Mishicot Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: Northwest side of the Village of Mishicot, at the junction of Highway 147 & 163.
Northeast corner of junction on slope of hill. Entrance from east side of Highway 163.
Indexed by Ruth & Hilary Vanderbloemen, Marcie Baer and Jenney Posney, MCOCS, on June 12, July 5, July 11, July 18, July 25, 1976.
Partially reindexed by Ellen- on May 5, 2000.
Earliest remaining monument, Aug. 19, 1837, Amanda Smith.
Updated by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society June, 2007, added to this site Nov. 2010.
Many of the tombstone photos taken in 2012 by Brennan for a Boy Scout project.
The Mishicot Public Cemetery and the Holy Cross II cemetery are situated on a hill in the
village of Mishicot. It is very difficult to determine where one cemetery ends and the other starts.
If you look at obituaries over the years, you will find that if the deceased was Catholic they were buried in Holy Cross Cemetery.
If the deceased was protestant, they would be buried in the Public Cemetery.

The flat part at front of pic is Holy Cross and behind it, on the slopes is the City part.
The Fortier plot is next the the 1st tall spire you see in the background & I think I was taking the picture right about at the Craite/Lyng stone.
(Sent in by a researcher, see contributors page.)

Information from cemetery records were sent in by George Krause and are in brackets.
The numbers preceding a name in brackets are the [Section, Block, Lot, Grave] in that order.

[ M-Z ]


Lots with a single digit plot number are from an old cemetery list I obtained from the Mishicot museum.

[3-5-42]-Louis/1863-1950 Tombstone, ossw:
[3-5-42]-Emelia/1866-1948 Tombstone
[3-6-41]-Ferdinand/1886-1969 Tombstone, ossw:
[3-6-41]-Grace/1886-1925 Tombstone, ossw:
[3-6-41]-Mabel Abbet/1911-1997 Tombstone

ADAMS: [4-7-195-3]-Kenneth R. Adams/May 30, 1940/d. Mar. 4, 1979 Tombstone

AHRENS: (Public side) Louise E. Zeddies Ahrens/1883-1967 Tombstone See Zeddies

ALLEN: Casey/1983-1999

ALTEN: (Public side) Marjorie R. Alten/1932-1963/Wife Tombstone, ossw: Marvin Alten/June 22, 1926/July 27, 1994/ US Navy World War II Tombstone

ALTHEN: (Public side) Carl Althen/May 24, 1882/Dec. 9, 1958 Tombstone

AMERPOHL: (Public side) Clifford/Aug. 2, 1900/Dec. 4, 1973 Tombstone, ossw: Eva/1907-1996 Tombstone

ANDERLA: [4-7-147]-John/1888-1965 Tombstone, ossw: [4-7-147]-Barbara/1894-1955 Tombstone [4-10-120]-Lester/1922-1972 Tombstone, ossw: [4-10-120]-Ruth Anderla/1916-1997 Tombstone See Gustavson

ANDERLE: Alice A. Anderle/1918-2002 Tombstone, ossw: James "Jim" Anderle/1918-2004 Tombstone

ANDERSON: (Public side) Baby/Anderson/Oct. 14, 1947 Tombstone Ben/1881-1957, ossw: Edna/1885-1955

ARNS: [3-5-52]-Lillian Guex Arns/1902-1931 See GUEX

ASSMANN / ASSMAN: [3-6-66]-Adolph Assman/1875-1938 (Ida Assmann/May 22, 1881/April 9, 1969/m. Adolph Assmann) F. O. Sylvester Assmann/1918-1944/buried in France (See KEMPEN-have obit), ossw: [4-8-170]-Bennie Assman/Jan. 4, 1909/Nov. 19, 1977/Husband Tombstone, ossw: [4-8-170]-Hattie Assman/1915-1955/Wife Tombstone Ira/1871-1965 (Public side) Tombstone, ossw: Mary/1887-1955 (Public side) Tombstone [4-7-156]-Alvin Assman/Sept. 1, 1929/July 7, 1990/ US Army Korea Tombstone, ossw: [4-7-156]-Ira F. Assman/1913-1967 Tombstone [4-7-156]-William Assmann/1881-1948/Father Tombstone, ossw: [4-7-156]-Anna Assmann/1892-1986/Mother Tombstone Alice Assmann/1906-1979 (Public side) Tombstone See WANEK

ATWATER: [3-4-48]-Catherine (Koch Hallada Atwater)/1887-1961 (nee Koch/1st spouse Rudolph Hallada/2nd spouse Harmon Atwater) Tombstone

AUEY: Earl Kevin Auey Jr./-May 16, 1990- (Lambert Funeral home marker)

AUGUSTINE: Rachel Augustine/1954-2004 Tombstone

AVERY: [2-2-40B-Baby lots]-[Earl Avery, Jr./b. 1990/d. 1990] Corey Allen/Apr. 30, 1983/Feb. 5, 1999 (Public side) Photo Tombstone

BANK: [1-1-99]-John Bank/1844-1940/Father, ossw: [1-1-99]-Theresa Bank/1836-1919/Mother

BARBER: (Public side) Betty Jean Barber/1925-1979 Tombstone

BARTA: Charles/1890-1926

BARTELME: [3-5-22]-Frank/1893-1908/Son, ossw: [3-5-22]-Elizabeth (Bartelme) HOLL/1888-1932/Daughter (See HOLL-have obit), ossw: [3-5-22]-Minnie/1884-1975/Daughter, ossw: [3-5-22]-Jacob/1880-1970/Son, ossw: [3-5-22]-Catherine/1883-1971/Daughter, ossw: [3-5-22]-Baltasar/1850-1933/Father [cem. record has 1856] Ella/1889-1971/Wife (Public side), ossw: Edward/1887-1960/Husband Edward/May 31, 1890/Sept. 17, 1908 Frances/Aug. 6, 1883/Aug. 8, 1911 Margaret/1860-1934/Mother Andrew/June 15, 1856/Jan. 26, 1943/Father

BARTHELS: Martin G. Barthels/Sept. 15, 1941/Aug. 2, 1950 (Public side) Tombstone, next to: George/Oct. 17, 1874/Oct. 24, 1960 (Public side), ossw: Louise/June 15, 1879/May 17, 1968 (Public side)

BASKEN: Clarence Basken, Jr./1946-1966 David Basken/1950-1953 Tombstone

BAUGNIET: Baugniet family stone Baby girl of R. & S. Baugniet/Sept. 13, 1965 [Listed w/Eli and Rose/no numbers given] Tombstone [2-2-55]-Frank Baugniet/1883-1966 Tombstone,next to: [2-2-55]-Macila/1861-1934/Mother Tombstone next to: [2-2-55]-Frederick/1855-1931 Tombstone (Edith Baugniet/d. Mar. 20, 1915/age 19/no stone)Photo [4-8-146]-Eli/1887-1958 Tombstone, ossw: [4-8-146]-Rose/1883-1956 Tombstone Eli/Rose Bernard Baugniet/1914-2004 Tombstone, ossw: Florence Baugniet/1913-1990 Tombstone Evelyn Baugniet/1915-1984 Tombstone, ossw: Florenz W. Baugniet/1912-1983 Tombstone Richard F. Baugniet Jr./Dec. 9, 1957/Dec. 5, 1992 Tombstone

BAUMGART: [4-10-135]-Joseph/1907-1992/Father (Joseph J./29 Aug 1907/02 Aug 1992/SSDI) Tombstone, ossw: [4-10-135]-Sylvia/1911-2001/Mother (01 Jan 1911/19 Feb 2001/SSDI) Tombstone [4-10-135]-Robert Lee Baumgart/Wisconsin/SP 4 Co. B. 92 Engr. Bn./Vietnam PH/ July 2, 1946-May 6, 1968 Tombstone

BECK: Shari Beck/1975-2004 Tombstone

BECKER: Priscilla Becker/1962-1981, ossw: John A.J. Becker/1932-2009 Tombstone Priscilla/John Matthew R. Becker/Mar. 27, 1989/Jan. 5, 2010 (Public side) Tombstone

BEECK: Edna/1916-1993 (10 Aug 1916/26 Feb 1993/SSDI), ossw: Gilbert/1917-1976 (Public side) Tombstone Edna/Gilbert

BEHRMANN: Louis/Behrmann/1905-1943 (Public side)

BELOW: Christina/gattin von/Fried. Below/26 Nov. 1875/alter 33 jahre, top of stone leaning against base.

BENESCH: [3-4-43]-Joseph Benesch/1851-1907 [3-4-43]-Mary Benesch/1855-1935

BENTHIEN: Sophia Benthien/geb. 9 Dec. 1855/gest. 21 Sept. 1917 Tombstone Footstone: Mutter William A. Benthien/Wisconsin/Sgt. 5 Infantry Korea/ March 1, 1932/May 21, 1951 (Public side), next to: Laura P. Benthien/June 8, 1896-March 5, 1970 (Public side), next to: John Benthien/Nov. 9, 1890-Apr. 4, 1972 (Public side) Brian G. Benthien/Jan. 15, 1954/Aug. 19, 2006 (Dean Benthien/Dec. 1, 1957/May 7, 2015/from obit.) Photo

BENZINGER: [2-2-45]-Hugo/1877-1960, ossw: [2-2-45]-Katherine/1887-1972, next to: [2-2-45]-Veronica Benzinger/1836-1932/Mother [2-2-45]-[Raymond F. Benzinger/1911-1982] (Public side) [2-2-45]-[Virgina Benzinger/1919/2014] [2-2-45A]-[R. Benzinger/no dates] [2-2-45B]-Curtis P. Benzinger/1934-1986 (Public side) [2-2-45B]-[Sally Benzinger Peterik/1948-2011] (Public side) (1st spouse Benzinger/2nd spouse Peterik) [2-2-50A]-[Nick Benzinger/no dates] [4-8-130]-Oscar/1896-1970, ossw: [4-8-130]-Helen/1898-1987 Tombstone Oscar/Helen [4-9-158]-John/1904-1973, ossw: [4-9-158]-Caroline/1905-2003 Tombstone John/Caroline Franklin D. Benzinger/Feb. 6, 1934/Feb. 3, 2004 Tombstone Earl M. Benzinger/Sept. 13, 1932/Oct. 17, 2004 Tombstone

BERGNER: [4-10-151]-Woodrow H./Sept. 17, 1913/June 5, 1969, ossw: [4-10-151]-Julie B./Feb. 9, 1919/Nov. 13, 2009, ossw: [4-10-151]-Margaret Linda/-1952- Tombstone Woodrow/Julie/Margaret

BERNHARDT: Esther E./1902-1968 (Public side) Tombstone, ossw: Otto J./1896-1987 (Public side) Tombstone Oscar/1889-1953 (Public side) Tombstone, ossw: Minnie/1893-1966 (Public side) Tombstone, ossw: Louise/1898-1925 (Public side) Tombstone, ossw: William/1893-1981 (Public side) Tombstone, ossw: Anna/1896-1973 (Public side) Tombstone Otto G. Bernhardt/Oct. 18, 1859/Jan. 14, 1916 (Public side) Tombstone, ossw: Mary Bernhardt/Mar. 2, 1867-Nov. 30, 1949 (Public side) Tombstone Earl Bernhardt/Dec. 7, 1925/Sept. 25, 2000 Tombstone Emil Bernhardt/June 26, 1888/Mar. 1963 (Public side) Tombstone

