City of Manitowoc, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

[ S ]


[G]-Joseph J./1896-1963, ossw:
[G]-Martha K/1903-1985,  (war vet flag holder)
(Joseph & Martha Sadler are both in St. Casimir cemetery #69.
This information is from the cem. offices at Calvary & St. Casimir.)

SADOSKI: [L]-Agnes/Sadoski/Died/Sept. 24/1885

SADOWSKI: [N]-Richard C. Sadowski/1933-1978

SADUSKE: [I]-George S./1886-1976, ossw: [I]-Sophie/1883-1958, ossw: [I]-Anton J./1898-1979 [M]-Edward/1893-1958, ossw: [M]-Victoria/1894-1947 [H-18-4]-Patsy Lee Saduske/1934-1986/Beloved Mother

SAHAMI: Mary Elizabeth Sahami/Sept. 11, 1952/Nov. 23, 1991/nee MICHAELS

ST. ANDRE: [H]-Josephine St. Andre/1873-1958


SALKOWSKI: [B-22-3]-Grace D. Salkowski/Nov. 15, 1923-May 11, 1981, ossw: [B-22-3]-John G. Salkowski/March 23, 1921-April 26, 1990, ossw: [B-22-3]-Alan J. "Big Al" Salkowski/1951-2005 Tombstone Grace/John/Alan [Maus]-Frank A. Salkowski/Jan. 5, 1920/July 17, 1993 [Maus]-Carolyn M. Salkowski/Oct. 19, 1921/Mar. 4, 2002

SALM: [Maus]-Alvis M. Salm/1909-2001 [Maus]-Alice M. Salm/1912-2002 [Maus]-Norman C. Salm/Aug. 10, 1921/Nov. 5, 2002 [Maus]-Edwina L. Salm/Mar. 3, 1923/Sept. 23, 2004 [Maus]-Andrew R. Salm/Aug. 26, 1924/Jan. 1, 2008

SALUTZ: [H-19-4]-John J. Salutz/1923-1987

SALZMAN: [I]-John R./1909-1969 (15 Jun 1909/Aug 1969/SSDI), ossw: [I]-June M./1913-1997 (21 Jun 1913/Apr 1997/SSDI)

SAMZ: [Maus]-Helen P. Samz/Oct. 10, 1927/Aug. 29, 2008 [Maus]-Vincent J. Samz/1917-2010

SAND: Mrs. Jakob Sand/d. 26 Nov. 1893/from obit-no stone

SANDER: [L]-Elizabeth/wife of L. Sander/Died/Aug. 28, 1882/aged 73 years

SANVILLE: [C]-Philip G.Sanville/Wisconsin/Pvt. 1 CL 77 Inf./14 Div/ February 24, 1890/April 26, 1944 (war vet flag holder), next to: [C]-Emma Sanville/1875-1956, next to: [C]-Eleanor Sanville/Mother/1846-1944, next to: [C]-Corpl. E. Sanville/Co. G. 17 Wis. Inf. [Eclaire Sanville/August 14, 1841/May 31, 1916], next to: [C]-Alexander Sanville/Sept. 16, 1888-Nov. 17, 1908 Tombstone

SARGENT: Clara M. LAUDE Sargent/Nov. 10, 1900/June 3, 1983 VFW Ladies Aux., next to: William C. Sargent/May 10, 1911/Feb. 1, 1984

SATORI: [N]-Anton P. Satori/Father/Wisconsin/Tec 3 444 Ord. Ham Co./World War II/ July 30, 1918-April 20, 1972, ossw: [N]-Thomas P. Satori/Son/1952-1979 US War Veteran marker

SAUCIER: [Maus]-Wilbert W. Saucier/July 3, 1905/Jan. 28, 1990 [Maus]-Alice A. Saucier/Mar. 8, 1909/Feb. 22, 1999

SAUVE: [Maus]-Evelyn F. Sauve/Jan. 19, 1908-July 7, 2011 [Maus]-Willard F. Sauve/Mar. 23, 1903/Sept. 10, 1999

SAVAGE: [I]-Sara Sue Savage/Sept. 10, 1967/Jan. 2, 1968

SAWYER: [Maus]-Francis R. Sawyer/Nov. 30, 1913/Nov. 17, 1990 [Maus]-La Verne M. Sawyer/Nov. 17, 1917/July 25, 2002 [Maus]-Roxann Sawyer/Oct. 14, 1938/Apr. 10, 1939

SCHACK: [M]-George J./Oct. 1, 1899/Jan. 2, 1958, ossw: [M]-Theresa/May 3, 1899/Dec. 22, 1976

SCHADEBERG: [I]-Harold/Oct. 24, 1915/Apr. 15, 1993/SGT US Army WWII, ossw: [I]-Eleanore/1925-1960 [M]-Marcella E. GLOMSKI Schadeberg/1924-1998 [Maus]-Theodore C. Schadeberg/1903-1999 [Maus]-Anna A. Schadeberg/1901-2003

SCHAEFER: [K]-Johann/Schaefer/Geb. 10 Dec. 1827/Gest./14 Mar. 1900, next to: [K]-Frances Schaefer/1829-1918, next to: [K]-John Schaefer/1827-1900 [N]-Thomas Schaefer/1960-1969 [Maus]-Jean C. Schaefer/Sept. 10, 1933/June 9, 2008 [Maus]-Carol L. Schaefer/Aug. 22, 1913/Oct. 10, 1990 See KOLBECK

SCHAETZKE: Blanche Schaetzke/nee Novak/March 21, 1897-Oct. 25, 1980

SCHAFT: [B]-Clarence W./1894-1957, ossw: [B]-Inga/1895-1972 Tombstone Clarence/Inga

SCHALLER: [Maus]-Lawrence C. Schaller/May 12, 1926/Aug. 14, 2007

SCHALOWETZ: [K]-Julia Schalowetz/Geb. 10 Juli 1851/Gest. 30 Mai 1915, ossw: [K]-Joseph Schalowetz/Geb. 23 Juli 1853/Gest. 11 Juni 1930 [K]-Edward W./Gest./16 Aug. 1894/Alter 1 Ja. 9 Mo., next to: [K]-Anna/Geb. 9 Apr. 1882/Gest. 19 Mai 1894 [K]-Theresia Schalowetz/gest. 29 Dec. 1895/Alter 68 Jahre, ossw: [K]-Johann Schalowetz/gest. 15 Apr. 1897/Alter 72 Jahre See BERGER

SCHALOWITZ: [K]-Joseph W./1880-1941, ossw: [K]-Bernard J./1885-1967 (13 Feb 1885/Jul 1967/SSDI), ossw: [K]-William F./1889-1963

SCHAUS: [Maus]-Roland O. Schaus/Mar. 13, 1906/Feb. 22, 1981 [Maus]-Claribel E. Schaus/July 29, 1907/Oct. 25, 2005

SCHAVE: [L]-John Schave/Born Sept. 27, 1818/Died July 20, 1906, ossw: [L]-John Schave Jr./Born Sept. 26, 1879/Died Sept. 1, 1903, ossw: [L]-Roy AUMANN/Born/Oct. 27, 1900/Died/May 20, 1907, ossw: [L]-Mrs. Lena Schave/Born/July 1, 1844/Died/Apr. 30, 1891, ossw: [L]-Lena/Born & Died/May 30, 1893, ossw: [L]-Herbert/born/May 14, 1894/died Oct. 8, 1894 [L]-Footstones: H.A./R.A./L.S./L.A./J.S.

SCHEER: [Maus]-Dr. Terry Scheer/Feb. 2, 1936/Dec. 28, 2001

SCHEELER: [M-12-2]-Pauline Scheeler/1886-1951, next to: [M-12-2]-Joseph Scheeler/1883-Jan. 2, 1968

SCHEIDT: [Maus]-Herbert P. Scheidt/Mar. 22, 1928/Mar. 24, 2005

SCHEMCHAK: [K]-Anton Schemchak/1898-1962 (Am. Leg. flag holder)

SCHEPPER: [B-16-4]-Raymond Schepper/1919-1995 US Veteran marker Tombstone

SCHERER: [B]-Mary/Mother/1867-1945, ossw: [B]-John/Father/1860-1941, Tombstone John/Mary next to: [B]-Elizabeth Scherer/Mother/1835-1925 Tombstone [C]-Nicholas/Father/1863-1941, ossw: [C]-Rose/Mother/1873-1946, next to: [C]-Helen Scherer/Apr. 13, 1899/Oct. 23, 1918 [C-25-1]-Anton Scherer/1902-2001, ossw: [C-25-1]-Anna Scherer/1907-2001 [I]-Lee Ann Scherer/Oct. 1,1957/Dec. 20, 1968 [K]-Marie/1902-1985, ossw: [K]-Joseph/1896-1979 [M-13-3]-Allan J. Scherer/Son/1945-1983 [N]-J. Francis Scherer/1906-1995 [N]-Lloyd A./1901-1971 (2 Oct. 1901/Jan. 1971/SSDI), ossw: [N]-Marie A./1910-2002 James O. Scherer/1930-2002 Doris M. Scherer/1930-2012 [Maus]-Donald F. Scherer/1928-2002 [Maus]-Eugene S. Scherer/Feb. 17, 1911/Dec. 21, 1998 [Maus]-Dorothy N. Scherer/Mar. 17, 1913/May 27, 1998

SCHERMETZLER: [A]-Emma Schermetzler/1891-1918, next to: [A]-Elmer Schermetzler/1911-1928 [C]-Stephen Schermetzler/Dec. 26, 1850/Oct. 27, 1925, next to: [C]-Catherine Schermetzler/Feb. 15, 1854/Jan. 31, 1923 [I]-Jacob J./1916-1967 (war vet flag holder), ossw: [I]-Marcella M./12 Jul. 12, 1920/July 3, 2009 [M]-Bernard/June 10, 1880/June 4, 1946, ossw: [M]-Margaret/Apr. 10, 1880/Dec. 15, 1940 [M]-Jane M./1958-1965 [M-20-2]-Bernard J. Schermetzler/Oct. 31, 1927/May 10, 2007/TEC4 US Army WWII, ossw: [M-20-2]-Jane M. Schermetzler/1958-1965 Norbert V. Schermetzler/1943-2010 Tombstone Norbert/Anne, ossw: Anne M. Schermetzler/Sept. 3, 1943-____

SCHETTL: [N]-LeRoy M./1921-1996 US Veteran marker (21 Nov 1921/06 Jun 1996/SSDI), ossw: [N]-Judith/1923-2006, ossw: [N]-L/C David L./1947-1968/Killed in VietNam, next to: [N]-Joseph C./1890-1970, ossw: [N]-Mathilda/1897-1988

