Kossuth Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: 0.2 mile west of County Trunk B, on North side of Highway 310. Copied by Hilary Vanderbloemen, 1983-1984.
Typed and proofread by Hilary Vanderbloemen. Reindexed by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society from cemetery
printout of burials as of June 2007, added to this site November 2010.


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Dorothy Aggen/1904-1999
Hubert Aggen/1904-1992

AHRENS: Fred G./1914-1971 Alice/1910-1987 (1 Apr 1910/Apr 1987/SSDI)

ALFSON: Bennett Alfson/1904-1984 (11 Apr 1904/Nov 1984/SSDI) Hertha Alfson/1908-1996 Lawrence Alfson/Jan. 24, 1931/Oct. 3, 1995

ALLEN: Louise Allen/1914-2005

ALLIE: Albert Allie/Dec. 23, 1890/Feb. 23, 1983 Elmere Allie/1894-1988 Robert F. Allie/Feb. 1, 1932-Oct. 6, 2011

ALTERGOTT: Joyce Altergott/1925-2001 Otto Altergott/1922-2001

ALVORD: Lloyd Alvord/1921-2006 Thelma I. Alvord/Nov. 22, 1922-May 20, 2009

ANDERSON: Alex Anderson/Aug 1, 1904/Sep., 1987 Elaine Anderson/Aug, 31, 1922/March 28, 2007 Leeland Anderson/1916-2005 Lillian Anderson/1903-1997 Opal G. Anderson/April 11, 1922/May 18, 2006 Rudolph A. Anderson/March 3, 1918/May 14, 2001 See IVIS

ANDRASTEK: Bernard Andrastek/1908-1988 (22 Jul 1908/17 Sep 1988/SSDI) Bernice Andrastek/1920-1999 (30 Mar 1920/23 Apr 1999/SSDI) Cecilla Andrastek/1910-2005 Daniel Andrastek/1916-1994 (17 Nov 1916/2 Feb 1994)

ANDREWS: Darwin D. Andrews Sr./August 21, 1925/July 21, 1998

ANHALT: (Claude T. Anhalt/1922-2008/from obit) Joseph N. Anhalt/June 12, 1910/April 15, 1982 Floyd Anhalt/1936-2002 Marie Anhalt/1914-2002 Orville Anhalt/1931-1999

ANSCHUTZ: Betty Anschutz/1927-1997 (18 May 1927/4 Jul 1997/SSDI) Lester Anschutz/1923-1991

ANSORGE: (Pearl Ansorge (Pearl A Ansorge/02 Sep 1932/09 Oct 1997/SSDI) (Alma Leonora nee Krueger Ansorge, buried October 13, 1997, service at St. John Lutheran, Newtonburg, burial at Knollwood. Wife of Edward Ansorge/sent in by researcher-see contributors page)

APLIN: Audrey Aplin/Jan. 1, 1945/Feb. 18, 2006

ARMSTRONG: Rose Armstrong/1925-2001 Roger Armstrong/1928-2000 (3 May 1928/7 Jun 2000/SSDI) Willette Armstrong/1928-1988 (5 Nov 1928/10 Jul 1988/SSDI)

ARNDT: Elroy Arndt/1920-1993 Lester C. Arndt/Aug. 11, 1930-March 14, 2011 Rose Arndt/1922-1990

ASSMANN: Alfred E. Assmann/July 28, 1922/May 1, 2006

AUGUSTINE: Dorothy Augustine/1920-2007 Frank Augustine/1917-2007 Milton Augustine/1922-2002 Lucille M. Augustine/Dec. 15, 1929/May 3, 2002

AVERY: Reid F. Avery/Sept. 14, 1905/Aug. 17, 1979 Isabel Avery/1904-1999

AWE: Genevieve Awe/1918-2005 Lester E. Awe/Oct. 26, 1917-Oct. 12, 2009

BABLER: Beatrice Babler/1914-2001 Francis Babler/1904-1990

BACHNIK: Joseph Bachnik/1916-2006 Mary Bachnik/1915-1991

BAJDAN: Stasha Bajdan/1974-1994


BALGE: Lydia F. Balge/April 8, 1914-June 4, 2013 Lyle Balge/1913-1999

BALLARD: Ione Thielbar Ballard/March 8, 1914-June 11, 2010

BALZAN: Anthony/1917-1996 Norma Balzan/1912-2008 Orlando Balzan/1919-1992

BARBAROSSA: Paul A. (Patsy) Barbarossa/May 24, 1896/April 19, 1983 Maria C. Barbarossa/16 July 1896/29 April 1984 Arlene Barbarossa/1925-2003 Florian Barbarossa/1920-1995

BARBIER: Marcellin Barbier Jr./1935-2006

BAROUN: Bonnie M. Baroun/Jan. 1, 1940-Aug. 6, 2013 Elsie Baroun/1912-1986 Harry Baroun/1908-1996

BARRETT: Oliver J. Barrett/1924-2008/from obit

BARTA: Ellen L. Barta/June 28, 1922-Feb. 16, 2012 Raymond Barta/1918-1993

BARTEL: Robert M. Bartel/July 6, 1926/Aug. 30, 1983 Jane Bartel/1928-1993 Verna E./Feb. 24, 1918/June 9, 2009

BARTELS: Constance E. Bartels/Dec. 31, 1960-Aug. 7, 2010 Donald Bartels/1928-1992 Generose Bartels/May 3, 1931/Dec. 13, 2008

BARTLETT: Charles Bartlett/1952-2008

BASKEN: Bessie Basken/1904-1995 Henry Basken/1902-1993 Lester R. Basken/1923-2007

BASLER: John N. Basler/1951-2008

BAST: Ferdinand Bast/1907-1985 Gertrude B. Bast/Nov. 11, 1909-April 8, 2013

BASTIAN: Edgar Bastian/1911-1990 Pauline Bastian/1911-1999

BATCHELDER: Evelyn Batchelder/1914-2007 Louie Batchelder/1907-1998

BAUER: Gladys Bauer/1917-1996 Joseph Bauer/1901-1985 (15 Apr 1901 Mar 1985/SSDI) Leona Bauer/1906-1992 Raymond Bauer/1914-1986

BAUMANN: Ervin L. Baumann/July 23, 1909/December 2, 2000 Edna Baumann/21 Oct. 1911/5 May 2003 Gary M. Baumann/1946-2010/from obit Ludmilla Baumann/1927-1994 Norbert Baumann/1922-2002

BAVRY: Vernon Bavry/1928-2003

BEATON: Richard Beaton/1910-2001

BEAUPRE: Cooper James Beaupre/Dec. 2, 2006-April 13, 2011

BECKER: Roman N. Becker/Aug. 27, 1916/Jan. 7, 1977 Elroy Becker/1925-1994 Lawrence Becker/1922-1984 Margaret Becker/1915-2000 Nils V. Becker/1927-1989 Richard Becker/1904-1997 Verl Becker/Feb. 19, 1926-Nov. 3, 2011

BEERNTSEN: Ione Beerntsen/1922-1989 (19 Dec 1922/11 Feb 1989/SSDI) Richard Beerntsen/1921-1990

BEHNKE: Geraldine Behnke/1934-1993 Harold Behnke/1934-2006 Arno Behnke/1908-1996 Darrell Behnke/1956-1999 Elsa Behnke/1912-1999 Lester Carl Behnke/1929-2008/from obit Photo Paul Behnke/1915-2004 Paul H. Behnke/1936-1955 Violet Behnke/1918-1995

BEHRMANN: Anna Behrmann/1908-1997 Catherine Behrmann/1898-1989 Edwin Behrmann/1911-1984

BEILFUSS: Genevieve Beilfuss/1926-1988 Herbert Beilfuss/1920-2000

BELITZ: Milton E. Belitz/Sept. 16, 1896/Mar. 25, 1980 Clarence Belitz/1904-1990 Elsie Belitz/1898-1985 Magdaline Belitz/1921-1997

BELLAND: Jean Belland/Sept. 9, 1932/Mar. 27, 2007

BELONGIA: Ervin Belongia/1917-2003

BENNIN: Leona Bennin/1906-1990

BENNINGTON: Elaine Bennington/1922-1995 Elsie Bennington/1916-1998 Martin Bennington/1923-2006 Robert Bennington/1913-2003 William Bennington/1917-1993

BENTLEY: Thecla Bentley/1911-1997 Walter Bentley/1912-1992

BENZINGER: Dorothy Benzinger/1931-1997

BENZSCHAWEL: Clifford Benzschawel/1922-1993

BERG: David Berg/1940-2006 Donald Berg/June 18, 1927-Sept. 27, 2009 Photo Eugene Berg/1934-1995 Stanley G. Berg/Jan. 30, 1936/Mar. 4, 2007 Photo

BERGELIN: Arleen J. Bergelin/1921-2007 Edward Bergelin/1920-1985 Gerald Bergelin/1922-1987 June Bergelin/1917-1997 William Bergelin/1919-2006

BERGSETH: Albert Bergseth/1918-2006 Pearl E. Bergseth/Dec. 25, 1925-Sept. 4, 2011

BERKHOLTZ: Elroy A. Berkholtz/April 11, 1924/Nov. 11, 1982

BERNHARDT: Clara Bernhardt/1928-1990 Clarence Bernhardt/1917-2004 Fern Bernhardt/1919-2002 Harland Bernhardt/1934-2005 Patricia S. Bernhardt/April 24, 1935-April 6, 2011

BERRENS: Deloris Berrens/1926-2006

BERRY: Patricia A. Berry/1930-2012

BERTH: Norman A. Berth/Aug. 25, 1924/May 2, 1980 Gladys Berth/1922-2001

BERTLER: Helen A. Bertler/Aug. 1, 1919-Nov. 8, 2010 Ralph Bertler/Sept. 20, 1915/May 11, 1983

BESSERT: Geroge H. Bessert/July 27, 1924-March 27, 2010

BIALER: Edwin Bialer Jr./1930-1992

BIALKOWSKI: Edward Chester Bialkowski/1918-2007

BIELY: Charles Biely/1929-1984

BIESE: Eleanor Biese/1901-1990 Peter Biese/1898-1991

BIRKHOLZ: Daniel Birkholz/1915-1990 Ludmilla Birkholz/1917-2007

BIRR: Cecilia (Cele) B. Birr/nee: WITCZAK/Nov. 6, 1916/ July 16, 1982 Alfred Birr/1913-1989

BISHOP: Carl Bishop/March 24, 1930-March 11, 1980 Carol I. Bishop/Dec. 12, 1920-Aug. 6, 2012 Edward H. Bishop/Feb. 21, 1908/March 12, 1977 Gertrude Bishop/1916-1997 Ronald Bishop/1906-1986 Earl A. Bishop/June 23, 1925/June 5, 2007 See MEISSNER

BLADON: Alvin Bladon/1915-1987

BLAHNIK: Dr. Gilbert J. Blahnik/July 21, 1918/Sept. 15, 1978 Edward Blahnik/1914-1985 Eleanore Blahnik/1918-2005 Emil Blahnik/1916-1987 Mabel Blahnik/1907-2001

BLOEDORN: Elroy Bloedorn/1914-1999 Hubert Bloedorn/Feb. 14, 1907/Feb. 8, 1977 Evalyne F. Bloedorn/May 18, 1913/March 18, 2002