BEYER: Hans Beyer/geborne in Mecklenbury Insel Poel/19 Jan. 1829/starb 12 Juli 1890 (Public side), ossw: Caroline D. Beyer/4 May 1838/13 July 1927 (Public side) Tombstone Hans/Caroline Tombstone Hans/Caroline, ossw: Rose E./1867-1951/Mother (Public side), ossw: Ira Beyer/24 Oct. 1859/5 Dec. 1928 Tombstone Ira/1859-1927 Tombstone Rose/Ira Footstones: Caroline D./1838-1927, Emma/1858-1957 (Public side), Hans/1829-1890. Rose/1899-1982 (Public side), ossw: Hans/1896-1950 (Public side) Tombstone Rose/Hans

BIRKHOLZ: Margaret Birkholz/1902-1975 (Public side) Tombstone

BLANK: Arthur/1901-1982 (Public side), ossw: Gertrude/1903-1989 Tombstone Arthur/Gertrude (Public side) Ida W./1876-1943 (Public side), ossw: William/1874-1963 (Public side), next to: Myrtle Blank/1913 Sidney W. Blank/Dec. 9, 1925/May 24, 1994 (Public side) Tombstone

BLATTLER: Fred J. "Bud" Blattler/1916-1979 (Public side), ossw: Murrell A. Blattler/1918-1983 (Public side) Tombstone Fred/Murrell

BLECKMAN: / BLECKMANN: Fred Bleckman/1879-1943 Tombstone Fred Bleckmann/1818-1901

BLESSIN: J. F. Gustav Blessin/geboren 21 Jan. 1827/gestorben 21 Jan. 1874 Tombstone, ossw: See HAAKER, ossw: Agnehta/gattin von/C. Blessin/geboren 28 Feb. 1831/gestorben 6 Mai. 1895 Tombstone

BLUM: Wilhelm Blum/geb. 3 Oct. 1839/gest. 25 Nov. 1906/alter 67 jahre (Public side), ossw: Doris Blum/geb. 21 Juli 1843/gest. 16 Apr. 1932 (Public side) Tombstone Wilhelm/Doris Corpl. Wm. Blum/Co. D. 51A CAV/Wis. Inf. Tombstone

BODWIN: [3-4-38]-Emma/1882-1905, ossw: [3-4-38]-Edward/1892-1914, ossw: [3-4-38]-Grace/May 14, 1912/July 28, 1970, ossw: [3-4-38]-Arthur/Sept. 17, 1884/Dec. 9, 1935, ossw: [3-4-38]-Mary/Sept. 12, 1889/June 27, 1983 Bernice B. Bodwin/Oct. 10, 1922/May 22, 2003 Tombstone, ossw: Leonard A. Bodwin/July 14, 1918/Apr. 4, 2005/US Army World War II Tombstone

BOETTCHER: Alvin W. Boettcher/March 27, 1911/December 27, 1998 (Public side), ossw: Olive Boettcher/Oct. 1, 1913/Oct. 4, 1996 (Public side) Tombstone Alvin/Olive

BOHMAN: [2-2-40A-Baby Lots]-[Brianna, Samantha and Baby Bohman/b. 1999/d. 1999] [4-8-133]-Anton P./Jan. 14, 1906/Dec. 7, 1958, ossw: [4-8-133]-Rose B./Feb. 3, 1911/Aug. 1, 1993 Tombstone Anton/Rose, next to: Baby Bohman/1964-1964 Marker (Klien & Stangel Funeral Home marker)[Cem. record has 2 babies here] [4-8-133]-David L. Bohman/Feb. 11, 1953/May 7, 1995 Tombstone, ossw: [4-8-133]-John J. Bohman/Sept. 9, 1951/May 1, 2002 Tombstone Baby Angel/-Oct. 28, 2000-, ossw: Baby Brianna/-Sept. 21, 1999-, ossw: Samantha Bohman/-May 13, 2000- Tina Bohman/-July 26, 1978-

BOHRINGER: Albert F. A./sohn von/Rudolph & Augusta/Bohringer/geboren/10 Apr. 1876/gestorben/10 Aug. 1880

BONFIGT: [3-4-58]-Raymond A. Bonfigt/1918-1960 (28 Dec 1918/Aug 1960/SSDI)[In Fliegel plot] [3-4-58]-Paul Bonfigt/Feb. 12, 1942 [b. and d. 1942] [In Fliegel plot] Tombstone

BOUDA: Ondrej Bouda/narozen/20 Cervna 1855/zemre1/5 Cervna 1901 Tombstone,ossw: Katerina Bouda/nurozeno/21 Rijna 1855/zemrela/21 Pros. 1921 Tombstone Ondrej/Katerina [2-2-75]-John/1880-1964/Father, ossw: [2-2-75]-Mary/1883-1970/Mother, ossw: [2-2-75]-Viola A./1909-1927/Daughter [3-5-12]-Barbara/1897-1953, ossw: [3-5-12]-Frank/1885-1948 (Frank was born 8 Oct 1885) Tombstone Frank/Barbara

BRAASCH: Friedrich Braasch/starb/10 Nov. 1887/alter 80 jahre, 2 tge./aus Birdorf, Holstein, ossw: Sophia Braasch/geborene HANSEN/3 Juli. 1815,/starb 23 Juli, 1891/aus Plohn, Deutschland Tombstone Friedrich/Sophia, ossw: Anton Braasch/died/Febr. 3, 1881/aged/30 years/11 mos. 28 ds., ossw: Edward Braasch/born/Nov. 8, 1844/ in Rixdorf, Germany/died Oct. 11, 1890 Tombstone See DAWLEY See HANSEN

BREIDER: Anna Maria/tochter of/P. & M. Breider/geb. 23 Aug. 1880/ gest. 8 Jan. 1895 Johanne/sohn of/P. & M. Breider/geb. 31 Aug. 1878/gest. 24 Dec. 1894 Hattie/gattin von/Edmund Breider/geb. 27 Nov. 1892/gest. 17 Mai, 1912 [2-2-50]-August/1876-1956, ossw: [2-2-50]-Eliza/1880-1921, next to: [2-2-50]-Francis Breider/1912-1988 (04 Oct 1912/16 Feb 1988/SSDI) [2-3-54]-Barbara Breider/geb. 4 Nov. 1822/gest. 29 Sept 1909/Mutter, ossw: [2-3-54]-[Edmund Breider, Jr./1892-1942], ossw: [2-3-59]-John Breider/geb. 5 Mai 1860/gest. 21 Juni 1927/Vater, ossw: [2-3-59]-Rosa Breider/geb. 30 Aug. 1865/gest 4 Oct. 1919/Mutter, ossw: [2-3-59]-Edmund J. Breider/1916-1988, ossw: [2-3-59]-Johann Breider/geb 11. Oct. 1823/gest. 11 Oct 1911/Vater [2-3-59]-Cyril/sohn von/Edmund Breider/geb. 19 Dec. 1918/gest. 28 Aug. 1922, next to Hattie [2-3-59]-Norbert H. Breider/Sept. 17, 1922/July 6, 1998/cremation/WWII plaque, ossw: [2-3-59]-[Hattie Breider/b. 1916/d. 1988] (17 Feb 1916/15 Sep 1988/SSDI) [2-3-64]-Edmund/1889-1942, ossw: [2-3-64]-Stella/1890-1938 Violet H. Breider/Apr. 22, 1918/Feb. 4, 2007 William/1884-1971 (19 Oct. 1884/Apr. 1971/SSDI), ossw: Martha/1895-1966 Cora/wife of/WM. Breider/Dec. 18, 1888/Sept. 12, 1922 Mary Breider/born Feb. 25, 1859/died Dec. 12, 1904, ossw: ruhestatte/der/familie/P. Breider, Footstones: Mother/Mary/Breider, Peter Breider/Father/June 26, 1856/Oct. 15, 1933 Josephine/wife of/Peter Breider/25 Mar. 1867/3 Nov. 1925

BREMSER: [4-8-122]-James G. Bremser/July 27, 1958/Oct. 2, 1973

BRODKORB: Gustave Brodkorb/June 30, 1857/Apr. 5, 1932/Father (Public side) Tombstone Albertina Brodkorb/Sept. 6, 1858/Apr. 14, 1936/Mother (Public side) Rose/1889-1983 (Public side), ossw: William/1889-1955 (Public side)

BROECKER: (Public side) Christian Broecker/born Dec. 17, 1874/died Apr. 3, 1915 Tombstone

BROUCHOUD: [2-2-25]-Julia/1879-1957 Tombstone, ossw: [2-2-25]-Joseph/1879-1953 Tombstone [2-3-84]-Andrew/1880-1938 Tombstone, ossw: [2-3-84]-Anna/1880-1945 Tombstone [3-4-53]-Emma Brouchoud/dau. of E & H. Brouchoud/Sept. 2, 1892/Mar. 6, 1914 Tombstone [3-4-53]-[4-9-113]-Peter F. Brouschoud/born/Oct. 15, 1857, died/Jan. 28, 1932 (Note: The cem. office gave me two locations) Tombstone, ossw: [3-4-53]-Hortense Brouschoud/Feb. 15, 1864/Aug. 25, 1917 Tombstone [3-5-57]-Richard/1888-1975 Tombstone, ossw: [3-5-57]-Bertha/Feb. 14, 1888/Aug. 19, 1971 Tombstone [3-5-57]-Eugene Brouchoud/1924-1997/Army Air Corp World War II Tombstone [3-5-57]-Cyrilla Brouchoud/1907-1980 Tombstone [3-5-57]-Earl R. Brouchoud, Rev./Aug. 13, 1922/Aug.31, 1999/ Ordained June 15, 1946 [3-5-57]-Mary Alice/Oct. 11, 1927/Oct. 13, 1927 Tombstone, ossw: [3-5-57]-Archie A./1917-1972, ossw: [3-5-57]-Norma E./1922-1994 [3-6-31]-Anna Brouchoud/1892-1967 Tombstone [3-6-31]-Camille/1844-1931/Father Tombstone, ossw: [3-6-31]-Mary/1858-1932/Mother Tombstone [3-6-56]-Eugene Brouchoud/Apr. 9, 1845/Dec. 15, 1922 Tombstone, ossw: [3-6-56]-Mary Brouchoud/Aug. 11, 1850/Nov. 26, 1922 Tombstone, ossw: Cherney [3-6-56]-Edward A. Brouchoud/Wisconsin/Pvt. 340 Inf. 85 Div./ Nov. 21, 1890/Nov. 6, 1945 Tombstone [3-6-56]-[James ???? Brouchoud/b. ????/d. ???? Footstones: Father, James Irving/Aug. 10-Aug. 16, 1911 Tombstone, ossw: Luella/1915-1917 Tombstone Footstones: Mary Alice Brouchoud/Oct. 11, 1927/Oct. 13, 1927, Luella/ Brouchoud/Aug. 15, 1915/Jan. 28, 1917, Irving Brouchoud/Aug. 10 - Aug. 16th, 1911 Peter/Jan. 29, 1880/Sept. 1, 1966 (Public side) Tombstone, ossw: Linda/1888-1962 (Public side) Tombstone Susan Marie Brouchoud/-1963- Tombstone Mark S. Brouchoud/1909-1997 Tombstone, ossw: LaVerne E. Brouchoud/1910-2001 Tombstone [4-8-122]-Pascal/Nov. 11, 1894/Feb. 14, 1972 Tombstone, ossw: [4-8-122]-Libbie/1897-1978 Tombstone, ossw: [4-9-113]-John/1894-1973 Tombstone, ossw: [4-9-113]-Sarah/1898-1982 Tombstone Robert J. "Bobby" Brouchoud/Oct. 12, 1970/Apr. 18, 2004 Tombstone Richard F. Brouchoud, Jr./Dec. 9, 1957/Dec. 5, 1992 See Cherney

