 1891/May 5, 1978 Tombstone [U-1-6]-John G. Dramm/1904-1951 Tombstone [U-1-6]-John Peter Dramm/Dec. 4, 1932/Feb. 10, 1978 Tombstone [U-1-6]-Perdita Dramm/Aug. 7, 1905/Feb. 27, 1996 Tombstone

DRASNER: [R-41-10]-Leonard Drasner/Oct. 10-Oct. 16, 1923 Tombstone [R-41-10]-Louis [J.] Drasner/1890-1935 Tombstone, ossw: [R-41-10]-Bertha SINDELAR/1895-1957 Tombstone See SINDELAR-have obit

DREES: [R-4-5]-Jimmie Drees/1941-1943 Tombstone, ossw: [R-4-5]-Dayna Ann Drees/1976-1977 Tombstone [R-4-5]-Walter J. Drees/June 18, 1907/Sept. 27, 1975 Tombstone, ossw: [R-4-5]-Grace G. Drees/Feb. 7, 1915/Apr. 2, 2000 Tombstone

DREGER: [D-8-2]-Bertha Dreger/Nee JOHNSON/1885-1918 Tombstone [T-7-2]-Walter H. Dreger/1905-1966 Tombstone, ossw: [T-7-2]-Edna M. Dreger/Feb. 12, 1906/Nov. 15, 1989 [widow of Walter H. Dreger] Tombstone

DREIER: [B-7-1]-[Darwin L. Dreier/Baby/d. 10-28-1941/age 2 unknown/cause: cerebral hemorrhage/ permission for bur. on Herman Dreier lot signed by Mrs. Herman Dreier] [B-7-1]-[Alma Dreier/bur. 12-18-1892/age 4 yrs./cause: whooping cough] [B-7-1]-Agnes G. Dreier/1906-1963 [Agnes Gertrude/d. 01-12-1963 at Chicago IL/age 56 yrs./ bur. on Herman Dreier lot] Tombstone [B-7-1]-Herman Dreier/1864-1938, ossw: [B-7-1]-Julia Dreier/1868-1943 Tombstone Herman/Julia (Note: This surname is also spelled Drier/Dreyer)


DRENG: [I-11-6]-[Julia Sophia Dreng/bur. 07-09-1921/age 72 yrs] No Tombstone [I-11-6]-[Lars Olson Dreng/bur. 09-15-1906] No Tombstone

DRESSER: [U-24-3]-Louise P. Dresser/Apr. 5, 1892/May 5, 1990 Tombstone, ossw: [U-24-3]-Francis E. Dresser/1894-1954 (Am. Leg. flag) Tombstone [Y-5-2]-Thomas Dresser/July 27, 1949/May 10, 1984 Tombstone

DREWS: [H-14-6]-Marie Drews/1863-1946 Tombstone [H-14-6]-John Drews/1856-1941 Tombstone [H-14-6]-Friederika Drews/1856-1892 Tombstone [H-14-6]-Max J. Drews [John (Max)]/Mar. 1, 1892/June 21, 1892 [cause: convulsions] Tombstone [I-10-6]-Oscar Drews/1884-1947 Tombstone [K-7-6]-Family stone: Drews-GLEASON, ossw: [K-7-6]-Jacob Guy Drews/Nov. 8, 1894/Jan. 8, 1918, ossw: [K-7-6]-Mary Drews/Dec. 25, 1865/June 8, 1927, ossw: [K-7-6]-Otto C. Drews/1872-1941 Tombstone J. Guy/Mary/Otto [K-7-6]-Jacob G. Drews/Co. A/340 Inf. N.A. Tombstone [L-29-22]-Henry Drews/1856-1953 [space #213] Tombstone [P-6-2]-Helen Drews/Jan. 16, 1896/Jan. 24, 1989 Tombstone [R-44-11]-Janet Drews/Jan. 25, 1927/Nov. 30, 1998 Tombstone [R-44-12]-Donald A. Drews/Apr. 28, 1922/May 2, 1996 Tombstone [R-44-12]-Roland Drews/1891-1950 (Veteran) Tombstone, ossw: [R-44-12]-Gladys Drews/1895-1949 Tombstone [S-48-7]-Anna Drews/1864-1943 Tombstone [S-48-7]-George [G.] Drews/Nov. 6, 1906/June 12, 1927 Tombstone [T-7-10]-Harry F. Drews/1893-1962 (War vet flag), ossw: [T-7-10]-Emma [L.] Drews/1893-1954 Tombstone Harry/Emma [T-8-11]-Walter O. Drews/1888-1962, ossw: [T-8-11]-Clara E. Drews/Aug. 22, 1892/Oct. 9, 1987 Tombstone Walter/Clara [d. at National City CA/cremains/widow of Walter O. Drews] See GLEASON

DREWSEN: [W2-201-1]-Dorothea GAEFKE Drewsen/Gattin von/Henry Drewsen/geboren 29 Jan. 1832/ gestorben/24 Juni 1880 Tombstone, next to: [W2-201-1]-Henry DRUESSEN/Sgt. Co. G/51st Wis. Inf. Tombstone [Henry Drewsen/bur. 07-14-1888] Tombstone

DREXLER: [T-6-6]-Frederick L./1930-2010 Tombstone [T-7-1]-Barbara Drexler/1936-1967 Tombstone [T-8-14]-Louis F. Drexler/Dec. 7, 1892/Apr. 30, 1984, ossw: [T-8-14]-Susan C. Drexler/Apr. 19, 1895/Dec. 20, 1989 [widow of Louis Drexler], ossw: [T-8-14]-Thomas [A.] Drexler/1920-1923 Tombstone Louis/Susan/Thomas See BONK

DREYER: [Unk]-[Helena/d. 8/9/1876] (Note: This surname is also spelled Dreier)

