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JUNE 3, 1897 Manitowoc Tribune (contributed by a researcher, see contributors page) 3 June, 1897 (page 3,) Decoration Day. Decoration Day was celebrated here on Monday. In the morning when the first rays of the rising sun skimmed over Lake Michigan and touched our shores there was not a cloud in the skies. The sun rose from out the lake and shone down warm and bright upon the green earth. All signs promised a beautiful day for the beautiful ceremonies that were to be performed. But where the sun had reached the meridian the gathering clouds and the chilling winds brought frowns and anxious looks to the faces of those most interested in the day’s proceedings. The day wore on and the clouds darkened but the program was carried out with no interruption from the elements. The air was chilly but all were thankful that it did not rain. At two o’clock the procession formed at the court house square and marched north on Eighth Street to St. Claire, west on St. Claire to Eleventh, north on Eleventh to Huron, west on Huron to Michigan Ave., thence to the cemetery. First in the line came Col. H. Graham, the marshal of the day, with his aides. Then came a large number of school children each carrying a flag. After them there were several carriages carrying the Mayor, the orator of the day, the Board of Aldermen and Veterans. Following the carriages was the band that at intervals played appropriate airs. The Ranking Guards turned out in large numbers as did also the Rahr Guards. Both went through some nice movements in their drill. The Horace M. Walker post of the G. A. R. brought up the rear of the procession. There were 86 in line-old grey haired men in the declining days of life. They did not make an imposing appearance as they tottered along with a vain endeavor to produce a martial effect by holding themselves erect and by keeping step to the music; but all who looked upon that band of scarred veterans were conscious of the fact that these men were true heroes. They could not line up with the nicety and precision of the boys in blue who marched in front of them, but we all remembered that there was a time when their drill was no holiday parade, and so we were heedless of their defects on Monday. On arriving at the cemetery a short program was carried out. First was a selection by the band, then Rev. John Romoser offered a short prayer. After the prayer the crowd joined in singing, America. Then Mayor Torrison introduced the orator of the day, Dr. Samuel Plantz, President of Lawrence University, the speaker handled his subject in a very interesting manner and was listened to with respectful attention. When he declared himself in favor of a pension for every man who did honorable service for the Union he met with a hearty responsive cheer from the audience. While the old soldiers no doubt approved, they permitted the audience to do the cheering. After the address the Rankin and Rahr Guards fired saluted and the crowds dispersed, some to wander about and view the decorated graves, and others to take up their homeward march. The attendance was very large, there being from four to five thousand people on the grounds. Everything went off in a quiet and orderly manner which showed good judgment on the part