Maple Grove Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location:Cemetery on westside of road, at the junction of County GG and G, at Maple Grove.
Copied by Hilary & Ruth Vanderbloemen, Alloy Mc Cully, Marcie Baer,
Rose Lubeck and Virginia Posny, MCOCS, on July 8 and August 5, 1979.
Typed and proofread by Hilary J. Vanderbloemen. Some parts of cemetery
neglected with stones piled in gully and brush.
No attempt was made to move or copy these stones. Earliest remaining stone 1855
. Tombstone photos taken in 2008 by a volunteer
Reindexed by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society May of 2007,
added to this site Oct. 2010.


Catherine Andersen/May 11, 1926/Oct. 19, 2011/from obituary

AVERY: Harry J. Schaefer/1911-1997 (See SCHAEFER-have obit), ossw: Irene Schaefer/nee O'Connell (See SCHAEFER-have obit)/1907-1986, ossw: AVERY/nee SCHAEFER, ossw: Mary Avery/1934-2011, ossw: Robert Schaefer/1934-____ see SCHAEFER

BAROUN: Emma/1872-1955, ossw: Joseph, Sr./1875-1961 William/1914-1968, ossw: Monica/1918-1970

BARRETT: Catherine/beloved wife of/Patrick Barrett/who departed this life/ June 12, 1875/aged 59 yrs. & 6 mos./a native of the Parish of/ Baily Shene Co., Limerick, Ireland

BEHNKE: Paul Lee/son of Mr. & Mrs. Elroy Behnke/1954-1955, next to: Elroy J. Behnke/Mar. 22, 1947/May 5, 1969 Photo, next to: Elroy D./Father/July 31, 1917/Mar. 14, 1970, ossw: Norma E./Mother/Aug. 25, 1924-May 29, 1991

BENNINGTON: Cecil/Father/May 15, 1890/Mar. 19, 1969 Photo, ossw: Ida/Mother/1892-1963, ossw: Richard A./Son/1919-1938

BERNIER: Eileen Bernier/1924-1951 see SHEEHY

BETHKE: Delbert B. Bethke/Cp. U.S. Army/Korea/ May 17, 1929-Jun. 9, 1977 Photo

BODWIN: Donald Bodwin/1926-1985

BRAUN: John M. Braun/1908-1984, ossw: Gladys Braun/1913-1981

BRENNAN: Mary Ann Brennan/July 12, 1848/Dec. 27, 1932 Tombstone, next to: Mary K. Brennan/Apr. 10, 1867/June 6, 1946 Tombstone, next to: Bernard Brennan/1834/Jan. 4, 1904 Tombstone

BRENNEN: Bridget/wife of/A. Brennen/died Apr. 8, 1902/aged 78 years Tombstone Bridget, ossw: Andrew Brennen/Feb. 7, 1827/Jan. 8, 1907

BRICK: Michael F./Father/1904-1942, ossw: Julia A. Brick Colwell/Mother/1910-1969 (See COLWELL-have obit)

BROWN: Erected for father & mother, ossw: Edmond/1816-1912, ossw: Hanora/1821-1900, ossw: Mary/1854-1946, ossw: Ellen/1864-1932, ossw: Thomas/1852-1943, ossw: James/1856-1932, ossw: Margaret/1859-1929, ossw: Elizabeth/1857-1948, next to: Mrs. James Brown/1868-1923

BRYNES: Tombstone for those with no stone: Patrick Byrnes 1824-1854 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

BUCKLEY: Michael/1861-1950, ossw: Nora/1871-1939 Tombstone Michael/Nora

BURKE: Thos./son of Dr.and Mrs. Thos. Burke/died Sept. 30, 1895/aged 4 mos. Tombstone, next to: Patrick A./died Oct. 19, 1881/ae. 22 yrs. 1 mo. 16 ds. Tombstone, ossw: Richard/died Nov. 1, 1881/ae. 10 yrs. 7 mos. 21 ds. Tombstone, ossw: Cecilia M./died/Nov. 11, 1881/ae. 8 yrs. 5 mos. 15 ds./children of Pat & Margaret Tombstone Cecilia, ossw: Patrick/died Jan. 28, 1855/ae. 1 yr. 2 mos. 25 ds., ossw: Margaret/died Apr. 9, 1868/ae. 5 yrs 1 mo. 5 ds. Thomas Burke/1825-1895 Tombstone Dr. Thomas Burke/1856-1921, next to: Charles F. M.D./Son1901-1967, next to: Theresa/Mother/1871-1939, next to: Margaret/Daughter/1899-1935, next to: Elizabeth/Daughter/1897-1977 Gerald John Burke/Wisconsin/Cdr. USNR/World War II/ November 26, 1910/ November 25, 1947 SSM Navigator and Executive/Officer/USS Alchiba/ (AK 23)14 June 1941/to/9 April 1944/Commanding/Officer/USS Birgit/ (AKA 24) 30 May 1944 to/23 Nov. 1945, next to: Dr. James Burke/died Oct. 12, 1911/aged 56 years, next to: Margaret REIDY/wife of Patrick Burke/Nov. 25, 1831/July 7, 1901, ossw: Patrick Burke/Mch. 15, 1830/Sept. 7, 1902 Tombstone Margaret/Patrick Helen Burke/1912-1985 Stone for those who have no stone: Annie Burke 1868 Margaret Burke 1868 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