SCHEUER: [L]-Edmund L./1889-1971 (Jun 15, 1889/Feb 1971/SSDI), ossw: [L]-Elizabeth C./1892-1990 Tombstone Edmund/Elizabeth [Maus]-Dorothy Ann Scheuer/June 20, 1911/Feb. 11, 1997

SCHEUERLE: (Death Thurs. last week of a 5-mo. old son of John Scheuerle here. The funeral was held Sun. at the Catholic Cemetery. From Der Nord Westen, 21 Sep. 1899/no stone)

SCHEURELL: [E]-William Scheurell/1890-1935, ossw: [E]-Ervine Scheurell/1887-1964 (World War flag holder), next to: [E]-Elizabeth A. Scheurell/Mar. 13, 1923/May 15, 1998 [E-17-4]-Francis M. Scheurell/1901-1975 (27 Jan. 1901/Feb. 1975/SSDI), ossw: [E-17-4]-Emma Scheurell/1901-1973 (9 Mar. 1901/May 1973/SSDI) [E-17-4]-Gordon F. Scheurell/Mar. 11, 1929/Mar. 9, 2001/married Apr. 15, 1950, ossw: [E-17-4]-Joan T. Scheurell/July 18, 1929/Aug. 20, 1999 [K]-Carl Scheurell/1853-1940, next to: [K]-John/Father/1858-1940, ossw: [K]-Anna/Mother/1866-1952 [M]-John Scheurell/1894-1944 (Am. Leg. flag holder) [Maus]-Martha A. Scheurell/nee Graycarek/Feb. 19, 1931-Nov. 5, 2010 [Maus]-Ralph J. Scheurell/July 12, 1921/Apr. 2, 2003 See STADLER

SCHIESL: [N]-Herbert J./1917-2004, ossw: [N]-Delphine M./1918-1997, next to: [N]-Gerald R. Schiesl/Wisconsin/Cpl Co, C. 21 Inf. 196 Lt Inf. BDE/ Vietnam BSM-PH/Jan 2, 1919-March 24, 1969 Photo [N]-George/1904-1973, ossw: [N]-Frances/1906-2000

SCHILL: [K]-Frank Schill/Geb. 8 Sept. 1824/Gest. 14 Marz 1904


SCHINDLER: [L]-Edw'd Schindler/Co. A/5th Wis. Inf./Sept. 15, 1835-Aug. 28, 1889 [Tribune article] Manitowoc Tribute 1897 (September 15, 1835/August 28, 1889/from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable) Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone, next to: [L]-Margaret/Mother/1849-1917 Tombstone, next to: [L]-Joseph/1870-1938, ossw: [L]-Theresa/1878-1964 Tombstone Joseph/Theresa, next to: [L]-Anna/1872-1905 Tombstone, next to: [L]-Baby Tombstone See STEINER

SCHISEL: [G]-David R. Schisel/Loving Son/-1966-, ossw: [G]-Melvin J. Schisel/1935-1996 Tombstone David/Lyndoris/Melvin, ossw: [G]-Lyndoris M. Schisel/1935-____ [M]-Joseph/1905-1978, ossw: [M]-Irene/1902-1986, ossw: [M]-Jerome/1937-1954 Photo [Maus]-Clarence Schisel/May 12, 1911/Aug. 6, 1996 [Maus]-Helen Schisel/Aug. 3, 1914/May 29, 2005

SCHLAETER: [I]-William C./1874-1965, ossw: [I]-Catherine E./1873-1960

SCHLEGELMILCH: [K]-Viola Schlegelmilch/1898-1900, next to: [K]-Albert Schlegelmilch/1884-1918, next to: [K]-Edward Schlegelmilch/Wisconsin/Pvt. Co. G/4 Inf. 3 Div./World War I PH/ April 25, 1887/July 2, 1937 next to: [K]-Mary/Mother/1859-1926, ossw: [K]-Gustave/Father/1860-1924, next to: [K]-Gustave Schlegelmilch/1890-1964

SCHLEI: [G]-Margaret Schlei/1902-1991 Tombstone next to: [G]-John Albert Schlei/Wisconsin/Pvt. QM Corps/World War I/July 3, 1897-Oct. 10, 1947 Tombstone [H]-Jeffery G. Schlei/1957-1977 (war vet flag holder) [M]-Kim Mary Schlei/July 10, 1956/Dec. 29, 1956, next to: [M]-George J. Schlei/1922-1964 (war vet flag holder) William O. Schlei/Apr. 7, 1931/Aug. 16, 1996/US Marine Corps-Korea [P-1-2]-Cerella M. Schlei/July 6, 1929-April 14, 2011 [P-1-2]-Arthur W. Schlei/Feb. 11, 1926/Sept. 26, 2001/ ARM3 US Navy WWII

SCHLEIS: [Maus]-Peter E./May 29, 1904/Aug. 27, 1992 [Maus]-Marie T./Dec. 11, 1904/Jan. 20, 1998

SCHLIESLEDER: [A-3-1]-Leo Schliesleder/1902-1977 US Veteran marker [A-3-1]-Margaret Schliesleder/1904-1989 (Mrs. Harold Hall) [H-16-1]-Clara Schliesleder/nee KELLNER/1898-1984/Mother [K]-Margaret Schliesleder/Mother/1841-1925, next to: [K]-Anton Schliesleder/Father/1844-1915 [K]-Anton G./1871-1944, ossw: [K]-Anna I./1879-1951, next to: [K]-Baby/Dau. of A & A/Schliesleder/1901 See HALL

SCHLORF: [Maus]-Lorenz L. Schlorf/1915-1995

SCHMATZ: [D]-Anna Schmatz/Mother/1876-1933, next to: [D]-Joseph Schmatz/Father/1875-1952, next to [D]-family stone [P-17-3]-Michael Paul Schmatz/Nov. 5, 1959/Nov. 25, 2007

SCHMEDA: [H-3-1]-Stacy Ann Schmeda/1980-1982 Tombstone [P-2-4]-Elaine Schmeda/Nov. 26, 1924/Sept. 14, 2005/married Apr. 7, 1945 [P-2-4]-Edward Schmeda/June 28, 1923/Dec. 19, 2009

SCHMELZLE: [F-4-3]-Carrol Schmelzle/1917-1983/SSGT US Army WWII, Tombstone ossw: [F-4-3]-Evelyn Schmelzle/1917-2009 Tombstone Carrol/Evelyn [L]-Frank Schmelzle/Father/1855-1930, next to: [L]-Josephine Schmelzle/1860-1939, next to: [L]-Alvin S./1890-1976, ossw: [L]-Theresa B./1893-1988 (19 Feb. 1893/20 May 1988/SSDI), next to: [L]-Gregory H. Schmelzle/July 26, 1925/Apr. 30, 1999/US Army WWII [L]-Maria Anna Schmelzle/Geb. Dec. 17, 1823/Gest. Jan. 1, 1907 Tombstone Tombstone, next to: [L]-Alvin Schmelzle/Geb. 28 Feb. 1807/Gest. 12 Maerz 1890 Tombstone Tombstone [N-3-3]-Marvin F. Schmelzle/June 3, 1915/Feb. 25, 1996, ossw: [N-3-3]-Eleanore K. Schmelzle/Feb. 24, 1913/Feb. 2, 2002 (Marie C. Schmelzle/Mar. 29, 1943/July 7, 2009/from obit) [Maus]-Mary Ann Schmelzle/Dec. 14, 1941/Mar. 28, 1998

SCHMIDT: [E]-Arthur J./Father/1881-1944, ossw: [E]-Mary S./Mother/1871-1964 [K-142-1]-Mary Schmidt/Geb./10 Mai 1852/Gest./18 Sept. 1917, ossw: [K-142-1]-John Schmidt/Geb./7 Sept. 1842/Gest/18 Juni 1909/(war vet flag holder) [M]-Albert C./1906-1976, ossw: [M]-Hazel M./1902-1992 [M]-Walter/1892-1956, ossw: [M]-Della/1899-1985 (Am. Leg. flag holder) [M-51-2]-Norman G. Schmidt/March 12, 1924/August 16, 1986 [M-51-2]-Margaret E. Schmidt/Dec. 8, 1927-March 7, 2011 [M-51-2]-Robert Walter Schmidt/Aug. 11, 1925/May 4, 1987/ married Oct. 16, 1948US Navy WWII [M-51-2]-Kenneth J. Schmidt/March 2, 1936/January 1, 1994/ married Mar. 3, 1950 [N]-Annie L. Schmidt/1938-1966 [N]-Bernard J./1909-1993 (02 Feb 1909/14 Mar 1993/SSDI), ossw: [N]-Irene C./1914-1993 (12 Jan 1914/Oct 1993/SSDI)

SCHMITT: [E-5-4]-Aloysius P. Schmitt/June 22, 1915/Sept. 3, 2006/S1 US Navy WWII [E-5-4]-Ruth M. Schmitt/Feb. 10, 1921-Nov. 20, 2012 [L]-Ottilia Schmitt/geboren/8 Dez. 1817/gestorben 23 Nov. 1893, ossw: [L]-Joseph Schmitt/geboren 8 Sept. 1808/Gestorben/28 Nov. 1887

SCHMITZ: [B]-Edward Schmitz/Oct. 8, 1900/Nov. 21, 1923 Tombstone [E]-John J./1895-1945, ossw: [E]-Clara/Mar. 6, 1892-Sep. 8, 1970 Photo [H]-Ruth C. Schmitz/1933-1934 Tombstone [M]-Peter P./1898-1958, ossw: [M]-Emma/1895-1976 [M-50-2]-Harold Schmitz/1902-1995, ossw: [M-50-2]-Mildred Schmitz/1903-1989 [Maus]-Eileen Claire Schmitz/1945-1998 [Maus]-Ethel M. Schmitz/1914-1995

SCHNECK: [G]-Joseph Sr./Father/1868-1946, ossw: [G]-Elizabeth/Mother/1870-1948 Tombstone Joseph/Elizabeth