BROUSCHOUD: [Cem. record has this as Brouchoud] [3-4-53]-Hortense Brouschoud/born/Feb. 15, 1864/died/Aug. 25, 1917 Tombstone Footstones: Father, Mother See BROUCHOUD See Gailland

BRUENIG: Minnie/1870-1953/Mother (Public side), ossw: William/1871-1946/Father (Public side) Tombstone William/Minnie

BRUENING: Ralph Bruening/Sep. 6, 1904/Jan. 10, 1905 Tombstone

BRUHN: (Public side) James Edwin Bruhn/Wisconsin/SP 4 U.S. Army/Vietnam/July 4, 1947/June 3, 1973, ossw: Roger/1923-2010 Tombstone Roger/James


BRUNNER: Alice J. Brunner/July 24, 1911/March 18, 2007

BRUNKHORST: Mary Suzanne Brunkhorst/nee Haese/Apr. 21, 1957/Jan. 18, 1986 Tombstone See HAESE

BUCKLEY: John Buckley/1858-1929, ossw: Frances Buckley/1861-1943 Tombstone John/Frances

BUDO: Eunice/Dau. of E & R.J./Budo/Aug. 6, 1916/Feb. 25, 1918/Baby

BULA: [4-8-225]-Francis A. Bula/Apr. 18, 1927/Apr. 30, 1988 Tombstone

BUNKER: Rosella M. Bunker/Apr. 9, 1922/Nov. 25, 2001 Tombstone

BURMEISTER: (All on Public side) Herman Burmeister/1879-1950 (Public side), next to: Margaret Burmeister/1923-1930 (Public side), next to: Minnie Burmeister/1838-1885 (Public side), next to: (Henry Burmeister/Oct. 21, 1907/age 76/from obituary)(Public side) Ella Burmeister/Oct. 26, 1891/Apr. 10, 1971 (Public side) Ernst Burmeister/Aug. 13, 1930/May 11, 1998 (Public side) See STEHN

BURT: Esther Burt/1872-1907 (Public side), ossw: Frank B. Burt/1871-1934 (Public side) Tombstone Frank/Esther Footstones: Mother, Father [28]-Martin Burt/born/Jan. 24, 1804/died/Aug. 10, 1865 (Old cemetery), ossw: Betsey Burt/born/July 18, 1810/died/Oct. 29, 1893 Tombstone Myrtle Burt/1903-1992, ossw: Norman Burt/1904-1985 (Public side) Rev. Harold M. Burt/1896-1982 (Public side) Footstones: B.B. & M.B.

BURTSCHER: (Public side) Hazel O. Burtscher/Sept. 19, 1906/Apr. 11, 1997 Tombstone

BUSTABO: (Public side) Jack/Nov. 5, 1917/Aug. 29, 1989 Tombstone, ossw: Jack Bustabo/Tec4 US Army/World War II/Nov. 5, 1917/Aug. 29, 1989 Tombstone

BUTLER: [4-10-207]-Francis Butler/May 1, 1906/Jan. 17, 1990, ossw: [4-10-207]-Wilma Butler/May 29, 1909/Aug. 30, 1984 Tombstone Francis/Wilma

CAMPION: [2-2-40B-Baby lots]-[Chad Curtis Campion/Dec. 4, 1981/Mar. 21, 1982]

CESS: Henry/1858-1915/Father Emma/1866-1918/Mother Bruno/1890-1929/Brother

CHALOUPKA: (for more information on the Chaloupka family email Ellen Family Stone [3-6-81]-Edward/1889-1964/Father, ossw: [3-6-81]-Emma/1893-1942/MotherTombstone Edward/Emma, next to: [3-6-81]-Arnold/Nov. 2, 1928/Jan 30, 1996, ossw: [3-6-81]-Sarah Ann/June 3, 1930 (no death date for Sarah Ann; between the two names is the marriage date June 20, 1951)Tombstone Arnold/Sarah, next to: [3-6-81]-Arnold B. Chaloupka/S1 US Navy/World War II/ Nov. 2, 1928/Jan 30, 1996 Tombstone Maria/Chot. T. Chaloupka/zemrela/8 Pros. 1896/stari/32 roku Tombstone next to: John Chaloupka/born/Apr. 10, 1831/died/Nov. 28, 1896, ossw: Mary Chaloupka/born/Sept. 8, 1833/died/March 16, 1915 (nee Svoboda) Footstones: M.L. & one with no initials. Mary Chaloupka/born/June 16, 1870/died/March 17, 1921,(nee Supita) ossw: Joseph Chaloupka/born March 18, 1862/Dec. 28, 1939 Tombstone Mary/Joseph Footstones: Father, Mother (May 5, 2000 Mother footstone missing) [4-8-109]-William C./1917-1984, ossw: [4-8-109]-Lucille A./1918-1982 Tombstone William/Lucille [4-9-113]-William/1892-1975, ossw: [4-9-113]-Mary/1893-1966 Tombstone William/Mary

CHASE: Harry W. Chase/Wisconsin/PFC 157 Trans Bn Wis NG/ Feb. 11,1938/Sept. 11, 1960 Tombstone Harry W. Chase/Feb. 11, 1938/Sept. 11, 1960 Tombstone Wilford R. Chase/Wisconsin/PVT 3706 Base Unit AAF/World War II/ April 24, 1918-May 9 1963 Tombstone, ossw: Marie R. Chase/1917-1986 Tombstone

CHATTERTON: [22-1]-Jno. Chatterton/Co. D/27th Wis. Inf. [d. 1913/from Manitowoc Civil War Roundtable] [plot no. 40-Old cemetery list], next to: Footstone: S.C. Sarah Chatterton/born/Dec. 26, 1805/died/June 21, 1889/aged 83 years, 5 mo. 26 ds Tombstone Sarah C./daughter of/C & M.E. Chatterton/died/March 12, 1873 A.E. 2 yrs. 5 mon.

CHERNEY: [3-5-67]-Gustave Cherney/Nov. 30, 1880/Oct. 6, 1966, ossw: [3-5-67]-Margaret/1882-1958 [3-5-67]-Lillian Cherney [3-5-67]-[Brenda Ann Cherney/b. and d. 1965] [3-5-67]-[Marilyn Cherney/b. and d. 1940] [3-5-67]-Homer/1920 [b. and d. 1920] [3-5-67]-Gordie/1913 [b. and d. 1913] [3-5-67]-Mary/1908 [cem. record has Marg/b. and d. 1908] [3-6-56]-Emil Cherney/1887-[1976], ossw: [3-6-56]-Julia/1885-1966 Photo Tombstone Emil/Julia, ossw: Mary BROUCHOUD, see Mary Brouchoud [3-6-56]-Laverne Cherney/1923-1941/daughter Sylvestor Cherney/Dec. 31, 1913/Jan. 7, 1914 Zof/1883-1898 John/1837-1936/Otec Photo Jenofa/1848-1927/Mutka See MAJER

CHEVALIER: [4-10-159]-Douglas Chevalier/Nov. 1, 1960/July 6, 1978/USA Navy Tombstone Paul Chevalier Sr./Mar. 19, 1920/Aug. 6, 1996/ beloved father of three sets of twins Tombstone

CISLER: Anthony James Cisler/June 12, 1963 [4-8-181]-Joseph/1899-1963, ossw: [4-8-181]-Agnes/1901-1997/married June 7, 1924 Tombstone Joseph/Agnes (Andrew John Cisler/June 26-27, 1969/from obit/no stone) (Gerhardt J. Cisler/Oct. 11, 1928/Sept. 13, 2015/from obit) Photo

CLARE: August/Aug. 13, 1850/Sept. 14, 1912, ossw: Emma/Jan. 4, 1880/Oct. 9, 1967 Anne ELSE Clare/gattin von/Aug. Clare/gebne HANSEN/Aug. 1858/gest/4 Aug. 1898, next to one marker inscribed ELSE See HANSEN

CLAUSSEN: (Isabel Claussen/d. 27 Oct. 1899/from newspaper obit)

COCHEMS: Elizza Cochems/May 8, 1849/Jan. 19, 1923 ([Annie] Mrs. M. Cochems/d. 03 June 1903/age 92 yrs/no stone-from obit) (John Cochems/d. Apr. 1932/age 77/no stone-from obit)

CONWAY: [4-7-232]-Bob F. Conway/1930-2003, ossw: [4-7-232]-Johneen E. Conway/1938-1991](16 Jan 1938/09 Oct 1991/SSDI) Tombstone Bob/Johneen

CORDES: Helene/1881-1958/Sister, ossw: Henry/1875-1943/Brother Tombstone Helene/Henry

CORNILS: Dora Cornils LeClair/1903-1963, ossw: Friedrich/1898-1952 Tombstone Tombstone Dora/Friedrich

COTTRELL: Patricia Ann Cottrell/July 14, 1958/Mar. 2, 2008 Tombstone

COURCHAINE: [3-4-18-1]-John J./1916-1973 Veteran, ossw: [3-4-18-2]-Marcella/May 31, 1917/Sept. 19, 2010 [3-4-18-5]-Louise/1880-1948/Mother [3-4-18-6]-[Joseph Courchaine/b. 1874/d. 1942] John 0. Courchaine/born/0ct. 11, 1837/died/June 27, 1919, ossw: Mary Ann Courchaine/born/May 18, 1844/died/Jan. 12, 1905 John W. Courchaine Jr./Oct. 28, 1952/May 4, 2010 Footstones: Mother, Father

CRAFT: [4-10-127]-Marion J./1926-1971, ossw: [4-10-127]-Warren F. Craft/1923-2002 Tombstone Marion/Warren Tombstone Marion/Warren

CRAITE: (Mrs. Zoe Craite/b. July 8, 1831, Canada/d. June, 1924/from obit/no stone) (Eusebe Craite/d. 11 Aug. 1894/from obit/no stone) (Joseph Craite/d. June 19, 1913/from obit/no stone See LYNG, stone with both names, no other inscriptions

CRANEY: Leila C. Craney/Aug. 22, 1933/Aug. 6, 1994 Tombstone

CRETTON: [4-8-178]-[Earl P. Cretton/b. 1905/d. 1958], ossw: [4-8-178]-Rose M./1910-2002 Tombstone Earl/Rose [2-2-15]-Ursula Cretton/Aug. 5, 1834-Jan. 22, 1917/age 82 yrs., ossw [2-2-15]-Justin C. Cretton/Dec. 25, 1834-June 6 1918/age 84 yrs. [3-6-36]-Walter/1901-1965, ossw: [3-6-36]-Viola/1898-1979 [3-6-36]-[Allan Cretton/b. 1941/d. 1941] [3-6-36]-Fabian Cretton/1866-1932/Father [3-6-36]-Mary Cretton/1872-1929/Mother [4-8-178]-Donald J. Cretton/1935-1994/CT2 US Navy Korea (12 Jul 1935/04 Sep 1994/SSDI) Tombstone (Norbert Cretton/Aug. 10, 1933/May 16, 2015/from obit) Photo See Malley

DALEBROUX: [4-10-208]-Richard P. Dalebroux/Nov. 8, 1923/May 10, 1988 Tombstone, ossw: [4-10-208]-Bette H. Dalebroux/April 29, 1924/Oct. 23, 2006 Tombstone