BURNS: John Burns/Father/1864-1927 Ann Burns/1858-1892 David Burns/d. 1904/from obituary) see McCUE

BYRNES: John Byrnes/1853-1918 Patrick Byrnes/1824-1954

CAHILL: George/1905-1976 Tombstone, next to: Helen/1893-1986 Tombstone, ossw: James/Mar. 9, 1890/Mar. 5, 1977 Tombstone, next to: Henry/Son/1891-1956 Tombstone, next to: Patrick/Father/1855-1944 Tombstone, next to: Margaret/Mother/1861-1938 Tombstone, next to: Mary/Daughter/1892-1918 Tombstone Mary/1826-1908 Tombstone, ossw: James/1812-1864 Tombstone

CAMPBELL: Mary Logan Campbell/1883-1913, next to:Logan see LOGAN

CANNAN: Mary Murphy Cannan/wife of/Patrick Cannan/born in/Co. Carlow, Ireland/Aug. 9, 1838/died July 7, 1915 Tombstone

CANNON: Mary Cannon/died/May 7, 1880/aged 32 years/erected by her husband/James Cannon, ossw: Cornelious and Michael/children of J. & M. Cannon Tombstone

CARNEY: Michael Carney/1820-1891/By his wife Tombstone, ossw: Mary/1831-1903 Tombstone John Carney/1862-1940/from obit Tombstone

CARR: John J. Carr/1887-1965, ossw: Matt J. Carr/1892-1961 Patrick Carr/1843-1895, ossw: Hannah Carr/1862-1933

CARRAO: Mary Carrao/died Apr. 11, 1917/aged 28 yrs.(this stone was there when transcriptions were done) Tombstone for those with no stone: Mary Carrao 1917 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

CAVANAUGH: Julia/wife of/Patrick Cavanaugh/born/1825/Co. Carlo, Ireland/died/Dec. 27, 1906, ossw: Patrick Cavanaugh/born 1820/Co. Carlow, Ireland/died/Jan. 12, 1911, next to: Nellie Cavanaugh/Nov. 25, 1866/Dec. 9, 1946 Anna C./Mother/Dec. 14, 1890/Oct. 29, 1968, ossw: Patrick W./Father/1871-1948 Photo, next to: Mary/nee Daley/1917-2006, ossw: Victor/Son of Patrick W. and Anna C./1916-1978, next to: Aloysius J. Cavanaugh/Wisconsin/Pvt. U.S. Army/World War I/ Feb. 6, 1898/Jan. 19, 1956, next to: Footstones: Mother, Father, next to: Michael Cavanaugh/born/Nov. 9, 1856/died/Jul 16, 1911 (Nellie Cavanaugh/1864-1941/from obit.) Daniel C./1863-1927, ossw: Catherine F./1872-1968 John H. Cavanaugh/1907-1976 Veteran Thomas J. Cavanaugh/June 20, 1893/June 18, 1977 Tom E./1896-1964, ossw: Julia E./1914-1962 Ellen/his wife/In memory of/died June 8, 1872/aged 38 yrs., ossw: Mary/died Jan. 15, 1872/aged 10 yrs., ossw: Nellie/died Feb. 16, 1897/aged 26 yrs., ossw: Arthur Cavanaugh/In memory of/died Sep. 22, 1907/aged 86 yrs., ossw: Mathew/died June 14, 1879/aged 21 yrs, ossw: Thomas/died Sep. 26, 1880/aged 19 yrs., ossw: Charles/In memory of/died Mch. 8, 1872/aged 8 yrs, ossw: James/born 1867/died/Mch. 10, 1908 Patrick E. Cavanaugh/died/Aug. 15, 1893/aged/36 years, ossw: Michael/son of/P.E. & B. Cavanaugh/born/June 6, 1889/died/Aug. 28, 1889 Bridget Kavanaugh(no typo)/born in 1822/died April 8, 1898, next to: Michael Cavanaugh/died/Jan. 16, 1880/aged 56 years (Bridget Cavanaugh/1860/Mar. 1, 1948/no stone/from obit) Marie O'NEIL Cavanaugh/1900-1946 Todd R./June 23, 1971/Nov. 2, 2014/from obit. see O'NEIL