DRIDA: [R-16-8]-Ronald E./Dec. 2, 1931/Jan. 31, 2011 (Veteran) Tombstone [R-16-8]-Evelyn Drida/1906-1936 Tombstone [U-33-3]-Joseph Drida/1872-1956 Tombstone, ossw: [U-33-3]-Lena Drida/1882-1966 Tombstone Joseph/Lena [U-37-4]-James L. Drida/1911-1971 Tombstone, ossw: [U-37-4]-Jesse L. Drida Bacon/1913-2006 (See BACON/have obit) Tombstone James/Jessie

DRIEMEYER: [Beverly Jean/d. 08-03-1943/age 4 unknown/cause: failure of respiration]

DRILL: [G-7-2]-Alois A. Drill/Tec 5 US Army/World War II/ Jan. 24, 1912/Apr. 17, 1978 Tombstone [G-7-2]-Margaret K. Drill/Aug. 9, 1913/Oct. 26, 2007 Tombstone [T-11-2]-Alois R. Drill/June 3, 1904/Aug. 17, 1990 [widower of Leone Drill] Tombstone, ossw: [T-11-2]-Leone L. OLM Drill/Aug. 7, 1902/Dec. 25, 1963 Tombstone

DROLETTE: [L-29-7]-[George Drolette/bur. 08-26-1918/cause: arterio sclerosis]

DROM: [R-24-5]-August T. Drom/Nov. 3, 1893/Nov. 17, 1984 Tombstone, ossw: [R-24-5]-Mattie M. Drom/Dec. 31, 1896/Sept. 23, 1990 [widow of August Drom/bur. on Harry Heagle lot] Tombstone

DROSSART: [T-1-7]-John [P.] Drossart/1898-1962 Marker

DRUESSEN (also Druissen): [W2-201-1]-Henry Druessen/Sgt. Co. G./51st Wis. Inf. Tribune article [January 29, 1832/Died: June 24, 1880/From the Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable] Tombstone (See DREWSEN)

DRUM: [Unk]-[??? Drum/bur. 02-25-1862] [E2-87-3]-[George Drum/bur. 06-15-1869] Tombstone [E2-87-3]-[G. Drum/d. unk] Tombstone [E2-87-3]-Jacobina Drum/Geb. 23 Jan. 1827/Gest. 18 Aug. 1905 Tombstone, ossw: [E2-87-3]-Friedrich Drum/Geb. 11 Aug. 1830/Gest. 12 Juli 1893 Tombstone [E2-87-3]-Mother/G.D. [E2-87-3]-Fred K. Drum/Co. D/48th Wis. Inf. [Apr. 11, 1830/July 12, 1893/from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable] Tombstone, ossw: [E2-87-3]-M.L.D. (Drum)/1923-1926 Tombstone [U-31-2]-Allen J. Drum/1897-1963 Tombstone, ossw: [U-31-2]-Anita Drum/Apr. 24, 1900/Nov. 25, 1988 Tombstone [U-31-2]-Ronald W. Drum/Mar. 4, 1932/Sept. 9, 1996 Tombstone