DAMON: Lauriston Damon/March 27, 1810/Aug. 22, 1881 Tombstone

DANIELS: Rosemary Daniels/Mother/Aug. 15, 1935/Sept. 16, 2003, ossw:Wuellner See Wuellner

DARON: John A. Daron/Aug. 25, 1919/Aug. 26, 1990 Tombstone

DAWLEY: George Dawley/died/Sept. 5, 1880/aged 33 years, Footstone: George D. See ossw: BRAASCH

DELLEMANN: [2-2-65a]-Betty Dellemann/1948-1949, ossw: [2-2-65a]-Edgar Dellemann/1914-2001/US Army World War II (family: he is father of Betty)

DEMEYER: Bonita "Bonnie" DeMeyer/Aug. 4, 1941/Aug. 14, 2013, ossw: Robert J. "Bob" DeMeyer/1936-1992 Tombstone Bonita/Robert

DEMSIEN: Ned Demsien/1912-2002, ossw: Violet Demsien/1912-2006 Tombstone Ned/Violet

DENIS: Ida E. Denis/1911-1948/Mother

DENNIS: George/Feb 22, 1941/Aug. 27, 1972 Tombstone, ossw: Janet/1936-____

DENOR: Edward/1913-1961 Photo, ossw: Frances/1913-1987 (30 Aug. 1913/May 1987/from SSDI)

DEPREY: [4-8-109]-Glynn R/Deprey/1950-____ Tombstone, ossw: See STAHL

DETJEN: Herman Detjen/1868-1947/Father Tombstone, next to: Augusta Detjen/1870-1930/Mother Tombstone, next to: Ralph Detjen/Aug 28, 1891/Oct 30, 1897

DEVEREUX: Louise Devereux/daughter/1928-2008 Tombstone

DEWEY: [4-9-218]-Kathleen M. "Kathy" Dewey/Aug. 4, 1951/Nov. 15, 1994/cremation Tombstone

DIRKMANN / DIRKMAN: [3-6-51]-[Alice Dirkman/b. 1919/d. 1919] [3-6-51]-Walter Dirkman/1888-1930/Father [3-6-51]-Clara/1890-1951/Mother [3-6-51]-Edmund V. Dirkmann, Sr./Jan. 28, 1915/Feb. 23, 1980

DREWS: (All of this family is in the Public cemetery side) Anna Drews/Oct. 8, 1835/Nov. 25, 1916/Wife of/Friedrich Drews, ossw: Friedrich Drews/Nov. 24, 1837/June 13, 1918, ossw: Emma/Apr. 21, 1867-Sept. 21, 1873 Tombstone Friedrich/Anna/Emma Footstone: Lena Fred K Drews/Co. E/27 Wis. Inf. (Lena (Mrs. August) Drews/Nov. 27, 1861/Oct. 12, 1937/from death record-no stone) (August Drews/1864-Mar. 17, 1948/from obituary)

DUPREY: [4-8-202]-Robert H. Duprey/May 6, 1931/May 30, 1977/US Army, Korea Tombstone

DUTTON: Audrey Lambert Dutton/1938 Tombstone

DVORAK: [2-3-69]-John P. Dvorak/1878-1978, ossw: [2-3-69]-Vivian/1920-1924, ossw: [2-3-69]-Mary/1886-1962 [2-3-69]-[Eunice Dworak LAHAR/1916-2011] See LAHAR [2-3-69]-[Francis Dworak/1918-1965] Katerina Dvorak/rozena 11 Zari 1855/zemrela 4 Rijna 1907, next to: Joseph Dvorak Sr./Mar 25, 1849/Mar 25, 1923, next to: [2-2-80]-Joseph G. Dvorak/1889-1943/Father Photo [2-2-80]-Josephine Dvorak/1889-1982 [2-2-80]-Donald Dvorak/1930-1985 Joseph Dvorak Jr./July 3, 1921/July 4, 1921 Milton F. Dvorak/Wisconsin/Cpl 10 Engr C Bn 3 Inf Div/Korea/ March 26, 1930/July 21 1952 Tombstone Milton/1930-1952, ossw: Adolph/June 22, 1905/July 23, 1974 Tombstone, ossw: Martha Dvorak/1906-1990 Tombstone Milton/Martha Tombstone Milton/Marth/Adolph [4-9-137]-Ralph J./Apr. 14, 1915/Nov. 4, 1974, ossw: [4-9-137]-Caroline/1919-2009, ossw: [4-9-137]-David J./1948-1962 Tombstone Ralph/Caroline/David Alvin J. Dvorak/1908-1987, ossw: Sylvia M. Dvorak/nee Vraney/1911-2006 Tombstone Alvin/Sylvia

EBELING: Martha/1899-1972 Clarence/1899-1973 Tombstone Martha/Clarence

ECKARDT: Caroline Eckardt/1872-1955 Tombstone Wilhelmina Eckardt/1843-1909 Herman Eckardt/1841-1924 Tombstone Ottilie Eckardt/1873-1953 Edward Eckardt/1868-1957 Tombstone Caroline W. Eckardt/1907-2004

EELLS: Faithe Schuette/1946-1987, ossw: Vane B./1893-1972, ossw: Amanda/1893-1968, ossw: (Marjorie) Maxine/1919-1938 Tombstone Faithe/Vane/Amanda/Maxine [4-10-112]-Dale Eells/Nov. 18, 1926/July 2, 1986/ US Navy World War II Tombstone, ossw: LaVerne Eells/1927-2006 Tombstone Dale/LaVerne

EHRKE: Johanna Maria Ehrke/Nieha? von MATHIESEN/geb. 19 Nov. 1864/gest. 12 Marz. 1866, ossw: See MATHIESEN

EIS: [2-2-40B-Baby lots]-Jesse R. Eis/Aug. 4-8, 1972, next to: [2-2-40B-Baby lots]-Infant Daug. of J. & S. Eis/Feb. 27, 1973, next to [2-2-40B-Baby lots]-Infant Daughter of J.& S. Eis/-Mar. 28, 1974- [2-2-40B-Baby lots]-Daughter of J. & S. Eis/-May 20, 1977- [4-9-166]-Sara G. Eis/Dec. 15, 1960/May 21, 1966 Tombstone [4-10-143]-Raymond F. Eis/1909-1977, ossw: [4-10-143]-Bernice A./1916-2004 Tombstone Raymond/Bernice [4-10-200]-Terri Eis/1960-1982 Tombstone, ossw: [4-10-200]-Donald Eis/1933-1998 Tombstone, ossw: Frank Eis/1910-2002 Tombstone


EISENMANN: Andrew Eisenmann/1854-1925 Lena EISEMANN/1858-1924 Lizetta M. Eisenmann/1902-1974, next to: Julia/1857-1942, ossw: Fred/1856-1931 [4-7-163]-Ben Eisenmann/1888-1972 [15 Oct 1888/Oct 1972/SSDI), ossw: [4-7-163]-Mary Eisenmann/1896-1950 Tombstone Ben/Mary, next to: Jack Eisenmann/Mar. 22, 1937/Dec. 11, 2001 Tombstone (Frederick C./Feb. 25, 1917/July 31, 2014/from obit)

ELLER: [2-3-4]-Henry/1868-1962, ossw: [2-3-4]-Theresia/1874-1923 [2-3-4]-[Henry Eller, Jr./1901-1986] [2-3-4]-[Robert ?????/d. 1936]

ELLERMANN: Bertha Ellermann/1865-1920, next to: Henry/Ellermann/1854-1933

ELSE: Anna Else, ossw: See Clare

ENGELDINGER: Alice M. Engeldinger/Aug. 19, 1925/Aug. 1, 2005 Tombstone, next to: Peter Engeldinger/1957-2004 Tombstone


ERICKSON: [4-10-183]-William T. Erickson/Sept. 16, 1958/July 8, 1980/ PFC US Army Tombstone

ESLINGER: Michael/1872-1961 Tombstone, ossw: Emma/1872-1922 Tombstone, next to: William H. Eslinqer/1893-1945 Tombstone Ervin/1895-1980 (Veteran), ossw: Libbie/1893-1952, next to: Ervin Jr. (no dates), next to Jeanette (no dates) Gerald L. Eslinger/1959-1981 Lester Eslinger/June 8, 1927/June 26, 1992/US Army Korea

EURICH: Melvin R. Eurich/Mar. 6, 1927/Aug. 19, 2002/ US Army World War II Tombstone

EUSTACE: [4-10-208]-Jeanne KRONFORST Eustace/1940-1985 Tombstone Raymond/Angeline/Jeanne See KRONFORST

FICTUM: [4-8-114]-Evelyn Fictum/1930-2005 Tombstone, ossw: [4-8-114]-Anton/1922-2000, ossw: [4-8-114]-Gladys/1921-1991 Tombstone Anton/Gladys, next to: [4-8-114]-Margie Ann/dau. of Mr. & Mrs./Anton J. Fictum, Jr./ Oct. 22, 1953/Jan. 21, 1954 Tombstone

FILLIEZ: [3-6-1]-Walter Filliez/1891-1954 [b. date from obit/plot owner W. Filliez] [4-8-157]-August/1887-1959, ossw: [4-8-157]-Clara/1890-1967 Tombstone August/Clara Frederique August Filliez/nec le 11 Feb 1829/dooede le 29 Juil 1908 (Louis Filliez/May 20, 1859/Apr. 19, 1939/from obit) (Moritz Filliez/1857/Feb. 11, 1943/from obit)

FINNEL: [4-9-161]-Leonard R./1904-1970 (19 Apr 1904/Nov 1970 SSDI), ossw: [4-9-161]-Florence M. Finnel/1914-2003 (22 Dec 1914/05 Jan 2003/SSDI) Tombstone Leonard/Florence

FISCHER: Henry/1873-1944, ossw: Orilla/1881-1970 [3-6-46]-Catherine Fischer/1843-1936/Mother (in Ray plot)[record has Fisher] [3-5-62]-Joseph Fischer, 1966 [Joe Fischer(Baby)b. and d. 1966](See Gustine Greenwood) [3-5-62]-[Ray & Ellen Fischer/b. and d. 1941]

FLATH: Wilhelm Flath/starb/9 Nov. 1888/alter 44, jahre 11. mo., Footstones W.F. (in bush)

FLENTJE: Edward/Dec. 29, 1889/Oct. 7, 1970, ossw: Laura/1886-1973 Tombstone Edward/Laura Henry A. Flentje/1885-1929 Tombstone [4-9-158]-Howard Flentje/1911-1975, ossw: [4-9-158]-Beulah/1911-1994 (5 Apr 1911/Nov 1994/SSDI), ossw: [4-9-158]-Thomas/1934-2002 Tombstone Howard/Beulah/Thomas [4-9-182]-Orville E./Mar. 4, 1918/Oct. 3, 1969, ossw: [4-9-182]-Julia U./1914-2009 Tombstone Orville/Julia [4-10-159]-Thomas/May 2, 1934/Jul 14, 2002/US Navy Korea Tombstone, ossw: [4-10-159]-Howard Flentje/1911-1975 (same Howard above)

FLIEGLE: [3-4-58]-Elizabeth Fliegle/born/Dec. 3, 1862/died/Sept. 25, 1916, ossw: [3-4-58]-Joseph Fliegle/born/July 7, 1863/died/Apr. 16, 1931 See Gilbert See Bonfigt

FORTIER: Nelson Fortier/May 1, 1818/Apr. 25, 1884, ossw: Martha Fortier/July 8, 1831/Sept. 2, 1912, ossw: Odelia/Mar. 4, 1865/Feb. 2, 1875, ossw: George/Mar. 3, 1867/Oct. 12, 1869, ossw: Carrie/Jan. 6, 1869/Jan. 6, 1869, ossw: Joseph/Jan. 1, 1870/July 25, 1884, ossw: Olesim/Mar. 21, 1874/Oct. 17, 1874, ossw: Hiram/Dec. 17, 1876/July 23, 1897, ossw: Ignas Fortier/Nov. 1, 1808/May 15, 1890

FRANK: [3-5-7]-Anna/1858-1911, ossw: [3-5-7]-Marcel/1897-1898, ossw: [3-5-7]-Eleanora/1900-1901, ossw: [3-5-7]-Anna Frank/gest./7 Juli, 1898/74 jahre. 10 mo. 12 Da.