CHARLES: Ludmilla/1909-1992, ossw: George/1910-1960

CLEARY: (Elizabeth Cleary/March 16, 1861/Sept 3, 1887/from death record) Jane A. Cleary/born/Feb. 18, 1860/died Mar. 6, 1896 erected by her mother Mary Cleary/died Feb. 5, 1887/aged 32 yrs., ossw: Rosanna Cleary/died Sept. 25, 1886/aged 16 yrs., ossw: Stephen Cleary/died Feb. 7, 1882/aged 24, yrs.

CLUMPNER: Duane F. Clumpner/born 6-12-1953/died 6-16-1953

COFFEY: also COFFEE Sarah Coffey (nee Maloney)/born/in Co. Clare, Ireland/died/Mar. 7, 1891/aged 80 yrs. (spouse: Martin Coffey)(Sarah's stone was there when this transcription was made.) Tombstone for those who have no stone: Martin Coffee/1882 Sarah Maloney Coffee 1891 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

COFFIN: Christopher Coffin/May 8, 1965

COHAN: John/1859-1944, ossw: Margaret/1867-1931 P.Cohan Agnes/1912-1977, ossw: Melvin/1907-1996

COHEN: William J./1898-1962, ossw: Lucy/1897-1993 James Cohen/Died June 25, 1864/aged 48 yrs., ossw: Mary Cohen/died/Aug. 15, 1905/aged 80 yrs. Maurice Cohen/born May 12, 1862 died July 29, 1918, ossw: Bridget LONG/His wife/born Jan. 18, 1872-died Apr. 18, 1903 (Pictures on this stone.) John Cohen/Wisconsin/Pfc 2 Prov Regt As/World War I/ Sept. 27, 1893/May 2, 1952, next to: James Cohen/died/Nov. 25, 1914/aged 18 yrs., next to: Johanna Cohen/died/July 2, 1932/aged 76 yrs., next to: Michael Cohen/died Mch. 27, 1911/aged 58 yrs Robert Cohen/June 29, 1926/May 25, 1996/Son of William J. and Lucy (Mrs Patrick Cohen/d. July 25, 1898/from obit/no stone) (Patrick Cohen/March 14, 1853/Dec. 25, 1923/from obit/no stone) (William Cohen/d. Oct. 1909/from obituary/no stone)

COLLINS: James Collins/born in Co. Clare, Ireland/died Apr. 16, 1901/aged 71 yrs. 8 ms., ossw: Catharine/his wife/born in Co. Clare, Ireland/died Oct. 28, 1906/aged 70 yrs., ossw: Martin/son/died Aug. 3, 1950/aged 82 yrs., ossw: Nora/daughter/died Nov. 19, 1894/aged 27 yrs., next to: Martin J. Collins/Son/1868-1950 (Mary)/Mother/wife of M. COLLINS/1868-1916 see SHEEHY

COLWELL: David L. Colwell/Wisconsin/Cpl. 28 Fighter Sq. AAF/World War II/Nov. 5, 1907-March 14, 1970 Julia A. Brick Colwell/Mother/1910-1969 (1st husband Brick/2nd husband Colwell/bur. with Brick) See BRICK


CONNELLY: Johannah/wife of/James Connelly/died Apr. 12, 1899-aged 36 years/Hannah Tombstone