BODART: Harold Andrew (Oct. 18, 1924-April 7, 2003 -husband of Mabel nee Shimek [married July 30, 1949 at St. Mary Catholic Church, Reedsville, Town of Rockland) (from researcher of St. Gregory church records/see contributors page) Mabel E. (Nov. 16, 1926-Feb. 23, 2005 -wife of Harold Bodart [married July 30, 1949 at St. Mary Catholic Church, Reedsville, Town of Rockland] -daughter of Albert Shimek and Mary Stradel -worked at Weyerhaeuser Co. until retirement in 1988 -born Grimms, Town of Cato) (from researcher of St. Gregory church records/see contributors page) Arnold Bodart/1923-2008

BOEDER: Delores Boeder/1941-2006

BOETTCHER: Roland Boettcher/1929-1995 (24 Dec 1929/28 Feb 1995/SSDI)

BOFINGER: David Bofinger/1927-1992


BOGENSCHUTZ: Richard Bogenschutz/1924-2005

BOHART: Mark W. Bohart/Dec. 12, 1958/Apr. 12, 2005

BOHMAN: Jean Bohman/1934-2001

BOLDT: Donald Boldt/1933-1999 Barbara Boldt/Feb. 20, 1907/Nov. 12, 2007

BOLL: Donald Boll/1932-2002 (Boll Donald O./9/23/1932-5/23/2002/from Ss. Peter and Paul church records)

BOLTZ: Leland Boltz/1912-1986 Margaret Boltz/1916-2003 See Hoffer

BOLZENTHAL: Sylvia R. Bolzenthal/March 23, 1920/March 13, 1995 Albert Bolzenthal/1918-1988

BONFIGT: Benedict Bonfigt/March 30, 1916/Nov. 21, 1978 Dolores K. Bonfigt/Feb. 1, 1918-Nov. 21, 2009 Sharon Bonfigt/1944-1999

BOPREY: Dolores G. Boprey/July 6, 1930/Jan. 18, 2004 Edward J. Boprey/Feb. 25, 1930-April 12, 2009

BORCHARDT: Arleen Borchardt/1911-1995 Richard Borchardt/1908-1994

BORGWARDT: Alton A. Borgwardt/Nov. 12, 1921-May 30, 2010 Blondena Borgwart/1922-1986

BOYD: Mardelle Boyd/1909-1987 Rufin Boyd/1904-1992

BRAASCH: Lauretta Braasch/1913-1984 (26 Feb 1913/May 1984/SSDI) Ulrich Braasch/1909-1985 (1 Jun 1909/May 1985/SSDI)

BRADL: June Bradl/1920-2006 Robert Bradl/1928-1999

BRANDENBURG: Ervin Brandenburg/1915-1987 (20 Oct 1915/Sep 1987/SSDI) Esther Brandenburg/1917-2002

BRANDES: Lorraine Brandes/Aug. 5, 1920-May 19, 2010 Louis Brandes/March 6, 1932-May 26, 2009

BRATZ: Harold Bratz/1916-1992 (Helen Clara Bratz/1924-2008/from obit) Regina L. Bratz/1984-2003 Richard Bratz/1941-2000 (28 Mar 1941/14 Jan 2000/SSDI)

BRAULT: Del B. Brault/1910-1996 (Delphos Brault/14 Feb 1910/17 Feb 1996/SSDI)

BRAUN: Donald Braun/1927-1997 Dorothy Braun/1910-2004 Fredric Braun/1919-1986 (10 Oct 1919/May 1986/SSDI) Georgiana C. Braun/Oct. 8, 1923-Aug. 6, 2013 Henry Braun/1910-1991

BREHMER: Gordon A. Brehmer/Mar. 5, 1942/June 11, 1997

BREIT: Georgiana Breit/1926-2002 (Breit Georgianna/nee Wendling/5/21/1926-10/9/2002/from Ss. Peter and Paul church records) Leroy A. Breit/June 5, 1925-Aug. 13, 2013

BREIVOGEL: Ernie Breivogel/1901-1987 (23 Dec 1901/Mar 1987/SSDI) Louise Breivogel/1900-1992 (13 Jul 1900/18 Apr 1992/SSDI)

BRENNAN: Dean Brennan/April 20, 1930-Oct. 8, 2013 Todd Brennan/1964-1994

BRETHOUWER: Richard Brethouwer/Jan. 20, 1937-Feb. 11, 2007

BREY: Clara Brey/1927-1990

BREZONI: Frank J. Brezoni/Dec. 5, 1912/Aug. 25, 1978 Irene M. Brezoni/b. 05 Oct 1916/d. 09 Apr 2005 See ROSSO

BRISBIN: Iama I. Brisbin/1916-2010 Rexford Brisbin/1902-1985

BRISCH: Michael Brisch/July 13, 1908/March 27, 1983, next to: Marie Brisch/nee FOUNTAIN/Oct. 17, 1909/March 7, 1982

BRIXIUS: Eunice Brixius/1924-1988 Harold Brixius/1922-2006 Verna Brixius/1912-1992

BROEHM: Ronald Broehm/1944-1996

BROOKS: (Cleo M. Brooks/1924-2009/from obit) Francis Brooks/1918-1994

BROSE: Merlin Brose/1906-1996 Octavia Brose/1908-1994

BROUCHOUD: David L. Brouchoud/1943-2008

BROWN: Raymond G. 'Brownie' Brown/Sept. 14, 1918/Aug. 16, 2005 Edwin Carl Brown/1895-1949 Louella Brown/1922-1984 Verna Brown/1899-1985 (Jan 26, 1899/Apr 1985/SSDI)

BRUECHERT: Dolores R. Bruechert/Jan. 5, 1926/June 8, 2003 Winifred L. Bruechert/Aug. 6, 1925/March 14, 2004 Leroy Bruechert/1929-2000 Mary Bruechert/1929-1987 Nancy Lee Bruechert/1956-2010 Raymond Bruechert/July 12, 1918/August 14, 1986 Shirley R. Bruechert/July 10, 1926/Mar. 1, 2003 William Bruechert/1919-1984

BRUENIG: Marie Bruenig/1901-1990 Raymond Bruenig/1904-1986 Raymond W. Bruenig Jr./1942-2006

BRULL: Adolph (Red) Brull/Oct. 19, 1907-Jan. 27, 1980 Theodore Brull/Aug. 1, 1904-Oct. 15, 1976 Clara Brull/1905-1993 Sarah Brull/1910-1996

BRUNNER: Maginel Brunner/nee SCHWANTES/July 16, 1920/ Oct. 16, 1983 Myrtle H. Brunner/1919-2011 Clarence Brunner/1918-1999 Ella Brunner/1905-1992 Emogene Brunner/1912-1998 Raymond E. Brunner/1913-2010 Howard Brunner/1917-1990 Kenneth Brunner/1917-1986 Marlene Brunner/1953-2004 Roland Brunner/1908-1991

BRUSKY: Janice Brusky/1943-1995 Myron Brusky/1925-1993

BRYAN: James Bryan/1926-1989 Marcella Bryan/1926-1998

BUBOLTZ: Arthur Buboltz/1908-1996 (Arthur Bubolz/22 Dec 1908/24 Jul 1996/SSDI) Lillian Buboltz/1913-2011

BUBOLZ: Fred Bubolz/Oct 18, 1915/Mar. 30 1997 Earl Bubolz/1934-1997 (18 Nov 1934/28 Oct 1997/SSDI) June Bubolz/1924-2004

BUCHHOLZ: Agnes Buchholz/1921-1996 Doris Boelter Buchholz/1921-2002 John Buchholz/Jan. 22, 1920/Feb. 11, 1977

BUCHNER: Edward Buchner/1918-1990 Elaine D. Buchner/1920-2008

BUECHNER: Elmer A. Buechner/July 9, 1908-Jan. 8, 1978 Hildegarde A. Buechner/July 18, 1919-Jan. 16, 2012

BUETTNER: Edward Buettner/1915-1985 (13 Oct 1915/Jan 1985/SSDI) Inez Buettner/1915-1998 (15 Oct 1915/May 1998/SSDI)

BURETTA: Matthew A. Buretta/1988-2009 [Removed from Knollwood Mausoleum. Buried at Evergreen on 6/14/2013]

BURGETT: Clifford Burgett/1916-1996 Gertrude M. Burgett/1916-2007

BURKART: John F. Burkart/May 8, 1922/Sept. 25, 1979 Caroline M. Burkart/Sept. 8, 1922-Feb. 12, 2011 Harold L. Burkart/Aug. 30, 1927/Dec. 2, 1985 Photo son of Louis Burkart and Caroline Kautzer -maintenance at Valders Public Schools -died from "posterior wall myocardial infarction -acute") (from researcher of St. Gregory church records/see contributors page) Dolores M. Burkart/1923-2012 Leo J. Burkart/1919-2010/from obit Photo

BURMEISTER: Audrey Burmeister/1930-1988 Orrie Charles Burmeister/1927-2010

BURNETTE: Harriet Burnette/1925-2003 Lester Burnette/1921-1977

BUSS: Milton G./d. July 20, 2009/from obit

BUSSE: Adolph F. Busse/April 6, 1897/April 2, 1980 Martin P. Busse/April 29, 1907/October 30, 1989 Alice Busse/1904-1996 Carl Busse/1925-1998 Wilma Busse/1915-1994

BUTH: Elaine Buth/1923-2004 Elroy Buth/1923-1995 Ralph Buth/1925-1994

BUYESKE: Elaine D. Buyeske1926-2011 Reginald Buyeske/1922-1988

BUZA: Theodore A. Buza/June 5, 1905/Nov. 7, 1983 Violet E. Buza/March 4, 1916-June 20, 2010

BYDALEK: Floyd Bydalek/1920-2001 Marilyn J. Bydalek/1924-2011

CADLE: Debra S. Cadle/1962-2010

CALAWAY: Peter Calaway/1930-2002

CAMERON: Earl Cameron/1916-2004

CAMPBELL: James Campbell/Feb. 20, 1938-May 20, 2010 Judy R. Campbell/Dec. 8, 1943-Aug. 6, 2013

CAPPARET: Edward Capparet/1911-1987 Olive Capparet/1911-2001

CAPRARO: Arlene M. Capraro/b. July 8, 1926/d. Jan. 9, 2004/from obit

CARLE: Joyce Carle/1925-1987

CARLSON: Delores Carlson/1924-1999 See NEY

CARRON: Eugene Carron Sr./1918-1974 Fyrne Carron/1918-2003 Norman Carron/1914-1996

CARSTENS: Elmer Carstens/1925-2000 Emil H. Carstens/1920-2011 Evelyn Carstens/1925-1989

CASPER: Katherine Casper/Aug. 23, 1920/Apr. 15, 2007

CAVANAUGH: Richard D. Cavanaugh/Sept. 4, 1935-Feb. 3, 2009

CHALOUPKA: Evelyn Chaloupka/1923-2001 Norbert Chaloupka/1923-2010 Helen Chaloupka/1923-1995 Roland Chaloupka/1918-1984



CHECK: Celestine Check/1923-2012 Stephen Check/1920-1990

CHERNEY: Lloyd Cherney/1917-1998 Louis Cherney/1912-2006 Marion A. Cherney/Feb. 4, 1921-June 4, 2007 Viola Cherney/1913-2006