FRANZ: [3-6-26]-Herman/1883-1947, ossw: [3-6-26]-Rosa/1885-1977 Tombstone Herman/Rosa [3-6-26]-Baby Franz (son)/1954, ossw: [3-6-26]-Victoria Rose/1953 Tombstone Victoria/Baby [3-6-26]-[Rose Franz/b. 1954/d. 1954] [3-6-26]-Eleanor Franz/July 16, 1928/Dec. 23, 1928 [4-7-247]-Dolores E. Franz/1927-1999, ossw: [4-7-247]-(Cyril Franz/July 18, 1922/Oct. 20, 2013/from obit) Tombstone See Mueller

FRASCH: Adeline M. Frasch/1911-2001, ossw: John A. Frasch/1898-1991 Tombstone Adeline/John

FREESE: Kinder von/J. & F. Freese, ossw: Karl W.L./geb. 9 Nov. 1856/gest 19 Feb. 1870, ossw: Mina S.D./geb 25 Feb 1861/gest 2 marz 1870/, ossw: Marie/gest 25 Feb 1860 alt. 3 mo. Footstone: Mutter, (between the stone of Albertine Stueck, and Johann Stueck, and the stone of J. & F. Freese)

FREIS: Hugo Freis/1892-1964

FREISS: Kath Freiss/Aug. 7, 1857/May 31, 1936/Mother, next to: Fred Freiss/July 7, 1855/Feb. 19, 1910/Father Minna/dau. of/F. & E. Freiss/died 1872/age 1 yr. 6 mo.

FROELICH: [4-10-152]-John J./1893-1969 (26 July 1893/July 1969/SSDI), ossw: [4-10-152]-Pauline/1895-1973 (6 May 1895/Oct 1973/SSDI) Tombstone John/Pauline

GAILLAND: [3-4-53]-Jean O./Gailland/born/Feb. 6, 1839/died/Sept. 14, 1913 [3-4-53]-Matilda Gailland/died/April 29, 1893/In memory of/my wife [these are in the Brouschoud plot]

GALMBACHER: Franz Valentin/sohn von/F. & B. Galmbacher/geboren/21 Sept. 1872/gestorben/3 Juli 1877 Death notice in Der Nord Westen, 12 July 1877 The small son of Franz Galmbacher, died by drowning in the Mishicott River on 30 June. He was said to have been swimming and misjudged the depth

GARDINER: [4-8-157]-Emily J. Gardiner/Apr. 25, 1917-July 18, 1998 Tombstone

GASSEL: Andrew Benjamin/-Mar. 4, 1993-

GAUTHIER: John & Joseph/Gauthier/Oct. 8, 1954

GEIMER: [4-8-138]-Harvey/1910-1958, ossw: [4-8-138]-Marvin/1909-1976, ossw: [4-8-138]-Joseph/Nov. 12, 1879/Aug. 19, 1965, ossw: [4-8-138]-Josephine/1885-1961 Tombstone Harvey/Marvin/Joseph/Josephine

GEROSO: Gonzalo R. Geroso, M.D./Jan. 11, 1930/July 21, 1989

GIBEAULT: [4-10-199]-Neil A. Gibeault/1936-1979 Tombstone

GILBERT: [3-4-58]-Clifford Gilbert/1912-1986, ossw: [3-4-58]-Matilda Gilbert/1915-1992/married May 12, 1934/in Fliegel plot (Matilda R./15 Oct 1915/Feb 1992/SSDI) Arthur M. Gilbert/1916-2000 Marker

GINZL: Karel Ginzl/nar. 28, Cerv. 1872/zem. 8 Kvet. 1907 Rudolf Ginzl./nar. 15, Cer. 1884/zem. 12 Zari 1885 Josef Ginzl/nar. 5 Dub. 1845/zem 29 Rij 1929 Alzbeta Ginzl/nar. 19 Zari 1845/zem. 19 Unora 1915 See JINDRA, all above Ginzl stones next to large Jindra-Ginzl monuments.

GOERTZ: Jerome Goertz/1945/Baby

GOESSL: Andrew Benjamin Goessl/Mar. 4, 1993 Tombstone

GOHR: Steven R. Gohr/Sept. 6, 1981/Feb. 5, 1999 Tombstone Richard J./Dec. 28, 1944/Oct. 3, 2009 Tombstone

GORDON: David/Gordon/Co. H/16 Mich. Inf.

GORZLANZYK: [cem. record has Gorzlanchek] [3-6-76]-Walter/1892-1961/Father, ossw: [3-6-76]-Frances/1899-1943/Mother [3-6-76]-Bernard Gorzlanzyk/1921-1981, ossw: [3-6-76]-Lorraine Gorzlanzyk/1922-2005 Tombstone Bernard/Lorraine [3-6-76]-David Gorzlanzyk/b. 1948/d. 1993](16 Mar 1948/22 Feb 1993/SSDI) Tombstone Carol Marie Gorzlanzyk/Oct. 20, 1945/Apr. 29, 2009 Tombstone

GRAYCAREK: [3-5-77]-Anton/1875-1950/Father [3-5-77]-Anna/1878-1941/Mother [3-5-77]-Marvin Graycarek/1913-1983 [3-5-77]-Tony/1907-1947/Son

GREENWOOD: [3-4-78]-William/1850-1933, ossw: [3-4-78]-Louise/1860-1940 Tombstone [3-4-78]-Louis Greenwood/1819-1913, ossw: [3-4-78]-Sophia Greenwood/1819-1914/His wife [3-5-62]-Henry/1865-1951, ossw: [3-5-62]-Gustine/1867-1911, ossw: [3-5-62]-Maggie/1870-1938, ossw: Fischer Moses Greenwood/1852-1944 See FISCHER

GRENIER: Julius Raymond Grenier/31 Oct. 1922/16 Nov. 1998, ossw: Helen Rose Grenier/21 Aug. 1923/3 Dec. 1998 Tombstone Julius/Helen

GRIMM: [2-2-15]-Fred/1870-1936, ossw: [2-2-15]-Mary/1876-1950 [2-2-15]-Walter A., Sr./1905-1976, ossw: [2-2-15]-Joseph W. Grimm/-Mar. 20, 1936-/Baby, ossw: [2-2-15]-Caroline/1909-1980

GUEX: [3-5-52]-Louis Guex/1854-1940/Father Tombstone [3-5-52]-Hortence Guex/1856-1917/Mother [3-5-52]-Raymond Guex/1904-1921 [3-5-52]-Ernest Guex/1893-1955 [3-5-52]-Margaret Guex/July 14, 1891/June 7, 1967 [3-5-52]-Edward/May 15, 1898/Nov. 28, 1974 Tombstone, ossw: [3-5-52]-Olga/1904-1994 Tombstone [3-6-1]-Joseph T. Guex/1880-1949 [in Filliez plot] Tombstone [4-8-141]-Louis/1891-1957 Tombstone, ossw: [4-8-141]-Lillian/1891-1980 Tombstone [4-9-142]-Milton Guex/1917-2012 Tombstone, ossw: [4-9-142]-Mary Guex/1921-1997 Tombstone, ossw: [4-9-142]-Thomas M./1944-1965 Tombstone See ARNS

GUSE: Hulda/1889-1940, ossw: 0tto/Aug. 4, 1891/Sept. 6, 1965 (Amelia Guse/d. Jan. 5, 1901/wife of Adolph/no stone) Julius Guse/1873-1950, next to: Adolph Guse/Sept. 15, 1839/May 6, 1916/Father, next to: Rudolph Guse/geb. 6 Aug. 1884/gest. 7 Jan. 1897 August R./sohn von R. und K./Guse/geboren/18 Sept. 1877/gestorben/20 Sept. 1877, ossw: Wilhelm A./Sohn von R. und K./Guse/geboren/29 April 1881/gestorben/16 Febr. 1891, next to: Katharina/gattin von/R. Guse/geb./6 Dec. 1853/gest/19 Jan. 1896, next to: Footstone: (Robert Guse)/Father/1848-1937 Tombstone Walter Guse/Wisconsin/PFC Co. I 114 Infantry/World War I/June 4, 1895/Oct. 20, 1972, next to: William Guse/1884-1947 William Guse/1847-1922/Father, next to: Bertha Guse/1861-1937/Mother

GUSTAFSON: Marie Leona Gustafson/May 1, 1914/April 22, 2004, ossw: Ralph L. Gustafson/1905-1984 Tombstone Marie/Ralph

GUSTAVSON: [4-7-147]-John H. Gustavson/1905-1945 Tombstone

HAAKER: Anna Haaker/geboren BLESSIN/geboren/27 Aug. 1858/gestorben/11 Aug. 1882, See on same stone with J. F. Gustan BLESSIN Tombstone

HAESE: Milton/1919-1920, ossw: Laura/1889-1976, ossw: John/July 20, 1881/May 27, 1974 [4-9-201]-Mary Haese Brunkhorst/1957-1986 [4-9-206]-Clarence Haese/1915-1983 Tombstone, ossw: [4-9-206]-Lucille W. Haese/1917-2004 Tombstone [4-9-221]-Paul F. Haese/1953-1993 (29 Sep 1953/16 Apr 1993/SSDI) Tombstone [4-9-234]-[Emma Haese/Baby/b. 1979/d. 1979] [4-9-237]-Kiara Nicole Haese/Baby/-Jan. 18, 1999- Tombstone Emma C. Haese/Nov. 12, 1997/Nov. 15, 1997 Tombstone, ossw: Olivia M. Haese/-Dec. 27, 2001- Tombstone, ossw: Richard Alan Haese/July 18, 1955/Feb. 16, 2002 Tombstone Franklin D. Haese/Feb. 1, 1923/Feb. 4, 2010 Tombstone, ossw: Lovila T./nee Kempen/Apr. 10, 1920/Jan. 4, 2012 Tombstone

HAFEMAN: [4-9-126]-William Hafeman/May 19, 1904/July 13, 1978, ossw: [4-9-126]-Frances Hafeman/Dec. 11, 1905/Mar. 7, 1986 Tombstone William/Frances

HALADA: [4-8-146]-Joseph J./1883-1982, ossw: [4-8-146]-Mary C./1880-1963 Tombstone Joseph/Mary Donald J./1917-1976, ossw: William P./1950-1968 Tombstone Donald/William

HALBERG: Anna Dorothea Halberg/1884-1969 Photo Jens Halberg/1853-1917, ossw: Augusta Halberg/1859-1935 Tombstone Jens/Augusta

HALEST: Eva A. Halest/1893-1980

HALLA: Edward J. Halla/May 13, 1910/May 16, 1994 (Public side) Tombstone, ossw: Irene E. Halla/May 19, 1911/May 31, 2004 (Public side) Tombstone