SCHNEIDER: [B]-Christine Schneider/Aug. 5. 1845/Apr. 28, 1926 Tombstone [C]-Franciska Schneider/Gest./2 Jan. 1904/Alter 70 Jahre (on top of stone-broken off and set next to main stone) [C]-John/Father/1847-1935, ossw: [C]-Margaret/Mother/1855-1939, ossw: [C]-Leander/1891-1907 [E]-Anton H. Schneider/Sept. 7, 1875/Feb. 18, 1926, ossw: [E]-Ellen Schneider/May 12, 1873/Jan. 1, 1944 [I]-Norbert/1914-1957, ossw: [I]-Petronella/1916-2013 [K]-Joseph J. Schneider/Geb./3 Juli 1823/Gest./23 Nov. 1903 [N]-John/1913-1961, ossw: [N]-Adella/1911-1962 (Am. Leg.Flag holder) [P-18-2]-Deacon Donald E. Schneider/1922-2000/SSGT US Army Air Forces WWII Ethel E. Schneider/1903-2009/from obit [Maus]-Clarence Schneider/Nov. 22, 1913/May 9, 2003 [Maus]-Margaret Schneider/Dec. 27, 1914/May 17, 1997 [Maus]-Harold L. Schneider/July 26, 1905/Dec. 14, 1987 [Maus]-Elizabeth A. Schneider/Nov. 3, 1910/Oct. 20, 2005 [Maus]-Marie A. Schneider/Feb. 15, 1923/Oct. 10, 2006

SCHNELL: [I]-Frances W./1906-1961, ossw: [I]-Flora Schnell/1907-1995/nee REILLY [M]-Elmer F./1905-1995 (02 Oct 1905/22 Feb 1995/SSDI), ossw: [M]-Marjorie A./1919-1978, next to: [M]-Thomas C. Schnell/Nov. 21, 1949/Nov. 28, 1949 Harland N. Schnell/Nov. 27, 1939-Sept. 4, 2012 Photo

SCHNORR: [K]-Agnes Schnorr/1855-1895, next to: [K]-Frank Schnorr Jr./next to: [K]-Franz Schnorr/Geb. 28 Apr. 1824/Gest/16 Jan. 1904, ossw: [K]-Maria Anna Schnorr/Geboren 31 Jan. 1824/Gestorben 17 Jan. 1894, next to: [K]-Frank Schnorr Sr., next to: [K]-Mary Schnorr

SCHOBLASKA: [M-27-4]-Laura C. Schoblaska/1907-1997 Tombstone

SCHOCH: [K]-Christiana/Schoch/Geb./15 Dec. 1822/Gest/15 Feb. 1898, ossw: [K]-Bernhard/Schoch/Geb./11 Juli 1815/Gest/4 Mar. 1893, next to: [K]-B.S./C.S. [K]-John Schoch/geb/19 Juni 1847/gest/12 Jan. 1908 [K]-Lisa Anna Schoch/Gest. 13 Jan. 189(3?) (stone broken in pieces)

SCHOEPKE: [I]-Lloyd/1903-1958 Tombstone, ossw: [I]-Beatrice/1911-2004 Tombstone Tombstone Lloyd/Beatrice

SCHOLL: [H-22-2]-Eleanor G. Scholl/1909-1993, ossw: [H-22-2]-Arthur J. Scholl/1908-1998

SCHOLTEN: [K]-Fred E. Scholten/1901-1952 Tombstone, next to: [K]-Cecelia Scholten/1908-1981 Tombstone, next to: [K]-Scholten family stone, next to: [K]-Henry Scholten/1868-1949 Tombstone, next to: [K]-Clara Scholten/1874-1938 Tombstone, next to: [K]-Anna Scholten/1845-1909, next to: [K]-Henry Scholten/1843-1911, next to: [K]-baby, next to: [K]-Fred Scholten/1843-1904


SCHRANK: [H-3-4]-Harley Robert Schrank/Apr. 29, 1992 Tombstone

SCHREIHART: [C]-Beatrice, next to: [C]-Edmund,next to: [C]-Hildegarde Schreihart/June 20, 1891/June 21, 1914, next to: [C]-George W. Schreihart/Feb. 21, 1886/Mar. 19, 1928 [C]-Alma Schreihart/1884-1967, next to: [C]-Clara Schreihart/1895-1979, next to: [C]-Large family monument, next to: [C]-Christine Schreihart/June 9, 1862/Nov. 7, 1937 Photo, next to: [C]-John P. Schreihart/July 27, 1857/Aug. 3, 1942 [C]-Edward G./Father/1878-1968 (Sp. Am. War Vet), ossw: [C]-Edward J./-1904-, ossw: [C]-Joseph A./-1906-, ossw: [C]-Helen/Mother/1884-1965 [D]-John /Father/1842-1925, next to: [D]-Frances/Mother/1847-1931, next to [D]-Large family monument, next to: [D]-Adolph W. Schreihart/Wisconsin/Pvt. Base Hospital/World War I/ June 16, 1888-Aug. 26, 1967, on same lot with: [D]-Helen M. BRACHMANN/Nov. 28, 1971 [L]-Wilhelm Sohn des/Peter & Maria Schreihart/geboren 16 Oct. 1864/ gestorben/5 Marz 1885 (war vet flag holder) next to: [L]-William Schreihart/1864-1885, next to: [L]-Mary Schreihart/1825-1910 [M]-Herbert/1888-1955, ossw: [M]-Evelyn/1893-1956

SCHRIMPF: [B]-Harvey Schrimpf/1908-1978, Tombstone next to: [B]-Frank/1884-1955, ossw: [B]-May/1885-1966 Tombstone Frank/May

SCHROEDER: [A-6-4]-Margaret BALLARD Schroeder/1922-2003 [B]-Mary Schroeder/1852-1941 Tombstone, next to: [B]-Family Stone, next to: [B]-Joseph P. Schroeder/1848-1927 Tombstone [B-18-5]-Harlan J. Schroeder/1909-1981 Tombstone [G]-Carole/June 22, 1929/Dec. 11, 1967, ossw: [G]-Robert/Mar. 15, 1926-Feb. 13, 2006 Tombstone [K]-Josephine Schroeder/Mother/Died/July 16, 1898 [K]-Martin E. Schroeder/1893-1943, next to: [K]-Evangeline Schroeder ZIMMER/1896-1969 [P-9-2]-Alex Robert Schroeder/Feb. 16, 1989/Dec. 29, 1995 [Maus]-Hilary J. Schroeder/Mar. 2, 1903/Feb. 25, 1996 [Maus]-Agnes Schroeder/June 25, 1908/Oct. 28, 2000 [Maus]-Joseph H. Schroeder/Apr. 26, 1951/Oct. 13, 1984 [Maus]-Mary G. Schroeder/Jan. 15, 1919/July 17, 1995 [Maus]-Mathilda J. Schroeder/1913-2009 [Maus]-Ralph A. Schroeder/1912-1991 [Maus]-Bernice M. Schroeder/Aug. 1, 1918-Dec. 21-2010 [Maus]-Neal J. Schroeder/1901-1985 [Moved to Holy Cross Two Rivers, Jan. 2000] [Maus]-Marge Schroeder/1906-1977 [Moved to Holy Cross Two Rivers, Jan. 2000]

SCHROEDL: [B]-Anton/1894-1975, ossw: [B]-Lillian/1893-1922/Nee BUSCHECK Tombstone Anton/Lillian

SCHUH: [B]-Andrew J. Schuh/Father/July 26, 1869/Nov. 26, 1932 Tombstone, next to: [B]-Mary Schuh/Mother/Ju1y 5, 1869/Nov. 3, 1929 Tombstone, next to: [B]-Clarence Schuh/Son/Oct. 28, 1901/Apr. 2, 1932 Photo Tombstone [L]-Alexander/1900-1965, ossw: [L]-Emmalu/1909-1978, ossw: [L]-Donald/1928-1966 Tombstone Alexander/Emmalu/Donald [M]-Nicholas/1898-1982, ossw: [M]-Anna/1900-1958 [N]-Raymond/1905-1989, ossw: [N]-Marie B./1906-1993 [Maus]-Eugene A. Schuh/July 9, 1917/July 23, 2006 [Maus]-Janet E. Schuh/Nov. 6, 1921/Jan. 25, 2004 [Maus]-William G. Schuh/Apr. 3, 1920/Oct. 26, 2006 [Maus]-Josephine Schuh/Nov. 23, 1923/June 10, 2001 [Maus]-Raymond Schuh, Jr./June 10, 1930/Feb. 4, 2008/Air Force Vet.

SCHULER: [N]-Herbert A./1901-1963 Amer. Leg. marker, ossw: [N]-Mabel C. Schuler/1900-1985 [Maus]-Alphonse H. Schuler/July 31, 1910/Oct. 10, 1996 [Maus]-Margaret M. Schuler/Apr. 13, 1915/Oct. 2, 2001 [Maus]-Merle C. Schuler/Aug. 20, 1938/Apr. 3, 2006 [Maus]-Gloria J. Schuler/Dec. 5, 1942/Jan. 10, 2003

SCHULTZ: [C-2-1]-Charles/1912-1978, ossw: [C-2-1]-Gertrude/1917-1984, ossw: [C-2-1]-Daniel Emmet Schultz/Sept. 23, 1944/Mar. 27, 2008/ A1C US Air Force-Vietnam [C-2-1]-Albina Schultz/d. June 2, 1962 [F-8-3]-Arnold Schultz/1921-1983 US Veteran marker, ossw: [F-8-3]-Delores R. Schultz/1922-2005 Tombstone Arnold/Delores [G]-John/1902-1978, ossw: [G]-Helen/1909-2000 Tombstone Helen/John [H]-Joseph/1951-1952, ossw: [H]-Janice/1953-1953 Tombstone Joseph/Janice [I-11-2]-Sadie A. Schultz/Aug. 16, 1901/Nov. 28, 1999 [K-114-1]-Mary Schultz/Mother/1875-1964, next to: [K-114-1]-Julius Schultz/Father/1859-1947 [K-114-1]-Henry Schultz/1914-1992, next to: [K-114-1]-Walter Schultz/1910-1980 [L]-William Schultz/Feb. 9, 1850/Jan. 8, 1906 [N]-Emil A./1909-1969 Photo, ossw: [N]-Florence M./1910-2003 [N]-Agnes Schultz/1899-1977 [Maus]-Joseph R. Schultz/Dec. 11, 1912/Oct. 3, 1982 [Maus]-Melvin G. Schultz/July 31, 1916/July 30, 1995 [Maus]-Tyyne Schultz/Apr. 28, 1919/May 1, 2008 See MUELLER

SCHULZ: [H]-Jeffrey Schulz/1959-1960 Tombstone [Maus]-Melvin Schulz/1943-1995


SCHUMAN: [N-27-2]-Stacey Amanda Schuman/-Aug. 16, 1982- [N]-Arthur C./1912-2002 (16 Mar 1912/29 Nov 2002/SSDI), ossw: [N]-Florence M. /1928-1969

SCHWAB: [I]-Leo J./1899-1970 (29 Dec. 1899/June 1970/SSDI),ossw: [I]-Loretta M./1907-1995