CHEVALIER: Sharon Chevalier/1948-1995

CHIZEK: Alvina Chizek/1913-2002 Anthony Chizek/1910-2001 Fern Chizek/1921-1998 Jeremiah Chizek/1918-1993 Joseph Chizek/1914-1999 Rose Chizek/1914-2005

CHRISTEL: Carol J. Christel/May 5, 1934-July 19, 2011 Eugene J. Christel/April 19, 1923/Aug. 2, 2004 Photo Alma Christel/1921-2003 Leo Christel/1913-1989 William Christel/1961-1994

CHRISTOFFEL: Darlene M. Christoffel/1935-2007

CICHE: Mary Ciche/1925-2006

CIGLER: Dorothy Mae Cigler/Jan. 22, 1925-June 17, 2011 Emil E. Cigler/October 11, 1921/March 4, 1999

CISLER: Charles Cisler/1954-1987 Frederick Cisler/1920-2006 Janet Cisler/1936-2001 Leona Cisler/1912-1988 Lois Cisler/1924-2003 William Cisler/1907-1995

CLARK: Iola Clark/1907-1985 Orton Clark/1906-1991

CLARKSEN: Mary V. Clarksen/Jan. 20, 1921-Jan. 3, 2011 Wallace Clarksen/July 27, 1908/October 10, 1987

CLOSE: George Close/1917-2006 Marie Close/1922-2005

CMEJLA: Kermit Cmejla/1914-1988 Mabel Cmejla/1917-2003

COENEN: Leona E. Coenen/nee CHALUPSKY/April 2, 1910/ Sept. 13, 1983 Winifred D. Coenen/April 29, 1930/July 29, 2004 George Coenen/1904-1984

COGSWELL: Virgil Cogswell/1926-2000

COMPTON: Gladys Compton/1925-2004


CONRAD: Georgina Conrad/1918-1999 Glen Roy Conrad/1937-1999 Phillip Conrad/1914-1988 Ruth Conrad/1943-1988

COONS: Cora Coons/1899-1995 (Aug 10, 1899/Dec 1995/SSDI) Donald Coons/June 9, 1926/May 3, 2006 Oscar E. Coons/Oct. 10, 1897/Feb. 19, 1983 Rayma Coons/1930-2001

COOPER: Georgiana 'Jean' Cooper/1912-2008 Larry Cooper/1909-2003

COPESKEY: Donald S. Copeskey, Sr./July 30, 1931/July 18, 2001 (Larry S. Copeskey/b. Sept. 17, 1959/d. April 9, 2003/from obit) Florence Copeskey/1898-1985 Michael Copeskey/1999-1999 Wallace Copeskey/1903-1998

COPUS: Bernard "Jimmy" Copus, Jr./1948-1995/US Marines

COX: Paul Cox/1914-1998

CUMMINGS: Leonard Cummings/1919-1991

CUSHMAN: Mildred Cushman/nee MUSIEL/July 9, 1900/April 7, 1983

CZERWONKA: Cecelia R. Czerwonka/Dec. 17, 1914/Jan. 17, 2003 William Czerwonka/1913-1998

DAELLENBACH: Conrad Daellenbach/1910-2003 Rebecca Daellenbach/1916-1985 (29 Dec 1916/Dec 1985/SSDI)

DAETZ: Paul E. Daetz/May 25, 1920/June 25, 1980 Viola Daetz/1916-2004

DAHLKE: Evelyn Dahlke/1915-1998 Milton Dahlke/1917-2000

DAHM: James L. Dahm/Aug. 1, 1915/June 16, 1982

DAMM: Milton Damm/1927-1986

DANIELSON: Gretchen Danielson/1917-2006 John C. Danielson/1912-1987 (21 Oct. 1912/Sept. 1987/SSDI)

DAY: Alice Day/1918-2007 Photo Patrick Day/Apr. 10, 1919-Mar. 3, 2012

DAYTON: Clarine Dayton/1909-1998 (11 Feb. 1909/27 Sept. 1998/SSDI) William Dayton/1911-1996 (13 Apr. 1911/10 July 1996/SSDI)


DECKER: Caroline A. Decker/nee SPORER/May 30, 1920/May 11, 1981 Edwin Decker/1930-1995 (16 Apr 1930/17 Jul 1995/SSDI) Elizabeth Decker/1928-1993 (25 May 1928/8 Jan 1993/SSDI) Roman Decker/1911-1994 (8 Jul 1911/11 Feb 1994/SSDI)

DEDERING: Elizabeth Dedering/1933-2010

DEERING: Carol Mae Deering/May 18, 1925/June 3, 2006

DEFEO: Albert Defeo/1919-1991 Dorothy Defeo/1924-2004

DEGODT: Clarence D. DeGodt/September 22, 1919/September 6, 1996 David Degodt/1950-1965 Lenore Degodt/1920-1982 (1 Nov 1920/Sep 1982/SSDI)

DEHART: Joyce Cops Dehart/1943-2005 Gerald J. DeHart/1952-2013

DELSMANN: Jake Delsmann/Oct. 28, 1907/Sept. 24, 1983 Clare Delsmann/1906-1996 (16 May 1906/2 Jul 1996/SSDI) Frank Delsmann/1901-1996 (14 Jul 1901/18 Jan 1996/SSDI) Katherine Delsmann/1908-1995 (16 Apr 1908/Jun 1995/SSDI) Martha Delsmann/1912-1994 (19 Feb 1912/9 May 1994/SSDI)

DEMBSKI: Alois Dembski/1912-1989 (14 May 1912/19 Feb 1989/SSDI) Gladys Dembski/1919-1995 (29 Sep 1919/1 May 1995/SSDI)

DEMMIN: Dorothy Demmin/1916-1987 John Demmin/1911-1991

DEMPSKY: Chester A. Dempsky/Jan. 20, 1918/Dec. 29, 1981 Dorothy Dempsky/1921-2003

DENIS: Alvin Denis/1920-2004

DENK: Frank Denk/1915-1987 (2 June 1915/Mar, 1987/SSDI) Helen Denk/1913-2004 Shirley Mae Denk/1937-2010 Wilfred Denk/1934-1986 (19 Oct. 1934/Mar. 1986)

DENOR: Jerome Denor/1930-2001 John Denor/1921-2003

DENT: Lynn Dent/1906-1986

DEPREY: Adele J. Deprey/nee CHARLIER/March 30, 1896/July 5, 1983 Michael P. Deprey/Feb. 14, 1933/Aug. 26, 2004 Peter Deprey/1895-1987 (Jul. 31 1895/Jan. 1987/SSDI)

DEROSIER: Cyril G. Derosier/1924-2007 Emma Derosier/1927-2003

DERUS: Erwin Derus/1916-1994 (19 Oct. 1916/13 Nov. 1994/SSDI) Roxana Derus/1919-2013

DESMITH: Loraine A. DeSmith/nee: AGGEN/July 10, 1897/Sept. 20, 1980

DESWARTE: Renee DeSwarte/1967-2005

DETJEN: Edna Detjen/1901-1992 Erich Detjen/1900-1968 (21 Sept. 1900/Apr. 1968/SSDI)

DEVROY: Daniel R. Devroy, Sr./June 1, 1945/Nov. 28, 2002


DEWITT: Anna Mae DeWitt/1916-2004 Luke D. DeWitt/1937-2008 Seraphin DeWitt/1915-1996 (6 Sept. 1915/12 Mar. 1996/SSDI)

DEZEEUW: Irene Dezeeuw/June 19, 1908/June 24, 1995 Peter W. Dezeeuw/Dec. 20, 1906/Dec. 20, 1988

DIEDRICH: Ervin Diedrich/1917-1998 (5 Dec. 1917/17 Apr. 1998/SSDI) Ruth Diedrich/1922-1987 (21 May 1922/Apr. 1987/SSDI) (Raymond G./May 15, 1932/Aug. 28, 2009/from obit)

DIEFENTHALER: Louise M. Diefenthaler/Nov. 25, 1915-April 21, 2009 Roland Diefenthaler/1911-1998 (6 Feb. 1911/2 Jul. 1998/SSDI)

DIEKVOSS: Ella Diekvoss/1913-2004 Harvey Diekvoss/1904-1987

DIENER: Gottlieb Diener/1920-2001 Helen Diener/1919-1998 (19 Jul. 1919/27 Feb. 1998/SSDI)

DILLON: Patricia R. Dillon/1929-2006

DIMMICK: Florence Dimmick/1917-1999 (20 Apr. 1917/11 Jan. 1999/SSDI)

DIRKMAN: Keith P. Dirkman/1951-2002

DIRKMANN: Lorraine E. Dirkmann/1925-2007 Paul Dirkmann/1921-1996 (25 July 1921/5 Feb. 1996/SSDI)

DOBESH: John Dobesh/1905-1985

DOBINSKI: Sylvester S. Dobinski/Dec. 12, 1926-June 21, 2009

DODGE: Charlotte A. Dodge/Oct. 4, 1926/Nov. 4, 2001 Kenneth E. Dodge/April 20, 1926/Oct. 3, 2003

DOLEYSH: Cecilia Doleysh/1923-2004 (Clarence F. Doleysh/1923-2008/from obit)

DOLSKI: Larry Dolski/1961-2000 Phoebe Dolski/1923-1996 (15 Dec. 1923/14 Nov. 1996/SSDI) Raymond Dolski/1911-2003

DONDLINGER: Frank Dondlinger/1919-2004 (Norbert N. Dondlinger/1926-2007/from obit)

DOOLAN: Clement (Clem) Doolan/Feb. 1, 1922/May 16, 1983 Gordon J. Doolan/Jan. 12, 1911/Sept. 4, 1983 Luella Doolan/1914-1999 (10 Feb. 1914/4 June 1999/SSDI) Marian Doolan/1929-2003

DORN: Dorinda Dorn/1916-2006 Richard Dorn/1915-2000

DORNAUS: David Dornaus/1961-1994 Edward J. Dornaus/1914-2007 Margaret Dornaus/1914-1992 (19 Sept. 1914/18 Nov. 1992/SSDI) Robert Dornaus/1922-1994 (17 Oct. 1922/30 June 1994/SSDI)

DRAB: Alden J. Drab/June 18, 1922/July 17, 1997

DRAHEIM: Elroy W. Draheim/1917-2008

DREGER: Gerhardt Dreger/1901-1987 Gloria Dreger/1928-1972 Gordon Dreger/1930-1993 Mildred Dreger/1909-1991

DRESANG: Francis Dresang/1931-1993 (19 Aug. 1931/9 Mar. 1993/SSDI)

DRIDA: Clarence Drida/1924-2000 (22 May 1924/15 Mar. 2000/SSDI) George Drida/1921-1991 Joseph Drida/1918-1991


DRUMM: Margaret E. Drumm/June 16, 1926/June 15, 2006 Roland J. Drumm/Dec. 28, 1931/Feb. 9, 2004 William Drumm/1925-2000 (25 July 1925/10 Aug. 2000/SSDI)

DUNNE: Desmond Dunne/1923-1997 (11 Oct. 1923/28 Dec. 1997/SSDI) Geraldine D. Dunne/1930-2011

