Kossuth Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: 0.4 mile West from junction of Highway 310 and County Trunk B. Cemetery located on North side of Highway 310. Copied by Hilary & Ruth Vanderbloemen, Marcie Baer, and Jenny Posney, on September 18 and October 3, 1982. Typed & Proofread by Hilary Vanderbloemen. Cemetery is owned by Fordyce Rathjen. Brass markers flush with ground, and cemetery is maintained in very good condition. Earliest marker dated 1958.
Re-indexed by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society in Oct. 2009, added to this site Dec. 2010.

(picture of stone sent in by a researcher/see contributors page)

Cemetery Maps

Garden of the Apostles

Garden of Memory

Garden of the Last Supper

Garden of the Gesthemane


[ L-Z ]

Jack V./1915-1972, ossw:
Elizabeth J. Ackerman/1920-2000  Tombstone Jack/Elizabeth

ACKLEY: Michael E./1948-1977 Tombstone Michael/Cynthia, ossw: Cynthia L./1950-____ Evelyn P. Ackley/Oct. 24, 1926/July 9, 2002 Tombstone

ADAIR: Eugene W. Adair/Dec. 13, 1937/May 6, 1999/ BM3 US Navy/SP4 US Army-Vietnam Tombstone

AHL: James E. Ahl/1937-2004/married Feb. 20, 1960 Tombstone Cindy M. Ahl/nee DeBot/1970-2005 Tombstone

AHLBORN: Erwin E. Ahlborn/1920-1994/Vet./married Nov. 7, 1973 Tombstone

AHLSWEDE: William E./1922-2008 Tombstone William/Pearl, ossw: Pearl E./1922-____ Herbert Ahlswede/1914-1986 Tombstone

AHRENS: Fred G./1914-1971 (6 Feb 1914/Apr 1971/SSDI), ossw: Alice/1910-1987 (1 Apr 1910/Apr 1987/SSDI)

AHRNDT: Jesse Lee Ahrndt/Jan. 5, 1960/Apr. 14, 1961 Joseph J. Ahrndt/Jan. 8, 1917/Dec. 19, 1991 Tombstone

ALAERS: Hugh E. Alaers/Pfc US Army/World War II/Feb. 28, 1910-Aug. 5, 1975 Tombstone

ALBERTS: Elmer M./1906-1977 (19 Oct 1906/Aug 1977 SSDI), ossw: Florence/1912-1969 Tombstone Elmer/Florence

ALBRIGHT: Herbert S. Albright/1919-1979 (29 Oct 1919/Jan 1979/SSDI) Tombstone Gordon A. Albright/June 15, 1908/Dec. 31, 1994/US Army-WWII Tombstone Kevin S. Albright/1980-2005 Tombstone Frances V. Albright/1926-1998 (21 Aug 1926/Sep 1998/SSDI) Tombstone See Jorsch

ALFSON: Donald R. Alfson/1912-1990, ossw: Eileen Alfson/1914-2009 Tombstone Donald/Eileen

ALLEN: Charles E./1910-1982 (24 Feb 1910/May 1982/SSDI), ossw: Dorothy R./1919-_____ Melvin/1906-1969 (31 Dec 1906/Aug 1969/SSDI), ossw: Vernetta M. Allen/1907-1990 Paul G. Allen/Br 3 US Navy/World War II/Feb. 18, 1920-Dec. 14, 1978 (note: he was disinterred and moved to Evergreen #44 on 6/13/1995) Matthew J. Allen/1924-2003/Vet., ossw: Dorothy C. Allen/1931-1988 Tombstone Matthew/Dorothy Pauline M. Allen/1945-2001 Tombstone Terry P. Allen/Jan. 24, 1947-Dec. 21, 2013

ALLIE: Gerald J./Aug. 23, 1920/Aug. 28, 2009/PFC US Army-WWII

ALLING: Robert B. Alling/1908-1971, ossw: Jean M. Alling/1918-1983 (21 Jul 1918/Sep 1983/SSDI) Tombstone Robert/Jean

ALTERGOTT: Alexander/1896-1962, ossw: Emily D. Altergott/1896-1985 (21 Aug 1896/Sep 1985/SSDI) Deborah J. Altergott/1956-2007/married Mar. 10, 1988 David O. Altergott/July 15, 1948-July 22, 2011

AMBRUSO: (Verna M. Ernst-Ambruso/May 5, 1925/July 21, 1999/from obit)

ANDERSON: Wallace R./1902-1970 (4 Aug 1902/Feb 1970/SSDI), ossw: Angeline M./1899-1984 Tombstone Wallace/Angeline Ruth Ann/1923-1973, ossw: Leland J./1915-1986/Veteran Tombstone Ruth Ann/Leland Paul/1935-1977 (the following names sent in by a researcher/see contributors page) Abner W./1905-1998 (14 Oct 1905/4 May 1998/SSDI), ossw: Irene C./1911-1966 Tombstone Abner/Irene Norman Anderson/1932-2013 Tombstone

ANDRES: John Andres/1910-1994

ANDREWS: Beatrice M./1902-1981 (8 Jan 1902/Mar 1981/SSDI), ossw: Leigh H. Andrews/1899-1984 (3 May 1899/Jun 1984/SSDI) Tombstone Beatrice/Leigh

ANHALT: Gordon M./1920-1995/Veteran, ossw: Betty M./1924-2009 Tombstone Gordon/Betty

ANKLAM: George W./1909-1961, ossw: Edith H. Anklam/nee Jonas/1909-1997 Tombstone George/Edith

ANSCHULTZ: Ernest Lee Anschultz/1965-1983 Tombstone Gary E. Anschutz/Oct. 3, 1942-Oct. 18, 2007 Tombstone

ANSORGE: Louis A., Jr./1942-1967, ossw: Sandra Kay/1943-1967 Tombstone Louis/Sandra Edward A. Ansorge/1929-2001, ossw: Pearl A. Ansorge/1932-1997 Ernest E. Ansorge/1930-1991/Veteran Louis E. Ansorge, Sr./1910-1986 Tombstone

ANTHOLZ: George Antholz/1927-2002

ANTHONY: Wayne J. Anthony/June 11, 1936-May 1, 1998/US Air Force Tombstone

APLIN: Deloris O. Aplin/Aug. 4, 1924-Dec. 1, 2013 Photo ossw: Eugene P. Aplin/1923-1986 (27 Aug 1923/May 1986/SSDI) Tombstone Deloris/Eugene

ARCHAMBEAU: Ella A. Archambeau/1908-1983 (11 Dec 1908/May 1983/SSDI) Tombstone

ARMBRUSTER: Leon Armbruster/1936-2006/married Jan. 6, 1968, ossw: Gail Armbruster/1942-1998 (10 Oct 1942/9 Feb 1998/SSDI) Tombstone Leon/Gail

ARMSTRONG: George P./1923-1981 (6 Aug 1923/Aug 1981/SSDI), ossw: Joan S./1924-1971 Tombstone George/Joan

ARNEMAN: Elmer A./1904-1977, ossw: Lily M./May 16, 1901/March 30, 1991 Tombstone Elmer/Lily

ARPIN: William D./1907-1978 (11 Apr 1907/Apr 1978/SSDI), ossw: Cynthia E. Arpin/1912-1989 (17 Feb 1912/Mar 1989/SSDI) Tombstone William/Cynthia William, Sr./1885-1978 (7 Jun 1885/Jun 1978/SSDI), ossw: Anna/1882-1976 (22 July 1882/Dec. 1976/SSDI) Tombstone William/Anna

AUBOL: Ray L. Aubol/1915-1957 Tombstone Florence E. Aubol/nee Mitcheltree/1917-2001 Tombstone

AUGUSTINE: Raymond W. Augustine/Mar. 9, 1919/Nov. 8, 1994/Vet., ossw: Adelia Augustine/1924-1991 Diane L. Augustine/March 22, 1943-June 23, 2013 Tombstone Marvin Augustine/Jan. 8, 1938-March 2, 2012 Tombstone

AUKAMP: Arlene J. Aukamp/March 5, 1921-Dec. 12, 2010, ossw: Richard J. Aukamp, Sr./1913-2003/married Dec. 16, 1944 Tombstone Richard/Arlene

BAILEY: Frank J./1887-1962, ossw: Louise M./1887-1959 Tombstone Frank/Louise

BAIRD: Allen Baird/June 14, 1921/July 24, 1998/ US Army Air Forces-WWII Tombstone, ossw: Mary M. Baird/May 30, 1923/Mar. 13, 1989 Tombstone Carol Baird/May 30, 1922/Nov. 22, 2002 Tombstone

BANGART: Michelle Bangart/1969-1990 Tombstone

BARBAROSSA: Mario P. Barbarossa/Feb. 6, 1950/Dec. 30, 1988/PFC US Army-Vietnam Tombstone

BARNARD: Ellsworth D. Barnard/1929-2001/Veteran Tombstone

BAROUN: Joseph E./July 25, 1903-Feb. 26, 1975, ossw: Adeline M./1907-1991 Tombstone Joseph/Adeline

BARR: Wallace Barr/1929-1979

BARTELME: Michael R. Bartelme/May 30, 1919/Oct. 30, 1993/ PFC US Army-WWII Tombstone, ossw: Helen J. Bartelme/Aug. 24, 1931/Feb. 15, 2007 Tombstone

BARTLETT: Clarence W. Bartlett/Aug. 24, 1947/July 19, 1999 Tombstone

BARTON: Charles K./1907-1980 (23 Oct 1907/Nov 1980/SSDI), ossw: Lillian M./1928-____ (From Evergreen cem. office: He was disinterred from Knollwood & re-buried at Evergreen.)

BASHAW: Ralph L./1901-1959, ossw: Lucille A./1905-1975 Barbara A. Bashaw/1937-1967 Roger Bashaw/June 28, 1931/May 30, 1987/CPL US Army-Korea Marlene E. Bashaw/1935-2007 Tombstone

BASKEN: Lillian M./1896-1975, ossw: Edward W. Basken/1895-1985 Tombstone Edward/Lillian Clarence P./1916-1979 (29 Jun 1916 Feb 1979/SSDI), ossw: Maybelle R./1927-1990 Tombstone Clarence/Maybelle Gerald Basken/1958-1982 Tombstone Norman E. Basken/1923-2008/married May 29, 1946 Tombstone Delores Basken/Mar. 3, 1947/May 3, 2005 Tombstone See KISSAM See SCHULTZ See SPECHT

BASTIAN: Violet J. Bastian/Aug. 30, 1932-Nov. 2, 2012 Tombstone

BAUKNECHT: Brenden J. Bauknecht/-July 8, 1995- Tombstone

BAYLESS: Gail/1880-1963 John T. Bayless/1903-1984, ossw: Rose A. Bayless/1905-1993 Tombstone John/Rose

BEAUPRE: Clifford J./1903-1960, ossw: Minnie Beaupre/1906-2008 Elizabeth Beaupre/1927- John B. Beaupre/1938-1988 (8 Oct 1938/30 Oct 1988/SSDI) Tombstone Cletus W. Beaupre/1917-2008/married May 5, 1938, ossw: Marcella I. Beaupre/1914-Aug. 1995 (13 Sep 1914/Aug 1995/SSDI) Tombstone Cletus/Marcella

BECKER: Lawrence P./1923-1969, ossw: Donna M./1926-2011 Tombstone Lawrence/Donna Otto/1902-1978 (25 Mar 1902/Jan 1978/SSDI), ossw: Irene T./1909-1978 (14 Dec 1909/Jun 1978/SSDI) Tombstone Otto/Irene Clarence L. Becker/Em 3 USNR/World War II/April 9,1919-Aug. 26, 1968 Tombstone

BEDUHN: Charles L. Beduhn/January 28, 1924/December 28, 2000, ossw: Eloise A. Beduhn/1922-2001 Tombstone Charles/Eloise Herbert C. Beduhn/1913-1996 Tombstone

BEGOTKA: Everett J./1914-1981 (26 May 1914/Dec 1981/SSDI), ossw: Alice/1912-1989 (Alice B./02 Apr 1912/26 Mar 1989/SSDI) Tombstone Everett/Alice