DRUMM: [Unk]-[??? Drumm/bur. 02-08-1864] [Unk]-[?? Drumm, Sr./bur. 04-16-1874] [A-15-5]-Jacob Drumm/Geboren/13 Febr. 1821/gestorben 1 Sept. 1886 Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: [A-15-5]-Maria Drumm [Mary]/Geboren 22 Sept. 1822/Gestorben 15 Juli 1902 Tombstone, ossw: [A-15-5]-Friederike Drumm/Geboren, 6 April 1848/gestorben 6 Dez. 1885 Tombstone Tombstone [A-15-5]-Mutter/Vater/M.D./L.D./Friederike/F.D. [B-19-3]-Walter J. Drumm Jr./Wisconsin/A3C 9 Food Service/SQAF/ July 16, 1936/May 22, 1963 Tombstone [C-17-6]-Harry H. Drumm/July 2, 1911/Jan. 14, 2004 Photo [1st wife Margaret/2nd wife Erna] [C-17-6]-Margaret [E.] Drumm/1914-1962 Tombstone [C-17-6]-Ella Drumm/nee DAEKE/Mother/1882-1918 Tombstone [D-38-1]-Charles 0. Drumm/1896-1948 Tombstone [E-15-4]-Gerald "Jerry" Donald Drumm/Oct. 23, 1927/May 26, 2006, ossw: [E-15-4]-Elaine C./July 2, 1931/Sept. 5, 2013 Tombstone Gerald/Elaine [E2-37-3]-[Baby Drumm/bur. 12-18-1903/stillborn] [E2-60-6]-[Emily Drumm/d. unk] [G-6-7]-Delmer W. Drumm/Jan. 11, 1912/Aug. 7, 1988 Photo Tombstone, ossw: [G-6-7]-Isabel Drumm/Oct. 19, 1907/Sept. 15, 1979 Tombstone [I-7-2]-[Baby Drumm/bur. 06-13-1904/stillborn] [I-7-2]-[Baby Drumm/bur. 03-15-1907/stillborn] [I-7-2]-Carolina Drumm/1866-1917/wife of [I-7-2]-Fred J. Drumm/1865-1945 Tombstone Carolina/Fred [I-7-2]-Henry F. Drumm/1897-1958 Tombstone [I-9-4]-Drumm Family stone [I-9-4]-William F. Drumm/Father/1869-1929 Tombstone [I-9-4]-Bertha Drumm/Mother/1868-1948 Tombstone [I-9-4]-Laura Conklin/1896-1948 [d. 08-17-1948, Chicago, IL/age 52 yrs./bur. on William Drumm lot] [I-9-4]-Eugene M. CONKLIN/1895-1959 See CONKLIN [I-9-4]-Lorraine I. Drumm/July 21, 1909/Aug. 1, 2004, ossw: [I-9-4]-William J. Drumm/Jan. 25, 1901/July 3, 1977 Tombstone Lorraine/William [I-21-1]-Ida HERZOG [Ida M. Drumm]/1868-1907/beloved wife of [I-21-1]-John Drumm/1865- (bal. uncut) Tombstone Ida/John [I-21-2]-Ida Drumm/Apr. 25, 1878/Sept. 27, 1926 Tombstone [I-21-2]-Edna M. Drumm/1884-1969, ossw: [I-21-2]-Edward C. Drumm/1881-1965 Tombstone Edna/Edward [I-21-2]-Jacob Drumm/Born May 8, 1849/died March 20, 1909, ossw: [I-21-2]-Mary Drumm/Born Aug. 23, 1845/Died Feb. 22, 1929 Tombstone Jacob/Mary [I-24-2]-Charles Drumm/1860-1907, ossw: [I-24-2]-Bertha Drumm/1871-1953 Tombstone Charles/Bertha [I-28-4]-Richard J. Drumm/1940-1962 Tombstone [I-28-4]-Elmer Drumm/Sept. 2, 1898/Jan. 21, 1981, ossw: [I-28-4]-Mabel [B.] Drumm/1899-1973 Tombstone Elmer/Mabel [I-28-4]-Baby Drumm/1933 [bur. 08-16-1933/stillborn/bur. on Mabel Drumm lot] Tombstone [I-28-4]-Marilyn Drumm/Sept. 8, 1934/Sept. 9, 1934 [cause: premature/bur. on Mabel Drumm lot] Tombstone [L-3-11]-Anton Drumm/1866-1929 [bur. 11 Dec. 1929/age 64 yrs./cause: cancer of the face] Tombstone [L-14-4]-[George Drumm/bur. 12-07-1904/age 72 yrs./cause: Brights disease] [O-17-1]-Hugo H. Drumm/1884-1970 Tombstone, ossw: [O-17-1]-John Drumm/1923/Baby Tombstone, ossw: [O-17-1]-Caroline K. Drumm/Apr. 20, 1886/Nov. 27, 1977 Tombstone [R-23-8]-Elmer E. Drumm/1899-1960 Photo Tombstone [R-23-8]-Ruth L. Drumm/Nov. 7, 1898/Sept. 11, 1982 Tombstone [R-33-6]-Elizabeth Drumm/Apr. 27, 1869/Jan. 7, 1934 Tombstone, ossw: [R-33-6]-William Drumm/Nov. 16, 1863/Feb. 20, 1936 Tombstone [R-36-3]-Cath. Drumm/Mother/1869-1948 Tombstone [R-36-3]-Chas. A. Drumm/Father/1863-1954 Tombstone [S-42-8]-David W. Drumm/Jan. 12, 1960/May 5, 2001 Tombstone [U-28-8]-Roland Drumm/1906-1955, ossw: [U-28-8]-Anne Drumm/1907-[d. 10 Oct 1983/age 76 yrs/widow of Roland H. Drumm/wife of Anton Steeber/bur. on Ann Drumm lot] Tombstone Roland/Anne [U-28-8]-Baby Mary Drumm/June 1958 (Urb. & Schlei marker)[d. 06-02-1958/age 5 minutes/ bur. on Mrs. Ann Drumm lot] Tombstone [U-28-8]-Charles J. Drumm/1902-1964, ossw: [U-28-8]-Emma L. Drumm/Oct. 24, 1906/Nov. 21, 1994 [cremains/widow of Charles Drumm] Tombstone Charles/Emma [W2-225-4]-Elizabeth Drumm/Mother/Mar. 27, 1881/Sept. 17, 1946, ossw: [W2-225-4]-Frank J. Drumm/Father/Apr. 8, 1879/Jan. 5, 1959 Tombstone Elizabeth/Frank [W2-225-4]-John Drumm/Father/Oct. 2, 1850/Apr. 14, 1924, ossw: [W2-225-4]-Henriette Drumm/Mother/Aug. 27, 1856/Nov. 12, 1935 Tombstone John/Henriette See DRUM

DRYLL: [P-24-10]-Lyle R. Dryll/Wisconsin/SI USNR/World War II/ Sept. 10, 1925/Feb. 1, 1966 Tombstone


DUBECKY: [W2-127-4]-[Joseph Dubecky/bur. 06-02-1872] [W2-127-4]-[Baby Dubecky/bur. 04-04-1878] [W2-127-4]-[Baby Dubecky/bur. 04-04-1878] (Note: these two Baby Dubecky burials match the two Tubizki burials) [Here is a list of alternate spellings for this surname, we can't determine which is correct: Dubetzky, Dubecky, Dubitzky, Dubicki, Tubizki, Jupitzky]

DUBEN: [R-19-1]-Charles W. Duben/1890-1963 Tombstone

DUBETZKY: [E2-55-6]-[Marie Dubetzky/d. unk/no record of her, information received from Mrs. Alvina Klicka, lot owner] [Here is a list of alternate spellings for this surname, we can't determine which is correct: Dubetzky, Dubecky, Dubitzky, Dubicki, Tubizki]

DUBEY: [L-1-11]-[Baby Dubey/bur. 3-10-1928/stillborn] [L-32-12]-Dean Dubey/1938-1939 Jens Marker

DUBICKI: [U-24-8]-Alois L. Dubicki/June 20, 1918/Sept. 13, 1988 [d. at Woodruff WI/cremains/bur. on Fred Freiboth lot] [Here is a list of alternate spellings for this surname, we can't determine which is correct: Dubetzky, Dubecky, Dubitzky, Dubicki, Tubizki]

DUBITZKY: [W2-127-4]-[A child of Dubitzky/bur. 2 June 1872] [the child Joseph Dubitzky lot 4 blok 126 (appears crossed out & 127 written instead), $1.50] [Here is a list of alternate spellings for this surname, we can't determine which is correct: Dubetzky, Dubecky, Dubitzky, Dubicki, Tubizki]