COONEY: Michael L. Cooney/died/Aug. 6, 1893/aged/37 yrs. 2 mos., ossw: Mary Cooney/died Apr. 22, 1933/aged/74 yrs., next to: Laurence Cooney/died/Feb. 7, 1897/age 80 years, ossw: Ann Cooney/his wife/died/Nov. 1, 1899/age 72 years, next to: Patrick Cooney/1861-1914, next to: Daniel Cooney/1865-1925, next to: Catherine Cooney/1860-1936, next to: James Cooney/1866-1931 Michael T. Cooney/1852-1934 Tombstone, next to: Mary Ann Cooney/1857-1925 Tombstone, next to: Margaret Cooney/1820-1910 (nee Costello) Tombstone, next to: Thomas Cooney/1808-1874, next to: Michael H. Cooney/born Dec. 18, 1899/died Sept. 29, 1905 Tombstone, ossw: James Cooney/born June 21, 1896/died Sept. 27, 1896, ossw: Clara Cooney/born Jan. 25, 1898 died Oct. 21, 1899 Tombstone James/Clara, next to: Susie Cooney/born/Sept. 14, 1862/died/July 27, 1906 Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: James Cooney/died/Mar. 15, 1885/aged/63 years/And his wife/, ossw: Margeret/died/May 8, 1887/aged/58 years. Natives of Co. Clare/Ireland, ossw: Tombstone James/Margeret Tombstone James/Margeret John/son of/J. & M. Cooney/born/Dec. 18, 1856/died/Dec. 11, 1882 Tombstone Tombstone Mary/wife of/P.H. Cooney/born/April 1, 1863/died/April 8, 1891/aged 28 yrs. 7 ds., ossw: Patrick H. Cooney/born/Mar. 17, 1854/died/Apr. 26, 1897/aged 43 yrs. (Patrick Cooney/died at Mishicot age 55 yrs/buried 17 Oct. 1911) (Daniel Cooney/1862-1924/from obit.) (Walter Cooney/1866-April 1948/from obit.)


CRONIN: (Daniel James)/Born in Groton, Mass./July 28, 1846/died/Nov. 16, 1885 (Top of stone missing.) John E. Cronin/born in Groton, Mass./Dec. 11, 1814/died Febu. 9, 1872 Mary Ann/Dau. of/J. & H. Cronin/and wife of/Jeve. READY/died/Jan. 22, 1868/ae 18 yrs. 2 m. 26 ds., ossw: James/son of/Jeve. & M.A. READY/died/Oct. 8, 1867/ age 2 mos. 10 ds. (John E. and Mary Ann are siblings, James is the son of Mary Ann/Cronin info in parenthesis was sent in by a researcher/see contributors page) Mamie Cronin, Town of Franklin, died Feb. 28, 1909 at age 24 of Consumption (note: This is the only cem. in Maple Grove twp. with Cronin surname so I put her here because she was buried in Maple Grove twp.) James Cronin/d. Jan. 1931/age 85/no stone Mary Gallivan/wife of/C. CRONIN/native of the Parish of Kinmara Co. Kerry, Ireland/died May 1, 1877/aged 63 years, next to: Cornelius Cronin/husband of/Mary Gallivan/native of the Parish of/Kilmare Co. Kerry, Ireland/died Nov. 2, 1878/aged 73 years

CROWE: Angela Lynn Crowe/-Mar. 31, 1982-

CRUSECK: Mary Ann Cruseck McCue/1825-1898 See MCCUE-have obituary

CUMMINGS: Michael/1911-1971, ossw: Mildred/1915-2000 William/1880-1943/Father, ossw: Anna B./1883-1972/Mother Myrtle Cummings/Daughter/1920-1946, next to: Myrtle Cummings/1920-1946 Mary/wife of/Mich. Cummings/died/Sept. 4, 1873/ae 36 years/a native of the Parish of Noval Co. Cork, Ireland Mary/Mother/wife of/Mich. Cummings/1855-1934, next to: Robert Bernard Cummings/Wisconsin/Pvt. 1 CL. 331 Field Art/86 Div./Sept. 8, 1927, next to: Michael Cummings/born in Co. Kerry, Ireland in 1836/died Jan. 16, 1891/aged 55 yrs. New stone made: Tombstone Michael/Robert/Mary (Patrick Cummings/d. 10 Dec. 1911 at Superior, Wis./age 41 yrs.) Anna Marie Cummings/Apr. 7, 1930/Nov. 12, 2005/dau. of Wm. and Anna B. William Cummings/1937-1998/US Marines SGT and US Army Vietnam (Mrs. John Cummings/d. Feb. 1915/age 80 yrs/from obit/no stone) (Michael Cummings/d. Apr. 1915/from obit/no stone) (Robert Cummings/d. Nov. 1897/no stone)

CUSACK: Margaret A. Cusack/Wife (No dates.)