BEHM: Roger W. Behm/1939-2008/PFC US Army Tombstone

BEHNKE: Harold H./1934-2006 (24 Apr 1934/28 Jul 2006/SSDI), ossw: Gearldine E./1934-____ Tombstone Harold/Geraldine Kelly Behnke/1969-1987 Tombstone Gerald J. Behnke/1958-2004 Tombstone

BEHRMANN: Dennis E. Behrmann/1941-2003/married June 28, 1958 Tombstone Sandra Jean Behrmann/Jan. 21, 1960/Feb. 23, 1985/SSGT US Air Force Tombstone

BELITZ: Katherine K. Belitz/1946-2004/married July 24, 1971 Tombstone

BELONGER: Ivan J. Belonger/1920-1991 Tombstone

BELONGIA: Leon A. Belongia/1905-1975, ossw: Alice D. Belongia/1918-1987 Tombstone Leon/Alice

BELT: Carolyn B. Belt/1908-2000, ossw: Robert Belt/1909-2000/Rotary

BENINGHAUS: Alvin O./1872-1970, ossw: Matie W./1878-1972 (1 June 1878/July 1972/SSDI) Tombstone Alvin/Matie

BENISHEK: Frank E./May 11, 1895/Nov. 12, 1970/Veteran, ossw: Anna K./1900-1990 (12 Oct 1900/19 Nov 1990/SSDI)

BENTER: Tara Anne Benter/1975-2001 Tombstone

BERGEL: Paul J./1920-1973, ossw: Vivian/1926-1997 (21 Apr 1926/25 Aug 1997/SSDI) Tombstone Paul/Vivian

BERKEDAL: Norman M./1896-1974 Tombstone Delia E. Berkedal/1902-1996

BERNHARDT: Florence Bernhardt/1913-1989 Tombstone Harold F./1913-1978 Tombstone, next to: Richard J./1948-1978/son Jeremy (26 Oct 1948/Dec 1978/SSDI), ossw: Deanna M./1949-1975/son Gabriel Tombstone Richard/Deanna

BERRES: Ruth K. Berres/1928-Nov. 1994 Tombstone

BERTHOLD: Shirley A. Berthold/Aug. 3, 1935/Aug. 24, 2009 Tombstone

BESSERT: Martin H./1900-1965, ossw: Augusta M. Bessert/1905-1984 Tombstone

BETH: Ray N./1898-1974, ossw: Flossie/1904-1962 Tombstone Ray/Flossie

BIALEK: Richard E. "Mickey" Bialek/Aug. 3, 1935/Sept. 17, 1993/ SP5 US Army-Korea Tombstone

BIERMAN: Roland E. Bierman/1915-1977, ossw: Arline E./1923-1993 (24 Jun 1923/16 Jan 1993/SSDI) Tombstone Roland/Arline Ronald L. Bierman/1944-2006 Tombstone

BINNS: Baby Scott Binns/1965-1965

BIRRINGER: Sylvester N./1917-2004/Veteran (21 Sep 1917/14 Jun 2004/SSDI), ossw: Gertrude A./1923-1975 Tombstone Sylvester/Gertrude Erwin J. Birringer/June 8, 1915/July 17, 2004/Veteran Tombstone

BLAHA: Eugene/Oct. 6, 1910/August 18, 1973, ossw: Florence/1913-2004 Tombstone Eugene/Florence Mary Ann/1920-1964 Tombstone, next to: Thomas John Blaha/Wisconsin/Pvt Co H Mar 1 Div/Vietnam PH/Jan. 16, 1949-Feb. 8,1968 Tombstone

BLAHNIK: Edward/1922-1975 Photo Tombstone, ossw: Shirley/1929-____ Sybil M./1910-1975, ossw: Edward J. Blahnik/1909-1989 (22 Apr 1909/9 Apr 1989/SSDI) Tombstone Edward/Sybil Mary E. Blahnik/Nov. 17, 1924/Jan. 30, 1996

BLANCHARD: William/1883-1973 (8 Feb. 1883/Mar. 1973/SSDI), ossw: Emma/1889-1969 Eric A. Blanchard/1969-1989 Tombstone

BLANCHETTE: Joseph V. Blanchette/Dec. 28, 1930/Nov. 2, 2006/Veteran, ossw: Ann Marie Blanchette/1936-1985 (30 Dec 1936/Oct 1985/SSDI) Tombstone Joseph/Ann

BLANKE: Lloyd M. Blanke/1946-2009 Tombstone

BLASHKA: Brian S./1972-1979, ossw: Jacqueline M./1969-1979 Tombstone Brian/Jacqueline

BLOHOWIAK: Rose M. Blohowiak/1948-2002 Tombstone

BOCK: Harold J./1914-1978 (6 Jan 1914/Mar 1978 Issued: IL/SSDI), ossw: Elizabeth M./1916-1982 (24 Feb 1916/Sep 1982 Issued: IL/SSDI) Tombstone Harold/Elizabeth

BODART: Myron J./1908-1998/Veteran (28 Nov 1908/22 Jan 1998/SSDI), ossw: Marie C./1914-1980 Tombstone Myron/Marie Mike J. "Myron" Bodart/March 23, 1932-June 1, 2012

BOEDER: Alfred/1902-1975, ossw: Grace/1905-1976 Tombstone Alfred/Grace

BOHM: Ethel A. Bohm/March 17, 1908/November 5, 1999, ossw: John E. Bohm/1903-1983 Tombstone Ethel/John

BOLEN: Lawrence O. Bolen/1908-1988 Tombstone

BOLZENTHAL: Arthur Bolzenthal/1896-1969, ossw: Katherine Bolzenthal/1897-1973 Tombstone Arthur/Katherine Elmer P. Bolzenthal/1923-2007 Veteran Tombstone

BONESS: Carl J./1888-1965, ossw: Ida W. Boness/1889-1983 (Jul 15, 1889/Feb 1983/SSDI) Tombstone Carl/Ida

BONFIGT: Kenneth Bonfigt/1946-2000 Tombstone

BORCHERS: Albert H./1897-1975 Tombstone

BORGWARDT: Carl R./1915-1969 Tombstone, ossw: Eunice C./1923-____

BORISCH: Ray F./1909-1976, ossw: Evelyn G./1915-1972 Tombstone

BORNEMANN: Barbara J. Bornemann/1951-2011 Tombstone Edward Bornemann/1942-2007 Tombstone

BOSER: Ralph C. Boser/Mar. 23, 1936/Dec. 6, 1988/Veteran Tombstone

BOULANGER: Camille E. "Sam" Boulanger/July 5, 1930/Feb. 2, 2001/ AIC US Air Force-Korea

BOYER: Betty J. Boyer/1937-2007 Larry C. Boyer/1934-2013 Tombstone

BRANDENBURG: Arthur/1908-1964, ossw: Fern E. Brandenburg/1913-1991 Tombstone Arthur/Fern Lavern L. Brandenburg/1936-2009 Tombstone

BRATZ: Ilene E. Bratz/Dec. 11, 1921-Aug. 29, 2010, ossw: Otto R. Bratz/April 6, 1912/March 24, 1999 Tombstone Otto/Ilene Robert J. Bratz/1915-1984, ossw: Vivian E. Bratz/1923-1992

BRAUN: Edwin K./1893-1969 Photo, ossw: Elsie I./1898-1964 Tombstone Edwin/Elsie

BRAUNEL: Lenert P./1907-1987 (10 Jan 1907/May 1987/SSDI), ossw: Edna Mae/1912-1981 (10 Jan 1912/Oct 1981/SSDI) Tombstone Lenert/Edna

BREY: Frederick H. Brey/1912-1965, ossw: Edna E. Brey/1913-1991 Tombstone Frederick/Edna

BREZONI: (No data available.)

BRIES: Robert Bries/July 18, 1934/Feb. 14, 2004/PO2 US Navy-Korea Tombstone

BRITZ: Clinton J. "Red" Britz, Sr./Dec. 13, 1932/Feb. 10, 2005/ CPL US Army-Korea Tombstone

BROCHER: Clarence G. Brocher/1902-1994, ossw: Margaret Brocher/1900-1985 Tombstone Clarence/Margaret

BROECKER: Ned J./1939-1982, ossw: Patricia/1941-____ Tombstone Ned/Patricia

BROEKER: Cecelia G./1906-1969, ossw: Walter H. Broeker/1902-1988 Tombstone Cecelia/Walter

BROEN: Harris/1901-1964/U.S. War Veteran Tombstone Harris/Helen, ossw: Helen JENSEN/1905-1979 (Helen Broen/29 Jul 1905/Oct 1979/SSDI)

BROOKS: Mark E. Brooks/1949-1992/Vet./married Feb. 18, 1988, ossw: John L. Brooks, Jr./1958-1995 Tombstone Mark/John Richard D. Brooks/1953-2010

BROTSKI: Edward P. Brotski/1914-1994/Veteran, ossw: Lorraine A. Brotski/1922-1987 Tombstone Edward/Lorraine

BROUCHOUD: Raymond M. Brouchoud/May 30, 1915/Feb. 25, 1995/Veteran, ossw: Joan C. Brouchoud/Dec. 21, 1917/Oct. 1986 Tombstone Raymond/Joan

BRUECHERT: Fern G. Bruechert/April 12, 1918/April 30, 2005, ossw: Harold Bruechert/1916-1990

BRUGMAN: Maria Brugman/1929-2007

BRUNNER: Our baby/Loretta B. Brunner/1963-1965 Tombstone

BRUSS: Elsie Bruss/1892-1983 (17 Oct. 1892/Jul. 1983/SSDI) Tombstone Lester R./1907-1968, ossw: Frieda E./1913-2001 Tombstone Lester/Frieda Norbert A. Bruss/1918-2005/married May 15, 1954 Veteran, ossw: Mabel T. Bruss/1921-1994 Tombstone Norbert/Mabel

BUCK: Floyd C./1891-1978 (2 Aug. 1891/Nov. 1978/SSDI), ossw: Ethel D. Buck/1894-1991 Tombstone Floyd/Ethel Leonard C. Buck/1928-1985 (25 Aug 1928/Jul 1985/SSDI)

BUGLER: (No data available.)

BUNDY: Eric John Bundy/1977-2001 Tombstone

BURBEY: (No data available.)

BURDICK: Alice J. Burdick/1932-2010/from obit Tombstone

BURG: Gustav K./1893-1963, ossw: Emmy/1902-1967 (18 Apr 1902/Jul 1967/SSDI) Tombstone Gutav/Emmy

BURGETT: Michael F. Burgett/Feb. 19, 1949/Apr. 15, 1998/ SSGT US Air Force-Vietnam Tombstone Ronald C. Burgett/July 31, 1942/Aug. 25, 2009/US Navy-Vietnam Tombstone

BURNS: John R. Burns/1901-1974, ossw: Marie J. Burns/1901-1996 Tombstone John/Marie

BUSS: Harry S. Buss/1916-1987, ossw: Elizabeth R. Buss/1917-2006 Tombstone Harry/Elizabeth

BUSSE: August F./1890-1972 (06 Aug 1890/Jul 1972/SSDI), ossw: Elizabeth R./1894-1978 (22 June 1894/Mar. 1978/SSDI) Tombstone August/Elizabeth

BUTZLAFF: Rose Butzlaff/May 19, 1880-June 10, 1984 Tombstone

CADLE: Bernice M. Cadle/Nov. 5, 1920/July 14, 2007 Tombstone, ossw: George S. Cadle/Feb. 19, 1919/Oct. 26, 1992/SGT UW Army-WWII Tombstone Debra S. Cadle/1962-2010 Tombstone Harold F. Cadle/May 12, 1921/Sept. 24, 1990/PFC US Army-WWII Tombstone

CAHAK: John D. Cahak/1975-2003 Tombstone

CAIN: Earl M. Cain/1906-1975, ossw: Alvina Cain/1910-1992 Tombstone Earl/Alvina

CARBON: Edward/1893-1971 (29 Mar. 1893/Mar. 1971/SSDI), ossw: Emma Carbon/1897-1986 (Apr 08 1897/Nov 1986/SSDI)