DURKEE: Francis Gerald (July 13, 1918-March 10, 1981 son of Edward Durkee and Lizzie Bailey -born Illinois -died from "myocardial infarction, acute) (from researcher of St. Gregory church records/see contributors page)

DUROCHER: Frederick Durocher/1909-1986 (23 May 1909/Oct. 1986/SSDI) Isabel Durocher/1913-2001

DURUZ: Paul Duruz/1920-2007 US Veteran

DUVENECK: Isadore T. Duveneck/April 29, 1910/Nov. 5, 1981 (Alfred Duveneck/25 February 1915 13 June 1995/SSDI) (Alfred (Adolph William) Duveneck, buried June 15, 1995, service at First German Lutheran, Manitowoc, burial at Knollwood./sent in by a researcher-see contributors page.) Amanda Duveneck/1905-1987 (22 Jan. 1905/Feb. 1987/SSDI)

DVORACHEK: Adolph Dvorachek/1916-1996 (15 Apr. 1916/7 Aug. 1996/SSDI) Caroline Dvorachek/1918-2007

DVORAK: Evelyn Dvorak/1914-1999 (18 Oct. 1914/9 July 1999/SSDI) (Gordon O. Dvorak/1928-2008/from obit) Harvey Dvorak/1909-1990 (20 Dec. 1909/13 July 1990) James Dvorak/1943-2002

DWORAK: Ambrose Dworak/1902-1984 (7 Dec. 1902/June 1984/SSDI) Franklin Dworak/1934-1998 Linda Dworak/1955-2004 Rose Dworak/1908-2005

EASTER: Dennie Easter/1920-1990 Roberta Easter/1923-1994

EBERT: Dorothy Ebert/1918-1984 Kenneth Ebert/1927-2003 Raymond Ebert/1916-1990

EGBERT: Jerome Egbert/1919-1998 Mary Egbert/1922-1999

EGGERT: Leona F. Eggert/nee MEWS/March 7, 1894/Sept. 30, 1983 Florence H. Eggert/1913-2008/from obit Erwin W. Eggert/Jan. 14, 1910/May 24, 1997

EHLENBECK: Norbert H. Ehlenbeck/Sept. 6, 1922/Apr. 15, 2002

EILES: Leroy Eiles/1931-2000 (10 Sept. 1931/31 Aug. 2000/SSDI)

EIS: Harold Eis/Dec. 9, 1904/July 23, 1978 Evelyn Eis/1906-1991

EISENMANN: Donald Eisenmann/1918-1992 (27 Feb. 1918/18 Aug. 1992/SSDI) See HARDRATH

ELFNER: Harold Elfner/1922-2008

ELLIOTT: Alma Elliott/1914-2008 Oscar Elliott/1914-2008

ELSEN: Dorothy Elsen/May 13, 1921/Feb. 1, 2003 Leo Elsen/Aug. 8, 1913/June 17, 1988

EMERSON: Clara W. Emerson/Jan. 6, 1897/Oct. 1984 Adolph Emerson/Feb. 23, 1893/Apr. 1983/SSDI

EMOND: Clarence Emond/1920-1987 Marian Emond/1924-2005

ENDRIES: June Endries/1930-2002

ENFORS: Edwin Enfors/1933-2000 (16 Oct. 1933/11 Jan. 2000/SSDI)

ENGELBRECHT: Dolores Engelbrecht/nee KAHRS/May 20, 1915/May 1, 1979 Albert Engelbrecht/1906-1990 Alfred Engelbrecht/1925-2002 Edwin Engelbrecht/Feb. 7, 1921/June 1985 Edwin "Butch" Engelbrecht/1947-2001 Evangeline Engelbrecht/Jan. 21, 1931/Jan. 9, 1996 Evelyn Engelbrecht/June 11, 1914/Aug. 2000 Walter Engelbrecht/1908-1992

ENGELDINGER: Robert Engeldinger/1917-1995 (4 Dec. 1917/4 Feb. 1995/SSDI)

ENGELS: Gladys Engels/1924-1987

ENGLEMAN: Florence Engleman/1916-1993 (09 March 1916/13 October 1993/SSDI) George Engleman/1915-1996 (02 December 1915/19 March 1996/SSDI) (Family member placed them here from cemetery X where I had them, and another family member provided the full death date for Florence.)

ENNEPER: Eric J. Enneper/Dec. 6, 1922/Nov. 29, 2005

ENZ: Alvin Enz/1909-2005 Hazel Enz/1910-1995 (5 Apr. 1910/6 May 1995/SSDI)

ERDMAN: Elaine Erdman/1950-2006

ERICKSON: Norma L. Kuffel Erickson/d. Aug. 18, 2012 Richard C. Erickson/1932-2008

ERTMAN: Evelyn Ertman/1908-1988 (19 Dec. 1908/14 July 1988/SSDI) Nancy Ertman/1906-1989 (Narcy/29 Oct. 1906/17 Apr. 1989/SSDI)

ESLINGER: Carol Eslinger/1935-2000 Edward Eslinger/1929-2006 Lorina Eslinger/1924-1999 (22 Dec. 1924/25 May 1999/SSDI) Michael Eslinger/1955-2004 Raymond Eslinger/1930-1996 (11 June 1930 19/Sept. 1996/SSDI)

EUCLIDE: Vincent Euclide/1922-2001

EVANS: Pat Isabelle Evans/1922-2006

EVERARD: Thomas Everard/Sept. 28, 1950/March 21, 1976 Elaine W. Everard/Nov. 18, 1918/Apr. 18, 2007

EVERHARD: Florence E. Everhard/nee HOLLENDER/July 4, 1906/Aug. 8, 1975 (SSDI has b. 4 July 1905) Lee Everhard/1902-1985

EVRAETS: Kenneth Evraets/1932-2003

EWALD: Armin F. Ewald/January 16, 1916/January 6, 2001

FABIAN: Helen Fabian/1917-1999 (31 Jan. 1917/4 May 1999/SSDI)

FAKEN: Roger C. Faken/July 28, 1922/June 6, 1980 Coleen Faken/1920-2001 David Faken/1947-2007

FALLIER: Adolph Fallier/1898-1993 Martha Fallier/1898-1985 (1 Nov. 1898/Nov. 1985/SSDI)

FALVEY: William Falvey/1916-2000 (11 Nov. 1916/25 Sept. 2000/SSDI)

FANSLAU: Delores Fanslau/1930-1988 Helen Fanslau/1925-2005 Raymond Fanslau/1923-1994

FARR: Carole Farr/1934-1996

FAUST: Elmer Faust/Mar. 22, 1932-Nov. 11, 2001 Tombstone Lester Faust/1934-2002

FECHTER: Lawrence "Larry" Fechter/1925-2001

FECTEAU: Agnes Fecteau/January 20, 1911/May 3, 1995 Elmer Fecteau/1906-1997 (13 Feb. 1906/6 Nov. 1997/SSDI)

FEDERWITZ: Adam Federwitz/1990-2006

FENLON: Thomas "Tommy" Fenlon/Jan. 21, 1974/July 1, 1978 Patrick Fenlon/1946-2004 Rosie Fenlon/1932-1994 (23 July 1932/11 Mar. 1994/SSDI)

FICKETT: Adver Fickett/1916-1996 (1 June 1916/10 Apr. 1996/SSDI) Anna Fickett/1916-1989 (10 July 1916/27 Apr. 1989/SSDI)

FIECKO: Elizabeth Fiecko/1933-1999 (20 September 1933/20 December 1999/SSDI)

FIERST: Ray Fierst/1922-2001

FINK: Daniel Fink/1935-1999

FINNEL: Kenneth Finnel/1923-1999 Frances Finnel/1928-1999

FISCHER: Arline A. Fischer/1927-2010 Elsie M. Fischer/nee KOHLMANN/Jan. 17, 1910/Nov. 12, 1982, next to: Wilfred J. Fischer/Dec. 22, 1900/Oct. 27, 1981 Alex Fischer/1909-1987 (6 Nov. 1909/Mar. 1987/SSDI) Audrey Fischer/1922-2005 Elmer Fischer/1914-2004 Eugene Fischer/1930-2010 Geneva Fischer/1910-1993 Gertrude S. Fischer/1923-2007 Glenmore Fischer/1938-1992 Helmuth Fischer/1902-1996 Henry Fischer/1915-2010 Howard Fischer/1928-1991 John Fischer/1910-1990 Lorraine Fischer/1914-2003 Lorraine Fischer/1930-1990 Marcella Fischer/1914-1998 Margaret Fischer/1918-1984 (16 Feb. 1918/Jan. 1984/SSDI) Reinhardt Fischer/1911-2001 Wilfred Fischer/1900-1981

FITZGERALD: Elaine Fitzgerald/1914-2000 Willliam Fitzgerald/1916-2003

FLAHERTY: Isabel Flaherty/1896-1993

FLEMAL: Adeline K. Flemal/Sept. 13, 1917/July 23, 2004 Alex (Al) Flemal/March 23, 1911/Dec. 22, 1998

FLENTJE: Mildred F. Flentje/1914-2007 Ralph Flentje/1913-1996 (19 December 1913/13 October 1996/SSDI)

FLESSERT: Arthur K. Flessert/1936-2003

FLINT: William Flint/1922-1992

FOERG: LaVerne Foerg/July 5, 1926-Aug. 2, 2013

FOGELTANZ: Leroy Fogeltanz/1928-1993 See RUMINSKI

FOLEY: Claire Foley/1913-1997 (4 Mar. 1912/12 Aug. 1997/SSDI) Constance/Oct. 1, 1906/Aug. 9, 2009


FRANCISCO: Janice Francisco/1928-2001 Shirley A. Francisco/1933-2009

FRANCL: George Francl/1905-1996 (19 Aug. 1905/18 Dec. 1996/SSDI) Lillian Francl/1908-1994 (1 May 1908/12 Aug. 1994/SSDI)

FRANK: Jeannette Frank/1920-2007 Marion Frank/1936-2007 (Mary E. Frank/1962-2008/from obit) William Frank/1920-1996

FRANZ: Victor F. Franz/July 18, 1922-March 21, 2009

FRANZEN: Delores Franzen/1942-2008

FRASCH: Henry Frasch/Oct. 15, 1888/June 15, 1980 Kevin Frasch/1968-1987 (Warren Frasch/1926-2008/from obit)

FREDA: Anton Freda/1913-1997 (21 June 1913/3 Feb. 1997/SSDI) Louretta Freda/1914-1986 (27 Apr. 1914/Aug. 1986/SSDI)

FREIBOTH: Clarence H. Freiboth/Jan. 6, 1914-June 11, 2010 Ruth A./Dec. 16, 1917-Aug. 9, 2009

FREIS: Edward Freis/1950-1997 Gordon Freis/1908-1989 Margaret E. Freis/1912-2011

FRELICH: Adolph Frelich/1904-1997 Edwin Frelich/Oct. 30, 1920/Apr. 13, 2007 Marion Frelich/1912-2004

FRENZ: Paul E. Frenz/November 4, 1935/February 15, 1997

FRICKE: Mary Fricke/1924-1984 (31 May 1924/Oct. 1984/SSDI) Raymond Fricke/1915-1994 (14 Jan. 1915/1 July 1994/SSDI)