SCHWAFEL: [K]-Katherina Schwafel/geb. 4 Okt. 1855/gest/23 Mai 1917

SCHWARTZ: [K]-Anna Schwartz/1871-1970, next to: [K]-William D. Schwartz/1871-1957, next to: [K]-Florence Schwartz/1899-1899 [N]-Edward A./1896-1984 US Amer. Leg. marker,ossw: [N]-Alice/1897-1986 Amer. Leg. Aux. marker, ossw: [N]-Anna/1868-1965 [Maus]-Joseph A. Schwartz/Aug. 26, 1922/May 17, 1989

SCHWARTZENBARTH: [L]-Elizabeth/Schwartzenbarth/1792/23 Mar. 1870

SCHWEDA: [B]-Dorothy Schweda/Oct. 1, 1923/Jan. 29, 1924 Tombstone

SCHWEIGL: [E]-Charles/Father/1868-1926, ossw: [E]-Frances/Mother/1870-1937 [E]-Charles Jr./1893-1947 US War Veteran marker, ossw: [E]-Martha/1900-1994 [E]-Infant Schweigl/-Sept. 6, 1920- [H]-Rueben Schweigl/Baby/1927-1928 Tombstone [M-36-3]-Tara Jo Schweigl/1985-2009 [M-40-4]-Allen Schweigl/1936-1999/married Oct. 11, 1958/SP3 US Army

SCHWEINER: [L]-Martin Schweiner/27 Apr. 1834/30 Mar. 1904 Tombstone, ossw: [L]-Anna Schweiner/16 Mar. 1843/29 Sept. 1927 (War vet flag holder) Tombstone Tombstone Martin/Anna

SCHWEITZER: [K]-Ignatz Schweitzer/Geb. 23 Jan. 1833/Gest./25 Mar. 1902, ossw: [K]-Maria Schweitzer/Geb. 5 Feb. 1828/Gest. 9 Jan. 1912 [Maus]-Edwin B. Schweitzer/Jan. 4, 1922-March 6, 2012 Photo

SCHWOERER: [N]-Erwin N./1920-1975 Photo, ossw: [N]-Edna E./1920-1984 [N-8-3]-Thomas E. Schwoerer/Apr. 15, 1945/Aug. 27, 1999 [Maus]-Luella E. Schwoerer/June 30, 1921/Aug. 28, 1996 [Maus]-John O. Schwoerer/Sept. 4, 1914/Dec. 11, 1998 [Maus]-Norbert F. Schwoerer/Feb. 19, 1917/Jan. 26, 2007

SCOTT: [G-26-1]-Rita M. Scott/Mother/1926-1995/nee JAGODINSKY Tombstone Rita/Donald, ossw: [G-26-1]-Donald F. Scott/Father/1930-____ [M]-Karl P./1907-1969 US Veteran marker, ossw: [M]-Dorothy K./1911-2002 [N]-William R./1900-1982, ossw: [N]-Margaret M./19O1-1961

SEDLACEK: [L]-Margarethe SEIDL/1851-1905, ossw: [L]-Franciska Sedlacek/1860-1891 Tombstone Margarethe/Franciska

SEEGER: [K]-Dr. L.F. Seeger/born Sept. 22, 1855/died April 15, 1892, ossw: [K]-Minnie E. Seeger/Born Aug. 9, 1858/died/May 24, 1908, next to: [K]-Footstones: Mother/Father

SEGLER: [Maus]-Hans J. Segler/Sept. 23, 1916/June 26, 1992 [Maus]-Mildred V. Segler/Feb. 19, 1921/Jan. 27, 1992

SEIBEL: [N]-Arthur/1901-1965, ossw: [N]-Helen/1898-1992, ossw: [N]-Robert Seibel/1933-2004 US Veteran marker

SEIBERT: [G]-Herman J./1891-1974 US War Veteran, ossw: [G]-Mamie/1898-1995 Tombstone Herbert/Mamie

SEIDL: [C]-Maximilian/1896-1969 (5 Jan. 1896/Feb. 1969, SSDI), ossw: [C]-Anna/1895-1984 [K]-Theresa Seidl/Mother/1844-1934 Tombstone, next to: [K]-Michael Seidl/Vater/16 Nov. 1844/25 Marz 1920 Tombstone Infant son Seidl/d. May 1972/from obit [Maus]-Arthur C. Seidl/Aug. 12, 1934-Feb. 2, 2009 See SEDLACEK

SEITZ: [C]-Francis P./1898-1974 (18 Jan 1898/Dec 1974/SSDI), ossw: [C]-Mary B./1898-1996 (Am. Leg. flag holder) [L]-Wenzel STUIBER/Geb. 8 Mai 1808/Gest./8 Nov. 1875, ossw: [L]-Theresia Seitz/Gest./26 Mar. 1896/Alter/49 Jah 8 Mon. Ignatz Sietz/July 28, 1827-Sept. 9, 1904/from record [L]-Joseph Seitz/1867-1925 [L]-George/1861-1900, ossw: [L]-Mary Seitz/1866-1963, ossw: [L]-Rose Mary Seitz/1895-1986, ossw: [L]-Catherine/1887-1906 [L-123-1]-(son of Georg Seits From Der Nord Westen, 30 May 1889: Death on Sun. of a small son of Northside resident Georg Seits. The little one was buried Tues. in the Catholic cemetery. Note: This child is probably named Maurice) [L-123-1]-(Francis Seitz the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Seitz, is seriously ill, suffering from pneumonia. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Manitowoc, Wis. Monday, January 30, 1899 P.4)

SELCH: [B]-Gottfried Selch/Father/1868-1929 Tombstone, next to: [B]-Frances A. Selch/Mother/1876-1924 Tombstone

SELKE: [H]-Kurt/1908-1994, ossw: [H]-Wanda/1906-June 2009 Constance I. Selke/Oct. 5, 1953/Dec. 8, 2006/from obit Robert K. Selke/July 7, 1939-Feb. 4, 2011

SELL: [H-14-2]-Kenneth F. Sell/Jan. 15, 1917/Mar. 11, 1990/ BM2 US Navy WWII [M-39-4]-Grace M. Sell/1937-2006, ossw: [M-39-5]-Philip P. "Pat" Sell/1936-1987 Betty A. Sell/1925-2010/from obit

SELNER: [Maus]-William W. Selner/Jan. 2, 1916/Nov. 21, 1986

SENGLAUB: [C-15-2]-Gladyce M. Senglaub/1908-2004/nee PRATT Donald G. Senglaub/Jan. 1, 1932/Oct. 29, 2008/from obit

SEPNAFSKI: [I]-Joseph Sr./1905-1971 (05 Apr 1905/May 1971/SSDI), ossw: [I]-Mabel/1909-1983 [Maus]-Joseph R. Sepnafski/1931-2005 [Maus]-William P. Sepnafski/1929-2003

SEPNESKY: [M]-Eugene Sepnesky/1930-2007, ossw: [M]-Kevin Gene Sepnesky/May 3, 1957/May 18, 1957, next to: [M]Anton-/1897-1968, ossw: [M]-Barbara/1900-1988 (war vet flag holder)

SEPNIESKI: [Maus]-Dorothy F. Sepnieski/Aug. 27, 1926/Mar. 7, 1984

SEPNIESKY: [E]-Large family stone, next to: [E]-Anna Sepniesky/1879-1931, next to: [E]-Stanley Sepniesky/1888-1954, next to: [E]-Cecelia/Sepniesky/1902-1971

SHALLUE: [G]-Lucille Shallue/Dec. 25, 1935/Mar. 28, 1937 Tombstone, next to: [G]-Eileen Ann Shallue/Daughter/1950-1959 Tombstone, next to: [G]-Thomas/1902-1992, ossw: [G]-Margaret/1901-1939, ossw: [G]-Esther/1919-1986 Tombstone Thomas/Margaret/Esther [N]-John/1905-1970 (28 Mar 1905/Feb 1970/SSDI), ossw: [N]-Loretta/1918-1993

SHAMROCK: [Maus]-Faye L. Shamrock/March 20, 1924-Nov. 18, 2010 [Maus]-Lorian J. Shamrock/Dec. 31, 1915/Jan. 15, 2001

SHANAHAN: [I]-Clemens J./1907-1984, ossw: [I]-Alvina M./1915-1998 Tombstone Clemens/Alvina


SHARP: [P-12-2]-Myrl L. Sharp/Oct. 18, 1937-April 20, 2008/US Veteran marker, next to: [P-12-2]-Robert A. Sharp/1961-1998

SHAVLIK: [Maus]-Allen E. Shavlik/1929-1995-Korea

SHEAHAN: [F-7-3]-Irene I. Sheahan/1924-1995 Tombstone James/Irene, ossw: [F-7-3]-James R. Sheahan/1927-____ [P-17-3]-Edward J. Sheahan, Jr./May 5, 1933/Nov. 1, 1999/SP3 US Army-Korea

SHEEHAN: [E]-Martina/1873-1955, ossw: [E]-Nellie/1878-1969 (5 Jan. 1879/Apr. 1969/SSDI) [H]-Dorothy Ann Sheehan/1929/Aged 3 Mons. Tombstone Hartnett John Sheehan/Sept. 13, 1926/Mar. 29, 1933 Tombstone

SHEEHY: [I]-Patrick F./1903-1965, ossw: [I]-Rose J./1903-1970 Tombstone Patrick/Rose

SHEMCHAK: [K]-John J. Shemchak/Wisconsin/Pvt Co. I 354 Infantry/World War I/March 6, 1896-Jan. 8, 1957 [K]-Ruth M. Shemchak/June 23, 1910/Feb. 2, 2000 US Vet. marker, next to: [K]-Inez R. Shemchak/Feb. 17, 1940/May 9, 2006 Lena Shemchak/1872-Oct. 21, 1931/from obit

SHERASKI: [F-8-6]-James E. Sheraski/Sept. 28, 1941/Aug. 23, 1979 PFC US Army Tombstone [Maus]-Carl Sheraski/July 12, 1917/Jan. 14, 1990

SHERIDAN: [G]-Edward A./1866-1948, ossw: [G]-Clara M./1879-1951 Tombstone Clara/Edward