CARLSON: Edward N. Carlson/1906-1985, ossw: Agnes C. Carlson/1911-1970 Lillian M. Carlson/1927-1987 Evelyn Carlson/d. 1990

CARMODY: Edward J. Carmody, Jr./May 24, 1931/Aug. 24, 1987/ MSC US Army-Korea-Vietnam Tombstone

CARRIVEAU: Daniel R. Carriveau/1969-1996 Tombstone

CARSTENS: Gail A. Carstens/1940-1981 Kenneth E. Carstens/1917-May 1988 Tombstone Marion A. Carstens/1918-Nov. 1994 Tombstone Marcus Carstens/baby/bur. May 15, 1984 Tombstone

CASE: Robert C./1896-1975,ossw: Rubie/1905-1974 Tombstone Robert/Rubie C.C. (Bill)/1904-1975, ossw: Fern M./1905-1980

CAULEY: Donald J. Cauley/Aug. 24, 1915/Dec. 23, 1989/US Army-WWII Tombstone, ossw: Lelah A. Cauley/Aug. 13, 1915/Sept. 12, 2003 Tombstone

CAVANAUGH: William F./1889-1964, ossw: Clare/1890-1964 Tombstone William/Clare Jean M. Cavanaugh/1956-1997 Tombstone

CHALOUPKA: Terry M. Chaloupka/Apr. 13, 1950/Jan. 21, 2007/PFC US Marine Corps-Vietnam Tombstone

CHASE: Ray R. Chase/1936-1986 Tombstone

CHELMINIAK: Ralph T. Chelminiak/Sept. 23, 1922/May 29, 1992/ TEC5 US Army-WWII Tombstone

CHERMAK: Harry J. Chermak/1899-1980, ossw: Mabel J. Chermak/1906-1993 Tombstone Harry/Mabel Anton S. Chermak/1905-1988, ossw: Agnes L. Chermak/1907-1996 Tombstone Anton/Agnes

CHERNEY: Earl C./1911-1962

CHIZEK: Sabina H. Chizek/1913-1981 Tombstone, ossw: Raymond J. Chizek/Wisconsin/Sgt. 509 Fighter Gp.AAF/World War II/ Aug. 31, 1911 - Oct. 24, 1965 Tombstone


CHRISTEL: Gary J. Christel/1946-1966 Tombstone

CHRISTENSEN: (sent in by a researcher/see contributors page) Charles/1884-1978 (6 Nov 1884/Nov 1978/SSDI) Hertha/1885-1965 Tombstone Tombstone Charles Tombstone Hertha

CHRISTIANSEN: Helmar/1909-1960, ossw: Fern M. Christiansen/1914-1998 Tombstone Helmar/Fern Harold/1899-1973, ossw: Isabel/1903-1983 Kjelmar/1909-1973, ossw: Genevieve/1912-1983 (20 Sep 1912/Apr 1983/SSDI) Tombstone Kjelmar/Genevieve Lawrence L. Christiansen/1923-1996/Veteran, ossw: Jean M. Christiansen/1922-2007

CHRISTOFFEL: Walter F. Christoffel/1894-1977,ossw: Regina M. Christoffel/1900-1994 (20 Apr. 1900/17 Dec. 1994/SSDI) Luke J./1910-1976 (12 Jul 1910/Aug 1976/SSDI), ossw: Norma D./1908-1960 Tombstone Luke/Norma

CIHA: Marilyn/1929-1962 Gregory Ciha/1953-1997 Tombstone Gregory/Marilyn Norbert J. Ciha/Feb. 18, 1938/Feb. 13, 2002 Tombstone

CISLER: Clarence V. Cisler/1908-1990 Tombstone, next to: Mary K./1903-1982 (5 Jul 1903/Mar 1982/SSDI), ossw: Charles J. Cisler/1900-1982 Tombstone Charles/Mary Emma L. Cisler/Aug. 19, 1919/Apr. 4, 2008 Tombstone, ossw: Victor Cisler/May 19, 1912/Oct. 6, 1991/SSGT US Army WWII Tombstone Charles C. Cisler/1908-1988, ossw: Martha R. Cisler/1909-2007 Tombstone Charles/Martha

CLARKSEN: Aulton R./1906-1966, ossw: Josephine M. Clarksen/1906-1992 Tombstone Aulton/Josephine Arvin A. Clarksen/1931-2001/Veteran, ossw: Leila M. Clarksen/1935-1998 Tombstone Arvin/Leila

CLAYTON: Chester F./1913-1975, ossw: Alice I/1910-1995 Tombstone Chester/Alice Ellis H. Clayton/Sept. 26, 1940-March 4, 2002 Tombstone

CLEGHORN: Judy Ann Cleghorn/1940-1992 Tombstone

CLINE: Richard C./1909-1967, ossw: Anna R. Cline/1911-1990 Tombstone Richard/Anna Charles R. Cline/1932-2000/Veteran, ossw: Marlene J. Cline/1932-1993/married Mar. 23, 1952 Tombstone Charles/Marlene

CLOSE: Kristi K. Close/nee Nelson/Oct. 18, 1958/Nov. 8, 2000 Tombstone

CLUSEN: (No data available.)

COE: Lendsey/1927-2002 (24 Sep 1927/20 Jan 2002/SSDI), ossw: Vivian M./1918-1999 (16 Jan 1918/2 Apr 1999/SSDI) Tombstone Lendsey/Vivian

COENEN: Emmett J. Coenen/July 14, 1929/July 8, 2008/PVT US Army-Korea Tombstone Robert D. Coenen/1957-1984 Tombstone

COFFIN: Richard S. Coffin/1932-2001

COHAN: Nancy Cohan/1941-2007 Tombstone

COMMINGS: Erhardt W. Commings/1906-1988 Tombstone

CONRAD: Karen Conrad/1953-2004 Tombstone Sidney M.. Conrad/1924-1999, ossw: Lorraine S. Conrad/1927-1998 Tombstone Sidney/Lorraine

COONS: (No data available.)

COOPER: Lawrence K./1909-2003 (18 Aug 1909/04 Jun 2003/SSDI), ossw: Georgiana E./1912-2008

COPUS: Bernard J. Copus/July 3, 1917/Mar. 22, 1997/PFC US Army-WWII Tombstone Delores M. Copus/March 25, 1926-Feb. 20, 2011 Tombstone Francis J. Copus/1955-1985 Tombstone

CORNELIUS: Murphy F. Cornelius/Tec.4 US Army/World War II/Feb. 2, 1919 Nov. 7, 1981 Tombstone Mariann M. Cornelius/Apr. 11, 1959/July 17, 2008 Tombstone Hazel M. Cornelius/Feb. 15, 1920/May 30, 2001 Tombstone

CRECHARD: Michael A. Crechard/1951-1985 Tombstone

CUDWORTH: DeLyle/1912-1985/Veteran (19 Dec 1912/Jun 1985/SSDI), ossw: Arlyle H. Cudworth/1911-2007 (04 May 1911/21 Nov 2007/SSDI) Tombstone DeLyle/Arlyle

CURTSINGER: William A. Curtsinger/1921-1989 Tombstone

CYWINSKI: Adolph J./1916-1980, ossw: Jean A./1923-1984 (23 Oct 1923/Dec 1984/SSDI) Tombstone Adolph/Jean

CZECHANSKI: Albert G. Czechanski/1905-1986, ossw: Edith C. Czechanski/1901-1996 (6 Jul 1901/2 Dec 1996/SSDI) Tombstone Albert/Edith

DAELLENBACH: (No data available.)

DALY: William S. Daly/May 13, 1931/Oct. 27, 2000/ DC3 US Coast Guard-Korea Tombstone

DANTOIN: (No data available.)

DASSEY: Lester Dassey/1908-2000 (24 May 1908/21 Sept. 2000/SSDI), ossw: Eleanor Dassey/1912-2004 Tombstone Lester/Eleanord

DAUGS: Donald/1926-1974 (12 Sept. 1926/Aug. 1974/from SSDI), ossw: Leonora/1902-1980, ossw: Walter R. Daugs/1899-1986 (Jun 06, 1899/Feb 1986/SSDI) Tombstone Donald/Leonora/Walter Esther W. Daugs/1900-1966 Bernard F. Daugs/1901-1983 (12 Mar 1901/May 1983/SSDI) Tombstone

DAX: Roland V. Dax Sr./1932-2009

DEBAERE: Kristen Leigh Debaere/Feb. 22, 1990/May 5, 1990 Tombstone

DEBAUCHE: Robert A. DeBauche/Sept. 25, 1927/Nov. 26, 1994/US Navy-WWII Tombstone

DECKER: Howard L./1930-2013, ossw: Yvonne R./1936-1971 Tombstone Howard/Yvonne Edwin M. Decker/Aug. 31, 1906/July 13, 1982/SSGT US Army-WWII Tombstone William J. Decker/April 21, 1934-Sept. 5, 2010 Tombstone

DEGNER: Frank/1903-1963, ossw: Stella A. Degner/1907-1988

DENAULT: Jessica F. Denault/Nov. 21, 1990/Nov. 21, 1990 Tombstone Ronald D. Denault/1943-2010/from obit

DENFELD: Robert R./1918-1997/Veteran (13 Sep. 1918/25 Apr. 1997/from SSDI/issued NY), ossw: Alice M./1923-1974 Dale A. Denfeld/1953-July 1987 (28 May 1953/July 1987/SSDI) married Jan. 13, 1973/Veteran Tombstone

DENOR: Wilbert John Denor/1924-2008/from obit/

DEROSIER: Richard K. DeRosier/1936-1993/Veteran Tombstone Nolalee M. DeRosier/1935-1991 Tombstone

DERUS: (No data available.)

DICKEY: William J. Dickey/1928-1976 Tombstone

DICKINS: William/1893-1982 (19 Jan. 1893/Feb. 1982/SSDI), ossw: Winifred/1893-1973 (11 Oct. 1893/Sept. 1973/SSDI) Tombstone William/Winifred

DOBESH: John/1905-1985 (24 Feb. 1905/Aug. 1985/from SSDI), ossw: Dorothy/1930-____ Tombstone John/Dorothy

DONAHOO: Charlie L./1905-1976, ossw: Alice L./1905-1986 (11 Oct. 1905/Mar. 1986/SSDI) Tombstone Charlie/Alice

DONDLINGER: Ann Marie Dondlinger/1958-1963 Tombstone Norbert N. Dondlinger/1926-2007/Veteran/married Apr. 20, 1954 Tombstone

DOSE: Charles J./1893-1981 (13 Dec. 1893/Jan. 1981/SSDI),ossw: Esther M./1901-1979 (2 Nov. 1901/Oct. 1979/SSDI) Tombstone Charles/Esther Helen Dose/1902-1993 (2 Aug 1901/10 Mar 1993/SSDI), ossw: William F./1895-1974 (20 Oct. 1895/Aug. 1974/from SSDI) Tombstone Helen/William, next to: John W./1902-1979 (18 May 1902/Mar. 1979/from SSDI), ossw: Ruth W. Dose/1904-1986 (27 Jan. 1904/Feb. 1986/SSDI), ossw: Herman Dose/1897-1986 (Sep. 01 1897/Apr. 1986/SSDI) Tombstone Ruth/John/Herman

DOUCETT: Alexander/1891-1976 , ossw: Alice C. Doucett/1902-1991 Tombstone Alexander/Alice

DOWNING: Harold E. Downing/1922-1995 Veteran (19 April 1922/22 June 1995/SSDI) Tombstone

DREWS: Howard C. Drews/1945-1993 Tombstone

DROBNACK: Sharon (Wisnowski) Drobnack/Aug. 7, 1980/Nov. 24, 2007 Tombstone

DROLSON: Harry A./1894-1968, ossw: Clara A./1895-1974 (26 Apr. 1895/Jan. 1974/SSDI) Tombstone Harry/Clara

DROSSART: Hilary J. Drossart/July 17, 1932-Mar. 18, 2000/married Mar. 18, 1976, ossw: Armilla E. Drossart/1925-1996 (15 Mar. 1925/15 Nov. 1996/SSDI)