FRITSCH: (Florence M. Fritsch/1919-2008/from obit) William Fritsch/1915-2006

FUNK: Lorraine Funk/1917-1985 (26 Apr. 1917/Apr. 1985/SSDI) Wilbert Funk/1913-2002 Marie A. (Jost) Funk/June 13, 1915-January 30, 2001 Raymond/March 9, 1908-March 20, 1989

FRUZYNA: Warren J. Fruzyna/1986-2006

GADICKE: Harvey O. Gadicke/July 3, 1914/April 25, 1983 Gladys C. Gadicke/Feb. 18, 1919/June 2005

GADZINSKI: Bruce D. Gadzinski/Dec. 3, 1949-Jan. 18, 2012 Marjorie A. Gadzinski/1941-2002

GAEDTKE: Paul Gaedtke/1915-1960 Arleen Anna (Kudick) Gaedtke/January 9, 1918/June 15, 2009

GARTZKE: Marie Gartzke/1904-1997 Walter Gartzke/1902-1988

GATES: Donald H. Gates/11 September 1926/May 28, 1997 Earl Gates/1922-1989 (29 Mar. 1922/26 Dec. 1989/SSDI) Emily Gates/1925-2006

GAUTHIER: Dennis J. Gauthier/May 11, 1950/April 13, 1980 Leslie C. Gauthier/May 7, 1923/Oct. 2, 2001 June G. Gauthier/Jan. 1, 1921/April 12, 2005 Edward L. Gauthier/1915-1989 (4 May 1915/14 Mar. 1989/SSDI) Juanita R. Gauthier/Oct. 8, 1923-Feb. 20, 2010 Elaine A. Gauthier/Jan. 15, 1950-July 26, 2005 Evelyn E. Gauthier/July 18, 1917-April 17, 2013 Norman Gauthier/1916-1989 (11 May 1916/May 1989/SSDI) Peter Gauthier/1897-1992 Robert Gauthier/1919-1985 (7 Oct. 1919/June 1985/SSDI) See SALATA

GEBHART: Angel Gebhart/Nov. 23, 2001/2001

GEHRKE: Butch Gehrke/1943-1996 (Gerald Gehrke) C. Fritz Gehrke/1914-1992 (Clarence) Delores Gehrke/1915-2002 Evelyn Gehrke/1921-2005 Louis Gehrke/1914-2006

GEIER: Harry Geier/1895-1985 Howard Geier/1919-1999 (24 Oct. 1919/26 Oct. 1999/SSDI) Laura Geier/1900-1997

GEIGER: Raymond Geiger/1924-2001

GEIMER: Gerald E. Geimer/b.13 Feb 1932/d.8 Mar 2000 Marjorie Geimer/1917-2001 Martin Geimer/1912-2001

GEISER: Alois Geiser/1918-2008 Photo Alvin Geiser/1913-2006 Arnold Geiser/Apr. 6, 1917/Jul. 22, 2009 Celestine A. "Sally" Geiser/March 12, 1916/Aug. 24, 2002 Gregory Geiser/1914-1987 Madeline Geiser/1919-1987 Marie Geiser/1908-2001 Norbert Geiser/1910-2000 Victor Geiser/1915-1986

GELBUDA: Florence Gelbuda/1911-1994 (25 Oct. 1911/2 May 1994/SSDI) William Gelbuda/1914-2004

GENZ: Donald Genz/1936-1986 Edwin Genz/1941-2003 See GROELLE

GERROLL: Robert O. Gerroll/1925-2008/from obit

GIBEAULT: Magdalene Gibeault/nee MUELLER/March 28, 1906/Aug. 29, 1979 Albert Gibeault/1912-1995 Harris Gibeault/1907-2001 Leonard Gibeault/1919-1994 (11 Feb. 1919/29 Sept. 1994/SSDI) Margaret M. Gibeault/Oct. 3, 1925-Nov. 24, 2010 Priscilla Gibeault/1914-2006

GILBERT: Catherine Gilbert/1920-2001 Ralph 'Buddy' Gilbert/March 9, 1923-April 12, 2009 See SIEHR

GILL: George Gill/1905-1984 (23 Mar. 1905/Nov. 1984/SSDI) Larelda Gill/1911-2003 Margaret Gill/July 22, 1922/Jan. 5, 2007

GINTNER: Kiley Gintner/1989-1990

GLAESER: (Dale Glaeser/15 October 1936/3 September 1999/SSDI) (Dale (Leonard) Glaeser buried Sep 08, 1999, service at Bethany Lutheran, Manitowoc, burial at Knollwood./sent in by researcher/see contributors page.)

GLANDER: Earl Glander/1919-2005 Ethel F. Glander/July 31, 1918-July 2, 2011

GLANDT: Ruth "Ruthie" Glandt/February 2, 1923/March 22, 1998 Frederic Glandt/1922-1987 (13 Aug. 1922/13 Dec. 1987/SSDI)

GLASER: LeRoy Glaser/1928-1999 (15 July 1928/8 Jan. 1999/SSDI)

GLAVIN: Florence Glavin/1922-2004

GLINIECKI: Paul W. Gliniecki/Feb. 11, 1929/Nov. 16, 1982

GOEDJEN: Alvin W. Goedjen/Nov. 9, 1910/March 4, 1983 Helen C. Goedjen/July 25, 1914-June 11, 2009

GOEKE: Caroline Goeke/1924-2010 Wilbur H. Goeke/1928-2010

GOERTZ: Alveda D. Goertz/May 25, 1925-April 20, 2013 Hugo/14 September 1912/19 January 2000/Parents are Fredrick and Ameolia (Molly) Zoerb Goertz from Gibson Township/ from researcher/see contributors page)

GOLATA: Della A. Golata/Jan. 7, 1915-May 22, 2010 Joseph Golata/1925-2004

GONZALES: Nicolas Briones Gonzales/1932-2008/US Army

GOOD: Don Good/1917-1992 Joyce Good/1921-2007

GOOSSEN: Jack Goossen/1920-1997 (1 Jan. 1920/27 June 1997/SSDI)

GORDON: Rosabelle Gordon/1926-2001 Donald Gordon/1913-1997 (4 Feb. 1913/11 Jan. 1997/SSDI)

GOSPODAREK: Chester J. Gospodarek/April 2, 1932-April 14, 2009

GOSZ: Lucille R. Gosz/April 14, 1911/Feb. 2, 2002 Arthur P. Gosz/1931-2008 Ethel M. Gosz/Aug. 21, 1908-Aug. 2, 2011 Frank Gosz, Sr./1904-1997 (27 May 1904/d2 Apr. 1997/SSDI) George Gosz/1906-1984 (18 Apr. 1906/Oct. 1984/SSDI)

GOTTINGER: Jacob Gottinger/1917-2002

GRAF: Frederick N. Graf/Jan. 5, 1918-July 3, 1979 Elnora Lydia Graf/Feb. 28, 1920-March 5, 2011 Bertha Graf/1903-2002 Rev. A.A. Graf/1902-1996 (Adolph Graf/16 Sept. 1902/31 Aug. 1996/SSDI)

GRAINGER: Kurth Grainger/1917-2003 O. Sherman Grainger/1912-2008 Sophia F. Grainger/Jan. 1, 1913/Aug. 24, 2009/from obit

GRALL: Dorothy E. Grall/1927-2009/from obit Frances M. Grall/Nee KOHLBECK/May 15, 1904/Jan. 6, 1981 Emil Grall/1929-2002 Lawrence Grall/1907-1989 (21 Mar. 1907/6 Feb. 1989/SSDI) Lawrence Grall/1926-1995 (30 July 1926/16 Sept. 1995/SSDI) Lyle Thomas Grall/1961-2008/from obit

GRANITZ: Betty Granitz/1922-1999 (8 Aug. 1922/8 Jan. 1999/SSDI)

GRAPENTINE: Sadie W. Grapentine/April 8, 1922-April 11, 2013 Walter W. Grapentine Sr./March 19, 1919-Sept. 23, 2006

GRAYKOWSKI: Lawrence J. Graykowski/April 7, 1907/June 2, 1979 Esther Graykowski/Nov. 28, 1910/Jan. 5, 1989 Magdaline Graykowski/1915-1994 Wesley Graykowski/July 22, 1910/Dec. 27, 1987

GREENWOOD: Linda M. Greenwood/1945-2008/from obit

GRENZER: John Grenzer/1910-1990 Ruth Grenzer/1918-2005

GRESEL: Marie Gresel/1919-2000 Oscar Gresel/1915-1994

GRETZ: Hilary Gretz/June 18, 1943/Oct. 26, 2002 Orville F. Gretz/1940-2006

GREUNKE: Blanche Greunke/Sept. 8, 1902/May 29, 1997 Edwin Greunke/1902-1997 Donald E. Greunke/1926-2010

GRIES: Mary Ann Gries/nee BOGENSCHULTZ/July 19, 1922/June 20, 1979 Marie R. Gries/nee SCHULER/Feb. 25, 1919/July 31, 1978 Agnes Gries/nee SCHWINN/May 26, 1910/May 23, 1982 Joseph Gries (3 October 1956/7 November 1989/SSDI) Joseph Gries (12 November 1918/October 1983/SSDI) Elmer H. Gries/Dec. 3, 1913-Aug. 16, 1995 Raymond Gries/1908-1989 (22 Sept. 1908/9 Nov. 1989)


GRIMM: Lloyd Grimm/May 31, 1925/Mar. 19, 1997 Victor F. Grimm/Nov. 23, 1923-Nov. 9, 2013 Photo

GROELLE: Linda Groelle/nee GENZ/Aug. 3, 1907/Jan. 9, 1980 Delvin Groelle/Jan. 26, 1902/July 4, 1988 Diana (Dee Dee) Groelle/Sept. 6, 1957/Nov. 15, 1997 Henry Groelle/1925-2002 Loretta Groelle/1932-2003 Lucille S. Groelle/Nov. 5, 1931-May 5, 2010 Milton R. Groelle/Sept. 22, 1928-March 29, 2011 Mildred Groelle/Dec. 20, 1904/Dec. 14, 1989 Walter Groelle/1903-1996

GROESCHEL: James Groeschel/1963-1989

GROH: Patrick Groh/1970-1988 Paul Groh/1931-2004

GRONKE: Lucille Gronke/1930-1997 Ralph Gronke/1922-1986

GROSS: Esther L. Gross/Aug. 24, 1918-Dec. 4, 2013 John J. Gross/March 15, 1918/June 9, 2007 Photo

GROSSHUESCH: Roland (Sonny) Grosshuesch/1932-2003

GRUETT: Hannelore Gruett/1930-2010

GRUMANN: Donna J. Gru mann/Sept. 18, 1949/Oct. 11, 2002

GUEX: Ernest Guex/October 17, 1918/October 10, 1998 Marie Guex/1920-2006

GUSTAVSON: Ruth C. Gustavson/nee BAKER/Feb. 18, 1916/April 21, 1983 Grant Gustavson/1909-1998

HAAG: Erwin/1909-1989, ossw: Rosella M. Haag/1915-2009 Tombstone Erwin/Rosella

HABECK: Irene A. Habeck/Aug. 19, 1914-Jan. 17, 2012 Laurence Habeck/1909-1989

HABERMANN: Dorothy Habermann/1915-2005 Marie Habermann/1945-2000 Raymond Habermann/1909-1993 Roland Habermann/1911-2001 Verna Habermann/1910-1987 Viola Habermann/1918-1996 William Habermann/1915-1996