DUBOIS: [E2-18-3]-[Mary Marco Dubois/bur. 1844/age 95 yrs.] [E2-18-3]-Mary Margeau Dubois/1756-1853 Tombstone [E2-18-3]-Katherine Dubois CLAWSON/1802-1867, next to:See CLAWSON (Mrs. Mary DuBois/d. 26 Feb. 1861 in Newton/age about 93 yrs./no stone: from St. James Episc. ch. record)

DUBORD: [F-18-4]-Jacob Dubord/1872-1928, ossw: [F-18-4]-Susan Dubord/July 13, 1878/May 11, 1966 Tombstone Jacob/Susan

DUCA: [B-16-2]-[Fred G. Duca/bur. 08-05-1950/age 50 yrs.] [B-16-2]-Mabel Duca/1896-1965 Tombstone [W-16-10]-Ervin Anthony/Aug. 4, 1928/Nov. 23, 2006 Tombstone

DUCART: [L-31-9]-[Baby Ducart/bur. 05-25-1949/stillborn]

DUCAT: [E-38-8]-Emil J. Ducat, Sr./Apr. 18, 1909/Mar. 1973, ossw: [E-38-8]-Emilie M. Ducat/Apr. 18, 1918/Nov. 23, 1992 (nee Kowalski) [widow of Emil J. Ducat Sr.] Tombstone Emil/Emilie [F-22-2]-Rosa M. Ducat/Dau. of/E & J Ducat/D. May 21, 1917/D. Apr. 26, 1918 Tombstone

DUCHON: [R-4-11]-Frank W. Duchon/1914-1970 Tombstone [R-4-11]-Frank Duchon Sr./Father/1864-1938 Tombstone, ossw: [R-4-11]-Mary Duchon/Mother/1875-1953 Tombstone [R-4-11]-Alvina A. Duchon/Apr. 3, 1905/Aug. 25, 1999 Tombstone, ossw: [R-4-11]-Anton Duchon/Nov. 22, 1903/Sept. 13, 1986 Tombstone

DUCHOW: [L-29-11]-Emma/Duchow/1877-1942 Tombstone

DUCKART: [T-16-3]-Alvina B. Duckart/Mar. 1, 1911/Apr. 18, 1986 Tombstone [T-16-3]-Joseph M. Duckart/Mar. 11, 1907/Mar. 26, 1992 [widower of Alvina Duckart] Tombstone [T-24-10]-Edward J. Duckart/1908-1972 Tombstone, ossw: [T-24-10]-Anna B. Duckart/Oct. 24, 1909/Aug. 2, 1993 (nee Valenta) [widow of Edward] Tombstone

DUCKETT: [E-8-3]-Beatrice Darelius/1918-1993 Tombstone, ossw: [E-8-3]-Edgar J. Duckett Jr./Oct. 6, 1938/Feb. 17, 1973 Tombstone, ossw: [E-8-3]-Portia M. Duckett/July 12, 1941/Feb. 17, 1973 Tombstone Tombstone [W-20-8]-James A. "Duke" Duckett/May 3, 1939/Sept. 25, 2006 Tombstone, ossw: [W-20-8]-Shirley A./July 30, 1939/Mar. 6, 2011 Tombstone


DUEBNER: [E-24-4]-Roland V. Duebner/Dec. 16, 1905/Oct. 14, 1987 Tombstone, ossw: [E-24-4]-Norma E. Duebner/1909-1975 Tombstone [E-24-5]-Leonard Joseph Duebner/Mar. 19, 1918/Jan. 25, 2003 Tombstone, ossw: [E-24-5]-Delores Jean Duebner/Feb. 23, 1927/Sept. 18, 2004 Tombstone [E-27-1]-Harry J. Duebner/Dec. 18, 1904/Feb. 2, 1965 Tombstone, ossw: [E-27-1]-Agnes C. Duebner/June 10, 1908/18 Jan. 18, 1985 Tombstone, ossw: [E-27-1]-Ralph HALL/1895-1982 (See HALL) Tombstone [P-15-2]-Carl Duebner/Father/1858-1937 Tombstone, ossw: [P-15-2]-Wilhelmina Duebner/Mother/1858-1937 Tombstone [T-12-5]-Dallas A. Duebner/Mar. 2, 1911/Aug. 5, 1976 Tombstone, ossw: [T-12-5]-Leona Tekla Duebner/Apr. 30, 1912/Mar. 24, 2003 Tombstone [T-12-5]-Theodore J. Duebner/Sept. 7, 1887/Jan. 29, 1968 Tombstone, ossw: [T-12-5]-Bertha E. Duebner/Mar. 12, 1888/July 21, 1974 Tombstone [T-12-5]-Catherine Duebner/June 19, 1923/Apr. 9, 1993 Tombstone [U-6-1]-Linda Lydia Duebner/Sept. 30, 1888/Feb. 2, 1980 Tombstone, ossw: [U-6-1]-Otto C. Duebner/1880-1956 Tombstone [U-7-2]-Rose Duebner/Aug. 24, 1903/Dec. 12, 1967 Photo Tombstone, ossw: [U-7-2]-Emil G. Duebner/Oct. 10, 1896/Sept. 15, 1981 Tombstone [U-15-6]-Delilah M. Duebner/Sept. 17, 1907/Nov. 28, 1988 Tombstone [U-15-6]-Harold C. Duebner/Nov. 3, 1906/Mar. 11, 1991 Tombstone [V-3-3]-Howard O. Duebner/Aug. 11, 1910/Aug. 17, 1999 Tombstone, ossw: [V-3-3]-Viola M. Duebner/1905-1995 Tombstone See STEFFEN