DRUMM: Walter J./1908-1969, ossw: Wilma A./1911-1964

DUCAT: Linda L. Ducat/May 30, 1950/Sept. 10, 1998/married Aug. 23, 1969

DUCHON: Joseph/1898-1976, ossw: Mildred/1909-1989 (29 Apr. 1909/25 Jan. 1989/from SSDI) Tombstone Joseph/Mildred

DUCKART: John F./1916-1990, ossw: Dorothy E./1921-1968 Tombstone John/Dorothy

DUELLMAN: Jeffrey A. Duellman/1953-1972 Tombstone

DUESING: Omar/Son/1906-1968, ossw: Amanda/Mother/1876-1959 Tombstone Omar/Amanda

DUESSING: Toni M. Duessing/1968-1985 Tracy E. Duessing/1968-2005

DUNN: Phoenix Austin Dunn/Mar. 19, 2004/Mar. 19, 2004

DUPRAS: Julius Dupras/1904-1984 (22 July 1904/Nov. 1984/SSDI), ossw: Loretta A. Dupras/1915-1992 (17 Aug. 1915/Dec. 1992/SSDI) Tombstone Julius/Loretta

DURBEN: John M./1923-1996 (15 Dec. 1923/6 Sept. 1996/from SSDI/issued OH) Tombstone, ossw: Dorothy H./1932-____ Peter E. Durben/1926-2008/Veteran, ossw: Charlene R. Durben/1937-2004 Tombstone Peter/Charlene

DURKEE: Francis G./1918-1981 (13 July 1918/Mar. 1981/from SSDI), ossw: Adell A./1916-____ Tombstone Francis/Adell Beth M. Durkee/1968-1989 Myra J. Durkee/1944-2010/from obit Tombstone

DUROCHER: Alfred Durocher/1936-1984 (20 Jan. 1936/Mar. 1984/SSDI) Tombstone

DUVALL: Francis J. Duvall/1916-Jan. 1984/Veteran/married Oct. 9, 1948 (3 Jan. 1916/Jan. 1984/SSDI), ossw: Verna Duvall/1922-Oct. 1992 (1 Aug. 1922/25 Oct. 1992/SSDI) Tombstone Francis/Verna

DUVENECK: Alfred Duveneck/1915-1995, ossw: Carolyn Duveneck/1922-2007 Tombstone Alfred/Carolyn

DVORACHEK: Debra J. Dvorachek/1959-2005 Tombstone Laura Dvorachek/d. 1984 Tombstone

DVORAK: Delmar D. Dvorak/1925-1990/Vet. Tombstone Julie A. Dvorak/Aug. 7, 1984/Nov. 17, 2002 Tombstone

DWORAK: Joseph W./1885-1978 (23 Dec 1895/Aug 1978/SSDI), ossw: Caroline/1902-1992 (15 Jan. 1902/29 Sept. 1992/from SSDI)

DYZBALYS: Edward C. Dyzbalys/1916-1987/Veteran Tombstone Dale Dyzbalys/1943-1985

EBERHARDT: Mathilda E./1887-1972 (9 May 1887/May 1972/SSDI) Tombstone Herman/Mathilda, ossw: Herman H. Eberhardt/1892-1983 (Apr. 28 1892/Feb. 1983/SSDI) Photo Louise E. Eberhardt/1923-1986 Tombstone

ECK: (No data available)

EGGERT: Mark J. Eggert/Jan. 18, 1960/June 5, 1999 Tombstone

EIS: Walter F./1907-1993 (10 Jan 1907/25 Oct 1993/SSDI), ossw: Josephine C./1907-1977 Tombstone Walter/Josephine

EISENMANN: J. Harvey/1885-1969 (John Eisenmann/b. 11 Jul 1885/d. Jul 1969/SSDI), ossw: Edna/1892-1959 Tombstone J. Harvey/Edna Adolph C./1887-1970, ossw: Alice A./1894-1960 Tombstone Adolph/Alice, next to: Franklin/1918-1982 (3 Jun 1918/Jan 1982/SSDI), ossw: Katherine M. Eisenmann/1923-1982 Tombstone Franklin/Katherine Paul N. Eisenmann/Feb. 18, 1922/June 19, 2000, ossw: Mae C. Eisenmann/May 15, 1920/Dec. 28, 2004 Tombstone Paul/Mae

ELLESTAD: Albert G./1892-1959, ossw: Esther Z./1901-1971 Tombstone Albert/Esther

ELLIOTT: Larry A. Elliott/Mar. 2, 1958/Nov. 16, 1989/SP4 US Army Tombstone Terry L. Elliott/Feb. 15, 1957/Sept. 8, 2004/MMFR US Navy-Vietnam Tombstone

ELSEN: James L. Elsen Sr./1941-2007 Tombstone

EMOND: Clarence George Emond b. 14 May 1920/d. 10 Nov 1987

ENGELBRECHT: Raymond E. Engelbrecht/Nov. 19, 1923-Aug. 18, 1969/US War Veteran, next to: Elmer 0. Engelbrecht/Nov. 23, 1914/Nov. 26, 1971 Norman Engelbrecht/1916-1992/Veteran, ossw: Roselind Engelbrecht/1924-2000

ENGELDINGER: James P./1949-____ , ossw: Darlene D./1949-____ Tombstone James/Darlene

ENGLERT: Francis C. Englert/Tec. 5 US Army/World War II/ Aug. 12, 1915-Jan. 8, 1982 Tombstone, next to: Helen A. Englert/Wisconsin/Pfc Women's Army Corps/World War II/ Feb. 20, 1920-April 28, 1972 Tombstone

ERDMAN: George W./1894-1973 (28 Oct. 1894/Sept. 1973/SSDI),ossw: Pearl M./1892-1961 Tombstone George/Pearl

ERICKSON: Hjalmer/1898-1968 (22 Oct. 1898/Dec. 1968/SSDI), ossw: Edith/1901-1967 (13 May 1901/Apr. 1967/SSDI) Tombstone Hjalmer/Edith Charles W. Erickson/1908-1989 (25 Aug. 1908/20 Sept. 1989/SSDI), ossw: Minnie A. Erickson/1912-1991 Tombstone Charles/Minnie

ERNST: Jason Lee Ernst/July 25, 1975/May 21, 1996 Tombstone Verna M. Ernst/nee Ambruso/1925-1999, ossw: Leonard J. Ernst/1923-1988/US Submarine-WWII Tombstone Leonard/Verna

ERTMAN: Stanley Ertman/1903-1993 (8 May 1903/6 Aug. 1993/SSDI) Tombstone

ESLINGER: (No data available)

EUCHER: Lloyd Eucher/Dec. 5, 1916/Sept. 16, 1997/PFC US Army-WWII Lucyle Eucher/April 23, 1918-Sept. 8, 2011

EWALD: John M./1911-1971, ossw: Harriet E./1913-1977 Tombstone John/Harriet

FAIRFIELD: Harold E. Fairfield/1914-1995 (31 Dec. 1914/16 June 1995/SSDI), ossw: Norma V. Fairfield/1922-2000

FANSLAU: Dalton Fanslau/d. 1996

FANTA: Erwin K. Fanta/Wisconsin/2d Lieutenant Infantry/World War I/ March 22, 1895/May 8, 1971 Tombstone Mary Ann Fanta/Mar. 25, 1900/Jan. 1, 1993 Tombstone Shirley Levey Fanta/Feb. 12, 1934/Dec. 8 1984 Tombstone, next to: David A. Fanta/Tech V US Army/World War II/Jul 6, 1928/Aug 13, 2001 Tombstone

FARR: Russell J. Farr/1942-1994/Vet. (21 Oct. 1942/31 Aug. 1994/SSDI) Tombstone

FECK: John J./1898-1976 (22 Dec 1898/Feb 1976/SSDI), ossw: Florence M./1903-1988

FECHTER: George Mendlik Fechter/Dec. 6, 1887/Jan. 1973/from obit

FEIEREISEN: Christopher/1905-1973 (28 Aug 1905/Jun 1973/SSDI), ossw: Louise A./1903-1972 (13 Feb 1903/Oct 1972/SSDI) Tombstone Christopher/Louise

FEIT: Helen P. Feit/1913-2008, ossw: Louis W. Feit/1906-1995 (29 Nov. 1906/13 Mar. 1995/SSDI) Tombstone Louis/Helen Robert E. Feit/1943-2005 Tombstone

FELDHAUS: Robert Feldhaus/Feb. 23, 1938/Apr. 23, 2002

FICKLE: Arthur B./1902-1966, ossw: Ena J. Fickle/1898-1983 (23 May 1898/Sept. 1983/SSDI)

FICTUM: Frank J., Jr./1905-1969, ossw: Martha M./1905-1976 (12 Mar 1905/Jul 1976/SSDI) Tombstone Frank/Martha Wallace J. Fictum/1914-1992 Tombstone

FIEDLER: August P./1895-1974, ossw: Leona T./1897-1993 Tombstone August/Leona Eugene Fiedler/1929-2001, ossw: Adeline Fiedler/1929-2000 (22 October 1929/11 June 2000/SSDI) Tombstone Eugene/Adeline

FIELDER: Norman K. Fielder/1918-1986 Tombstone

FINK: Nelson C./1907-1973 (28 Dec 1907/Oct 1973/SSDI), ossw: Katherine M./1915-2008 Tombstone Nelson/Katherine

FISCHER: Reinhardt H./1911-2001 (21 Nov 1911/27 Sep 2001/SSDI), ossw: Audrey A./1922-2005 (05 Jan 1922/28 Jan 2005/SSDI) Wallace W./1928-1976 (9 May 1928/Jun 1976/SSDI), ossw: Evelyn A./1929-2011 Tombstone Wallace/Evelyn Omer C. Fischer/1910-1995 (20 July 1910/28 Mar. 1995/SSDI), ossw: Evelyn L. Fischer/1913-1999 (28 May 1913/12 June 1999/SSDI) Alvin J. Fischer/Feb. 11, 1914/June 9, 1998/Veteran, ossw: Edna F. Fischer/Aug. 14, 1920/Oct. 15, 1991 Tombstone Alvin/Edna John A. Fischer/Oct. 24, 1946/June 22, 2006 Tombstone William J. Fischer/1913-1982 (FISCHER WILLIAM/6 January 1913/December 1982/SSDI), ossw: Sue L. Fischer/1923-1983 Tombstone William/Sue (FISCHER SUSIE/7 September 1923/d. June 1983/SSDI) Larry J. Fischer/1954-1982/Veteran Tombstone Lee A. Fischer/1951-1994 Tombstone Daniel E. Fischer/1962-1984 Tombstone

FISHER: Clayton W.G./1906-1968, ossw: Ruth M./1918-2006 (13 Jul 1918/13 Jun 2006/SSDI) Tombstone Clayton/Ruth

FLESSERT: Earl C./1927-2013, ossw: Jean R./1929-____ Tombstone Earl/Jean

FOLLETZ: Sandra-1956 [Sandra Lea Folletz/d. 10-19-1956/age 3 months/cause: fracture of cervical vertebrae/dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Folletz/removed from Evergreen 12-2-1960], ossw: Leroy 1960 Tombstone Leroy/Sandra

FONNESBECK: Edna Fonnesbeck/1914-2000 Tombstone

FRANCISCO: Harold A./1920-1999/Veteran (23 Aug 1920/10 Jul 1999/SSDI) , ossw: Betty M./1922-1988 (16 May 1922/25 Dec 1988/SSDI) Tombstone Harold/Betty Arthur W./1894-1981, ossw: JosephineA./1899-1967 Tombstone Arthur/Josephine Violet M. Francisco/July 2, 1925/July 17, 2001, ossw: Arnold R. Francisco/Nov. 24, 1921/June 21, 1988/TEC5 US Army-WWII Tombstone Arnold/Violet

FRANCL: Edward L./1932-1993 (31 Oct 1932/8 Oct 1993/SSDI), ossw: Carol M./1945-1980 Tombstone Edward/Carol

FRANCO: Victor/Feb. 25, 1922/Nov. 17, 2001/CPL US Army-WWII Tombstone

FRANSWICK: Brett Franswick/1968 Tombstone

FRANZ: Louise/1902-1969 (November 23, 1902/February 03, 1969), ossw: Emil H. Franz/April 05, 1903/March 29, 1991 Tombstone Emil/Louise John H./1912-1976, ossw: Ilena A./1917-2002 Tombstone John/Ilena Richard C.//August 27, 1933/December 25, 2002 Tombstone