HACKBARTH: Bernice Hackbarth/1922-1988

HAEN: August Haen/1911-2001 Dorothy Haen/1909-1983 Elsie Haen/1916-2004 Harry Haen/1907-1984

HAESE: Bulah Haese/1922-2003 Victor G. Haese/1917-2011

HAGBERG: Elsa Hagberg/1913-2001 Glenn H. Hagberg/1911-2008

HAGENOW: Ludwig L. Hagenow/Feb. 9, 1914/May 10, 1981 Alvin W. Hagenow/1919-2008 Dorothy Hagenow/1920-1999 Harold Hagenow/1926-2000

HALBACH: Arvin Halbach/1922-2006

HALDERSON: Howard Halderson/Nov. 18, 1921/Dec. 14, 2007 Shirley M. Halderson/Sept. 20, 1924/Mar. 18, 2008 Alfred Halderson/1914-1990 Mabel Halderson/1913-1997

HALLADA: Carl J. Hallada/Nov. 15, 1908/April 4, 1976 Irene Hallada/1911-2005 LeRoy R. Hallada/1930-2008

HALVORSEN: Raymond G. Halvorsen/June 15, 1906/Nov. 17, 1974, next to: Marion Halvorsen/nee HOULE/married Nov. 17, 1937/Jan. 28, 1912/June 12, 1974/ married Nov. 17, 1937

HAMACHER: Donald S. Hamacher/1928-2010

HANDL: Dorothy Handl/1914-1985 Walter Handl/1913-2000

HANKE: Agnes Hanke/1929-2002 Melvin Hanke/1924-2003

HANSEN: (Diane M. (Sehloff) Hansen/Nov. 28, 1941/Dec. 3, 1996/dau. of Lester and Edith Sehloff/sent in by researcher, see contributors page) Claro Hansen/1914-1999 Richard C. Hansen/1936-2011 Willard Hansen/1936-1993

HANSTEDT: Anna Hanstedt/1907-1986 Walter Hanstedt/1901-1994 (24 Mar 1901 26 Oct 1994/SSDI)

HARDIE: Loretta Hardie/1940-2004 Russell Hardie/1961-2006

HARDRATH: Marion Hardrath/nee EISENMANN/May 4, 1920/March 27, 1981 Melvin Hardrath/1916-1991

HARGRAVES: Gladys G. Hargraves/1926-2009/from obit Roy Hargraves/1920-1999

HARTLAUB: Betty Hartlaub/nee SCHENIAN/Jan. 20, 1930/March 10, 1976 Henry Hartlaub/1917-2004 Marie Hartlaub/1922-2007

HARTMAN: Leo A. Hartman/1931-2010

HASSE: Karl Hasse/1923-1995

HASTREITER: Raymond Hastreiter/1933-2004 Gertrude Ann Hastreiter/1916-2012 Wilbert F. Hastreiter/1917-2007

HATFIELD: Jean Marie Hatfield/1958-2010/from obit

HAUCH: Alfred Hauch/1913-2000 Catherine B. Hauch/1922-2010/from obit

HAUPT: Glenn E. Haupt/April 6, 1932/February 21, 2001 Dustin Jerad Haupt/1995-1995 Frederick Haupt/1927-2006 Marian J. Haupt/Sept. 6, 1925-Oct. 11, 2013 Hubert Haupt/1923-1995 Robert Haupt/1926-1991 Salome Haupt/Sept. 27, 1928-April 20, 2013 Photo Ruby Haupt/1933-1984

HAUSER: Harold Hauser/1917-1999

HAVER: Eugene Haver/1917-1999 Margaret Haver/1926-1995

HAVLICHEK: Anton Havlichek/Nov. 25, 1905/March 27, 1982 Charles Havlichek/Aug. 21, 1902/Jan. 18, 1976 Loretta A. Havlichek/June 21, 1908/September 1, 2000 Hazel O. Havlichek/April 27, 1929-April 30, 2009 Helen Havlichek/1911-1989

HAVLOVITZ: Kenneth Havlovitz/1942-2003

HAYES: Leo Hayes/1917-2003

HEBERLEIN: Arthur Heberlein/1903-1993 Viola Heberlein/1904-2005

HEBERT: Richard Hebert/1936-1998

HECKER: Vivian Hecker/1919-1994

HEDMAN: Donald J. Hedman/June 8, 1932/March 2, 2003

HEI: Charlotte Hei/1917-2005 Dennis Hei/1946-2000 Edward Hei/1918-1984

HEIM: Betty Heim/1922-1991 Charles Heim/1917-1994

HEIMANN: Albert Heimann/1924-2002 Alois Heimann/1920-1998 Clarence J. Heimann/1926-2002 (July 16, 1926/Dec. 13, 2002/SSDI) Marie S. Heimann/Aug. 2, 1926/Nov. 27, 2007 Genevieve Heimann/1924-1989 Robert Heimann/1934-1996

HEIN: Lucille Hein/1919-1998 Richard Hein/1918-2001

HEINRICH: Dorothy Heinrich/1925-2004 Wilber Heinrich/1918-2005

HEINRICHS: Elmer F. Heinrichs/1916-2005 Lester Heinrichs/1911-1992 Louise Heinrichs/1919-2004

HEINZ: Alfred Heinz/1911-2007 Gertrude E. Heinz/Mar. 13, 1921/Aug. 27,2009/from obit

HEINZEN: Paul F. Heinzen/1928-2001

HELBICK: Richard J. Helbick/Dec. 12, 1917/Nov. 4, 1982 Dorothy Helbick/1919-2003

HENDRIES: Martha Hendries/1905-1991

HENSCHEL: Emmy Henschel/1930-2006 John Henschel/1919-2006 John Henschel, Jr./1951-1983

HENZELL: Jerold Henzell/1929-1994

HERMANN: Fred Hermann/1915-1988 Mabel Hermann/1917-2002

HERR: Frederick "Fritz" J. Herr/March 13, 1931-Oct. 29, 2010 Kathleen Herr/1939-1985

HERRIGES: Georgene Herriges/1931-1988

HERRMANN: Clarence A. Herrmann/Nov. 9, 1905/July 6, 1982 (SSDI has b. 9 Nov 1906) Bernice M. Herrmann/1917-2007 Clara Herrmann/1911-1997 Joseph Herrmann/1915-1996 Olive Herrmann/1911-1993 Reinhart Herrmann/1912-1989

HESLER: David Hesler/1947-2006 Emily Hesler/1946-2004

HESS: Roland Hess/1910-1989

HESSEL: Marie Hessel/nee MILLER/Died Feb. 17, 1979 (5 Jul 1910/Feb 1979/SSDI) Sylvan J. Hessel/March 9, 1919/Feb. 19, 2003 Photo Anna Hessel/1902-1995 Eli Hessel/1895-1986

HETRICK: Marilyn Hetrick/1942-1993

HETUE: Kenneth T. Hetue/Aug. 19, 1920/March 22, 2006 Kermit Hetue/1927-1984 Lorraine Hetue/1922-1988 Loretta Hetue/1928-2014


HEYROTH: Doris Mae Heyroth/June 13, 1930/March 19, 2002

HIBBARD: Regina (Peg) E. Hibbard/1930-2007 See James

HILGENBERG: Theophil Hilgenberg/July 30, 1893/Jan. 25, 1983 Mathalia Hilgenberg/1898-1990

HILL: Luella J. Hill/1933-2011 Theodore Hill/1933-1998 See Wetnight

HILLMANN: Carl Hillmann/1913-2004 Helen Hillmann/1917-1999 Mildred B. Hillmann/1916-2008/from obit Milford Hillmann/1910-2000

HILLS: Fred O. Hills/1938-2005

HIRSSIG: James Hirssig/1926-2005

HOBAN: John F. Hoban/July 19, 1906/Sept. 26, 1981 Mary Hoban/1907-1988

HOCHKAMMER: Terry Hochkammer/1979-2004 Zachary Hochkammer/2000-2000

HODGE: Floyd D. Hodge/April 23, 1906/Oct. 16, 1981 (SSDI has b. 24 Apr 1906) Frances Hodge/1907-1985 Daniel Merle Hodge/1939-1994 (cem. list has M. Daniel/SSDI has Daniel M.)

HOFFER: Mary BOLTZ Hoffer/July 7, 1937/Oct. 3, 1994

HOFFMAN: Clarence Hoffman/Aug. 18, 1903/Nov. 3, 1983 Irene Hoffman/1908-1999 Paulette A./d. Aug. 10, 2009

HOFSLUND: Everitt C. Hofslund/Dec. 11, 1910/June 1, 1981 Harriet Hofslund/1911-1989

HOIDA: John S. Hoida, Jr/December 26, 1889/March 24, 1994 Anna Hoida/1906-Jun. 3, 2000 Tombstone John/Anna (Note: Anna V. Hoida/30 Jun 1904/03 Jun 2000/SSDI)

HOLDORFF: Edwin W. Holdorff/1924-2011 Joyce Holdorff/1923-1994


HOLLER: Ludwig Holler/Nov. 19, 1897/Dec. 27, 1979 Maria Holler/1899-1991

HOLMES: Beverly Holmes/nee JANDA/Oct. 4, 1931/May 11, 1978 Adeline Holmes/1918-2013 Elwood Holmes/1914-1997 William Holmes/1928-2008

HOLUB: Emmanuel Holub/1919-2001

HOPPE: Marie Hoppe/1920-2011 Melvin Hoppe/1916-1992 Milton A. Hoppe/1910-2008 Verna Hoppe/1907-1989

HOPSON: James Harlan Hopson/September 20, 1924/Feb. 2004

HORN: Ida Horn/1904-1993 Norbert Horn/1895-1987 Willlis E. Horn/1929-1995

HORNER: Benjamin Horner/1912-1986 Grace Horner/1913-1985 Marie Horner/1901-1992 Otto Horner/1914-1999

HORSTMAN: Hildegard Marie/Oct. 23, 1905-June 16, 1990

HOUGHTON: Florence Houghton/1927-2006 Walter J. Houghton/1927-1994


HUCHTHAUSEN: Lois A. Huchthausen/1933-2006 Richard C. Huchthausen/1933-2001

HUDY: Howard Hudy/1923-1995

HUEBNER: Mildred Huebner/1916-2003 Photo Ralph Huebner/1910-1987

HUEMPFNER: Austin Huempfner/1914-1998 Marvel Huempfner/1914-2000

HUINKER: Olive T. Huinker/1918/June 27, 1991/age 73 Raymond Huinker/1914-1987

HUNT: Clinton D. Hunt/1924-1995 Marie Hunt/1924-2006

HUTCHINS: Faye Hutchins/1909-1996 Merle Hutchins/1903-1981

HUTCHISON: Clarence Hutchison/1913-1997 Ruth Hutchison/1917-2005

HUTTERER: Anna L. Hutterer/June 13, 1913/March 4, 2007 Jerome Hutterer/1903-1999

HYNEK: Eugene Hynek/1914-2003 Joseph Hynek/1914-1988 Maxine V. Hynek/1930-2007 Harlan A. Hynek/1927-2009

IHDE: Marie Ihde/1923-2004

IHLENFELDT: Fred C. Ihlenfeldt, Sr./February 15, 1920/April 27, 2000 Louise Ihlenfeldt/1913-2007 Millard Ihlenfeldt/1914-1997