SHIMEK: [E]-Francis J. Shimek/May 15, 1905/Aug. 19, 1926, next to: [E]-Christine Shimek/Apr. 16, 1885/June 4, 1977, next to: [E]-Adolph J.Shimek M.D./Oct. 1, 1880/Apr. 30, 1938 (war vet flag holder) [E-19-5]-Bettie Shimek/1924-2003 [F-3-6]-Violet M. Shimek/1926-2006 Tombstone Joseph/Violet, ossw: [F-3-6]-Joseph C. Shimek/1904-1978/SSGT US Army WWII Tombstone [I-13-1]-Hugo Shimek/1915-1990 US Veteran marker [M]-Edward F./1892-1957 US Veteran Photo, ossw: [M]-Lucy/1892-1987 (5 Mar. 1892/30 Nov. 1987/SSDI) [M-45-2]-Clarence W. Shimek/1920-2000 US Veteran marker, ossw: [M-45-2]-Loraine P. Shimek/1923-1986 [M-45-2]-Harold J. Shimek/1918-2004/married May 24, 1941 US Veteran marker [Maus]-M. Grace Shimek/Aug. 17, 1919/Sept. 14, 2003

SHIMON: [E]-Evelyn A./1909-1966, ossw: [E]-John/June 9, 1914/May 29, 2006/ SGT US Army WWII-Bronze Star-Purple Heart [M-10-4]-Cecelia T. Shimon/1912-2006

SHORT: [M]-Clarence/1904-1959, ossw: [M]-Marie/1897-1977

SHOULAK: [M]-Marie C./1905-1971, ossw: [M]-Harvey G./1905-1964, next to: [M]-Daughter/Laverne L. Shoulak/Mar. 16, 1930/Mar. 21, 1947

SHUPITA: Elizabeth K. Shupita/Dec. 20, 1912/Dec. 10, 2004 Tombstone

SICKINGER: [F-13-1]-Marjorie A. Sickinger/1933-1991/married Feb. 16, 1952 [F-13-1]-Donald C./Mar. 13, 1930/Aug. 23, 2010 Tombstone Donald/Marjorie [N]-Gerhard/1908-1994, ossw: [N]-Elfrieda/1906-1991 Tombstone Gerhard/Elfrieda

SICKLES: [H-13-3]-Arthur M. Sickles/1925-1984 US Veteran marker, ossw: [H-13-3]-Marie E. Sickles/1933-1991

SIEBERT: [Maus]-Raymond R. Siebert/July 2, 1925/Sept. 12, 1999

SIEHR: [E]-Ivon J./1897-1967, ossw: [E]-Elsie C./1899-1982, ossw: [E]-Sylvester J./1921-1945 (Am. Leg.war vet flag holder) [M-48-1]-Wayne T. Siehr/Jan. 5, 1944/Mar. 20, 2007 [Maus]-William A. Siehr/1929-2010 Photo

SIELSKI: [E]-Benjamin/Apr. 16, 1915/May 1, 1993/TEC5 US Army WWII, ossw: [E]-Ruth/1920-1964 Photo, next to: [E]-Infant Son of Ben and Ruth Sielski/Sept. 7, 1951, next to: [E]-Paul M. Sielski/-Jan. 1948-, next to: [E]-Infant/Dau. of B & R Sielski/Feb. 8, 1947 [G]-Michael/1887-1960, ossw: [G]-Elizabeth/1889-1971 Tombstone Michael/Elizabeth

SIERACKE: [E]-Edna/1908-1941, ossw: [E]-Sylvester/1905-1992 (14 Mar 1905/Oct 1992/SSDI), ossw: [E]-Frances/1909-1986, next to: [E]-Christine Sieracke/1928-2005 [N]-Henry/1902-1978, ossw: [N]-Leona E./1910-1978

SIERACKI: [E]-Rose Sieracki/1903-1953 [E]-Joseph/1909-1959 [H-8-3]-Kenneth Sieracki/1928-1996/CPL US Army WWII [H-9-1]-Hildegarde H. Sieracki/1925-2013 Photo [H-9-1]-Ralph A. Sieracki/1924-1998 [M]-Erma/1906-1998 [Maus]-Carl Sieracki/June 25, 1927/Sept. 10, 2001 [Maus]-Lorraine Sieracki/Dec. 13, 1927/Oct. 16, 1996

SIEVERT: [A-9-1]-Max Sievert/1893-1983 US Veteran marker, ossw: [A-9-1]-Theresa Sievert/1896-1989 [M]-Lyman Sievert/1903-1953 See STUEBER

SIGMUND: [C]-Theresa Sigmund/Mother/1892-1918, next to: [C]-Leonard Sigmund/Brother/1914-1915 [Maus]-John S. Sigmund/Feb. 22, 1913/Nov. 13, 1982 [Maus]-Isabelle M. Sigmund/Feb. 6, 1909/Mar. 24, 2008

SIKORSKI: [E]-Anna Sikorski/Mother/1886-1935

SIMMER: [A]-George/1884-1958, ossw: [A]-Theresa/1889-1955 Tombstone George/Theresa [A]-Margaret Simmer/Mother/born Nov. 26, 1858/Died Sept. 28, 1919, next to: [A]-Mathew Simmer/Father/Born Apr. 14, 1853/Died Jan. 13, 1921 Photo [C]-Barbara Simmer/Born Dec. 8, 1846/Died Jan. 21, 1916, ossw: [C]-John Simmer/Born July 30, 1843/Died June 15, 1922 [I]-Richard/1897-1960, ossw: [I]-Winifred/1895-1958 Tombstone Richard/Winifred Kenneth Simmer/Nov. 2, 1920/July 3, 2000/PFC US Army WWII, ossw: Dorothy Simmer/1926-2008

SIMMET: [I]-James R./Son/1953-1977, ossw: [I]-Richard J./Father/1926-2007, ossw: [I]-Marion E./Mother/1924-2015 [K]-Edward Simmet/Jan. 25, 1902/Apr. 7, 1928, next to: [K]-Anton/Father/Dec. 30, 1868/June 25, 1942, ossw: [K]-Agnes/Mother/Jan. 16, 1870/Mar. 3, 1942 (George Simmet/Jan. 21, 1865/Jan. 26, 1900/from obit/no stone)

SIMON: [B]-Isadore P./1907-1975 (08 Aug 1907/Aug 1975/SSDI), ossw: [B]-Eleanore M./March 20, 1911-June 3, 1988/nee WANIGER Tombstone Isadore/Elanore [B]-Richard I. Simon/Wisconsin/Cpl. U.S. Marine Res/Korea P.H./ March 24, 1933-Oct. 1, 1958 Tombstone [K]-Cecelia Simon/Mother/1874-1949, next to: [K]-Herman Simon/Father/1875-1938, next to: [K]-George Simon M.D./1917-1992/LT COL US Army WWII-Korea, ossw: [K]-Frances E. Simon/1919-1995 US Veteran marker

SIMONEAU: [I]-Joseph C./1891-1971, ossw: [I]-Clara/1893-1984

SIMONO: [H]-Mary Simono/9-18-1970 Tombstone

SINGER: [E]-Anthony J./1895-1952, ossw: [E]-Julia E./1899-1950 [F]-Anthony/1922-1994, ossw [F]-Dorothy/1924-1974, ossw: [F]-Emily/April 25, 1930-Jan. 6, 2012 Tombstone Anthony/Dorothy/Emily [F]-Robert C./June 6, 1928-Dec. 20, 2011 Tombstone, ossw: [F]-Janice M./Jan. 16, 1934-____ [F-13-3]-Scott C. Singer/Oct. 31, 1961/Sept. 27, 1990 Tombstone [I-2-3]-Leo A. Singer/1901-1998, ossw: [I-2-3]-Margaret A. Singer/1904-1996 [L-102-2]-John Singer/Wisconsin/Sgt. Co. H. 127 Infantry/ World War I/Oct. 10, 1894-March 27, 1918 Tombstone [L-102-2]-Alex Singer/1869/Feb. 1940 [L-102-2]-Blanche Singer/1872-1925 Tombstone Alex/Blanche [M]-John/Father/1874-1946, ossw: [M]-Anna/Mother/1879-1943, next to: [M]-Clarence/1902-1991, ossw: [M]-Lillian/1903-1994, next to: [M]-Roy W./1911-1977, ossw: [M]-Marion K./1919-2006

SIPNEFSKI: [E]-Thomas/1901-1972 (14 July 1901/Dec. 1972/SSDI), ossw: [E]-Clara/1904-1978

SISEL: [Maus]-Dana J. Sisel/1921-2010

SITKAWITZ: [Maus]-Mary Jane Sitkawitz/Nov. 15, 1927/Apr. 23, 2006 [Maus]-Richard J. Sitkawitz/May 12, 1925-July 31, 2011

SITKIEWITZ: [E]-Kevin Jon Sitkiewitz/-1977- (Pfeffer marker) [F-6-3]-George V. Sitkiewitz/1918-1999 Tombstone George/Florence, ossw: [F-6-3]-Florence C. Sitkiewitz/1921-____

SITTMAN: [E]-William/1903-1955, ossw: [E]-Mary/1906-1987

SIUDZINSKI: [Maus]-Emanuel Siudzinski/1910-1980 [Maus]-Evelyn M. Siudzinski/1914-1987

SKARDA: [B]-Oscar/Father/Nov. 1, 1893-Sep. 3, 1969, ossw: [B]-Ethel/Mother/1890-1941 Tombstone Oscar/Ethel [Maus]-Jean M. Skarda/Dec. 15, 1941/Feb. 11, 1998 Photo

SKUBAL: [I]-John Michael/1943-1962 Photo [I-13-4]-John Daniel Skubal/1913-1983/married Sept. 2, 1940, ossw: [I-13-4]-Mary J. RUGOWSKI Skubal/1916-2006 [M]-Viola E. Skubal/1906-1977 (stone reads: CONNOLLY) [M]-John/1884-1957, ossw: [M]-Mary A./1883-1965

SLADKY: [K]-Frank/1885-1968, ossw: [K]-Julia/1890-1960 Tombstone Frank/Julia

SLAGER: [Maus]-Louis J. Slager/Mar. 7, 1907/July 31, 1994

SLATTERY: [N]-Lester R./1903-1972, ossw: [N]-Benita A./1907-1981

SLEGER: [E]-Matt/1884-1954, ossw: [E]-Julia/1887-1974 (25 Oct 1887/Feb 1974/SSDI) [E]-Tillie/1907-1999, ossw: [E]-Mayme/1911-2004/MRAZ [M]-Joseph J./1899-1986, ossw: [M]-Rose E./1902-1989 (02 Oct 1902/15 Sep 1989/SSDI), ossw: [M]-Earl F./1932-1990 [Maus]-Edward S. Sleger/1908-2000 [Maus]-Celestine C. Sleger/1909-1996 [Maus]-Tillie Sleger/Oct. 12, 1907/July 9, 1999