DUELLMAN: [S-43-76]-James C. Duellman/Nov. 15, 1939/Jan. 28, 1995 Tombstone

DUENKEL: [T-33-6]-Mary Lou Duenkel/-1953- Tombstone

DUENO: [Unk]-[Baby Dueno/bur. 07-05-1869/burial register has buried the child of young Duno (umlaut over u) $1] [Unk]-[?? Dueno/bur. 06-15-1865] [Unk]-[Wilhelmine Dueno, Sr./bur. 06-15-1869] [Unk]-[A. Dueno, Jr. (Lilly?)/bur. 04-05-1884/age 1 yr./burial register has buried the child of young Tuhnow (umlaut over u), 7W(weeks), $1/this is possibly Lilly F.S. Dueno/d. 1884 Apr 02/co. death record v.3 p.130/her birth is in the state microfiche births] [Unk]-[?? Dueno/bur. 10-10-1885/age 5 yrs./burial register has buried the child of Mr. Tuhno (umlaut over u) ag 5, $1.25/ DEATH RECORD: 1885 Oct 07 DUENOW Clara J.W. v.3 p.171] [Unk]-[?? Dueno, Jr./bur. 09-04-1886/age 1 mo.] [Unk]-[Ida Dueno/bur. 08-14-1870] (Ida Wilhelmine Christiane Dunow/dau. of August Dunow and his wife Mina born Ernst/b. 17 May 1870/d. 12 Aug. 1870/from records of First German Evang. Luth. Ch.) [A-1-6]-Walter P. Dueno/CPL US Army/World War II/ Apr. 30, 1928/Aug. 3, 2010 Tombstone [A-4-4]-Roland Anthony Dueno, Jr./Jan. 31, 1930/Sept. 19, 1982, ossw: [A-4-4]-Patricia D. Dueno/April 17, 1931-____ Tombstone Roland/Patricia [A-4-4]-Roland W. Dueno/Sept. 12, 1903/Apr. 5, 1977, ossw: [A-4-4]-Frances R. Dueno/Nee WENINGER/Dec. 17, 1902/May 21, 1995 Tombstone Roland/Frances [A-18-5]-[Walter Dueno/bur. 03-28-1890/age 10 mo.] [A-18-5]-Ernest Dueno/Father/1865-1951 Tombstone [A-18-5]-Augusta [Steffen] Dueno/Mother/1870-1936 Tombstone [A-22-1]-Dueno family stone [A-22-1]-[Mina Dueno/bur. 06-23-1885/husband is August] Tombstone [A-22-1]-William A. Dueno/1886-1928 Tombstone [A-22-1]-Edwin J. Dueno/1882-1916 Tombstone [A-22-1]-Mina Dueno/Mother/1852-1884 Tombstone [A-22-1]-August Dueno/Sept. 10, 1847/Oct. 16, 1926/Co. C 39th Wis.Inf. Tombstone, ossw: [A-22-1]-Mina Dueno/Gattin des/Aug. Dueno/Geb. 23 Aug. 1852/Gest./22 Juni 1884 Tombstone August/Mina Tombstone, ossw: [A-22-1]-Elizabeth Dueno/wife of/Aug. Dueno/born Mar. 22, 1865/died Aug. 2, 1940 Tombstone [A-22-2]-Rose Dueno/1900-1955, ossw: [A-22-2]-Julius Dueno/1899-1947 Tombstone Rose/Julius [A-22-2]-Frank A. Dueno/1890-1947 Tombstone [A-26-2]-[Baby Dueno/d. unk] [A-26-2]-[Baby Dueno/d. unk] [A-26-2]-[Baby Dueno/d. unk] [A-26-2]-[Baby Dueno/d. unk] [A-26-2]-Caroline Dueno/1856-1959, ossw: [A-26-2]-Charles Dueno/1861-1928 Tombstone Caroline/Charles [A-26-3]-John F. Dueno/Father/1869-1932 Tombstone [A-26-3]-Mary L. Dueno/Mother/1871-1949 Tombstone [A-26-3]-Blanche M. Dueno/Feb. 8, 1908/Oct. 25, 2002, ossw: [A-26-3]-Clarence F. Dueno/Sept. 20, 1907/Dec. 28, 1977 Tombstone Blanche/Clarence [A-26-3]-Herbert Dueno/Apr. 24, 1891/Sept. 29, 1891 Tombstone [C-25-2]-[Alvin Dueno/bur. 12-07-1918/cause: premature birth/bur. on Emil Dueno lot] [C-25-3]-[Baby Dueno/bur. 11-23-1918/cause: weakness due to premature birth/ bur. on Emil Dueno lot] [C-25-3]-[Elmer Dueno/bur. 09-08-1895/age 6 mo.] [C-25-3]-Della Dueno/Dec. 10. 1893/June 8, 1921 Tombstone [C-25-3]-Emil Dueno/Feb. 21, 1867/Sept. 29, 1928 Tombstone [C-25-3]-Bertha Dueno/Mar. 4, 1874/Dec. 4, 1944 Tombstone [C-25-3]-Viola Dueno SIEHR/Dec. 1, 1912/Feb. 26, 1933: See SIEHR [D-31-3]-Ella Dueno/Dau. of/Fr. & L. Dueno/Feb. 8, 1896/Feb. 6, 1902 Tombstone [D-31-3]-Frank Dueno/Father/1859-1932 Tombstone [D-31-3]-Louise Dueno/Mother/1864-1964 Tombstone [E2-45-4]-[Fred Dueno/bur. 02-27-1904/age 83 yrs.] [R-44-2]-Edwin F. Dueno/Jan. 19, 1904/Dec. 28, 1976, ossw: [R-44-2]-Anita B. Dueno/1903-1965 Tombstone Edwin/Anita [R-46-9]-Ernestine Dueno/Aug. 19, 1877/Jan. 15, 1966, ossw: [R-46-9]-George Dueno/1875-1955 (war vet) Urn Tombstone Ernestine/George [R-46-9]-Vera A. Dueno/Sept. 6, 1900/July 23, 2001, ossw: [R-46-9]-Harvey J. Dueno/1902-1971 Tombstone Vera/Harvey [U-6-5]-Marcella Dueno/1899-1951, ossw: [U-6-5]-Oscar E. Dueno/1898-1958, ossw: [U-6-5]-Oscar E. Dueno Jr./Dec. 18, 1921/Jan. 28, 1982 Tombstone Marcella/Oscar/Oscar [U-9-10]-Arthur [H.] Dueno/1883-1957, ossw: [U-9-10]-Anna Dueno/1885-1956 Tombstone Arthur/Anna [U-9-10]-Merl A. Dueno/Jan. 9, 1913/June 2, 1995 at Rochester NY/age 82 yrs./cremains], ossw: [U-9-10]-Lila/1916-2007, ossw: [U-9-10]-Gregory M. Dueno/Mar. 6, 1948/Apr. 22, 2006 Tombstone Merl/Lila/Gregory [W2-227-3]-Laura Dueno/Dec. 26, 1900/Feb. 27, 1982 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-227-3]-Earl Dueno/1896-1957 Tombstone Laura/Earl [W2-227-3]-Shirley Ann/Dueno/1923 [bur 05-29-1923/cause: intestinal obstruction/ bur on Earl Dueno lot] Tombstone