IRICK: Clayton Irick/1913-1996 Ruth Irick/1918-1988

ISLEY: Charles Isley/1920-1994 Edna Isley/1923-1998

IVIS: Pearl Ivis/nee ANDERSON/June 7, 1900/July 14, 1981 Raymond Ivis/1905-1988

JACKSON: Gladys Jackson/1924-1994 Walter Jackson/1916-1994

JACQUART: Gloria Jacquart/1937-2001 Merlin C. 'Jake' Jacquart/Aug. 11, 1926-March 22, 2009

JACQUE: Diane M. Jacque/Sept. 15, 1953-Aug. 9, 2012 Harvey Jacque/1923-1996 Lois C. Jacque/1926-2007

JAEHNIG: Caroline F. Jaehnig/1923-2011 Robert Jaehnig/1919-2003

JAGEMANN: Marie J. Jagemann/nee SAVAGE/Feb. 3, 1905/Sept. 28, 1980 Ethel Jagemann/1903-1987 Frances Jagemann/1926-2004 Nicholas Jagemann/1914-2002 Raymond Jagemann/1909-1989 Vivian Jagemann/1916-1986 William P. Jagemann/1901-1996 (27 Jul 1901 2 Mar 1996/SSDI)

JAGODINSKY: Gregory C. Jagodinsky/March 12, 1923/June 11, 1983 Richard Jagodinsky/1919-1988

JAHNKE: Edward Jahnke/1916-1990 Linda Jahnke/1921-1987

JAMES: Delores Hibbard James/Nov. 5, 1932/Sept. 3, 1995

JANA: Adolph Jana/1885-1987 Martha Jana/1892-1988


JANSKY: Norbert 0. Jansky/Dec. 14, 1916/Oct. 25, 2004

JAPE: Edwin L. Jape/July 26, 1924/Jan. 3, 2003 Kathryn L. Jape/Jan. 21, 1928/Oct. 12, 2006

JAREK: Bernard G. Jarek/1936-2009


JASCHOB: Harold F. Jaschob Sr/Dec. 10, 1920-Dec. 7, 2012 Jannette Jaschob/1921-1996

JENSEN: Sofus Jensen/1905-1995

JENTINK: Oscar Jentink/1913-1990

JENTSCH: Florence Jentsch/1916-2001 Robert Jentsch/1913-1995

JERABEK: Leo S. Jerabek/1924-2010

JERGENSON: Melvin Jergenson/Dec. 15, 1905/Dec. 1, 1981 Fern Jergenson/1934-1997 Leone Jergenson/1908-1997

JESKE: Elizabeth Jeske/1928-2013 Theodore Jeske/1923-1996

JIMENEZ: Joseph R. Jimenez/Nov. 24, 1919/Feb. 13, 2006

JINDRA: Roy W. Jindra/June 11, 1926/June 27, 2000

JOAS: George Joas/1927-1990

JOHANEK: Joseph J. Johanek/Aug. 14, 1922/Sept. 6, 1981 Marie A. Johanek/March 3, 1924-Jan. 31, 2009

JOHNSON: Adeline Johnson/1914-2005 Charlotte Johnson/1921-1994 Dale Johnson/1921-1995 Dorothy Johnson/1920-2007 Floyd Johnson/1913-2002 Harry Johnson/1909-1998 James A. Johnson/1930-1996 James D. Johnson/1921-1996 June Johnson/1914-1996 Lillie Johnson/1908-2005 Raymond Johnson/1906-1997 Rev. David Johnson/1939-1991 Roy Johnson/1912-1994 Wayne Johnson/1934-2003 See Longhini

JONAS: Fred W. Jonas/Oct. 6, 1912/May 26, 1978 Marie A. Jonas/April 24, 1922/January 18, 2001

JONES: Donald Jones/1920-1987 Helen Jones/1926-1987

JORGENSEN: Burnell Jorgensen/1931-2006

JUCKEM: Elsie Juckem/1931-1996 Ronald Juckem/1967-2008 Photo

JUNG: Melvin Jung/1918-2000

JUNK: Allan J. Junk/March 18, 1947-July 25, 2012 Bonnie Junk/1949-2004 Ann M. Junk/1914-2010 Edward Junk/1910-1993 Philip Junk/1922-1985 Troy Junk 1974-1994

JUNKER: Clara Junker/1896-1992 Erwin Junker/1893-1987 (Jul 20 1893/Oct 1987/SSDI)

JUUL: Arthur P. Juul/April 6, 1926/Jan. 18, 1983 Kathleen Juul/1926-1985

KABAT: Alice Kabat/1933-2002

KADERABEK: Charles Kaderabek, Jr. /Aug. 14, 1915/Oct. 10, 1983 Alice Kaderabek/1914-1993 Frank Kaderabek/1916-1996 Hildegarde Kaderabek/1915-2004

KADOW: Roger J. Kadow/Dec. 9, 1927/Aug. 24, 2009/from obit Pamela J. Kadow/1968-2011

KAHL: Leo F. Kahl/1928-2007

KAHLENBERG: Karl W. Kahlenberg/October 29, 1933/February 4, 2000


KAKATSCH: Lawrence Kakatsch, Sr./1919-1994 Orgena Kakatsch/1922-2007

KAKES: Evelyn Kakes/1915-1990 John Kakes/1908-2000

KALCIK: George Kalcik/1904-1997

KALLIES: Kathie Kallies/1959-2002 William G. Kallies/July 28, 1929/Nov. 9, 2005 Dorothy E. Kallies/1934-2011

KAMINSKI: Ignatius (Ernie) Kaminski/Jan. 18, 1918/Oct. 20, 1980 Florine Kaminski/1909-1986

KAMINSKY: Gerald E. Kaminsky/1924-2013

KAMKE: Elmer Kamke/1903-1990 Leona Kamke/1911-2008

KANE: Robert Kane/1920-1995 Wilma I. Kane/1924-2009/from obit

KANERA: Daniel F. Kanera, Sr./Sept. 30, 1910/Jan. 11, 1983

KANTER: (Donald G. Kanter/1939-2008/from obit) Wilmer A. Kanter/March 8, 1912/Sept. 15, 1977 Evelyn Ida Kanter/1917-2007 Hazel Kanter/1921-2007 Leland Kanter/1921-1965

KAPPELMANN: Martha Kappelmann/nee SEHLHOFF/March 24, 1903/Dec. 16, 1981 Leona Kappelmann/1918-2001 Louis Kappelmann/1902-1987 Paul Kappelmann/1909-1994

KARBON: Dolores Karbon/1929-2007 Eleanor Karbon/1919-1989 Harold Karbon/1915-1993

KARMAN: Jeffrey Karman/Dec. 30, 1961/Dec. 17, 1974 Mildred B. Karman/1918-2010 Ludger Karman/1914-1999

KASPER: Donald Kasper/1915-2002 Viola Kasper/1917-2004

KATERSKI: Bernice Katerski/1922-2006 James Katerski/1921-1992

KATH: Jane Kath/ 1922-1987 Raymond J. Kath/1921-2010


KAUFMANN: Patricia A. Kaufmann/1970-2011

KAUTZER: Rueben Kautzer/Aug. 28, 1907/July 27, 1983

KEATING: Elaine Keating/1927-1987 Raymond Keating/1928-2001

KEEHAN: Gerald Keehan/1936-1986

KEERY: Scott Thomas Keery/1995-1995

KELLENBENZ: Ralph G. Kellenbenz/1924-2010

KELLER: Milton Keller/1921-2010

KELLIHER: Earl Kelliher/1922-1995

KELLY: Donald Kelly/1932-1999

KERSCHER: Paul Kerscher/1928-2002

KEUBKE: Clarence Keubke/1910-1984 Dorothy Keubke/1912-1996

KEUP: Lowell Keup/1949-1992 Orville Keup/1916-2001 Margaret Ann Keup/1921-2012

KEY: Sandra J. Key/June 5, 1947/May 31, 2007

KIEFER: Paul A. Kiefer/1934-2014

KIEL: Beatrice Kiel/1914-2006 Lester Kiel/1914-1998 Timothy Kiel/1955-2003 Shirley A. Kiel/1936-2012

KIENBAUN: Willard E. Kienbaun/1924-2010

KIENETZ: Hugo Kienetz/1921-1984

KIESELHORST: Larry W. Kieselhorst/1933-2011 Myrtle Kieselhorst/1906-1986 Raymond Kieselhorst/1906-1991

KILEY: Harold E./Apr. 23, 1918/Aug. 13, 2009 Photo Margaret "Marge" L. Kiley/Nov. 1, 1922/May 21, 2006

KILGAS: John Kilgas/1956-1996

KIND: Arnold A. Kind/1922-2008/from obit Hazel L. Kind/1924-2009/from obit

KING: James E. King/1941-2014 Joyce King/1942-1999

KINSTETTER: Delia Kinstetter/1910-2001 Edwin Kinstetter/1907-1988

KINZEL: Adelaide C. Kinzel/1914-2013

KIRCHEN: Robert Kirchen/1931-1996 Ruth Kirchen/1931-2004

KIRCHMAN: Alfred H. Kirchman/October 17, 1898/March 10, 1997 Genevieve E. Kirchman/January 4, 1906/December 8, 1998

KITZEROW: Frieda W. Kitzerow/Nov. 2, 1897/Nov. 12, 2005 Photo Arthur Kitzerow/1906-1988 Grace Kitzerow/Oct. 31, 1906/Jan. 4, 2005 Mabel Kitzerow/1912-1992 Mel Kitzerow/1903-1988 Reinhard Kitzerow/1897-1986 (Jan 28 1897/Nov 1986/SSDI)

KLATT: Harold Klatt/1909-1992 Sera Klatt/1911-2001

KLECKNER: Albert Kleckner/1920-2003 Sarah A. Kleckner/1919-2012

KLEIN: Blanche Klein/1915-2004 Esther Klein/1916-1997 Otto (Bud) Klein/Aug. 14, 1912/Nov. 7, 1979 Florence E. Klein/February 3, 1924/June 6, 2000 Gene A. Klein/1938-2009/from obit Glenn Klein/1942-1995 Harold Klein/1913-1985 Ivan Klein/1921-2007 Jerry W. Klein/1941-2012 Mabel V. Klein/1934-2013 John P. Klein, Jr./1944-2001 Marvin Klein/1923-1991 Theodore S. Klein/1966-2010

KLEIST: Harvey Kleist/1906-1987 Ovella Kleist/1910-2001

KLENKE: Delores Klenke/1921-1999 Henry Klenke/1914-1985

KLEPPE: Victor E. Kleppe/April 30, 1916/Oct. 17, 1978 Alice Kleppe/1923-2002

KLIMENT: Anton Kliment/1903-1981 Charles Kliment/1903-1986 Rose Kliment/1905-2004 Sylvia Kliment/1902-1996

KLINGEISEN: Clarence R. Klingeisen/1909-2012 Irene Klingeisen/1913-1999 Dolores M. Klingeisen/Sept. 23, 1925-April 17, 2009 Lester R. Klingeisen/Nov. 21, 1918-March 24, 2012