SMAGLIK: [M]-William J. Smaglik/1939-1951, ossw: [M]-Edward L. Smaglik/Feb. 1, 1908/Nov. 9, 1988, ossw: [M]-Leona M. Smaglik/Aug. 15, 1911/Feb. 4, 1998

SMAZAL: [L-203-4]-Lorenz Smazal/Died/May 24, 1884/Aged 100 years/19 days, ossw: [L-203-4]-Catharina./wife of/J. Boehm/Died/Aug. 24, 1887/Aged 54 years See SVOBODA

SMAZEL: [B]-Wenzel/Father/1871-1950, ossw: [B]-Josephine/Mother/1870-1960, ossw: [B]-Agnes/Daughter/1893-1968 Tombstone Wenzel/Josephine/Agnes [C]-Susan/1869-1958, ossw: [C]-Joseph/1869-1914 [C]-Joseph A. Smazel Jr./1893-1915 [G]-Raymond/1903-1935, ossw: [G]-William/1886-1958, ossw: [G]-Anna/1884-1968 Tombstone Raymond/William/Anna [K]-Katherine Smazel/Mother/1854-1917, next to: [K]-Wenzel Smazel/Father/1848-1907 (war vet flag holder)

SMITH: [C]-Esther Smith/1900-1972 (19 Sep 1900/Jan 1972/SSDI) [E]-Martin Smith/May 11, 1880/Apr. 26, 1934, next to: [E]-Sarah Smith/Feb. 2, 1880/July 7, 1927 [M]-Eugene/1877-1949, ossw: [M]-Mathilda/1886-1967 [M]-Rodney D. Smith/1928-1960 [M-11-2]-Philip E. Smith/Mar. 15, 1922/Sept. 10, 1995 [Maus]-Austin F. Smith/Nov. 18, 1911/Oct. 1, 2000 [Maus]-Jeanne G. Smith/Dec. 25, 1916/Feb. 5, 1996 [Maus]-Burtt M. Smith/June 16, 1914/Nov. 8, 1996 [Maus]-Grace Smith/Mar. 30, 1918/May 2, 1997 [Maus]-Charles A. Smith-Nov. 4, 1906/Jan. 16, 1995 [Maus]-Ruth L. Smith/Aug. 14, 1909-Sept. 30, 2006 [Maus]-Louis C. Smith, Sr./May 12, 1920-Dec. 17, 1993 [Maus]-Mary C. Smith/Nov. 27, 1924-Sept. 14, 1990 [Maus]-Marie Smith/Aug. 6, 1920-March 10, 2010 [Maus]-Walter G. Smith/July 7, 1917-June 21, 1984 [Maus]-Ann Michelle Smith/Oct. 14, 1959-Oct. 11, 2007

SOBEL: Marvin Sobel/June 30, 1918, Oct. 2, 2012 Tombstone [Maus]-Joseph J. Sobel/Mar. 4, 1920/Feb. 4, 1993 [Maus]-Richard L. Sobel/Sept. 9, 1927/Oct. 20, 1994

SOBIECH: [C]-Edward/1911-1970, ossw: [C]-Xavier/1909-1986 US Veteran, next to: [C]-Xavier/1862-1943, ossw: [C]-Veronica/1867-1946 Tombstone Xavier/Veronica, next to: [C]-John Sobiech/Aug. 13, 1893-Nov. 7, 1918 (War vet flag holder) next to: [C]-Theodore Sobiech/Born Nov. 9, 1890/Died Oct. 26, 1918 Mary Sobiech/1898-Feb. 6, 1901/from record Wazlaus Sobiech/Feb. 1898-Oct. 16, 1898/from record Baby Dau. Sobiech/d. Nov. 6, 1918/from obit/no stone

SOBIESKI: [Maus]-Chester J. Sobieski/July 10, 1917/Sept. 30, 1995 [Maus]-Emily L. Sobieski/June 21, 1922/Mar. 29, 2008

SOBIESKY: [M]-Albert/1891-1971 (b. 17 Nov. 1891/d. Aug. 1971/SSDI),ossw: [M]-Veronica/1890-1973 (10 Mar 1890/Feb 1973/SSDI)

SOCH: [N-24-2]-Kenneth F. Soch/Sept. 28, 1931/June 9, 2003/PFC US Army-Korea [Maus]-Christopher Soch/Mar. 24, 1982/Oct. 20, 2001

SOCHOR: [K]-Margaretha Sochor/Geb. zu Neumark Oestr. D./24 Juni 1813/Gest. 6 Jan. 1904 Tombstone Tombstone

SOLAR: [L]-David R. Solar/Died/Sept. 3, 1881/Aged 21 yrs./11. Mo. 19 da.

SONDERGAARD: [B]-Marian STANGEL/1923-1966, ossw: [B]-Nils Edmund Sondergaard/July 24, 1916/Aug. 17 1992 (Died at Polk, WI/may be buried there because there are no dates on the stone/added from SSDI)


SORBY: Mom/Beverly A. Sorby/May 11, 1928/June 2, 2005/married Oct. 9, 1965

SOUCY: [Maus]-Roland J. Soucy/Jan. 16, 1922/Jan. 18, 2005

SPACEK: [Maus]-Frank W. Spacek/Feb. 10, 1917/June 1, 1995 [Maus]-Magdalen A. Spacek/Jan. 21, 1916/Dec. 28, 1998

SPACKMAN: [G]-Irene Spackman/1904-1956 Tombstone

SPAHN: [I-3-3]-Arthur/1911-1996, ossw: [I-3-3]-Anna/Sep. 30, 1914-Aug. 9, 2011, ossw: [I-3-3]-Jessica Marie WOLF/Dec. 6, 1979-Dec. 13, 1979 See WOLF

SPAUDE: [B]-Marjorie/Nee RUSBOLDT/1925-1967 Tombstone [H]-Allen C./Spaude/-May 27, 1971- Tombstone

SPECHT: [L]-Edward/1887-1974 (07 Nov 1887/Sep 1974/SSDI), ossw: [L]-Viola/1890-1987, next to: [L]-Adam/Apr. 8, 1850/Feb. 14, 1925, next to: [L]-Cecelia Specht/1857-1950, next to: [Maus]-Ione M. Specht/1925-2002 [Maus]-Milton H. Specht/Aug. 6, 1920/Jan. 9, 2009/from obit

SPEIDEL: [G-]-Cora W. Speidel/1928-1950 (war vet flag holder) Tombstone [G-]-Howard M. Speidel/d. 1974 Tombstone

SPEVACEK: [M]-Benjamin/1912-1964, ossw: [M]-Edna/1912-1954

SPOENTGEN: [L]-John Spoentgen/1873-1956,next to: [L]-Mary K. Spoentgen/Mother/1875-1940

SPORER: [E]-Frank/1883-1971 (24 Aug. 1883/Apr. 1971/SSDI), ossw: [E]-Anna/1883-1968 [L]-John Sporer/Born 1825/Died Apr. 23, 1905, ossw: [L]-Theresa Sporer/Born 1830/Died June 13, 1916 Tombstone John/Theresa [L]-Annie/E./1871-1960, ossw: [L]-Anton W./1866-1940 Tombstone Annie/Anton

SPRANG: [I]-Johanna/1920-2011 [Maus]-Clement C. Sprang/Feb. 24, 1918/Oct. 9, 1958 [Maus]-Duane J. Sprang/May 21, 1959/Sept. 21, 1986

SPRUIELL: [M-32-3]-Robert L. Spruiell/Mar. 23, 1934/Dec. 14, 1993 US Veteran marker, ossw: [M-32-3]-Mary Ellen Spruiell/Dec. 28, 1937/Feb. 7, 2001/nee STEPHANI

STAAB: [K-191-4]-Robert P. Dueno Staab/2005-2005

STADDLER: [A]-Anton/1894-1994 (25 Jan. 1894/21 Jan. 1994/SSDI), ossw; [A]-Rose/1889-1978, next to: [A]-Baby Staddler/Oct. 28, 1925 [B]-Agnes Staddler/1899-1975 Tombstone [Maus]Mary A. Staddler/1920-2010/from obit

STADLER: [L-203]Stadler family stone [L-203]-Viola Stadler/EHLERS/1886-1971 Tombstone, next to: [L-203]-Lena/1854-1946 Tombstone, next to: [L-203]-Nicholas/1851-1919 Tombstone [L-216]-Christoph Stadler/1826-1902, ossw: [L-216]-Barbara Stadler/1829-1904 Tombstone Christoph/Barbara [M-28-4]-Margaret SCHEURELL Stadler/1904-1983 [M-28-4]-Carmen Stadler/Nov. 10, 1984/Nov. 13, 1984

STANGEL: [B]-Adolph C./1894-1956 (Am. Leg. flag holder), ossw: [B]-Bernadette/1894-1974, ossw: [B]-Paul/-1931- Tombstone Adolph/Bernadette/Paul [G]-Charles J. Stangel/1895-1931 Tombstone [N]-Jerry/1894-1979, ossw: [N]-Katherine/1890-1963 [Maus]-Daniel A. Stangel/Aug. 3, 1917/May 21, 2006 [Maus]-Matthew D. Stangel/Dec. 9, 1994/Dec. 19, 1997 See SONDERGAARD

STANZEL: [A]-Family stone, next to: [A]-Frank S. Stanzel/1875-1925 [D]-Mathilda/1871-1942, ossw: [D]-Stanislaus/1871-1915 [E]-Walter/1893-1984, ossw: [E]-Elma/1894-1971, ossw: [E]-Jerome/1920-1933 [I]-Edward/1899-1973, ossw: [I]-Viola/1902-1974 [K]-Ignatz Stanzel/Born Feb. 1, 1838/Died Aug. 16, 1912, ossw: [K]-Barbara Stanzel/Born May 1, 1838/Died Apr. 8, 1915, next to: [K]-Sylvester A./1907-1974, ossw: [K]-Elba/1911-1992 [N]-Arnold/1910-1990, ossw: [N]-Josephine/1915-1965, ossw: [N]-Betty Jane/1943-1965

STARK: [K-159-1]-Edward C. Stark/Aug. 25, 1924/May 25, 2007 US Veteran marker, ossw: [K-159-1]-Mildred M. Stark/May 12, 1928/Dec. 3, 2004

STARR: (No name)/Nov. 3, 1984 (possibly birth/death date)

STAUDINGER: [P-20-2]-William L. Staudinger/Aug. 17, 1949/Aug. 21, 1999/ SP4 US Army-Vietnam, next to: [P-20-2]-Reinhart Staudinger/1919-2001/PFC US Army WWII, next to: [P-20-2]-Jeffrey Staudinger/1953-2008, next to: [P-20-2]-Irene Staudinger/1921-2008