HALLER: Sarah J. Haller/Aug. 7, 1972/Feb. 5, 1989

HANSEN: See Anne ELSE/gattin von/Aug. CLARE/gebne Hansen See Sophia BRAASCH/geborne Hansen

HARPT: Emil/1872-1946, ossw: Mary/1876-1950 Tombstone Emil/Mary Reuben/1908-1958, ossw: Clara/1914-1955 Tombstone Reuben/Clara Roland W./1904-1945, ossw: Hildagarde L./1905-1991 Tombstone Roland/Hildagarde Sister, near Fred K. DREWS stone

HAVEL: [4-10-144]-Frank J. Havel/1921-1996 Tombstone

HAVLINEK: John Havlinek/1864-1951/Father Mary Havlinek/1865-1940/mother

HEIN: Amanda H. Hein/1896-1984 Tombstone

HELD: Eva Mae Held/1920-1965/Daughter Tombstone Henry F. KRUEGER/1886-1956 Tombstone Mabel R. KRUEGER/1888-1982 Tombstone

HENNEN: Rose Hennen SKWOR on same lot as Charles J. SKWOR

HENRICKSON: Daughter Henrickson, next to: Judy Henrickson/1953-2005, ossw: Russell P. Henrickson/Feb. 24, 1924/Nov. 10, 1977/ Air Force World War II Tombstone

HESS: John Hess/geboren/1 Jan. 1824/starb/25 Oct. 1877 Tombstone

HEYROTH: Ahlva/1890-1990/Mother (Ahlva A./08 Apr 1890/15 May 1990/SSDI), ossw: Louis/1889-1956/Father Tombstone Ahlva/Louis Baby Heyroth/May 30, 1959 Tombstone [4-9-134]-Arthur L./1893-1982, ossw: [4-9-134]-Julia M./1896-1982 Tombstone Arthur/Julia

HINKLEY: [4-8-122]-Leonard Hinkley/1909-1972/Hink Tombstone

HOFFMANN / HOFFMAN: Barbara Hoffmann/born Dec. 4, 1855/died Nov. 3, 1940 Philip Hoffmann/born Apr. 8, 1848/died Jan. 16, 1895 [2-3-9]-John Hoffmann/1854-1907, ossw: [2-3-9]-Eva/1864-1952, ossw: [2-3-9]-Roman/1905-1908, ossw: [2-3-9]-Lucy/1893-1904 [3-4-28]-Bernard Hoffman/born Aug. 11, 1900/died Dec. 25/1906, ossw: [3-4-28]-Cyril/Sept. 11, 1902/Mar. 26 1905/Children of M. & A. Hoffmann [3-4-28]-Iola R. Hoffmann/Oct. 1, 1908/May 7, 1972 [3-4-28]-Michael Hoffmann/1865-1938, ossw: [3-4-28]-Anna/1874-1939, next to: [3-4-28]-Marilyn A. Hoffman/May 23, 1931/Mar. 21, 2003 [3-4-28]-Mark E. Hoffman/Apr. 15, 1915/Sept. 14,1992/US Army World War II (Apr. 25 1915/Sep. 14, 1992/SSDI) [4-10-168]-Harold Hoffman/1918-1984, ossw: [4-10-168]-Eva Hoffman/1917-2006 Tombstone Harold/Eva See McMillan See Anna PEOT

HOLL: [3-5-22]-Elizabeth (Bartelme) HOLL/1888-1932/Daughter, ossw: Bartelme See BARTELME

HOLST: Holst family stone 1 Holst family stone 2 Arthur A./1890-1940 Tombstone Augusta/1859-1927 Tombstone, next to: Claus H./1853-1924 Tombstone Baby Holst Jan 30, 1931 Tombstone, next to Norman Stehn Hugo F./Sept. 16, 1891/Nov. 6, 1967, ossw: Nora S./1895-1971 (04 Nov 1895/Feb 1971/SSDI) Tombstone Hugo/Nora Eva Holst/1893-1980 Tombstone

HONEY: Alzeda Honey/July 25, 1831/Jan. 24, 1899/no stone, info from death cert.

HONZIK: Wenzel Honzik/Oct. 9, 1857/Aug. 11, 1937/Father

HOPKA: [2-2-40B-Baby lots]-Aimee Rose Hopka/Dec. 8, 1996/Dec. 9, 1996

HOSTAK: Joseph/1886-1955, ossw: Gertrude/1892-1953 Tombstone Joseph/Gertrude (Gertrude was disinterred and reburied in Evergreen cemetery, Manitowoc on 09-12-1955) Katherine/1857-1929/Mother Wenzel/1851-1918

HRONEK: Josef Hronek/nar. 17 Cerv'ce 1837/zem. 9 Zari, 1916 Tombstone, ossw: Frantiska Hronek/nar. 14 Led. 1839/zem. 12, Rijna, 1895 Tombstone [2-2-5]-[Rose Hronek/b. 1884/d. 1924] [2-2-5]-Emil P. Hronek/Wisconsin/Pvt U.S. Army/World War II/ July 10, 1901-Dec. 26, 1969 Tombstone [2-2-5]-Adolph Hronek/Oct. 15, 1906/Mar. 22, 1983 Tombstone [4-7-172]-Lester/1912-1999/Son Tombstone, ossw: [4-7-172]-Anna/1881-1954/Mother Tombstone [4-7-132]-Theresia Hronek/Oct. 17, 1877/Aug. 26, 1967 Tombstone [4-7-132]-Fred C. Hronek/Mar. 4, 1912/Nov. 19, 1946 Tombstone [4-7-132]-Peter Hronek/Dec. 14, 1873/July 27, 1951 Tombstone See Kosta

HRUSKA: [4-8-205]-Roy J. Hruska/Mar. 4, 1952/Oct. 31, 1984 Tombstone [4-8-205]-[Joseph Hruska/no dates/no stone]

HUDSON: Adolphus/1828-1895, ossw: Mary/1836-1920, next to Adolphus Hudson/Co. K./27 Wis Inf

HUSS: [4-7-179]-Charles/1874-1954 Tombstone, ossw: [4-7-179]-Mary/Mar. 29, 1891/Sept. 7, 1967 Tombstone [4-9-190]-Elizabeth Huss/1916-2010 Tombstone, ossw: [4-9-190]-Richard Huss/1926-1994 Tombstone, ossw: [4-9-190]-Carl Huss/1923-1988 (Carl F./07 Dec 1923/26 Jan 1988/SSDI) Tombstone, ossw: [4-9-190]-Hilbert Huss/1920-1979 Tombstone

IHLENFELD: Mary/1888-1960, ossw: Albert/1883-1965 Tombstone Mary/Albert

JAEGER: Charles David Jaeger/died June 13, 1973 Tombstone (Note: This child has been moved to St. John's Lutheran cemetery in Gibson twp., cem. #30)

JASKOLSKI: (Public side) Leonard Jaskolski/1930-2007, ossw: Mary Jaskolski/1932-1994 Tombstone Leonard/Mary

JINDRA: [3-6-31]-George Jindra/July 26, 1831/Dec. 19, 1890/Father, ossw: [3-6-31]-Frank Jindra/Aug. 10, 1872/May 27, 1964/Son, ossw: [3-6-31]-Mary Jindra/May 30, 1837/Dec. 10, 1929/Mother See Brouchoud Reuben/1902-1994 (Public side), ossw: George F. Jindra/North Dakota/Cpl. Co. M. 139 Infantry/Worid War I/April 6, 1893-Dec. 16, 1970 George F./1893-1970, ossw: Lydia H./1897-1999 (22 Jul 1897/04 Sep 1999/SSDI) Leona K./1891-1959/Wife, ossw: Alvin F./1889-1970/Husband (17 Jan 1889/Mar 1970/SSDI), ossw: Hilda/1900-1976, either Jan. or Feb./Sister (6 Jun 1900/Jan 1976/SSDI), ossw: Blanche/1914-2004 (Blanche E./27 Oct 1914/08 May 2004/SSDI), ossw: John J./Jindra/1918-1964 (14 Nov 1918/Feb 1964/SSDI), See GINZL Lester J. Jindra/1903-1924, See GINZL Marie E./1880-1970, ossw: John F./1879-1962, next to Ginzl Mary/1863-1942, ossw: George/1860-1948, Footstones: Mother, Father Norman/1897-1923

JOHANEK: Griselda A. Johanek/Mar. 16, 1928/Jan. 3, 1996 Tombstone

JONAS: (Frederick E. "Fritz" Jonas/b. Jan. 20, 1942/d. June 12, 2008/from obituary)

JORGENSEN: [4-8-141]-Alvin J./1910-1958, ossw: [4-8-141]-Clotilda/1911-1982 Tombstone Alvin/Clotilda

JOST: [4-7-187]-Frank J. Jost/1900-1945 Tombstone Florence Jost/1898-1932 Tombstone [3-6-16]-John G. Jost/1895-1937 [in Charles Kronforst plot] [3-6-21]-Nicholas/1857-1930, ossw: [3-6-21]-Katherine/1867-1953 [3-6-21]-Nicholas J. Jost/1892-1962, ossw: [3-6-21]-Isabel Jost/1905-1997

JUNK: [4-10-112]-Joseph Junk, Jr./Nov. 13, 1933/July 13, 1976 Tombstone

JUST: Clara Just/1887-1923, ossw: John Just/1885-1951 Tombstone John/Clara

KADOW: Kadow/Meineke Mary Kadow/1872-1940 Kadow/Meineke Tombstone Grover/1892-1987, ossw: Nora/1892-1956 Dora W. Kadow/1907-1996 Tombstone Sanford/Dora (1st spouse Wolfmeyer/2nd spouse Kadow) [4-10-152]-Lee/1899-1991 (1 Aug 1899/3 Apr 1991/SSDI), ossw: [4-10-152]-Tena/1905-1996 Tombstone Lee/Tena (Meta Kadow/26 January 1896/26 February 1897) See WOLFMEYER


KAPPUS: Lois M. Kappus/nee Lane/Aug. 4, 1946/Sept. 1, 2004 Tombstone

KARAS: William/1897-1966, ossw: Mary/1904-1995 (10 Jun 1904/28 Nov 1995/SSDI)

KARKOW: Lawrence/1868-1938/Father Tombstone, ossw: Mary/1868-1947/Mother Tombstone (Earnestine/d. Apr. 1922/no stone/from obit.)