DUFECK: [I-19-3]-Mabel Dufeck/Apr. 21, 1890/Mar. 27, 1919, ossw: [I-19-3]-Simon Dufeck/Nov. 12, 1875/Apr. 16, 1954 Tombstone Mabel/Simon

DUFEK: [F-7-4]-Anton J. Dufek/1890-1964, ossw: [F-7-4]-Lillian K. Dufek/1888-1927 Tombstone Anton/Lillian [F-7-4]-Margaret [J.] Dufek/1924-1953 [F-7-4]-Mildred J./Aug. 22, 1924/June 6, 2000 Tombstone Margaret/Mildred [F-7-4]-Mary Dufek/1927-2012 Tombstone [G-13-3]-Wencel Frank Dufek/June 27, 1926/May 11, 1999 Tombstone [G-13-3]-Dufek Family stone [G-13-3]-Emma Dufek/Mother/1891-1927 Tombstone [G-13-3]-Wencel J. Dufek/Father/1884-1956 Tombstone [R-12-3]-Andrew J. Dufek/1888-1974 Tombstone, ossw: [R-12-3]-Harriet [M.] Dufek/1897-1963 (Ladies Aux./Am. Leg. flg hldrs) Tombstone [R-12-3]-Anna [K.] Dufek/1900-1959, ossw: [R-12-3]-Edward A. Dufek/1906-1951 Tombstone Anna/Edward [T-12-9]-Harold Edward Dufek/Apr. 23, 1918/Oct. 27, 2005 (US Army WWII), ossw: [T-12-9]-Grace L./July 18, 1916/Feb. 11, 2009 Tombstone Harold/Grace [T-38-6]-Mathew C. Dufek/Jan. 16, 1899/July 13, 1989 Tombstone, ossw: [T-38-6]-Elsie Dufek/July 7, 1893/Apr. 1972 Tombstone Mathew/Elsie [U-4-7]-Emil R. Dufek/Aug. 6, 1918/Apr. 8, 1977 Tombstone, ossw: [U-4-7]-Rita Dufek/Jan. 27, 1917/Aug. 5, 1982 Tombstone

DUFFRIN: [L-16-6]-Erna Duffrin/-Oct. 2, 1912- [Baby Duffrin/bur. 10-03-1912/cause: asphyxia neanats] Tombstone [S-45-13]-Viola Duffrin/Daughter/Dec. 27. 1913/Aug. 7, 1931 Tombstone [S-45-13]-John Duffrin/Father/Aug. 6, 1877/July 29, 1974 Tombstone, ossw: [S-45-13]-Marie Duffrin/Mother/Jan. 29, 1887/Feb. 24, 1974 Tombstone

DUFFY: [B-18-1]-Thomas William Duffy/Wisconsin/Cpl. 7 Recon Co.7 Inf. Div/Korea/ May 4, 1930/Feb 13, 1951 [G.A.R. lot] Tombstone [E-21-12]-William F. Duffy/July 30, 1934/Sept. 18, 1986 Tombstone [L-16-5]-[John Duffy/bur. 11-21-1910][cause: heart failure] [L-29-19]-William Duffy/1876-1949 Tombstone [M-11-2]-Francis E./Dec. 29. 1941/Sept. 23, 2011 Tombstone [P-27-13]-Frank Duffy/1901-1942 Tombstone

DUFUR: [I-15-1]-Ida A. Dufur/Jan. 24, 1885/Oct. 18, 1977 Tombstone (see SCHAEFER)

DUKET: [R-3-6]-Wanda Elizabeth Duket/Nov. 3, 1905/June 9, 2002, ossw: [R-3-6]-Gerald Duket/1901-1964 Tombstone Wanda/Gerald [R-3-6]-Audrey E. Duket/Dau. of/G. & W. Duket/Feb. 12/Dec. 2. 1942 Tombstone

DULIK: [U-24-9]-Anton [L.] Dulik/1881-1961, ossw: [U-24-9]-Lottie Dulik/1884-1955 Tombstone Anton/Lottie [V-27-6]-Raymond Dulik/Aug. 30, 1908/Jan. 1971, ossw: [V-27-6]-Antoinette Dulik/June 13, 1912/Feb. 16, 2011 Tombstone Raymond/Antoinette

DULSKI: [E-14-8]-Robert F. Dulski/Mar. 16, 1924/Apr. 16, 1998 [cremation] Tombstone