STAUDT: [K]-Baby Staudt/9-9/1919

STECKBAUER: [Maus]-Dr. J. W. Steckbauer/1895-1981 [Maus]-Frances Steckbauer/1916-1998

STEDER: [B]-John H. Steder/Oct. 29, 1884/Oct. 31, 1925, ossw: [B]-Rose Steder/1882-1974 Tombstone John/Rose, next to: [B]-John Conrad Steder/Nov. 13, 1858-Nov. 23, 1946, ossw: [B]-Anna M. Steder/Jan. 20, 1866-Sept. 2, 1926 Tombstone John/Anna [L]-Edward/1879-1953, ossw: [L]-Mary/1881-1968, ossw: [L]-Venilla/-1900- Tombstone Edward/Mary/Venilla

STEDL: [N]-Albert J./1903-1991/PFC US Army WWII, ossw: [N]-Celestine/1914-1992 (14 Oct 1914/Sep 1992/SSDI)

STEEBER: [Maus]-Arnold L. Steeber/Dec. 21, 1930/Mar. 22, 2002

STEFANCIC: Dolores Stefancic/Nov. 19, 1928-April 29, 2011 Tombstone

STEFFANIDES: [M]-Harriet Steffanides/1900-1965, next to: [M]-Milton T. Steffanides/1936-1990

STEFFES: [C]-Maria Anna Steffes/Geb. 17 Mar. 1843/Gest./13 Jan. 1922, ossw: [C]-Johann Peter/Steffes/geb/7 Aug. 1845/gest. 19 Dec. 1913

STEGER: [M]-Evelyn Steger/Mother/Feb. 19, 1901/Aug. 31, 1961, next to: [M]-Frank Steger/Father/Mar. 24, 1893/June 17, 1976 (war vet flag holder)


STEIN: James W. Stein, Sr./1896-1981 US Veteran marker, ossw: Kathryn Stein/1901-2001/nee COOPER

STEINBRECHER: [N]-Jerome/1897-1977, ossw: [N]-Viola/1903-1978 (war vet flag holder)

STEINBRECKER: [M-36-2]-Vernon Steinbrecker/1905-1988, ossw: [M-36-2]-Caroline Steinbrecker/1906-1992

STEINER: [B]-John W. Steiner/1873-1925 Tombstone Tombstone John/Sophia, next to: [B]-Sophia Steiner/Nee SCHINDLER/1876-1921 Tombstone, next to: [B]-Family Stone [B]-Henry J. Steiner/1915-1952 Tombstone

STELMACH: [I]-Harry/1907-1978, ossw: [I]-Willette/1918-2005

STELZER: [H]-Roman H. Stelzer/1922-2006, ossw: [H]-Lillian J. Stelzer/1923-1978 (Pfeffer marker) [M]-Louis/1880-1956, ossw: [M]-Margaret/1889-1967 [Maus]-Robert L. Stelzer/Mar. 8, 1928/Aug. 22, 2006

STEPHANI: [L]-Marie/March 4, 1868-Nov. 10, 1908 Tombstone Tombstone [L]-John/Aug. 29, 1823-June 7, 1908 Tombstone Tombstone John/Maria,ossw: [L]-Maria/gattin von/Johann Stephani/Geb. 20 Jan. 1884/gest. 3 Nov. 1900 Tombstone, next to: [M]-Helen Mae/1928-1941, ossw: [M]-William/1898-1970(March 20, 1898/April 23, 1970), ossw: [M]-Hildegard/1900-1977 (10 Nov 1900/Feb 1977/SSDI) [M]-William P./1870-1959, ossw: [M]-Louise/1871-1950, next to: [M]-Marie L. Stephani/July 15, 1919/Mar. 10, 2004 [M]-William/1860-1949, ossw: [M]-Lena/1867-1948 [N]-John Stephani/1892-1967 (John Stephami/14 Aug. 1892/Apr. 1967/SSDI) note: spelled Stephani on death certificate/Stephami on ssdi), ossw: [N]-Agnes Stephani/1895-1965 See SPRUIELL

STEPHANY: [L]-Elizabeth Stephany/Oct. 16, 1867/May 12, 1927, next to: [L]-Charles J. Stephany/Dec. 22, 1861/Dec. 17, 1943 [L]-Johann Stephany/Geboren 7 Febr. 1832/Gestorben 16 Jan. 1886 Tombstone, ossw: [L]-Maria/Gattin des J. Stephany/geb 8 Dez. 1838/Gestorben 17 Okt. 1877 Tombstone Tombstone Johann/Maria, next to: [L]-Klara S., next to: [L]-Johann S., next to: [L]-Josef S. [M-33-3]-Erwin Stephany/1899-1984, ossw: [M-33-3]-Carmen Stephany/1908-1989

STETSON: Baby Stetson/d. 2008 (no other date)

STEVENS: [P-6-4]-Theresa A. Stevens/May 15, 1932/Oct. 9, 2005 Kim M. Stevens/1963-2010/from obit [Maus]-Donald E. Stevens/1926-1989 [Maus]-William E. Stevens/1902-1992 [Maus]-Irene M. Stevens/1906-1998

STICH: [L]-Anna Stich/gest/8 Jan. 1872/Alt. 7 Jahre Tombstone, ossw: [L]-Joseph Stich/geboren/1 Jan. 1807/gestorben/14 Dez. 1867 Tombstone, ossw: [L]-Klara Stich/Geboren/29 Oct. 1813/gestorben/3 Oct. 1882 Tombstone Tombstone Anna/Joseph/Klara

STIEFVATER: [M]-John/Father/1881-1950, ossw: [M]-Mary/Mother/1882-1943

STITES: [M-11-2]-Theresa Stites/1907-1979

STOCK: [M-9-4]-Esther M. Stock/Apr. 23, 1919/July 29, 1993/nee FRANZ, ossw: [M-9-4]-Harold E. Stock/Apr. 12, 1919/Jan. 30, 2004/married July 29, 1940 [M-56-2]-Terrence Stock/Jan. 17, 1945/Aug. 18, 1990 [N]-Lorraine L./1940-____, ossw: [N]-Eugene C./1937-1972 (04 Apr 1937/May 1972/SSDI) [N-23-3]-Erwald E. Stock/1912-1984, ossw: [N-23-3]-Hilda E. Stock/1914-1994 See DOERSCH

STOCKINGER: [C]-Caspar Stockinger/Born Mar. 4, 1855/Died Sept. 2, 1905, next to: [C]-Catherine Stockinger/Born Nov. 26, 1856/Died June 26, 1937 [C]-Rev. Joseph E. Stockinger/Born Nov. 28, 1880/Died Oct. 8, 1918 [C]-Rudolph/1882-1973 (10 Jan. 1882/Dec. 1973/SSDI), ossw: [C]-Katherine/1883-1963 Photo, ossw: [C]-Rita/1913-1914, ossw: [C]-Loretta C. Stockinger/1911-1998 [L]-Elisabetha Stockinger/Mutter/Geb. 6 Dec. 1816/Gest. 12 Apr. 1886, next to: [L]-Joseph Stockinger/Vater/Geb. 2 Sept. 1819/Gest. 10 Dec. 1905 [Maus]-Pearl P. Stockinger/Nov. 19, 1915/Apr. 16, 1987 [Maus]-Rudolph Stockinger/Feb. 5, 1915/Dec. 7, 1988

STOKER: [Maus]-Frederick W. Stoker/Jan. 26, 1910/Nov. 8, 1994 [Maus]-Pearl M. Stoker/Dec. 25, 1915/Apr. 14, 1997

STOLLER: [K]-Mary Stoller/Mother/Born Mar. 7, 1854/Died Mar. 27, 1894

STRATHMANN: [C]-William Strathmann/1865-1903 [C]-Theresia Strathmann/1860-1937 [C]-William Strathmann/1881-1909 [C]-Mary Strathmann/1891-1919 [C]-Joseph J. Strathmann/1883-1952 Tombstone [C]-Pauline Strathmann/Dec. 9, 1892/June 15, 1972 Tombstone, next to: [C]-Mother/Father/William, next to: [C]-Marie Strathmann/May 1, 1909-Mar 18, 1991 Photo [C-5-2]-Paul K. Strathmann/U.S. Army/Korea/Dec. 20, 1928-Jan. 3, 1995 Tombstone Theresia C. WORTH Strathmann/1892-1986 [I-24-1]-Joseph C. Strathmann/May 13, 1930/July 18, 1996/PFC US Army-Korea

STRAUSS: [E]-Mary Strauss/-May 14, 1961- [M-35-4]-David Edward Strauss/Aug. 6, 1947/June 10, 2007/married May 17, 1980 SGT US Air Force-Vietnam [M-36-4]-Francis F. Strauss/May 29, 1935-Mar. 22, 1999 Photo + Tombstone [M-36-4]-Lorraine M. Strauss/July 31, 1935-Aug. 2, 2011 Photo + Tombstone See HOLSCHBACH

STREBEL: [I]-Mary Anne Strebel/1961-1961 Tombstone [I]-Raymond J./1909-2000, ossw: [I]-Susan V./1909-2007 [P-9-4]-Peter J. Strebel/Aug. 31, 1943/Sept. 20, 2000

STREIT: [E-6-4]-Robert J. Streit/1909-1986

STREUBEL: [I-14-4]-Mary C. Streubel/1962-1985/nee EGAN

STRODTHOFF: [H-21-1]-Clarence H. Strodthoff/1916-1986 US Veteran, ossw: [H-21-1]-Hallie O. Strodthoff/1916-2008 [M]-Nicky Strodthoff/July 12, 1957

STROHFELDT: [F-3-5]-Chester Strohfeldt/Dad/1926-1979 Knights of Columbus Tombstone, ossw: [F-3-5]-Elizabeth Strohfeldt/1928-2014 [M]-Walter/1894-1985, ossw: [M]-Hildegarde/1898-1947 [M-8-4]-Daniel J. Strohfeldt/1937-1981 Floyd D. Strohfeldt/1931-2010/from obit

STROTHER: [Maus]-Harry C. Strother/Nov. 14, 1917/May 3, 1986 [Maus]-Harriet J. Strother/May 9, 1917/Nov. 3, 2002

STROUF: [Maus]-Arnold Strouf/Feb. 24, 1922-July 26, 2008 [Maus]-Cecelia C. Strouf/Jan. 27, 1924-Feb. 20, 2012

STRUBE: [L]-Marie FULLMER Strube/1909-1974 (husband Ernest Strube in Evergreen) [M]-Paul Strube/Husband/1898-1936 See BECKER See FULLMER