DALEY: Dolores M./1923-1941, ossw: Charles Francis/1894-1980, ossw: Marie G. Daley/nee Collins/1896-1980 William P./1925-1978, ossw: Grace L./nee Shusta/1928-2005 (18 Sep 1928/06 Mar 2005/SSDI) Patrick/Father/1863-1952, ossw: Catherine/Mother/1865-1937 James C./1895-1974, ossw: Laura/1898-1970 James Daley/died/Feb. 21, 1913/age 80 years, next to: Margaret Daley/died/Aug. 9, 1899/age 69 yrs. Thomas/son of/John & Mary Daley/died Nov. 13, 1900/aged 11 yrs. 3 ms. 18 da., next to: William M. Daley/Co. 36-Regt. A.R.D./died Oct. 7, 1918/age 27 years, next to: John/Father/1857-1926, ossw: Mary/Mother/1859-1941 John N./1890-1959, ossw: Bertha/1892-1954 Charles W. Daley/1922-1991/son of Charles and Marie Catherine "Kitty" Daley/1924-2002 Lori K. Daley/1963-1990


DECICCO: Toney/1881-1955, ossw: Mary/1880-1961


DONIGAN: Patrick Donigan/died/Apr. 30, 1902, ossw: Catherine/Wife/died/Dec. 14, 1893

DONNELLY: (Ellen/d. Sep 21 1893/from obit and death index/no stone)

DOODY: Catharine WATTS Doody/wife of Thomas Doody/died July 30, 1883/ aged 66 yrs./native of Parish Ket????/County Clare, Ireland

DOOLAN: Agnes Doolan/Apr. 11, 1891/Mar. 10, 1984, ossw: John E./June 15, 1880/May 1, 1969, ossw: Elizabeth/nee Mullins/Sep. 14, 1892/Jan. 6, 1995 Photo Julia/July 17, 1882/Dec. 25, 1970, ossw: Clara/Sept. 7, 1893/Apr. 4, 1989 Mary/Mother/1856-1895, ossw: Michael/Father/1842-1935, next to: Bridget Doolan/1884-1886, next to: Nellie Doolan/1877-Nov. 24, 1921 Julia Doolan/1809-1879, next to: John Doolan/1800-1874 Michael J./1885-1943, ossw: Nellie J./1882-1955, ossw: Mary ROLLAND Doolan/1856-1940, ossw: Mary E./1879-1895 James J./Father/Jan. 24, 1886/June 8, 1973, ossw: Margaret L./Mother/1895-1947

DORCEY: Mary Jane/dau. of M. & M./Dorcey/born/Sep. 6, 1856/died/Nov. 11, 1882 Stone laying on side of gulley. Frances Dorcey/born Mar. 27, 1882/died July 23, 1901 Timothy O./son of/M.& M. Dorcey/Born Apr. 7, 1859/Died July 5, 1896/this stone was found upside down in a brushy gully at St. Patrick's. Timothy O. is the son of Michael and Margaret Dorsey. Tombstone (info. for Michael and Margaret sent in by researcher/see contributors page)

DORSEY: Michael Dorsey/Born 1826, Ireland/Died 6-16-1914 Margaret (Mansfield) Dorsey/Born 3-7-1834, Ireland/Died 8-3-1908 (death cert. states she is in this cem.) (Henry Dorsey/d. Oct. 3, 1944/age 82 yrs./no stone/from obit) James E. Dorsey/born May 31, 1865/died Sept. 8, 1927/Erected by J.F. Dorsey Stone for those with no stone: Mary Jane Dorsey 1856-1882 Timothy Dorsey 1869-1896 (See Timothy Dorcey) Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone see FENLON see PEPPARD

DOYLE: Annie Doyle/1862-1944 (Ellen Doyle/d. March 1882/age 32/from obit/no stone)

DRISCOLL: John Driscoll/1859-1921 Catharine Driscoll/died Dec. 30, 1914/aged/87 years, ossw: John Driscoll/born in County Cork, Ire./died Aug. 16, 1888/aged 100 yrs., next to. John W. Driscoll/died/Nov. 18, 1894/aged 25 years/3 mos. 7 ds., next to: Winnie/wife of/John W. Driscoll/died Jan. 21, 1897/aged/23 years, 6 mos.