KLINGHOLZ: Paul A. Klingholz/1922-2011 Naomi R. Klingholz/1925-2011

KLOIDA: James Kloida/Sept. 28, 1902/Feb. 28, 1981 Myrtle Kloida/1907-1987

KLOSTER: June G. Kloster/1925-2008/from obit

KLOTZBUECHER: Eldor Klotzbuecher/1924-1996 Mary Klotzbuecher/1926-1998

KLUBA: Ann Kluba/1926-1998 Floyd Kluba/1923-2000

KLUENKER: Valeria Kluenker/1929-2009

KLUSMEYER: Elroy H. Klusmeyer/1924-2012 Ervin Klusmeyer/1910-1994 Ethel Klusmeyer/1913-1992

KNIER: Alex Knier/1916-1989 Elsie Knier/1921-1989 Shirley Knier/1948-1996

KNIPFER: Ivan E. Knipfer/Sept. 9, 1919-June 20, 2009

KNIPP: Alphonse Joseph Knipp/July 4, 1915/Sept. 6, 2004

KNOX: Patricia A. Knox/1947-2012

KNUELL: Minnie Knuell/1904-1993

KNUTSON: Janet M. Knutson/Jan. 3, 1920/Oct. 28, 2002 Herbert Knutson/1903-1984 Kenneth Knutson/1916-1997 Lexie Knutson/1905-1995 Luella Knutson/1913-2003 Myron Knutson/1915-1984

KOCH: Clarence G. Koch/16 Nov 1912/07 Aug 1993 Josephine R. Koch/1914-2012 Anita M. (Zunker) Koch/23 May 1908/5 Mar 2001/ Wife of Edward M. Koch Edward M. Koch/31 May 1908/29 Sep 1992 Bradley Charles Koch/Jan. 13, 1981/Dec. 26, 2007 Charles Koch/1909-2004 Faith Koch/1914-1994 Sheldon A. Koch/Aug. 1, 1936/Nov. 25, 2003 William Koch/1925-2008 LeeRoy J. Koch/1929-2013

KOCHAN: Florence C. Kochan/Jan. 4, 1917-Feb. 10, 2009 Ralph Kochan/1932-1991

KOCIAN: Erwin Kocian/1919-2000 George Kocian/1920-1994 June Kocian/1923-2008 Rhoda Kocian/1923-1996

KOCOUREK: Harold W. Kocourek/1922-2014 LaVerne Kocourek/1926-2004

KODET: Edward E. Kodet/Sept. 6, 1895/April 9, 1979 Raymond Kodet/1922-2000 Ruth Kodet/1925-1988

KOEHLER: Victor A. Koehler/Oct. 26, 1907/Oct. 5, 1981 Cecelia Koehler/1908-2002

KOENIG: Carol Koenig/1951-1991 (Karen Koenig/1947-2009/from obit) Kenneth Koenig/1947-1985

KOEPPE: Arle Koeppe/1927-1996 Carol Koeppe/1927-1995 Esther/1903-1999

KOEPSEL: Jeanette E. Koepsel/April 15, 1929/February 3, 1999

KOESER: Anna Koeser/1910-2002 Kenneth Koeser/1933-1996 William Koeser/1908-1989

KOHLBECK: Ferdinand Kohlbeck/April 11, 1894/Aug. 9, 1982 see GRALL

KOHLMAN: Paul H. Kohlman/1921-2010

KOHLMANN: Michael J. Kohlmann/Aug. 9, 1945/Nov. 21, 2003 see FISCHER

KOHLMEIER: Herbert G. Kohlmeier/1915-2009 Mildred Kohlmeier/1915-2001 Paul H. Kohlmeier/1935-2012 Wayne E. Kohlmeier/1935-2013

KOHLS: Jorun (Margret) Kohls/Oct. 29, 1914-May 13, 2009 Roland A. Kohls/April 23, 1916/April 30, 1981 Ellis Kohls/1908-1996 Viola Kohls/1913-1991

KOLAR: Evelyn Kolar/1922-1996 Frank Kolar/1898-1987 James Kolar/1922-1987 Randall J. Kolar/1951-2008/from obit

KOLB: Merlin Kolb/1922-2003

KOLBE: Helen Kolbe/1918-2006 Elmer C. Kolbe/July 12, 1914/February 17, 2010

KOLDOFF: Emily F. Koldoff/1913-2010 Martin Koldoff/1914-1993 Paul Koldoff/1941-1988

KOMOROSKI: Edwin P. Komoroski/Feb. 4, 1918/Nov. 28, 1982, next to: Mary Komoroski/nee GRIESBACH/March 20, 1919/Sept. 26, 1976

KONELL: Norbert Konell/1931-1987

KONEN: Harold D. Konen/Feb. 24, 1956-Dec. 14, 2010

KONO: Lester A. Kono/1916-1986 Irene E. Kono/1924-2013 Lester Kono/1948-1991

KONOP: Leo J. Konop/1926-2010

KOPIDLANSKY: Louis J. Kopidlansky/June 15, 1918/July 16, 1983 Hazel Kopidlansky/1926-2004 Joseph Kopidlansky/1913-1986 Mary M. Kopidlansky/1915-2007

KORINEK: Evelyn Korinek/1922-2010 Louis Korinek/1918-2006 Victor Korinek/1913-2004

KORNELY: Delores Kornely/1925-1995 Dolores Kornely/1927-2003 Dolores V. Kornely/1927-2008/from obit Leroy Kornely/1917-1993 Lester Kornely/1913-1991 Lloyd Kornely/1922-1988 Louis Kornely/1910-1996 Melvin Kornely/1914-1999 Milton Kornely/1912-2002 Elaine F. Kornely/1914-2012 Nicole Kornely/1972-1995 Violet Kornely/1914-1993

KORPI: Milton Korpi/1915-1990

KORTE: Kenneth Korte/June 29, 1924/Apr. 13, 2005

KOSOBUCKI: Ann Kosobucki/1930-2001 Francis A. Kosobucki, Sr./1958-2010 John Kosobucki/1919-2008

KOSTECHKA: Raymond Kostechka/1922-1999 Leo Kostechka/1920-2003

KOTCHE: Carl E. Kotche/Sept. 16, 1910/Dec. 13, 1982 Evelyn Kotche/1912-1994

KOTCHI: Irene Kotchi/1911-2005 Stanley Kotchi/1910-1986

KOTT: Irene M. Kott/Oct. 30, 1912/Sept. 27, 1983

KOTTKE: Clara Kottke/Jan. 25, 1908/Apr. 18, 2007 Julius Kottke/1897-1987 (Oct 14 1897/Sep 1987 Railroad Retirement/SSDI)

KOUBA: Vivian H. Kouba/1924-2004 Colleen Kouba/1954-1996

KOUTNIK: Elva S. Koutnik/1926-2012

KOWALSKI: Virginia C. Kowalski/1926-2011

KOZACZUK: Edward Kozaczuk/1920-2005 Leo Kozaczuk/1917-2002

KOZLOWSKI: Frank Kozlowski/1929-2008

KRACHT: Frieda Kracht/1915-1986 William Kracht/1915-1997

KRAEMER: Emogene Kraemer/1914-2008 John Kraemer/1914-2006 John Kraemer/1930-2012

KRAFTCHECK: Bernice G. Kraftcheck/1951-2011 Leigh Kraftcheck/1946-2013

KRAHN: Betty Krahn/1936-1998 Charles Krahn/1900-1985

KRAINIK: Viola M. Krainik/10 Oct. 1909/26 Sept. 2005 Joseph Krainik/b. 20 May 1898/d. 24 Sept 1986

KRAJNIK: Ernest Krajnik Sr./1917-2013 Edith Krajnik/1925-2001

KRALL: Georgiana Krall/1925-1994

KRAMER: (Genevieve C. Kramer/1917-2009/from obit) Henry Kramer/1912-2002

KRANZ: Leona Kranz/1907-2000 Walter Kranz/1908-1984

KRATZ: Lester Kratz/1918-2005 Myrtle Kratz/1915-2003

KRAUS: Elmer Kraus/1909-1988 Margaret M. Kraus/1914-2012 Janet Kraus/1944-1985 Marvin Kraus/1915-1991 Verona Kraus/1918-1997

KRCMA: Eugene Krcma/Sept. 12, 1925/Mar. 6, 1995 Lorraine A. Krcma/1923-2012 see ZIPPERER

KREISA: Frank Kreisa/Oct. 9, 1888/April 26, 1981, next to: Maude Kreisa/nee WATZEL/Aug. 10, 1893/June 2, 1980 Kenneth J. Kreisa/1922-1984

KREJCAREK: Clarence Krejcarek/1921-1992 Eugene Krejcarek/1916-2006 Grace Krejcarek/1919-1993 Nobia Krejcarek/1924-1987

KRELL: Gladys Krell/nee: STEFFAN/Dec. 9, 1921/March 15, 1983 Theobald Krell/1916-1993


KREPLINE: Orville Wilmer Krepline/Sept. 23, 1943-May 19, 2009

KRESHECK: Mary Kresheck/1901-1990 Vladimir Kresheck/1898-1993

KRISH: Alberta R. Krish/1932-2011

KRIZEK: Frank Krizek/1909-1986

KRIZIZKE: Esther A. Krizizke/1919-2008/from obit Florence Krizizke/1927-1999 Roland T. Krizizke/1951-2011

KROEGER: Marlyn Kroeger/1928-2011

KROENING: Donald Kroening/1937-2004

KROLL: Anton Kroll/1907-1998 Regina Kroll/1921-1999

KRONFORST: Alvin Kronforst/1905-1986, ossw: Loretta Kronforst/1908-2001 Harold F. Kronforst/1919-2013 LaJune Kronforst/1919-2002

KRUEGER: Ewald C. Krueger/April 16, 1900/April 8, 1976 Lavern Krueger/nee MOSCHEL/July 5, 1932/Sept. 7, 1981 Constance Krueger/nee NAPIEZINSKI/Sept. 26, 1885/Jan. 10, 1977 William Henry Krueger/Oct. 21, 1880-July, 1976 Tombstone William/Constance Eugene P. Krueger/1932-2012 Clementina Krueger/1924-2006 Edward Krueger/1921-1992 Harlan Roger Krueger/June 24, 1928-Dec. 9, 2011 Janice Krueger/d. Aug. 17, 2009 Joan Krueger/1917-1998 Kendall Krueger/1941-1994 Marvin Krueger/1942-2002 Nelson Krueger/1913-1994 Otto Krueger/1917-2005 Vernon O. Krueger/1932-2008/from obit Vilas Krueger/1930-2005 Viola Krueger/1907-1992

KRZIZIKE: Florian P. Krzizike/1916-2013

KUBSCH: Orville Kubsch/1918-1995

KUCERA: Lois Kucera/1919-1998 Steven Kucera/1911-1998

KUEHN: August Kuehn/1914-1987

KUEHNE: Raymond Kuehne/1914-1998

KUFFEL: Lars A. Kuffel/1914-1996

KUGEL: Eric Kugel/1967-1987

KUIK: Harold Kuik/1931-2003

KUMBALEK: Ernest Kumbalek/1919-1993

KUMMER: Edwin Kummer, Sr./1909-1990 Marie M. Kummer/1916-2010

KUNSTMANN: Adolph Kunstmann/1924-1992

KUTIL: Ann Kutil/1912-2003