STRUPP: [D]-Joseph Strupp/1884-1958, next to: [D]-Theresa Strupp/Born/June 28, 1883-Died June 17, 1953, next to: [D]-Bernhard Strupp/Born/Aug. 20, 1881/Died July 4, 1932, next to: [D]-Peter N./1883-1952, ossw: [D]-Julianna/1890-1985, next to: [D]-Large family stone, next to: [D]-Ferdinand Strupp/Born/Dec. 12, 1877/Died Nov. 19, 1946, next to: [D]-Alvin C. Strupp/Born/Aug. 16, 1894/died/in Brest, France/Oct. 7, 1918, next to: [D]-Peter Strupp Sr./Born Nov. 21, 1847/Died/Apr. 26, 1927, next to: [D]-Theresa Strupp/Born/Dec. 14, 1856/Died/Jan. 6, 1930 [D-3-3]-Fred J. Strupp/1910-1985 Knights of Columbus, ossw: [D-3-3]-Susan B. Strupp/1909-1987, ossw: [D-3-3]-Arthur J. Strupp/1911-1987 Photo, ossw: [D-3-3]-Eleanor M. Strupp/1912-2006 See WEBER

STRYZEWSKI: [N]-August/1889-1967, ossw: [N]-Josephine/1892-1989 [N]-Edwin A. Stryzewski/Aug. 6, 1916/June 5, 1992/PFC US Army WWII, next to: [N]-Harry F./1912-2002, ossw: [N]-Marian/1915-1962 [N]-John Stryzewski/1879-1973 (b. 7 Aug. 1879/d. June 1973/SSDI) [N]-Clarence/1913-1985, ossw: [N]-Frances/1913-1970 Son of Joseph Strzewsky/age 1 yr/d. June 4, 1917/no stone

STRZYEWSKI: [Maus]-Leonard Strzyewski/May 12, 1920/Jan. 3, 1997

STUEBER: [A]-Frank/Stueber/Died/Aug. 23, 1920/Aged/81 years [C]-Walter/Son/1886-1906, ossw: [C]-Caroline/Mother/1863-1956, ossw: [C]-Jacob/Father/1862-1911 [E]-Jacob/1905-1974 (27 Jun 1905/Sep 1974/SSDI), ossw: [E]-Evelyn/1907-1955 [E]-Agnes E./19O0-1965, ossw: [E]-Edwin P./Apr. 6, 1896/May 9, 1967, ossw: [E]-Donald H./1927-1932 [E-9-3]-Edwin Stueber/1928-1988 US Veteran marker, ossw: [E-9-3]-Audrey Stueber/1931-2005 [E-24-4]-Leland P. Stueber/1923-1978 VFW marker [M]-Verona SIEVERT Stueber/1907-1992, next to: [M]-Lyman Stueber/1903-1953 (this could be Sievert)

STUIBER: [D]-Joseph/Father/1873-1920, ossw: [D]-Anna/Mother/1875-1949, next to: [D]-John F./1909-2002, ossw: [D]-Hazel A./1912-2010 [L]-Anton Stuiber/Geb. in Neumark/13 Feb. 1831/Gest. 18 Nov. 1907 Tombstone, next to: [L]-Large base only (no stone) [L]-Wenzel Stuiber/Geb./8 Mai 1808/Gest/8 Nov. 1875, ossw: [L]-Theresia/SEITZ/Gest/26 Mar. 1896/Alter/49 Jah. 8 Mon. [L]-Footstones: T.S./W.S. [Maus]-Ilene Stuiber/Oct. 6, 1942/Oct. 17, 2000

STUMPF: [M-37-3]-Lawrence O. Stumpf/May 6, 1918/Mar. 7, 2008/ married Dec. 27, 1975 Tombstone Lawrence/Rose, ossw: [M-37-3]-Rose Marie Stumpf/Dec. 2, 1936-____

STURM: [N]-Henry Sr./1906-1984, ossw: [N]-Bertha/1911-1995 (19 Jan. 1911/17 Apr. 1995/SSDI) [N-26-2]-Robert A. Sturm/1944-2007

SUCHOCKI: [H-9-4]-Raymond Suchocki/1917-2009 US Veteran marker

SUFFERN: [K-158-3]-James Suffern/Father/1817-1881, ossw: [K-158-3]-Elizabeth Suffern/1825-1913 [Unk]-Elizabeth Suffern/nee Feltos/1818-1906

SUKAWATY: [G]-Wenzel Sukawaty/Father/1892-1979, ossw: [G]-Agnes Sukawaty/Mother/1890-1973 Tombstone Wenzel/Agnes

SUKOWATY: [H]-Baby Sukowaty/1954-1954 Tombstone

SULLIVAN: [G]-Cornelius/1892-1946, ossw: [G]-Agnes/1890-1956 Tombstone Cornelius/Agnes [H-12-4]-Marilyn K. Sullivan/Aug. 4, 1929-March 27, 2012 [H-12-4]-Edward L. Sullivan/Apr. 22, 1927/Sept. 19, 1994/ PVT US Army WWII [I]-Raymond E./1905-1967, ossw: [I]-Olive L./1910-2004 [K]-Ella C. Sullivan/1859/1950, next to: [K]-Family stone, next to: [K]-John Sullivan/1851-1921, next to: [K]-Timothy Sullivan/1847-1920, next to: [K]-Eugene Sullivan/1849-1920, next to: [K]-Mary Sullivan/1813-1884, next to: [K]-Eugene Sullivan/1812-1873 [K]-Edmund Sullivan/Father/1811-1876, next to: [K]-Margaret Sullivan/Mother/1810-1888, next to: [K]-Sullivan family stone, next to: [K]-Mary CHLOUPEK/Daughter/1838-1909, next to: [K]-John Sullivan/1839-1925 (death cert. has 1849) [K]-Timothy Sullivan/died/June 15, 1873/aged/83 yrs. 7 mos. 3 ds.

SUNDERLAND: [M-10-2]-Reneta Sunderland/1903-1991

SUNDQUIST: [I]-Don E. Sundquist/1941-1976, ossw: [I]-Marilyn M. Sundquist/1947-2004

SURFUS: [G]-Walter L. Surfus/Wisconsin/Pvt. 64 Engr. TNG BN/World War II/Jan. 29, 1920-June 3, 1948, ossw: [G]-Marion DIRKMANN Surfus/1923-2006 Tombstone [H]-Maria Terese Surfus/-June 2, 1955- Tombstone [M]-Louis Frank Surfus/1 Sept 1872/3 Dec 1953 , ossw: [M]-Mary/1882-1976 [N-36-3]-Kenneth L. Surfus/1911-1985/married Oct. 16, 1936 Photo, ossw: [N-36-3]-Lilah M. Surfus/1913-1999 [Maus]-Donald J. Surfus/Aug. 15, 1913/Oct. 1, 2004 [Maus]-Ruby Surfus/July 12, 1914/May 27, 1978 [Maus]-John F. Surfus/Sept. 4, 1907/July 1, 1995 [Maus]-Frances A. Surfus/Mar. 25, 1909/Jan. 8, 1985 [Maus]-Margaret S. Surfus/Mar. 19, 1906/Apr. 18, 2003 [Maus]-Marian Surfus/May 1, 1919/May 3, 2001 [Maus]-Paul Surfus/Aug. 9, 1916/Oct. 22, 1994

SVOBODA: [C]-Emma Svoboda/1883-1957, next to: [C]-Frank Svoboda/1872-1967 [G]-Mary M. Svoboda/1882-1958 Tombstone, next to: [G]-Anthony M. Svoboda/1880-1969 Tombstone [L]-Marie Svoboda/Dcera/, next to: [L]-Ter. Svoboda/Dcera/next to: [L]-Terezye Svoboda/Provdana SMAZAL/narozena/3 Srpna 1851/Zemrela 14 Unora 1871, ossw: [L]-Marie Svoboda/Narozena/24 Unora 1854/Zemrela/18 Cervce 1823, ossw: [L]-Josef Svoboda/2 Srpna 1823/Zemrel/10 Zari 1886, ossw: [L]-Marie Svoboda/Narozena/11 Ledna 1825/Zemrela 1 Ledna 1913, next to: [L]-Anna Svoboda/Mother/MOUDRY/1857-1929, next to: [L]-Maria Svoboda, next to: [L]-Jos. Svoboda/Otec

SWAKOWSKI/SWAKOWSKY: [L]-Frank Swakowski/Father (picture inset)/d. 1912 John Swakowsky/1860-July 9, 1932

SWEETMAN: [H-22-1]-Kevin Sweetman/d. Feb. 4, 1982 (no other date) [I-2-3]-Eugene D. Sweetman/1931-1992 See NONNEMACHER

SWETLIK: [H]-Paula Jean/Dau. of/R & C Swetlik/-Jan. 5, 1967- Tombstone [Maus]-Carol M. Swetlik/June 25, 1942/Oct. 8, 2004

SWETTE: [K]-Clara Swette/1883-1955

SWOKOSKE: [N]-Frank G./1893-1967, ossw: [N]-Anna C./1893-1978

SWOKOWSKI: [H-18-2]-John A. Swokowski/Feb. 3, 1920/Jan. 1, 1981 [L]-Theresa DRILL/1896-1977, nee SWOKOWSKI [L]-Frank/Father/1871-1912, ossw: [L]-Anna/Mother/1869-1937 Tombstone Frank/Anna [L]-George/1903-1980 US Amer. Leg., ossw: [L]-Anna/1901-1987 Am. Leg. Aux. (4 Oct. 1901/Nov. 1987/SSDI) Tombstone George/Anna, next to: [L]-Clara/Swokowski/1895-1896 Tombstone George/d. 1919 [P-1-2]-Delores K. Swokowski/Mar. 18, 1920/Jan. 19, 1997

SYDOW: [I-6-3]-Leo A. Sydow/1901-1996, ossw: [I-6-3]-Anna J. Sydow/1901-1992 [M]-Elsie Sydow/1891-1955, next to: [M]-Albert Sydow/1887-1983

SYNON: [F-6-1]-Raymond Synon/1922-1994 Tombstone

SZALEWSKI: [H-21-2]-Peter A. Szalewski/Nov. 17, 1904/Dec. 17, 1994, ossw: [H-21-2]-Stella M. Szalewski/Apr. 28, 1908/Aug. 6, 2000

SZYMCZAK: [K]-Martin Szymczak/Father/1868-1946, next to: [K]-Michaelena Szymczak/Mother/1872-1931

SZYMCZYK: [F-3-5]-John Szymczyk/1910-1979, ossw: [F-3-5]-Alice Szymczyk/1910-1985 Tombstone John/Alice Back to Top