of the committee of arrangements. Manitowoc people have always taken great interest in Memorial Day but the attendance on Monday was probably never exceeded. Names of Soldiers buried in Catholic Cemetery: BINGEN, John Co. B. 9th Wis. Inf. DOOLAN, Michael Co. G. 42nd Wis. Inf. EISLEY, Martin Co. L. 2nd Mich. Cavalry. HELLIPERT, Bartholimew Co. C. 1st. Wis., Cal. KLEMAN, Michael Co. D. 6th Wis. Inf. MARKUS, Peter Co. G. 51st Ill. Inf. MULHOLLAND, Peter Co. K. 27th Wis. Inf. SCHINDLER, Edward Co. A. 5th Wis. Inf. WICKERT, J. P. Co. B. 9th Wis. Inf. Names of Soldiers buried in Evergreen Cemetery: ALEN, J. S. Co. K. 27th Wis. Inf. ARVE, John Co. E. 27th Wis. Inf. AUTON, Leonard U. S. Navy BALCOM, H. S. Asst. Surgeon 31 Wis. Inf. BARKER, G. F. BATES, G. A. Co. K. 19th Wis. Inf. BENSON, Valentine Co. A. 27th Wis. Inf. BIBINGER, John Co. B. 41st Wis. Inf. BRENTIGAN, Adam Co. F. 36th Wis. Inf.(probably should be Brautigam) CADWELL, Anthony Co. A. 5th Wis. Inf. CLASSON, A. D. Co. K. 27th Wis. Inf. CROSS, James Co. I. 3rd Wis. Inf. DAW, Wire U. S. Navy (should be Wire Dow) DIRNKE, H. A. Co. B. 9th Ill. Cav. DRUISSEN, Henry Co. G. 51st Wis. Inf. EBBERTS, Bernard Co. D. 45th Wis. Inf. EDWARDS, J. W. Co. B. 16th Wis. Inf. ESSLINGER, C. G. Co. D. 2nd Wis. Inf. FLYNN, William Co. E. 14th Wis. Inf. GEHBE, Aug. GLOVER, William Co. A. 5th Wis. Inf. GOODWIN, Jos. Co. A. 5th Wis. Inf. GRUN, Frank Co. H. 2nd Wis. Inf.(From Cem records) GUSTAVESON, Charles Co. F. 15th Wis. Inf. HAMMOND, J. H. Co. D. 27th Wis. Inf. HANSON, Aans U. S. Navy HARRISON, Nels Co. F. 9th Ill. Cav. HARRISON, W. G. Co. F. 9th Ill. Cav. HEMSCHIMGER, W. H. Co. I. 26th Wis. Inf. HILL, Edward Co. D. 27th Wis. Inf. HOGENSON, Ole Co. B. 45th Wis. Inf.(from Cem Records) HOMS, Mead Co. K. 21st Wis. Inf. (Holmes in Civil War Rosters) HORNE, J. E. Co. D. 20th Wis. Inf. HULL, G. A. Co. K. 19th Wis. Inf. JAHN, Theo. Co. E. 17th Wis. Inf. KAPPEL, Carl Co. B. 9th Wis. Inf. KUNHLE, John Co. D. 48th Wis. Inf. LENNOX, S. D. U. S. Navy LIPKIE, Aug. Co. D. 16th Wis. Inf. MESMER, Casper (blank) 16th U. S. Inf. MOHRUSSEN, L. Co. G. 24th Wis. Inf. MORRISON, Peter Co. I. (blank) “st” Ill. L. A. NOBLE, W. H. Co. K. 21st. Wis., Inf. OLESON, O. C. Co. D. 42nd Wis. Inf. OLMSTEAD, T. G. Lt. Col. 27th Wis. Inf. PIERCE, D. B. Co. I. 27th Wis. Inf.(from Cem records) RANKIN, Joseph Co. D. 27th Wis. Inf. RAUBER, F. Co. (blank) 17th Wis. Inf. REICHERT, Franz Co. B. 9th Wis. Inf. ROSENFELDER, Leopald Co. D. 48th Wis. Inf. SALOMON, Herman Co. I. 1st Mo. Eng. SCHENK, F. A. Co. D. 45th Wis. Inf. SCHIMONCK, Jos. Co. G. 39th Wis. Inf. SCHMIDT, C. H. Co. F. 9th Wis. Inf. SCHMIDT, William Co. G. 9th Wis. Inf. SOMMER, H. R. Co. E. 20th Wis. Inf. SPINKE, Henry Co. F. 26th Wis. Inf. STIRN, Anton Co. K. 27th Wis. Inf. STRODHOFF, J. C. Co. G. 59th Ill. Inf. TAUBE, Daniel Co. F. 26th Wis. Inf. THRONTON, William Co. D. 1st Wis H. A. TROMEL, Otto Co. F. 26th Wis. Inf. VADER, L. V. Co. D. 27th Wis. Inf. VATER, Peter Co. K 27th Wis. Inf. WALKER, C. H. Major 21st Wis. Inf. WALKER, H. M. Co. A. 5th Wis. Inf. WARWICK, Geo. Co. K. 20th Wis. Inf. WATTS, Geo. Co. D. 48th Wis. Inf. WILLIAMS, F. P. Co. A 13th Mich. Inf. WIMPF, Chas. (Blank) WITMAN, Adolph Co. D. 48th Wis. Inf. WOLLMER, Nic Co. G. 26th Wis. Inf. WOODIN, William Co. K. 27th Wis. Inf.