FRASCH: Julie Frasch/Oct. 10, 1895-Jan. 1971/from her obituary Henry Frasch1889-1980

FREE: Arthur H./1904-1971 (16 Dec 1904/Jun 1971/SSDI), ossw: Lydia A. Free/1909-1987 Tombstone Arthur/Lydia Clarence E. Free /1918-2008 Tombstone Jeanette/1921-1975, ossw: Edwin L. Free/1915-1988 (2 Apr. 1915/3 Aug. 1988/SSDI) Tombstone Edwin/Jeanette Phyllis N. Free/1952-1973 Harold R. Free/1919-2009 Tombstone Gerald E. Free/1930-2008 Tombstone Raymond F. Free/1908-1983 (27 May 1908/Nov. 1983/SSDI), ossw: Alice C. Free/1907-1999 Tombstone Raymond/Alice

FREIDENBERGER: Harold E. Freidenberger/1920-May 1989/married Sept. 17, 1949/Veteran Tombstone

FREUND: Ruth Dyzbalys Freund/nee Koenig/Dec. 25, 1917-July 17, 2011 Tombstone

FRICKE: Alice L. Fricke/1911-2000 (7 Oct. 1911/14 Jan. 2000/SSDI), ossw: Joseph B. Fricke/1909-2011 Tombstone Joseph/Alice Irma S. Fricke/1900-1990, ossw: Richard J. Fricke/1899-1995/Veteran (Feb. 14, 1899/Oct. 17, 1995/SSDI) Tombstone Richard/Irma

FRITSCHKA: Keith E. Fritschka/1946-2000 Tombstone

FRY: Theresia STINSON Fry/1883-1973 Tombstone, next to: Everett G. STINSON/1916-1976

FULLER: Yarmilla Fuller/1902-2000 Tombstone

FURLOTT: Addie C. Furlott/1888-1969 (3 Feb 1888/Dec 1969/SSDI)

FURREY: Donald Furrey/1967-1999 (5 Mar. 1967/30 Jan. 1999/SSDI) Tombstone

GADZINSKI: Evangeline M. Gadzinski/Dec. 24, 1925-March 24, 2010 Ferdinand Gadzinski/Sept. 7, 1926-March 14, 2011 Florian C. Gadzinski/1911-1977 (2 May 1911/May 1977/SSDI) Thomas M. Gadzinski/Aug. 6, 1919-Jan. 10, 1965/from obit

GAEDKE: Ruben/1911-1989, ossw: Garnet I./1902-1988 (29 May 1902/31 Oct 1987)

GAEDTKE: Paul W./1915-1960

GAGNON: Robert T. Gagnon/1920-1995/Veteran (16 Mar. 1920/3 Dec. 1995/SSDI), ossw: Florence T. Gagnon/1919-1999/married Feb. 10, 1945 (29 Sept. 1919/28 Dec.1999/SSDI) Leon R. Gagnon/Dec. 19, 1945/Apr. 8, 2001/SP4 US Army-Vietnam

GALLI: Ferdinand/1919-1983/Veteran (4 Aug 1919/Dec 1983/SSDI), ossw: Pearl/1922-1973

GAROT: John K. Garot/HM 3 US Navy/World War II/Nov. 5, 1926/Mar. 1, 1982, ossw: John K./1926-1982 [d. 1 Mar 1982/age 55 yrs/moved to Evergreen in Manitowoc from Knollwood Gardens Town of Kossuth, Manitowoc co.]

GASS: Dana Elizabeth Gass/1989-1989/Baby

GATES: Peter J./1901-1975 (27 Oct. 1901/Aug. 1975/SSDI), ossw: Lucy A. Gates/1902-1991 Henry M./1902-1972, ossw: Arlene M./1922-____ John A./1893-1960, ossw: Helen M./1896-1962 Gregory Gates/1953-2001 Geraldine Gates/1937-1998/married Feb. 8, 1956 (26 Nov. 1937/3 May 1998/SSDI) John E. Gates, Jr./1930-1925/Veteran

GAUGER: Wilfred Gaugher/1919-1977 (6 Jun 1919/Nov 1977/SSDI)

GAUTHIER: Lester F./1913-1980, ossw: Dolores B./1920-2000 (23 Nov 1920/26 Dec 2000/SSDI), next to: Lester J. Gauthier/Sept. 26, 1946/Sept. 12, 1967/A2C, next to: Gerald A. Gauthier/Apr. 23, 1948/Jan. 20, 1970/Sgt. E5 Allan R./1950-2011, ossw: Adell M./1956-____, ossw: Daniel/April 27, 1975/May 21, 1975 Reuben C. Gauthier/1905-1976 (11 Mar 1905/Dec 1976/SSDI) Neal A. Gauthier/1916-1974 Richard/1888-1977, ossw: Ella/1893-1961 Lawrencr R./1912-1980, ossw: Letty M./Dec. 9, 1921/Jan. 10, 2008 Benjamin G. (Ben) Gauthier/Aug. 15, 1917-Sept. 9, 1997 Ruth I. Gauthier/Sept. 28, 1923-Sept. 1, 2012 Charles A. Gauthier/Dec. 1, 1950/Oct. 3, 2000/PVT US Marine Corps Robert F. Gauthier/Apr. 12, 1949/Mar. 18, 2005 John L. Gauthier/1934-1983 Bobbie A. Gauthier/1906-2004 Elaine A. Gauthier/Jan. 15, 1940/July 26, 2005/Wife and Mother

GEERDTS: Arthur R. Geerdts/1913-2010/from obit Frances G. Geerdts/1921-2011

GEHRKE: Frank G. Gehrke Sr./Jan. 31, 1929/Nov. 16, 2008/PFC US Army-Korea, ossw: Nancy P. Gehrke/1932-2000 Michelle L. Gehrke/1969-1996 (11 May 1969/8 Aug. 1996/SSDI)

GEISSLER: Curtis H./1905-1960, ossw: Minnie M./1908-1982

GERHARD: Raymond E./1900-1969, ossw: Gladys M./1900-1961

GERROLL: Herbert J./1894-1964, ossw: Aletta/1896-1967

GESELL: Glen A. Gesell/1943-1984

GIGSTAD: Philip E./1895-1966 (22 Feb. 1895/Aug. 1966/SSDI), ossw: Florence Gigstad/1894-1987 (Aug. 05 1894/Jun. 1987/SSDI)

GILBERT: Harold Gilbert/Aug. 1, 1949/Jan. 31, 2006

GILMER: Floyd C. Gilmer/1907-1993/married Nov. 20, 1929 (11 Dec. 1907/11 Nov. 1993/SSDI), ossw: Esther A. Gilmer/1909-2004

GINTNER: Richard A. Gintner/Sept. 25, 1930/July 29, 1994/US Army-Korea

GLAESER: Leonard H./1912-1976, ossw: Gladys A./1915-2005 (29 Jun 1915/16 Feb 2005/SSDI) Oscar W./1905-1972, ossw: Helen A./1909-1994 Emil F./1908-Sept. 1987 (received RR pension/from SSDI), ossw: Beatrice L./1908-1992

GLISCHINSKI: Florian/1907-1997/Veteran (28 Apr 1907/14 Feb 1997/SSDI), ossw: Sophia A./1917-1983 (19 Jul 1917/Jul 1983/SSDI)

GLOE: Lorin W./1904-1965 Jeanette A. Gloe/1913-1992 (31 Jan. 1913/13 Dec. 1992/SSDI)

GOEKE: Arnold E. Goeke/1923-2014 Irene M. Goeke/1928-1984/married Jan. 28, 1950 (6 Aug. 1928/July 1984/SSDI)

GOEMANN: Albert H. Goemann/1905-1992, ossw: Aurelia L. Goemann/1907-1986

GOERTZ: Frederick R. Goertz/Mar. 24, 1914/Sept. 6, 2005/married June 4, 1949

GOHR: Joseph Gohr/1915-1985/Veteran, ossw: Grace Gohr/1920-1990

GOLLATA: Lawrence/Gollata/and, ossw: Brother/1969-1969

GORDON: Marion H. Gordon/1924-1985

GOSPODAREK: Stanley A. Gospodarek/1922-1996/Veteran (27 May 1922/14 Feb. 1996/SSDI) Harriet Rose Gospodarek/1924-2013 Jacqueline A. Gospodarek/1944-1989 (14 Dec. 1944/27 Sept. 1989/SSDI)

GOTTINGER: Cory R. Gottinger/1978-2007

GOVE: Reuben G. Gove/1916-1974 Theresa Gove/1995 Irene D. Gove/1922-1998 (5 Mar. 1922/25 July 1998/SSDI) Barbara M. Gove/1944-1995 (30 Mar. 1944/22 June 1995/SSDI)

GRABOWSKY: Edward A./1897-1966 (30 Mar. 1897/June 1966/SSDI), ossw: Freda L. Grabowsky/1899-1988

GRAINGER: Ray T. Grainger/January 30, 1943/March 26, 2002/SP5 US Army-Vietnam

GRALL: Richard F./1920-2001/Veteran,ossw: Laverne M./1923-2011 Photo

GRAPENTINE: Larry W. Grapentine/1937-1981 Fred Grapentine/1913-2000 (19 December 1913/29 June 2000/SSDI)

GRAVES: Winifred W. Graves/Sea 1 US Navy/World War I/ Aug. 10, 1899-July 9, 1975, next to: Frieda D. Graves/June 8, 1897-Mar. 2, 1974

GREEN: Gordon T. Green/1927-2010 Marcella E./1939-1965 Bill Green/d. 2001 Betty R. Green/1925-2009

GREENWALD: Steven A. Greenwald/1989-1989/Baby

GREENWOOD: Jean Ann Greenwood/Oct. 22, 1951/Jan. 20, 2002

GREETAN: Ericha Elizabeth Greetan/1994-1994 Morgan Grace Greetan/1995-1995

GREIG: Richard F./1918-1964, ossw: Helen J. Greig/1919-2004

GRENIER: Joseph O./1905-1995 (24 Jul 1905/24 Jan 1995/SSDI), ossw: Isabel J./May 19, 1910-May 19, 1974 The following entry was submitted by a relative Robert Theodore Grenier/19 Jan. 1916/1 Aug. 1992, ossw: Rose Helen (KARL) Grenier/June 14, 1913/July 23, 2009

GRETZ: Jerome F. Gretz/Nov. 7, 1931/Nov. 28, 1992

GRIFFIN: See Shier

GRIMM: Terry L. Grimm/1970-1978

GRIMMER: Frank E./1890-1962, ossw: Lydia A. Grimmer/1889-1989

GROELLE: Reynold F./1899-1996 (17 July 1899/17 Nov. 1996/SSDI), ossw: Adalia W./1901-1972

GROLL: Alan C./1927-____, ossw: Joann A./1934-1979

GROOTHOFF: Robert E. Groothoff/July 28, 1940/Mar. 18, 1993/UT1 US Navy-Vietnam Sidney Mabis Groothoff/June 13, 2005/June 13, 2005/Baby Floyd Groothoff/Sept. 26, 1923/Oct. 11, 1996/PFC US Army-WWII

GRUBER: Robert Arhtur Gruber/June 23, 1932/Sept. 15, 2006/BT3 US Navy-Korea

GRUNEWALD: Hubert F. Grunewald/1926-1987 (31 October 1926/August 1987/SSDI)

GULSETH: Albert C./1906-1978 (13 May 1906/Jul 1978/SSDI), ossw: Ethel M./1907-1983 (25 Nov 1907/Sep 1983/SSDI) Shirley M. Gulseth/1932-2007, ossw: Dale A. Gulseth/1930-1985

GUNDERSON: Stanley/1897-1964, ossw: Irene/1899-1979 (3 Sept. 1899/Nov. 1979/SSDI)

HAAKENSON: Helen Haakenson/1924-1984

HABECK: Louis C. Habeck/1896-1984/Veteran (Mar 18 1896/Jun 1984/SSDI), ossw: Alma M. Habeck/Apr. 24, 1896/Dec. 1, 1987