KARL: [4-9-126]-Fred/Mar. 6, 1904/June 23, 1984 Tombstone, ossw: [4-9-126]-Christine/Mar. 26, 1908/Feb. 11, 1969 Tombstone

KASTEN: All these are in the Public side of the cemetery Henry/Feb. 19, 1894/Feb. 19, 1972 Tombstone, ossw: May Belle/1893-1957 Tombstone Dewey W. Kasten/1898-1996 Tombstone, ossw: Edith I. Kasten/1898-1977 Tombstone

KAUFMANN: Emil/1899-1972, ossw: Marguerite/1909-1990 (Marguerite L./07 Jan 1909/14 Oct 1990/SSDI Tombstone Emil/Marguerite), next to: Alfred Kaufmann/1906-1986, ossw: Amanda Kaufmann/1903-1993 Tombstone Alfred/Amanda James H. Kaufmann/1930-1985/US Army Tombstone [3-4-3]-Louis/1874-1936, ossw: [3-4-3]-Lena/1878-1966 [3-4-68]-Peter Kaufmann/1845-1919 [3-4-68]-William Kaufmann/1869-1929 (obit in 1925 newspaper) [3-4-68]-Barbara Kaufmann/1843-1924 [4-8-194]-Raymond C./Aug. 3, 1902/Feb. 5, 1973, ossw: [4-8-194]-Clara M. Kaufmann/1903-1996 Tombstone (Richard Kaufmann/Nov. 25, 1934/Nov. 26, 2008/from obit)

KAY: May Levenhagen Kay/June 16, 1879/Feb. 13, 1966

KELLER: [4-9-201]-Mary Keller/1912-1997 (Mary R./13 Aug 1912/17 Jun 1997/SSDI), ossw: [4-9-201]-Rudolph/1912-2008 Tombstone Rudolph/Mary

KELLEY: Alice Welke Kelley/Sept. 7, 1927/Nov. 12, 1986 Tombstone, ossw: David Kelley/May 14, 1929/Aug. 2, 2007 Tombstone

KELLNER: [4-10-227]-Joseph Kellner/1919-2000 (Joseph A./26 Oct 1919/23 Jan 2000/SSDI), ossw: [4-10-227]-Mary Kellner/1925-2002/married Nov. 6, 1945 Tombstone Joseph/Mary

KEMPEN: [4-7-171]-Vernon D. Kempen/1915-1978 Tombstone [4-7-171]-F/O Sylvester/1918-1944/Buried in France, ossw: [4-7-171]-Wilbert/1890-1953, ossw: [4-7-171]-Martha/1894-1971 Tombstone Sylvester/Wilbert/Martha

KEMPFERT: Albert/sohn des/H.E. Kempfert/geboren/30 Nov. 1887/starb/1 Dez. 1887 See Johann WULF

KENNEDY: Pat Kennedy/1950-2009 Tombstone

KERSINE: Clarence Kersine/Jan. 4, 1921/June 16, 2000/US Army World War II Tombstone

KESTING: Rev. Herbert Kesting/1911-1999, ossw: Alice Kesting/1912-1997 Tombstone Rev. Herbert/Alice Eric Larry Kesting/Mar. 16, 1979/Aug. 12, 1979 Tombstone

KIBBLE: [17]-Heinrich Kibble/geboren Nov. 7, 1816/gestorben Sept. 22, 1890 Tombstone (Old cemetery/Henrich Kipple on list) Mary Kibble/d. Oct. 1905/from obituary/no stone)

KIELMAN: [4-10-176]-Leslie/1912-1974 , ossw: [4-10-176]-Katherine/1915-1996 Tombstone Leslie/Katherine

KIESOW: Carl L./1907-1978, ossw: Lauretta/1909-1951

KIND: Cyril Kind/1919-1974 (15 May 1919/Jul 1974/SSDI) Leo/1891-1973 (19 Apr 1891/Oct 1973/SSDI), ossw: Clara/1887-1934

KINTGEN: Anita H. Kintgen/July 25, 1940/Nov. 13, 1992 Tombstone Robert A. Kintgen, Sr./Apr. 26, 1940/Apr. 12, 1998 Tombstone

KIRST: Eva Kirst/born/April 16, 1871/died/Aug. 26, 1900, next to: Raymond Math Kirst/Wisconsin/Fireman 3 Cl./U.S. Navy/October 8, 1918 (Mollie Kirst/1878-1947/no stone/from obit) (Magdaline Kirst/d. Sept. 25, 1921/from obit./no stone)

KLABUNDE: Alan Klabunde/Dec. 12, 1941 Alvina/1869-1963, ossw: Emil/1872-1958

KLEIN: Anton/1856-1916, ossw: Mary/1861-1938 (John Klein/Dec. 6, 1879/Sept. 21, 1960/from obit)

KLIMENT: [2-2-40B-Baby lots]-Debra Jean Kliment/Mar. 12-14, 1971 [4-9-134]-Ervin/1911-1991 (Ervin J./20 Apr 1911/24 Dec 1991/SSDI), ossw: [4-9-134]-Olive/Sept. 10, 1911/Apr. 5, 1975 Tombstone Ervin/Olive

KNATZKE: Norma A. Knatzke/July 12, 1910/Dec. 25, 1986 Tombstone

KNUDSON: Leona/1921-1952, ossw: Marcus 0./Apr. 3, 1916/June 4, 1968 Marcus C./1869-1935, ossw: Anna L./1879-1959

KOBES: Adeline E. Kobes/nee Assman/July 14, 1916/Jan 30, 2006, ossw: John Kobes/1917-2008 Tombstone John/Adeline Bonita Kobes/1942-1983 Tombstone

KOCH: Ludwig Koch/4 Jan 1805/20 Sept. 1876, ossw: Seine Gemahlin/Johanna/21 Juli 1807/9 Sept. 1869, ossw: Maria/17 Aug. 1873/16 Dez 1880, ossw: Emil/8 Aug. 1875/16 Dez 1880, ossw: David/11 Juni 1877/16 Juni 1877, ossw: Kinder des Fried & Albertine Koch (Peter Koch/1882-1882/from death record) [3-4-48]-Michael Koch/1848-1919 [3-4-48]-Anna Koch/Nov. 28, 1850, Germany/May 23, 1941 [3-4-48]-Anna/Feb. 17, 1893/Apr. 7, 1914 (dates from obit) [3-4-48]-Albert J. Koch/1889-1974 [3-5-42]-Michael J./May 4, 1893/Mar. 10, 1974, ossw: [3-5-42]-Phoebe A./July 26, 1894/Jan. 16, 1979/married Nov. 9, 1914, ossw: [3-5-42]-Rev. Michael R./1929-2017, ossw: [3-5-42]-Aloysius/1925-2015 See ATWATER See PERRY

KOEPPEL: [4-9-198]-Frankie Koeppel Jr./Apr. 10, 1960/Sept. 17, 1979 Tombstone

KOGLIN: Albert A./Mar. 15, 1897/Dec. 10, 1975/Cpl. US Army World War I, ossw: Sherman/1894-1941, ossw: Alta Koglin/1896-1975

KOHNKE: Louis Kohnke/geboren in Gothendorf bei Eutin/Provinz Holstein/2 Marz 1819/starb/27 Aug 1883 See SELK See QUISTORF

KOHOUT: [Cemetery record has Kahout] Adolph/1873-1944/Father ossw: Mary/1876-1938/Mother Tombstone Adolph/Mary

KOLICEK: [3-6-66]-Alois/1860-1939, ossw: [3-6-66]-Antonette/1862-1958 Tombstone Alois/Antonette [3-6-66]-[Bertha Kolicek/b. 1891/d. 1909] Tombstone Footstone: Bertha/1891-1909 [Plot owned by Alois Kolicek]

KOLLER: [4-8-233]-Sarah J. Koller/Aug. 7, 1972/Feb. 5, 1982 Tombstone

KOMOROSKE: [4-7-187]-Alois F. Komoroske/1918-1992, ossw: [4-7-187]-Grace M./1923-2011 Tombstone Alois/Grace

KORNELY: Arline Kornely/1917-1957 Tombstone, ossw: Anton/1917-1999 Tombstone, ossw: Ione/1926 Tombstone [1-1-90]-Quiren/1887-1943 Tombstone, ossw: [1-1-90]-Edward/1918-1920 Tombstone, ossw: [1-1-90]-Mary/1881-1972 Tombstone, ossw: [1-1-90]-John Kornely/1920-1989 Tombstone [1-1-90]-Footstones: Quiren Kornely/Father/1887-1943, Mary Kornely/Mother/1881-1972 [4-9-118]-Arthur J./1939-1971 Tombstone, ossw: [4-9-118]-Marie A./Dec. 19, 1939/Feb. 6, 1970 Tombstone [4-9-229]-Frances A. Kornely/1921-1995 Tombstone [4-10-120]-Arthur H. Kornely, Sr./1915-1986 Tombstone, ossw: [4-10-120]-Lucille R. Kornely/1918-1989 Tombstone Logan Cole Kornely/-Aug. 18, 2002- No Tombstone

KORTBEIN: Fred/1893-1966, ossw: Christine/1896-1985, ossw: Cindy Marie Kortbein/-Feb. 8, 1983-, ossw: Mindy Marie Kortbein/-Feb. 8, 1983- Ludwig Kortbein/May 13, 1918/Oct. 27, 2001/ US Army World War II Tombstone

KOSTA: [4-7-132]-[Dan Kosta/b. 1925/d. 1993/in Hronek plot]

KOUBA: [3-6-11]-Wencel/Father, ossw: [3-6-11]-Anna/Mother, ossw: [3-6-11]-Wencel Jr./1882-1966, ossw: [3-6-11]-Agnes/1888-1943 Tombstone Wencel/Anna/Wencel Jr./Agnes [3-6-11]-Joseph J./1910-1974, ossw: [3-6-11]-Alice A./1917-1986 [4-9-161]-John/1895-1979, ossw: [4-9-161]-Mayme/1905-2000 (17 Dec 1905/22 Jan 2000/SSDI)Tombstone John/Mayme [4-10-167]-Chester J. Kouba/1927-1993 (27 Feb 1927/17 Jul 1993/SSDI), ossw: [4-10-167]-Iva M./1927-2013 Tombstone Daniel R. Kouba/1925-1993 Tombstone

KOUTNIK: Marie Koutnik/narozena/16 Ledna 1836/zemrela/17. Prosince 1903, ossw: Jiri Koutnik/narozen/27 Dubna 1838/zemrel/3 Unora 1904, Footstones: J.K. & M.K.

KOWALSKI: [4-8-165]-Theophil/1882-1960, ossw: [4-8-165]-Stella/1883-1957 Tombstone Theophil/Stella

KRACHT: Hannah Kracht/1865-1931/Mother John Kracht/1863-1929/Father Lillian J. Kracht/Jan. 25, 1922/Jan. 26, 1980, ossw: Walter J. Kracht/June 31, 1920/Aug. 19, 2005 Tombstone Lillian/Walter

KRAJNIK: [4-7-155]-Edward W./Dec. 25, 1902/July 19, 1971, ossw: [4-7-155]-Clara A./Dec. 19, 1908/Dec. 15, 1970, ossw: [4-7-155]-Paul J./1935-1946 Tombstone Edward/Clara/Paul Tombstone Edward/Clara/Paul

KRALOVETZ: Mary T. Kralovetz/April 25, 1957/May 22, 1957 Tombstone

KRASE: Edward/July 18, 1890/Mar. 6, 1971 Tombstone, ossw: Hattie/1889-1968 Tombstone Tombstone Edward/Hattie

KRAUSE: [4-9-174]-Alois J./1900-1986 Tombstone, ossw: [4-9-174]-Pauline M./1906-1968 Tombstone George E. Krause/1932-2003 Tombstone

KREJCAREK: [4-9-185]-Edward/1919-2007, ossw: [4-9-185]-Esther/1919-2005 Tombstone Edward/Esther [4-10-235]-Kenneth Krejcarek/June 20, 1939/June 28, 1995 Tombstone

KRIEGER: Kinder von/F. & B. Krieger/ E.F. Philippine/geb. 28 Oct. 1867/gest. 29. Dez. 1871, ossw: Fried. Karl/geb. 14 Oct 1869/gest. 8, Febr. 1872

KRIZEK: Carl A./Apr. 11, 1915/Apr. 25, 1974, ossw: Erma E./1919-2014, ossw: Dale B./1949-1950 Joseph/1871-1951, ossw: Anna Krizek Nemetz/1895-1963 (1st spouse Krizek/2nd spouse Nemetz)