DUMDEY: [R-7-11]-Henry A. Dumdey/1874-1943 Tombstone

DUMKE: [Unk]-[?? Dumke/bur. 08-29-1878] [A-37-6]-[August (Charles F.)Dumke (Dumpke)/bur. 12-03-1885] Tombstone [A-37-6]-Minnie [E.] Dumke/Mother/Died Mar. 16, 1942/Age 87 years Tombstone [A-37-6]-August Dumke/Father/Died Apr. 6. 1933/Age 88 years (GAR 1861-1865 flg) Tombstone [A-37-6]-Charles F. Dumke/Baby Tombstone [B-26-2]-Franz Dumke family stone [B-26-2]-Mary Dumke/1848-1933 [Mary V./bur. 10-14-1933/died Milwaukee, WI/cause: mitral stenosis/bur. on Mrs. H.A. Dumbke lot] Tombstone [B-26-2]-Herman Dumke/1846-1890 (war vet flg) Tombstone [H.A. DIRNKE/Co. B./9th Ill. Cav./d. Unk./ from Manitowoc Tribune News article](Cem. office said this is Herman Dumke/d. 1890) [B-26-2]-Doris Dumke/1854-1946 Tombstone [B-26-2]-Louise Dumke/1821-1890 Tombstone, next to: [B-26-2]-Franz Dumke/1821-1899 Tombstone, next to: [B-26-1]-William Dumke/1856-1931 Tombstone [B-26-1]-Frank Dumke/1848-1917 Tombstone [W2-191-1]-Dumke famiiy stone, ossw: [W2-191-1]-Caroline RUMPLE/Born in Londeck Westpreussen/1825/Died July 5, 1898 (See RUMPLE) [W2-191-1]-Stone reads PEET, ossw: [W2-191-1]-Charles EMERSON PEET/1869-1955 (See PEET), ossw: [W2-191-1]-Julia Dumke PEET/1871-1953 (See PEET-have obit) [W2-191-1]-John F. Dumke/Father/Feb. 27, 1848/Dec. 22, 1917 Tombstone [W2-191-1]-Ida RICKER Dumke/Mother/Oct. 14, 1852/Nov. 4, 1909 Tombstone [W2-191-1]-John F. Dumke/son of J.F. & I.C. Dumke/Died/April 30, 1880/Aged 3 yrs. 11 mos. 18 ds. Tombstone, ossw; [W2-191-1]-Mosnet Dumke/Dau. of/J.F. & I.C./Dumke/Dec. 7, 1889/Died/Jan. 7, 1890 [cause: brain fever] (computer printout lists as male)(from St. James Episc. church record: Mosnet Jay Dumke) Tombstone Mosnet [W2-191-1]-[John Frederick Dumke/d. 01-21-1959] See JOHNSON

DUMMER: [Unk]-[Jacob Dummer/bur. 01-27-1863] [D-21-1]-Henrietta Dummer/1842-1922 Tombstone [D-21-1]-Wilhelm Dummer/1838-1899 Tombstone [D-21-2]-Bruno Dummer/1905-1959 [d. 07-24-1959 at Seattle WA/cremains/bur. on William Dummer lot] Tombstone [D-21-2]-William F. Dummer/1872-1957 Tombstone, ossw: [D-21-2]-Emilie Dummer/1874-1930 Tombstone [D-21-2]-Margaret K. Dummer/1902-1930 Tombstone [D-21-2]-Margaret Dummer/1921-1921, [bur 12-21-1921/cause: asphyxia neonatorum/ bur. on William Dummer lot] Tombstone [D-21-2]-Geraldine Dummer/1930-1930 [Geraldine Anna Dummer/bur. 10-16-1930/ cause: premature birth/bur. on William Dummer lot] Tombstone [G-11-4]-Florence Dummer/May 4, 1906/Dec. 16. 1926 Tombstone [G-11-4]-Howard W. Dummer/Feb. 15, 1903/Dec. 28, 1941 Tombstone, ossw: [G-11-4]-Hester M. Dummer/Sept. 30, 1910/Mar. 22, 1995 [d. at Harris TX/cremains/widow of Howard Dummer/bur. on Albert H. Dummer lot] Tombstone [G-11-4]-Albert H. Dummer/Nov. 21, 1878/Nov. 19, 1943 Tombstone, ossw: [G-11-4]-Martha L. Dummer/Sept. 6, 1880/July 22, 1969 Tombstone [T-2-10]-George A. Dummer/Jan. 28, 1901/Jan. 3, 1984 Tombstone, ossw: [T-2-10]-Sadie Marie Dummer/Oct. 27, 1910/Apr. 17, 2004 Tombstone



DUNN: [Unk]-[Mrs. Dunn/bur. 09-02-1866] [Unk]-[Baby Dunn/bur. 02-03-1867]

DUNNING: See SQUIER [E2-50-1]-[Zebedia S. Dunning/bur. 1861] Tombstone [U-25-1]-Edward C. Dunning/1888-1960, ossw: [U-25-1]-Margaret [J.] Dunning/1886-1974 Tombstone Edward/Margaret

DUNOW: [Unk]-[?? Dunow/bur. 07-09-1873] [Unk]-[?? Dunow/bur. 04-19-1874/burial register has "buried [the word child is missing] of Mr Duhno (umlaut over u) Mr Brukner (umlaut over u)" $1.25" /2 separate burials listed on one line or all one entry??] (Emma Therese Auguste Bruckner/dau. of Rudolph B./d. 17 Apr. 1874/age 9 mo. 17 da./bur. 19 Apr. 1874, Manitowoc/from death record of First Ger. Evang. ch.)

DUPRAS: [T-3-3]-Caroline A. Dupras/1903-1965 Tombstone, ossw: [T-3-3]-Helen SCHMIDT/1901-1967 (See SCHMIDT-have obit) Tombstone Caroline/Helen

DUPREY: [D-15-1]-Emma Duprey/nee PAUTZ/Sister/1903-1935 Tombstone [E-19-6]-Rose Marie Duprey/June 9, 1931/Sept. 14, 2002 Tombstone [S-42-3]-Richard Allen Duprey/Apr. 12, 1944/Apr. 18, 2002 (Veteran) Tombstone [S-42-4]-Sandra K./1953-2008 Marker [S-42-8]-Donald J. Duprey/Jan. 12, 1930/Aug. 27, 2002 [cremation] Tombstone [U-3-7]-Louis J. Duprey/May 28, 1903/Nov. 9, 1986 Tombstone, ossw: [U-3-7]-Eleanor Duprey/1895-1965 Tombstone Louis/Eleanor [V-11-9]-Bonnie L. Duprey/Apr. 20, 1961/June 3, 2002 (nee Markowski) Tombstone