HABLEWITZ: Ronald Hablewitz/1935-2010/from obit Sally Hablewitz/1938-1985

HACKELBERG: Owen A./1908-1978 (5 Oct 1908/Oct 1978/SSDI), ossw: Margaret A./1915-1997 (19 Nov 1915/1 Jun 1997/SSDI) Nicole M. Hackelberg/1986-2003

HACKER: Elmer H. Hacker/1911-1983 (18 July 1911/Mar. 1983/SSDI)

HAESE: Frank F./1911-1976 (9 Jan. 1911/Dec. 1976/SSDI), Photo ossw: Alice E./1918-____ Arthur G./1911-1964, ossw: Wonnie Mae Haese Chouinard/1922-2007/2nd marriage to Chouinard Kristopher R. Haese/Oct. 24, 1970/Mar. 29, 1997 Tombstone

HAGEN: Bernhard C. (Barney) Hagen/August 25, 1907/February 14, 1990, ossw: Dorothy E. Hagen/1908-1999 Olaf J. Hagen/1921-2001/Veteran, ossw: Alice M. Hagen/1928-1999

HAGENOW: Lucille Hagenow/1908-2002

HALLADA: Thomas G./1895-1968 (26 Dec. 1895/Aug. 1968/SSDI), ossw: Viola/Nov. 22, 1903/June 2, 1976, next to: Elaine M./1926-1968, ossw: Douglas T./1926-1994/Veteran

HALVERSON: Frank O./1905-1970 (3 Dec 1905/Jan 1970/SSDI), ossw: Dorothy A./1910-1978 (26 Sep 1910/Nov 1978/SSDI) Vernon L./1906-1966, ossw: Vivian Halverson/1907-1997

HAMERNIK: Frank P. Hamernik/1918-1990, ossw: Doris A. Hamernik/1924-1989

HANES: Claude B. Hanes/July 11, 1918/May 24, 1996/US Navy-WWII Martha Hanes/d. 1997

HANSEN: Harold E./1902-1970 (22 Jun 1902/Jan 1970/SSDI), ossw: Martha L./1902-1988 (12 Nov 1902/16 Feb 1988/SSDI) Dale T. Hansen/1961-1981 (10 Sep 1961/Jun 1981/SSDI) (Eugene F. Hansen/1929-2008/from obit/) Alvin A./1937-1975 (8 Feb 1937/Jun 1975/SSDI), ossw: Lois/1941-____ Edwin O./1916-1978 (8 Aug 1916/Jan 1978/SSDI), ossw: Eunice B./1919-1971 Hans H./1904-1982 (5 Nov 1904/May 1982/SSDI), ossw: Winifred M./1905-1993 (24 Aug 1905/04 May 1993/SSDI) Russell/1912-2000, ossw: Vlasta/1915-1973 Joann E. Hansen/1947-1985 Viola E. Hansen/1916-1988 Gerald Hansen/Jan. 28, 1939/Jan. 14, 2007 William L. Hansen/1913-1999, ossw: Pauline A. Hansen/1924-2002/married Apr. 28, 1943 Sander Wm. Hansen/1958-2007 Calvin K. Hansen/1926-2011 Alice A. Hansen/1913-1996

HANSON: John E. Hanson/1907-1991, ossw: Alice M. Hanson/1908-1983 new stone/d. 2009 Carl H. Hanson/1906-Mar. 1986 Lida Ann E. Hanson/d. 1992

HANTTULA: Doris F. Hanttula/1911-2001

HARDRATH: George M. Hardrath/1915-1979, ossw: Harriet Hardrath/1918-2004 Rita "Gail" Hardrath/nee HEILE/1948-Apr. 1995

HARGRAVES: William C./1900-1979 (13 Dec 1900/Nov 1979/SSDI), ossw: Molly/1905-1966

HARTFIELD: LaVerne Hartfield/Jan. 28, 1927/May 16, 2007

HARTLICH: Caroline Hartlich/b. Aug. 21, 1925/d. July 29, 2002

HARTMAN: (No data available.)

HARVEY: Allen A./1918-2011, ossw: Florence E. Harvey/1919-2008

HASCHE: (No data available.)

HASHECK: Russell H. Hasheck/1920-1990, ossw: Mary E. Hasheck/1923-2008

HASSEMER: Louis W. Hassemer/Feb. 6, 1921/May 6, 1991/T SGT US Army-WWII Harvey Hassemer/1913-1988 Bernice Hassemer/1919-1985

HAUPT: Allen W./1916-1971, ossw: Evelyn/1920-2007 Wayne C. Haupt/Nov. 12, 1927/Sept. 22, 2002/US Army-Korea

HAVEL: Doris M. Havel/1925-2004, ossw: Elmer W. Havel/1921-2000

HAVLICHEK: William W./1909-1982/Veteran (2 Sep 1909/Sep 1982/SSDI), ossw: Mollie/1900-1975 Harry/1898-1974, ossw: Agnes Havlichek/1906-2001 Brian Michael Havlichek/1969-1982 (17 Nov 1969/May 1982/SSDI)

HAVLINEK: Elsie L. Havlinek/1905-1966, ossw: Henry C. Havlinek/1904-1985

HAY: Keith "Grip" Hay/1953-2006

HEBEL: Robert M. Hebel/1937-1986/Veteran US Navy

HEBERT: Roland Hebert/1932-1999/Veteran

HECKER: Wilhelmina/1899-1979 (6 Aug. 1899/Oct. 1979/SSDI), ossw: Herman H. Hecker/1894-1986/Vet. (Jul 12 1894/Aug 1986/SSDI)

HEIDORF: Philip M./1884-1961, ossw: Emma M./1893-1963


HEIMER: Herman E. Heimer/Wisconsin/Pvt. U.S. Army/World War II/ June 30, 1897 - June 22, 1973 Harold H. Heimer/Our son/1923-1965

HEIN: Edwin M. Hein/1905-1985, ossw: Ida L. Hein/1906-1997 Mary E. Hein/1932-2010

HEINEMANN: Ervin W./1906-1981, ossw: Dorothy E./1917-1974 Robert E. Heinemann/Jan. 6, 1939/Jan. 2, 1982/AIC US Air Force

HEINO: Ed J. Heino/May 31, 1917/Sept. 5, 1998/ TEC5 US Army-WWII, ossw: Pauline Heino/May 14, 1923/July 6, 2002

HEISE: Ralph Heise/1919-2007, ossw: Betty R. Heise/1928-2001

HEMB: William J./1896-1969 (12 Jul 1896/Apr 1969/SSDI), ossw: Martha M. Hemb/1901-1990

HEMPEL: C. Henry/1891-1974 (Charles Hempel/10 Nov. 1891/Mar. 1974/SSDI), ossw: Marie P./1893-1966

HENDRIES: Walter C./1910-1974, ossw: Lucille M./1917-2012

HENKE: Roy M. Henke/Jan. 21, 1937/Dec. 10, 2000/PVT US Army

HENLEY: Eric P. Henley/1966-1985

HENRICKSON: Raymond W./1916-1974, ossw: Henrietta C./1921-2010, next to: William 0. Henrickson/1929-1971 Dale R. Henrickson/October 30, 1946/October 26, 1992/(carpenter)

HENTSCHEL: Edward M. Hentschel/1900-1984, ossw: Sarah E. Hentschel/1906-1990

HERDINA: Wencel J. Herdina/1906-1977, next to: Joseph Herdina/1898-1971

HERMAN: Clarence H./1903-1977 (23 Aug 1903/Mar 1977/SSDI), ossw: Esther S./1902-1993 Richard R./1914-1976, ossw: Johanna E./1919-____ Julia Herman/1889-1980 Lon Michael Herman/1971-1985 Earl A. Herman, Jr./1945-2000/married Oct. 17, 1967/Veteran Robert Herman/d. 1994

HERRICK: Charles W./1907-1975 (27 Nov 1907/Jun 1975/SSDI), ossw: Edna A. Herrick/1908-1996

HERZ0G: Louis A./1895-1961/U.S. War Veteran, ossw: Ella Herzog/1897-1986 (May 09 1897/May 1986/SSDI) Norbert L. Herzog/June 8, 1920/Jan. 14, 2002/ SGT US Army-Purple Heart-WWII Marie J. Herzog/May 4, 1921-March 4, 2014

HETUE: Leroy J. Hetue/Pfc US Army/World War II/Jan. 28, 1925/May 5, 1982 Erma E. Hetue/1927-1985/husband Leroy Matthew James Hetue/Aug. 1, 1988/Aug. 1, 1988/Baby

HETZEL: Melvin L. Hetzel/En 1 US Coast Guard/Vietnam/1940-1976

HIBBARD: Florence M. Hibbard/1896-1989 (May 07 1896/Oct 27 1989/SSDI), ossw: Bernard/1895-1964 Derek J./Hibbard/1969-1972 Jerome F./1899-1981 (22 May 1899/July 1981/SSDI), ossw: Lillian E./1901-1987 Gerald W. Hibbard/1965-1977 Donna Hibbard/1934-2002 Roland C. Hibbard/1933-2011

HILDEBRANDT: Frederick 0. Hildebrandt/1911-1982, ossw Ella I. Hildebrandt/1913-2008

HILLER: Mary Rose Hiller/1921-2010 Vernie R. Hiller/1908-1986

HILLSTROM: Arthur T. Hillstrom/1903-1988, ossw: Lorraine E. Hillstrom/1913-2002

HINDT: Robert A. Hindt/1916-1991, ossw: Hattie E. Hindt/March 16, 1916/Nov. 16, 2003

HOEFFNER: (No data available.), next to: Walter F./1905-1975, ossw: Erna L. Hoeffner/1905-2001 Edmund H. Hoeffner/1900-1987, ossw: Clalie Hoeffner/1903-1982

HOEFT: Judith A. Hoeft/1943-1988

HOFF: Alfred T. Hoff/Nov. 30, 1922/Apr. 11, 1997/US Army-WWII

HOFFMAN: Agnes/1904-1979 (28 Feb 1904/Feb 1979/SSDI), ossw: James Hoffman/1906-1996 Clara O. Hoffman/1945-1986 Robert L. Hoffman, Jr./1967-1986 Constance F. Hoffman/July 8, 1944/Nov. 28, 2009

HOFFMANN: John E./1910-1985 (19 Nov 1910/Nov 1985/SSDI), ossw: Rosalie A./1915-1976

HOGE: These two are now in Evergreen #44 John H./1903-1973 (3 Sep 1903/Aug 1973/SSDI), ossw: Emma F./1905-1995 (9 Mar 1905/7 Mar 1995/SSDI)

HOKENSON: Lawrence H. Hokenson/1904-1988, ossw: Frieda Hokenson/1907-1987

HOLLER: Frank X. Holler/1901-1985 (17 May 1901 Jul 1985/SSDI), ossw: Meta H. Holler/1899-1985 (Jul 07, 1899/Dec 1985/SSDI)

HOLLY: Joseph/1899-1977 (10 Oct. 1899/Jan. 1977/SSDI), ossw: Lillian V./1901-1998 (4 Dec 1901/8 Sep 1998/SSDI) Tombstone Joseph/Lillian Eugene F. Holly/1911-1987 (13 Mar. 1911/29 Dec. 1987/SSDI), next to: Laddie Holly/1910-1977 (16 Mar 1910/Jul 1977/SSDI)

HOLMES: Warren W./1918-1970, ossw: Dorothy J. Holmes/1909-2008 Pelham O. Holmes/May 10, 1911/Feb. 13, 2002/Veteran, ossw: Jeanette E. Holmes/Apr. 26, 1919/Aug. 30, 2004

HOLSCHBACH: Pearl I. Holschbach/June 7, 1924/September 14, 2000 Raymond E. Holschbach/April 6, 1923-Feb. 6, 2013 Marion T. Holschbach/1929-2006

HOLTZ: Wallace W./1921-1964 See Waskow

HOMEYER: Harold C./1921-1999/Veteran (25 Oct 1921/18 Oct 1999/SSDI), ossw: Ruth E./1927-1980

HOOPER: Robert L. Hooper, Sr./1924-2004/Vet. WWII-U.S. Submarines, ossw: Harriet A. Hooper/1928-2009/married Jan. 26, 1946 Thomas L. Hooper/1948-1991/married Feb. 24, 1973

HORNBURG: Shirley A. Hornburg/1940-2010 Travis G. Hornburg Sr. /1938-2008/Veteran

HOUGEN: Charles H./1923-____ , ossw: Ruth M./1923-1967, next to: Henry C./1896-1968, ossw: Alma Hougen/1897-1986 (Apr. 24, 1897/Jan. 1986/SSDI) Frieda E. Bruss Hougen/b. June 17, 1913/d. Dec. 3, 2001/from obit Henry C. Hougen/d. 1986

HOWARD: Robert W. Howard/July 27, 1923/July 18, 1991/US Navy-WWII-Korea

HUBBARTT: Mary S. Hubbartt/1883-1968 (12 Feb. 1883/Jan. 1968/SSDI)

HUEBNER: Ralph Huebner/1925-2004

HUTCHINS: (No data available.)