KRONFORST: [2-2-85]-Frank/1878-1928, ossw: [2-2-85]-Mary/Oct. 24, 1884/Apr. 18, 1974, ossw: [2-2-85]-Roman/Feb. 2, 1912/Sept. 20, 1975, next to: [2-2-85]-Footstones: Father/Frank/1878-1928, Mother/Mary/1884-1974 [2-3-19]-Vaclav Kronforst/narozen/28 Zari[1842]/zemrel/10 Brez. 1903, ossw: [2-3-19]-Marie Kronforst/narozona/28 Rijna 1853/zemrelli/6 Unora 1921 [2-3-19]-Footstones: M.K, V.K., R.K. [3-6-16]-Paul & Peter Kronforst/-Jan. 7 1980- (John Jost is also in this grave) Tombstone Paul/Peter [3-6-16]-Paul A./Aug. 12, 1915/Oct. 1, 1969, ossw: [3-6-16]-Dorothy M./1921-2011 [3-6-16]-Lee C. Kronforst/Wisconsin/CPL 2 Arty. 101 ABN Div/Vietnam/ March 3, 1950/May 9, 1970 Photo [3-6-16-6]-Charles/1882-1958, ossw: [3-6-16-7]-Rose/1888-1972 [4-7-124-2]-Christine/1870-1951, ossw: [4-7-123-3]-Joseph/1870-1947 Tombstone Christine/Joseph [4-10-208]-Raymond Kronforst/1913-2001 (Raymond N./06 Sep 1913/07 Mar 2001/SSDI), ossw: [4-10-208]-Angeline Kronforst/1916-1994, ossw: [4-10-208]-Jeanne Kronforst Eustace/1940-1985 (See EUSTACE-have obit) Tombstone Raymond/Angeline/Jeanne [4-10-219]-Paul Kronforst/1943-1989 Tombstone See Jost

KRUEGER: Krueger family stone Brian Lee Krueger/Apr 5, 1964/June 2, 1964 Edwin/1890-1951, ossw: Anna/1888-1975 (19 Jul 1888/Dec 1975/SSDI) Tombstone Edwin/Anna Louise/1871-1929/Mother Tombstone Edward/1869-1924/Father Tombstone Ervin/geb und gest/13 Juli 1905 Henry F. Krueger/1886-1956/Father, next to: Eva Marie HELD Mabel R. Krueger/1888-1982 See HELD Wilhelmine Krueger/gebn Ludke 1 Sept. 1848/Mai 1909/gattin von, ossw: Ferdinand Krueger/11 Jun 1844/26 Mar. 1912 Tombstone Wilhelmine/Ferdinand, next to: Arthur/gest. Apr 1888 alter 4 tage, next to: Clara Krueger/1889-1935/Sister Tombstone See LUDKE

KUDICK: Elizabeth "Betty" Kudick/May 22, 1936/Nov. 9, 2006, ossw: Melvin/Feb. 7, 1933/Feb. 12, 2013 Tombstone Elizabeth/Melvin

KUMBALEK: [4-10-119]-Roland L. Kumbalek/Mar. 29, 1917/Apr. 27, 1992 T SGT US Army Air Corps/World War II-Korea Tombstone, ossw: [4-10-119]-Roland Kumbalek/1917-1992, ossw: [4-10-119]-Marcella Kumbalek/1917-1999 Tombstone Roland/Marcella

KUNZ: [1-1-87]-Frank Sr./1861-1929/Father [1-1-87]-Katie/1864-1956/Mother [3-4-83]-Clarence/1919-1941, ossw: [3-4-83]-Frank/1886-1980, ossw: [3-4-83]-Rose/1886-1960 [4-7-248]-Ronald L. Kunz/Aug. 26, 1937/Jan. 21, 2000 Tombstone [4-9-206]-Ervin Kunz/1910-1998, ossw: [4-9-206]-Esther Kunz/nee Karbon/1911-1983 Tombstone Ervin/Esther [4-10-192]-James Kunz/1896-1979, ossw: [4-10-192]-Agnes Kunz/1906-1987 Tombstone James/Agnes Adolph J. Kunz/1906-1983, ossw: Etheline/1910-2010 Tombstone Adolph/Etheline Paul Andrew Tyler Joe Kunz/-Sept. 21, 1989-/grandson, ossw: Melanie June Kunz/May 29, 1973/Sept 21, 1989/daughter Tombstone Paul/Melanie Jeremy L. Kunz/May 27, 1975/August 20, 2011 Tombstone Patrick Kunz/April 22, 1963/June 25, 2012

KUST: [2-2-60]-[M. Kust/b. 1871/d. 1900]

LAHAR: [2-3-69]-[Eunice Dworak Lahar/1916-2011] See DVORAK

LAMBERT: [3-5-72]-Joe Lambert/1864-1944 [3-5-72]-Richard Lambert/July 24, 1893/Apr. 7, 1917 Tombstone [3-5-72]-[Esther Lambert/b. 1895/d. 1927] [3-5-72]-Lizzie Lambert/1869-1947 [4-7-203]-George L. Lambert/1908-1984, ossw: [4-7-203]-Alice E. Lambert/1908-2001 (06 Sep 1908/18 Jul 2001/SSDI) Tombstone George/Alice [4-8-117]-[Erwin Lambert/no dates] [4-8-117]-[Carol Lambert/no dates] [4-8-117]-Edward Lambert/1904-1974, ossw: [4-8-117]-Vera Lambert/1911-1992 Tombstone Edward/Vera Marvin Lambert/1913-1983 See STUECK See ZAHORIK

LANCHOFF: Henry Lanchoff/Co. C./24th Wis. Inf.

LANDT: George Landt/born/Oct. 24, 1883/died/Mar. 21, 1890, ossw: Lily Landt/born/Feb. 19, 1890/died/Dec. 5, 1890, next to: Bertha Landt/1854-1933/Mother, next to: John Landt/1848-1927/Father Myrtle Landt/Jan. 5,/Feb 5,/1915 Benjamin/1893-1955, ossw: Bessie/1896-1977, next to: Lenora I. Landt/1925-2013

LANE: David E. Lane/Apr. 30, 1951/July 30, 1990 Tombstone See Kappus

LANGENKAMP: Wilhelmine Langenkamp/geb. BRUMMER/gestorben 14 Juni, 1880/alt 24 jahre Tombstone Bernard Langenkamp/born Feb. 2, 1838/died May 14, 1909 See BRUMMER


LAROSE: William LaRose/1926-2012, ossw: Bette LaRose/1926-2014 Tombstone William/Bette

LARSON: George J. Larson/1876-1944/Father Nancy Larson/1879-1954/Mother

LEARD: [15-4]-J.H. Leard/Co. A./19th Wis. Inf. [b. 1841/d. Jan. 11, 1866/from Manitowoc Civil War Roundtable] [Old cemetery plot number: 38]

LE CAPTAIN: [4-8-225]-Danielle Ann Le Captain/-July 14, 1993- Tombstone


LENHARD: David Lenhard/Nov. 8, 1812/Dec. 26 or 27, 1916/from obit Ernstine/gattin von/David/Lenhard/geb. 7. Nov. 1842/gest./9 Okt. 1902, ossw: Ernstine/gestorben/16 Febr. 1870, alter 14 tage, ossw: Wilhelm/geboren/2 Marz 1875/ertrunken/27 Aug. 1878, ossw: Rosine/geboren/7 Dez. 1878/gestorben/17 Sept. 1870./kinder des/David & Ernestine, Footstones: Rosine L., Wilhelm L., Ernstine L. Philipina Lenhard/May 1. 1875/May 4, 1875


LEVENHAGEN: (In Public side of cemetery) Alvina/1859-1932/Mother, ossw: Lewis/1853-1933/Father Tombstone Alvina/Lewis Arthur/1888-1965 (28 Nov 1888/May 1965/SSDI), ossw: Elsie/1889-1967 Tombstone Arthur/Elsie Gordon/Oct. 8, 1916/Mar. 15, 1974, ossw: Grace/1915-1966 Tombstone Gordon/Grace Bertha Levenhagen/1872-1933/Mother (Henry Levenhagen/Aug. 30, 1871/Oct. 5, 1954/from obit) Charles/1849-1920, ossw: Fredericka/1852-1923 Tombstone Charles/Fredericka, next to: (footstone)Charles Jr. Levenhagen/no dates on stone Henry/1847-1921/Father, ossw: Sophia/1851-1906/Mother, ossw: Edward/1891-1915, ossw: Elva/-1889-, ossw: Charles/-1872- Tombstone Henry/Sophia/Edward/Elva/Charles Walter/1879-1880/Son, (3' from Lewis & Alvina Levenhagen?) [3]-Willie Levenhagen/geb 3 Mai 1871/gest. 25 Juni. 1898 (Old cemetery) [3]-Heinrich C. Levenhagen/geb. 21 Sept. 1824 gest. 31 Juli 1896 (Old cemetery) Sophia/gattin von/H. Levenhagen/geb. 23 Dez. 1826/gest./20 Jan. 1913 Hazel L. Levenhagen/1911-1989 Tombstone (Ruby Levenhagen/17 Aug. 1897/8 Sept. 1897/from death record)

LIESE: Wilhelmina Liese/May 14, 1877-Mar 27, 1932 Baby Aug. 15, 1923 Bertha Liese/Apr. 20, 1852-Feb. 27, 1910/Mother Carl Liese/Dec. 26, 1852-Mar. 15, 1921/Father Tombstone

LITERSKY: Susan L./Oct. 29, 1959/Apr. 21, 2010 Tombstone

LODEL: [LODL on cemetery records] [4-7-116]-[???? Lodl/no dates] [4-7-116]-Julia L. Lodel/1894-1953/mother, ossw: [4-7-116]-Frank A. Lodel/1890-1949/Father Tombstone Julia/Frank [4-7-116]-[Mary Ann Lodl/no dates]

LOEH: (All in Public cemetery) Henry/1874-1959, ossw: Christine/1878-1953 Norman H./1906-1988 Tombstone Anna E./1910-1985 Tombstone Norman/Anna Christy Loeh/May 13, 1958, ossw: Adeline Loeh/1916-1984, ossw: Henry Loeh/1911-1988 Tombstone Christy/Adeline/Henry Lucas D./-June 1, 1995-, ossw: Jacob J./-June 1, 1995- Tombstone Lucas/Jacob

LORENZ: [4-7-139]-Rosa A./1885-1946, ossw: [4-7-139]-George/Jan. 27, 1885/Apr. 16, 1967 Tombstone Rosa/George Elsie F. Lorenz/1911-1988, ossw: Norman H. Lorenz/1914-1999 Tombstone Elsie/Norman

LUBARS: Friedrich/Lubars/geb./27 Sep. 1832/gest./16 Apr 1882

LUBECK: Nora L. Lubeck/1948-1992 Tombstone

LUDTKE: Caroline/gattin von/G. Ludtke/geb. 18 Oct. 1829/gest. 6 April, 1897/ alter/67 j. 5.m. 18 t., ossw: Gottlieb/Ludtke/geb. 2 Feb. 1820/gest. 3 Apr. 1907 Gustav Wilhelm Ernst Ludtke/geboren 25 Sept.,1870/gestorben 12 Mar. 1888

LUNDBERG: Rebecca Anne Richmond Lundberg/Aug. 16, 1974/June 19, 2011 Tombstone

LUNDT: (Louis Lundt/Nov. 5, 1880/Jan. 12, 1959/from obit)

LYNG: See CRAITE, (stone with both names, no other inscriptions)