DURBEN: [L-30-4]-Cory Lee Durben/May 1, 1971/Aug. 9, 1971 [space #384] Tombstone

DURETTE: [W2-112-4]-Alexander Durette/New Hampshire/Pvt. Btry A./1 BN ME HV Arty/ Spanish American War/Nov. 25, 1883-Jan, 28, 1959 Tombstone [W2-112-4]-Lillian D. Durette/Aug. 12, 1893/May 30, 1976 Tombstone

DURGIN: [E2-25-5]-Lydia Durgin/May 24, 1852/Aged/28 ys 6 mo. 14 ds Tombstone [E2-25-5]-Geo. W. Durgin/May 24, 1852/Aged 28 yrs. 6 mo. 14 da., next to: [E2-25-5]-Walter B./Age 5 ms./Died Sept. 17, 1857, ossw: [E2-25-5]-Fannie B./Aged 11 ms. died/Nov. 24, 1859/Children of W.H. & G.E. Tombstone Walter/Fannie [E2-25-5]-Marthenam/dau. of Geo. & L.L. Durgin/Died/Sept. 13, 1846/aged 1 yr. 11 ms. 16 ds. Tombstone [the marker for Lydia Durgin is on the space where I show a burial for Walter Durgin from 1852. Since our first burial here was in 1853, I believe that this was probably one of the burials that was moved over from N 8th & Park./cem. office]

DUSEK: [L-8-1]-Florence Dusek/Daughter/1885-1929 [Florence Dusek LEONARD/1885-1929/killed in Chicago July 1, ossw: [L-8-1]-Anna WILDA Dusek/1855-1886 [bur. 01-01-1886], ossw: [L-8-1]-KUCHERA/WILDA Tombstone

DUSHEK: [F-14-2]-Frank [W.] Dushek/Father/1884-1942 Tombstone [F-14-2]-Julia Dushek/Mother/1888-1925 Tombstone [F-14-2]-Marvin Dushek/Son/1911-1933 Photo Tombstone [F-14-2]-Dushek family stone [Y-6-16]-Francis J. Dushek/Duke/Sept. 29, 1917/Dec. 15, 1978 Tombstone, ossw: [Y-6-16]-Esther Dushek/1918-____

DUSOLD: [E-3-11]-Earl W. Dusold/Oct. 22, 1900/Jan. 19, 1978, ossw: [E-3-11]-Lillian D. Dusold/July 5, 1901/May 21, 1990 Tombstone Earl/Lillian [E2-19-5]-Edwin H. Dusold/Wisconsin/Wagoner Co. E 14 Engineers/World War I/ Feb 15, 1893/Dec. 7, 1960 Tombstone [E2-19-5]-Emilie Dusold/nee KRAUSE/Mother/Nov. 5, 1858/Jan. 19, 1939 Tombstone [E2-19-5]-Alex M.G. Dusold/Father/Mar. 18. 1861/June 11, 1932 Tombstone [E2-19-5]-[George Dusold/d. unk] [E2-19-5]-[?? Dusold, Jr./bur. 08-06-1886/age 6 mo.] [E2-19-5]-[Walter Dusold/bur. 08-23-1887] [E2-89-5]-William Dusold/1865-1939, ossw: [E2-89-5]-Mary Dusold/1879-1963 Tombstone William/Mary [R-15-7]-Fred W. Dusold/1882-1951, ossw: [R-15-7]-Irene A. Dusold/1892-1964 Tombstone Fred/Irene [R-43-2]-Edward M. Dusold/Father/1868-1952 Tombstone [R-43-2]-Nellie Dusold/Mother/1872-1933 Tombstone See SCHROEDER


DUTZ: [F-37-4]-Mary Dutz/Mrs./Born Mar.30. 1875/Died Dec.14, 1910 [cause: dropsy] Tombstone [F-37-4]-Anton Dutz/1879-1945, ossw: [F-37-4]-Mamie Dutz/1887-1969 Tombstone Anton/Mamie [L-12-6]-[Baby Dutz/bur. 02-17-1903/stillborn] Photo of plot

DUVENECK: [F-42-2]-Elroy "Bud" Duveneck/1921-2011, next to: [F-42-2]-Marion Duveneck/Apr. 28, 1925/Nov. 27, 1992 [wife of Elroy Duveneck] Tombstone Elroy/Marion [T-18-3]-August Duveneck/1878-1955, ossw: [T-18-3]-Emma Duveneck/1885-1965 Photo Tombstone August/Emma [T-35-7]-Frieda E. Duveneck/1905-1968 Tombstone [T-35-7]-Ella Duveneck/1883-1952, ossw: [T-35-7]-Alex Duveneck/1869-1950 Tombstone Ella/Alex [T-35-7]-Carl H. Duveneck/July 29, 1917/Aug. 27, 2007 Tombstone

DUZESKI: [U-25-2]-Alois [D.] Duzeski/1903-1961, ossw: [U-25-2]-Olyphia Duzeski/1905-1972 Tombstone Alois/Olyphia

DVORACHEK: [U-4-6]-Sharon M. Dvorachek/Jan. 6, 1943/June 26, 1988 Tombstone

DWYER: [E2-6-3]-[G. Dwyer (Baby)/bur. 11-07-1866/bur. on George Dwyer lot] [E2-6-3]-[G. Mrs. Dwyer/bur. 11-14-1866/bur. on George Dwyer lot] [F-12-1]-Martin J. Dwyer/1866-1956 Tombstone

DYKLA: [E-4-9]-Walter R. Dykla/July 23, 1904/Jan. 30, 1965, ossw: [E-4-9]-Anne E. Dykla/June 4, 1909/Nov. 20, 1977 Tombstone Walter/Anne Back to Top