HYNEK: Lloyd V./1924-1999 Veteran, ossw: Harriet J./1928-1967 Kim M. Hynek/1957-2005

IVIS: Raymond (May 3, 1905-Aug. 2, 1988 -widower -son of Dennis Ivis and Katherine Menton -letter carrier for US Postal Service -died from "cardiac arrest, sepsis and renal failure") - (from researcher of St. Gregory church records/see contributors page)

JACK: Charles E. Jack/1925-1983 Darlene L. Jack/1946-1983

JACOBS: Roger E./1936-____, ossw: Nancy C./1939-1978 (13 Sep 1939/Jul 1978/SSDI)

JACOBSON: Dawn M. Jacobson/1948-1994

JAEGER: Albert/1910-1974 (16 Feb 1910/Sep 1974/SSDI), ossw: Esther/1910-1996 Irene M. Jaeger/1918-2012 Romie Jaeger/1912-1997/married Nov. 28, 1940 Alice Jaeger/1945-1994

JANCE: Walter C./1884-1961, ossw: Linda W./1886-1971

JANDA: Edward J./1902-1977, ossw: Emily A./1904-1987 (23 May 1904/Oct 1987/SSDI)

JANSKY: Victor C. Jansky/1897-1986 (Sep 12 1897/May 1986/SSDI), ossw: Amelia A. Jansky/1900-1985 Vernon F. Jansky/1918-Sept. 1990/Veteran

JAREK: Bernard H. Jarek/1911-1969 Helen Jarek/1914-2001

JASMER: Michael J./1944-1979, ossw: Bonnie L./1945-____ Pearley A. Jasmer/1905-1985, ossw: Cecilia F. Jasmer/1909-1995

JEBAVY: Roddy/1932-____ , ossw: Marlene Jebavy/1936-2008

JENNINGS: Aurthur P. Jennings/1969-2003 Diane A. Jennings/1948-2010/from obit

JENSEN: Lyle W. Jensen/Mar. 25, 1908/Nov. 26, 1984/CPL US Army-WWII Roy E. Jensen/1912-1986 Grace M. Jensen/1919-1998 See BROEN

JERABEK: Victor/1922-2001 Veteran (01 Mar 1922/21 Mar 2001/SSDI), ossw: Leonora/1924-____, next to: Shirley E./Daughter/1946-1965

JERGENSON: Raymond L./1905-1985, ossw: Clara M./1906-1973 Neil R. Jergenson/June 14, 1941/May 7, 1992

JIMENEZ: Edward Jimenez/1917-1999, ossw: Dorothy Jimenez/1919-1993 Luis P. Jimenez/1909-1989/married Jan. 18, 1947

JINDRA: Oscar L./1905-1964, ossw: Viola F. Jindra/March 12, 1912/March 18, 2002

JOHANSEN: Carl L./1910-1977 (23 Oct 1910/Dec 1977/SSDI), ossw: Pauline A./1915-2001 (28 Jan 1915/07 Jan 2001/SSDI) Gregory L. Johansen/1936-1983/Veteran

JOHN: Rex K./1891-1962, ossw: Pearl H./1893-1968

JOHNSON: Leo/1907-1980, ossw: Velva/1906-1979 (28 Aug 1906/Jun 1979/SSDI) Cindy L. Johnson/1957-1993 James J. Johnson/Oct. 23, 1937/July 10, 1993/A3C US Air Force Herbert A. Johnson/May 20, 1925/Jan. 17, 2008

JOHNSTON: Kenneth J./1893-1961, ossw: Lillian M. Johnston/1898-1996 Roger K. Johnston/1925-1996/Veteran Monica Marie Johnston/Feb. 26, 1991/Feb. 26, 1991 Florence M. Johnston/1916-2013 Robert J. Johnston/1913-1999

JONAS: Alfred E./1919-2004 (27 Sep 1919/26 Jun 2004/SSDI), ossw: Arnold H./1921-1977 Edith H. (Anklam) Jonas/July 3, 1909/November 28, 1997

JONES: Laura Jones/1963-1978 Newton Jones/1901-1987 (2 Dec 1901 May 1987/SSDI) Kathryn S. Jones/1906-1995 Leon H. Jones/1922-1995/US Coast Guard, ossw: Doris M. Jones/Jan. 28, 1929/July 22, 1997

JORGENSON: Frank M. Jorgenson/1905-1983, ossw: Caroline A. Jorgenson/1916-1983

JORSCH: Ronald A. Jorsch/d. 1994 (on cem. printout/not on any marker) Nollie Jorsch/nee Albright/1956-1994

JUNG: (No info)

JUUL: Wendy L. Juul/1955-1988

KABAT: Edward L./1913-1992 (09 Dec 1913/25 Dec 1992/SSDI), ossw: Gladys J./1917-1987 (20 Jun 1917/Mar 1987/SSDI) Tombstone Edward/Gladys Gary M./US Army/Feb 7 1942-Dec 13 1995 Tombstone Richard E. Kabat/1940-1983 Tombstone Robert Kabat/1939-2001

KADOW: Marie F. Kadow/1902-1983, ossw: George F./1902-1971 (14 Jul 1902/Jan 1971/SSDI), next to: Merlyne J. Kadow/1926-____ Ralph R./1945-____, ossw: Beverly A./1943-____ Robert K. Kadow/1928-1997/Vet./married July 16, 1955, ossw: Joan M. Kadow/1936-2001 Lotus J. Kadow/1939-2006/married June 28, 1958

KAISER: William J. Kaiser/1908-1971, ossw: Evelyn M. Kaiser/1910-2004 Karen M. Kaiser/1942-2000

KALK: Florence L. Kalk/1915-2001, ossw: Karl W. Kalk/1906-1983

KAMINSKI: Alfred J./1921-1991, ossw: Jeanne D./1923-1978 (05 Feb 1923/Mar 1978/SSDI) Jeanne Kaminski/d. 1991

KAMKE: Lester L./1909-1969 (23 Apr 1909/Oct 1969/SSDI), ossw: Beatrice C./1912-2007 Carol L. Kamke/1929-1990

KANTER: Alvin G./1900-1975, ossw: Emma M. Kanter/1901-2000 Russell J. Kanter, Jr./Nov. 28, 1923/Nov. 6, 1992/ SC3 US Navy-WWII Herbert O. Kanter/1908-2006, ossw: Doris L. Kanter/1909-1990

KANUGH: Raymond J. Kanugh/1930-2000

KAPPELMAN: Nancy M. Kappelman/Nov. 8, 1942-Dec. 19, 2005 William Kappelman/Dec. 22, 1931-Nov. 25, 2010 Photo Nicholas Kappelman/Feb. 7, 1986/May 18, 1992 Kenneth/1920-1970/US War Veteran, ossw: Harriett A. Kappelman/1918-2001 Karl F. Kappelman/Nov. 10, 1927-Nov. 27, 2013 Paul W. Kappelman/1947-2009/married Nov. 28, 1970

KARL: Gloria A. Karl/1938-2009 Noel L. Karl/Dec. 25, 1957/Mar. 23, 1988/SP4 US Army Mark J. Karl/Mar. 5, 1961/Aug. 18, 1985/PFC US Army

KASBAUM: Dale J. Kasbaum/Oct. 27, 1959-July 29, 2004 Earl J. Kasbaum/May 16, 1925-Feb. 12, 2004 Ordella J. Kasbaum/Oct. 20, 1932-June 25, 2010

KASTEN: Otto A. Kasten/1890-1963, ossw: Caroline L. Kasten/1985-1988

KASTNER: Jeffrey M. Kastner/1960-1963 Norma D. Kastner/1924-1986

KAUFMAN: Andrew P./1907-1972 (26 Apr 1907/May 1972/SSDI), ossw: Ida A./1910-2002 (01 Nov 1910/01 Mar 2002/SSDI) Dale R. Kaufman/July 2, 1944/Nov. 2, 2002/Veteran/ married Mar. 4, 1967

KEBIS: Anna M. Kebis/1894-1974

KEESLER: James E. Keesler/Jan. 8, 1941/July 3, 2002/SGT US Army

KELLER: Raymond Keller/Apr. 1, 1927/July 9, 2003 Fern Keller/d. 2003

KETTNER: Erwin J./1931-____, ossw: Pauline J. Kettner/1933-1982, next to: Joseph W. Kettner/1910-1991, ossw: Marcella Kettner/1913-1991

KEUP: Lester E. Keup/June 4, 1909/February 21, 1998, ossw: Hazel I. Keup/February 22, 1912/July 25, 2003/married Feb. 20, 1932 Robert L. Keup/June 9, 1936/May 22, 2001

KIEFFER: Charlotte Kieffer/1921-2007/from obit

KIEHN: Mabel F. Kiehn/Sept. 24, 1909/Nov. 7, 2009

KIEL: Fred C./1897-1977, ossw: Ora/1896-1973 (20 Feb. 1896/Dec. 1973/SSDI) Will Kiel/Wisconsin/Pvt. US Army/World War I/Oct. 31, 1896-Jan. 8, 1974, next to: Walter L./1892-1979 (13 Aug. 1892/Nov. 1979/SSDI), ossw: Emma A./Mar. 4, 1889/Nov. 23, 1976 Arno G./1906-1975, ossw: Elda E./1919-1987 (19 Jan 1919/24 Nov 1987/SSDI) Leona Kiel/1902-1983 Gail M. Kiel/1945-1987 Sharon A. Kiel/1944-1995/married Sept. 30, 1961 Eugene N. Kiel/May 23, 1949/Oct. 24, 1994/SP4 US Army-Vietnam

KIELMAN: Lyle M. Kielman/Tec. 5 US Army/World War II/1914-1975 Lyle M./1914-1975, ossw: Arlene M./1916-1995 (26 Sep 1916/04 Jan 1995/SSDI), next to: Fred/1892-1976 (11 Nov. 1892/Nov. 1976/SSDI), ossw: Irma B./1893-1960

KIEPER: Edward J./1889-1986, ossw: Rosaline/1894-1968

KIESNER: James G. Kiesner/1920-1972

KIESOW: Carl L./1907-1978 (23 Apr 1907/Feb 1978/SSDI), ossw: Myrtle A. Kiesow/1913-2007 Kevin P. Kiesow/1975-1994

KINZEL: Kraig R. Kinzel/1973-1977 Philip/1883-1965, ossw: Elizabeth/1888-1981 (26 Aug 1888/Sep 1981/SSDI) Kurt D. Kinzel/1962-2003 Otto Kinzel/1910-1997

KIPPING: Gerald Kipping/1924-1989

KIRCH: Joseph/1904-1978

KIRSCHER: Edward J. Kirscher/1882-1968

KISSAM: James/1897-1972, ossw: Linda/1905-Apr. 26, 1974/nee Basken

KITTELL: Harlan D./1958-____ , ossw: Karen S./1959-____ Melvin Kittell/1924-1998 Mabel Kittell/1918-2000 Shirley L. Kittell/March 30, 1941-Dec. 11, 2013

KLECKNER: Richard E. Kleckner/1918-1995 Barbara A. Kleckner/Sgt. US Army/Jun. 7, 1953-Nov. 24, 1974 Mary Jane Kleckner/1954-2008/from obit/

KLEIBER: Wilbert J. Kleiber/T. Sgt. US Army/World War II/Nov. 9, 1915-Mar. 3, 1980, next to: Celia H. Kleiber/May 8, 1918/Aug. 14, 1999 Richard Kleiber/1922-June 2001/Veteran, ossw: Gloria (Harriet) Kleiber/1926-Dec. 1985

KLEIN: Jeffery E. Klein/1959-1972, next to: Nicholas J./1886-1970, ossw: Evelyn A./1899-1980 Harry L./1901-1974, ossw: Ella Klein/1905-1998 Barry B. Klein/1955-1970 Arthur J./1906-1977 , ossw: Josephine/1907-1986 (08 Mar 1907/Mar 1986/SSDI) Loren J. Klein/1925-2002/Vet., ossw: Theresa F. Klein/1928-1990 Walter J. Klein/1926-2008, ossw: Elizabeth Klein/1930-2001

KLEINER: Louis/1888-1969, ossw: Minna E./1890-1966

KLEMAN: Robert P. Kleman/1929-1990/married Oct. 14, 1950

KLENKE: Ernst C./1879-1964 Photo, ossw: Christine S./1888-1975

KLEPPE: Christine R. Kleppe/1970-1974

KLESSIG: Hilda H. Klessig/1906-1974

KLETZIEN: Robert O. Kletzien/1931-2001

KLIMENT: Henry/1897-1967, ossw: Julia/1899-1967 Joseph John Kliment/1916-2008/Veteran, ossw: Janet B. Kliment/1925-2008 Joseph W. Kliment/1921-1994/Veteran

KLINGEISEN: Robert C./1908-1975 (09 Jun 1908/Jul 1975/SSDI), ossw: Agnes N./1911-1991 (31 July 1911/Oct. 1991/SSDI) Donald N. Klingeisen/1940-2002/married June 2, 1972

KLOKOW: Vivian S. Klokow/1922-1977 William F. Klokow/May 17, 1926-Feb. 12, 2004

KLUBA: Stephen B. Kluba/1950-2008/from obit/

KLUCZINSKE: Walter C. Kluczinske/Jan. 26, 1911/Jan. 1970, ossw: Edith H. Kluczinske/1915-1989 Rueben Kluczinske/1922-1983 Paul A. Kluczinske/July 17, 1939/Feb. 11, 2007/SP4 US Army-Vietnam

KLUTH: George E. Kluth/1899-1986, ossw: Ruth D. Kluth/1904-1997

KNAPP: Bernice E. Knapp/1919-2001, ossw: Arlington Knapp/1914-1973

KNOPE: Edwin W./1901-1980/Veteran, ossw: Cele A./1910-1992 (17 Dec 1909/06 Jun 1992/SSDI)

KOBELT: Carl F. Kobelt/1901-1985, ossw: Linda S. Kobelt/1902-1993

KOCH: (Bradley Charles Koch/1981-2007/from obit/) Chester J. Koch/Wisconsin/Tec. 5 1214 Mil. Police Co. Avn./ World War II/Jan. 24, 1923/Dec. 26, 1965 Chester J./1923-1965 Raymond W. Koch/1920-1993/Veteran, ossw: Elma L. Koch/1921-1994

KOCHAN: Lawrence M. Kochan/July 4, 1910/October 16, 1998/Veteran

KOCHOROSKY: Frank P./1897-1980, ossw: Caroline M./1899-1970

KOCHROSKY: Peter Kochrosky/Our beloved son/Aug. 12, 1954/Aug. 23, 1958 John E. "Jack" Kochrosky/1927-1999/Vet., ossw: Delores M. Kochrosky/1931-2007

KOCIAN: James E./1926-_____, ossw: Marie A./1927-1976

KOCOUREK: Richard Kocourek/1949-1984

KOENIG: Janet E. Koenig/1951-2009

KOEPKE: John E. Koepke/1925-2004/married Feb. 7, 1948, ossw: Lucretta H. Koepke/1924-1998

KOEPPEL: Doris M. Koeppel/1948-1987

KOEPPEN: Elmer Koeppen/May 30, 1925-Dec. 7, 1977 Karl Koeppen/1969-1985 Joan Koeppen/1987

KOEPSEL: Walter/1903-1962 Meta Koepsel/1907-1991/spouse Walter

KOERNER: William F. Koerner/1914-2009/married May 24, 1938, ossw: Marie C. Koerner/1910-June, 1994

KOESER: Donald P. Koeser/August 28, 1918/November 23, 1996/Vet., ossw: Kathryn B. Koeser/April 9, 1920/November 11, 1996 Norman C. Koeser/1926-2005, ossw: Virginia L. Koeser/1931-1998

KOLAR: Elsa L. Kolar/1900-1995 John J. Kolar/Dec. 9, 1894/Nov. 16, 1990/SGT US Army-WWI Mary Jane Kolar/1923-2006 Randall J. Kolar/1951-2008

KOLLATH: Charles E./1924-1974

KOLODZIK: Albert W./Nov. 22, 1889/Mar. 3, 1967, ossw: Mamie Kolodzik/1891-1986

KONKLE: (No data available.)

KONO: Nicole M. Kono/1987-1987/Baby Daniel A. Kono/1985-1985/Baby

KONOP: Emily RADEY Konop/1922-1996 Mabel J. Konop/1928-1988, ossw: John C. Konop/1918-1998/Veteran

KOPETSKY: Lawrence J./1914-1981, ossw: Lucille M./1921-2006 (03 Feb 1921/31 Jan 2006/SSDI)

KORLESKY: Apolonary/1909-1977 (13 Jul 1909/Dec 1977/SSDI), ossw: Marie/1907-2006

KORNELY: Leo M./1910-1971 (01 Aug 1910/Sep 1971/SSDI), ossw: Alice A./1913-1999 (19 Jun 1913/15 Aug 1999/SSDI) Charles R./1911-1972 (29 Aug 1911/Mar 1972/SSDI), ossw: Gladys M. Kornely/1912-1999

KORTENS: Daniel P. Kortens/Oct. 22, 1940/June 18, 1992, ossw: Donna M. Kortens/Nov. 14, 1941/June 30, 2008

KOSTLEVY: Henry J./1907-1966/Vet., ossw: Verona/1916-2007 (See PROKOP-have obit)

KOTAREK: Richard A. Kotarek/1962-1982 Esther E./1904-1968, ossw: Peter P., Jr./1909-1969 Eugene P. Kotarek/1935-2008

KOUBA: Henry J. Kouba/June 10, 1919/Jan. 30, 2003/ SSGT US Army-BSM PH.-WWII

KOUTSKY: James Koutsky/1933-1988

KOVARIK: Edward A./1916-1983 (12 Jun 1916/Mar 1983/SSDI), ossw: Helen M./1920-1969

KOWALSKI: Ervin C./1912-1967

KOZACZUK: Charles F. Kozaczuk/Pfc US Army/World War II/Feb. 13, 1924-Jun. 27, 1980 Emily Kozaczuk/Dec. 26, 1926/Oct. 2, 2000

KRACHT: Walter/1900-1963, ossw: Ella/1897-1991

KRAHN: Pamela Krahn/1985-1986

KRAINIK: Charles/1885-1971, ossw: Ida/1892-1966

KRALL: Leo C./1922-____, ossw: Georgiana F./1925-1994 (07 Mar 1925/22 Jan 1994/SSDI)

KRAUS: Randall L. Kraus/Feb. 13, 1942/Aug. 8, 1999/ RM2 US Navy-Vietnam

KRAUSE: Emil/1886-1971 (30 Jan 1886/May 1971/SSDI), ossw: Mary/1887-1968 Raymond A./1915-1962

KREIE: Norman J. Kreie/1912-1997, ossw: Marcella Kreie/1909-1975

KREIL: Harold T. Kreil/1920-2005 Veteran

KREJCAREK: Myles H. Krejcarek/1901-1987 (22 Jul 1901 22 Dec 1987/SSDI) Mildred Krejcarek/1900-1992

KRESHEK: Ralph F./1900-1979 (08 Jul 1900/Sep 1979/SSDI), ossw: Alma G./1908-2005

KREY: Norbert Krey/1913-2002/Vet, ossw: Myrtle R. Krey/1922-2004

KRIESER: Robert D. Krieser/MM 1 US Navy/World War II/May 11, 1918-Sep. 5, 1977 Shirley J. Krieser/Apr. 20, 1923/Oct. 15, 1993/S1 US Navy-WWII

KRIZIZKE: Thomas S. Krizizke/1899-1971 Esther A. Krizizke/1919-2008

KROFTA: Norbert Alois Krofta/Jan. 20, 1919/Apr. 24, 2008/ SGT US Army-Purple Heart-Bronze Star-WWII

KROGH: Nels J./1891-1990, ossw: Lillian M./1891-1970 (04 Dec 1900/Sep 1970/SSDI) Jens/1926-1981/Veteran, ossw: Leone T./1930-1983 (20 Nov 1930/Dec 1983/SSDI) Edward A. Krogh/1960-May 1989 Jens Krogh/Sept. 3, 1949/June 2001/Veteran

KRUEGER: Edna A. Krueger/1927-2010 Elmer C./1911-1984 (25 Oct. 1911/May 1984/SSDI), ossw: Irene/1917-1971 Edwin W./1900-1982 (13 Feb 1900/Jan 1982/SSDI), ossw: Elenora E./1903-1982 (11 Mar 1903/Mar 1982/SSDI) Lester H./1906-1986 (29 Nov 1906/May 1986/SSDI), ossw: Elenora R./1922-1989 (03 Sep 1922/12 Jun 1989/SSDI) Reuben W./1904-1981, ossw: Hattie P./1908-1997 Rogene F./1970-1971, ossw: Doneen F./1972-1977 David Krueger/1890-1965, ossw: Justine Krueger/1891-1985 Myrtle E. Krueger/1917-2008 Photo, ossw: Wilmer H. Krueger/1914-1994 Photo Judith I. Krueger/1943-1996 Kim D. Krueger/1964-1984 Webster H. Krueger/1902-1983, ossw: Fern B. Krueger/1915-2002 Donald J. Krueger /Nov. 15, 1945/Apr. 6, 2008

KRUG: Christian/1885-1983 (24 Aug 1885/Nov 1983/SSDI), ossw: Elizabeth/1894-1968

KRUGER: David/1890-1965, ossw: Justine/1891-____

KRUMREY: Alfred R. Krumrey/1906-1984, ossw: Louise M. Krumrey/1922-2003 Arnold H. Krumrey/Nov. 9, 1913/Dec. 17, 1998/ TEC5 US Army-WWII, ossw: Arlene R. Krumrey/July 12, 1917/May 27, 1996

KRUPSKI: Edward L. Krupski/1914-2005

KRUSWICK: John J./1895-1969, ossw: Mabel H./1896-1989

KUBICHEK Florence Kubichek/1896-1980

KUEHNE: Bernetta A./1922-1965

KUETHER: Carl F./1904-1980, ossw: Adeline/1906-1996 (08 Aug 1906/20 Dec 1996/SSDI)

KUJAWSKI: Joseph A./1897-1980, ossw: Erna E./1905-1984 (08 Jun 1905/Jan 1984/SSDI)

KULIKE: Hubert Kulike/1910-1965

KUMBALEK: Richard L. Kumbalek/Sept. 9, 1931/Aug. 24, 2008/SGT US Army-Korea Photo

KUNSTMANN: Lucille E. Kunstmann/1922-2010/from obit

KUNZ: Gordon/1910-1969 (27 Nov 1900/Mar 1969/SSDI) Frieda C. Kunz/1898-1987/Eastern Star

KURTH: Carl H. Kurth/July 19, 1928/Jan. 8, 2000/US Army

KURTZBACH: Bruce Kurtzbach/1953-1987

KUSCH: Louise W. Kusch/1890-1972

KUSS: Theodore/1889-1967 (15 Dec 1890/Mar 1967/SSDI), ossw: Frieda/1887-1977 (27 Nov 1897/Mar 1977)

KWASNY: Brian L. Kwasny/1969-1974 Lawrence E. Kwasny/Nov. 21, 1930/Mar. 14, 2001/US Army-Korea