DUGAN: J. Dugan (Jerry Dugan/d. Mar. 1907/from obituary) Anna/1882-1969/mother (29 Sep 1880/Feb 1969/SSDI), ossw: Michael/1876-1954/father John E. Dugan/Dec. 9, 1923/Jan. 24, 1984 See DUGGAN See RADEY

DUGGAN: Christine Dugan/1885-1969, next to: Baby/died Oct. 18, 190(7?)/ae 3 mo. 17 ds., next to: Mary/wife of/Th. Duggan/died Dec. 6, 1907 ae 30 ys. 7 m. 10 d., next to: Thomas C. Duggan/1872-1939 Daniel/1874-1958, ossw: Elizabeth/1877-1929 Jeremiah Duggan/died June 5, 1906/aged 78 years, ossw: Catharine/His wife/died Feb. 19, 1878/aged 41 years, next to: Footstones: Mother, Father Marie Catherine/July 8, 1918/July 25, 2007, ossw: Jerry/Nov. 8, 1916/Oct. 2, 2008

DVORAK: John C./1881-1951, ossw: Ida J./1890-1991 Ervin J. Dvorak/1920-1999, ossw: Margaret T. Dvorak/nee Gesell/Sept. 9, 1919/Oct. 29, 2002/ 1st LT US Army WWII/60th General Hospital New Guinea Janet L. Dvorak/nee Sickinger/1966-2003

EBERLE: Melodie R./Dec. 20, 1942/Nov. 15, 2014/from obit.

EBERT: E.J. Ebert/J.E. Ebert (No dates.), ossw: Margaret/wife of/Ed. Ebert/1872-Jan. 30, 1910

EGEN: Patrick Egen/died/Oct. 27, 1868/aged/45 yrs., ossw: Michael/son of/P. & C. Egen/died/July 4, 1861/6 yrs. 3 mo. (Catharine Egen/d. Mar. 10, 1884/from obit) (Maggie Egan(sic)/d. July 31, 1885/from obit) (Martin Egan(sic)/d. Feb. 1892/from obit)

EHRETT: Lucille (Halloran) Ehrett/1906-1938 See HALLORAN

EILES: Lorraine/nee Mangin/1912-2003, ossw: Chester W./1905-1962, next to: Judith Eiles/Mar. 19, 1940/May 28, 1942

ENGELS: Elizabeth/1893-1949

ENRIGHT: Tombstone for those with no stone: Thomas Enright/1816-1896 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone


FALVEY: D. Falvey, next to: Catherine/Mother/1860-1942, next to: Daniel/Father/1858-1929, next to: Leo F. Falvey/Wisconsin/Pfc 38 Inf 2 Inf. Div./Korea PH/March 12, 1929/Sept. 16, 1950 (Mary Jane) Morrissey/wife of/Peter FALVEY/1866-1913 Peter Falvey/born May 11, 1853/died May 24, 1913, ossw: Patrick Falvey/born Mar. 5, 1864/died May 12, 1890/May they rest in peace brothers. Peter W. Falvey/1891-1989, ossw: Pearl A. Falvey/nee Brennan/1891-1982 See MORRISSEY

FENLON: Ralph/1896-1965, ossw: Marcella/1896-1986, next to: Thomas J./1865-1954, ossw: Julia/1859-1939, ossw: Henry W./1903-1951 Thomas J. Fenlon/1865-1954/father, next to: Julia/wife of/T.J. Fenlon/1859-1939 Charles W. Fenlon/Apr. 13, 1903/Jan. 6, 1947, next to: Rosella Fenlon/Mother/Sept. 11, 1872/Feb. 18, 1942, next to: Mary Rosella Fenlon/Daughter/May 27, Sept. 8, 1908, next to: Thomas P. Fenlon/Father/July 28, 1867/Jan. 9, 1938, next to: Eugene J. Fenlon/Nov. 4, 1900/Feb. 18, 1947 John M./Father/1866-1935, ossw: Mabel/Mother/1879-1933 Annie M./Mother/1870-1943, ossw: Owen A./Father/1859-1917, next to: Earl Fenlon/1900-1940 Thomas/1898-1972, ossw: Margaret/1920-2012 Norbert F. Fenlon/July 23, 1901/May 7, 1975, next to: Norbert F. Fenlon/S2 US Navy/Jul. 23, 1901/May 7, 1975 Bridget Fenlon/died June 24, 1904, next to: Martin Fenlon/Father/1829-1913 Elizabeth Fenlon/born in Co. Carlow, Ireland/died May 5, 1888/aged 63 yrs. Ellen Fenlon/born Co. Limmerick Ireland/Mar. 8, 1832/died June 8, 1911, ossw: Thomas Fenlon/born Co. Carlo Ireland/June 2, 1827/died Apr. 22, 1914, ossw: Bridget Fenlon/born Maple Grove/Mar. 26, 1858/died July 13, 1881/aged/23 yrs. 3 mos. Margaret DORSEY/wife of/T.J. Fenlon/born Mch. 1, 1887/died Jan. 30, 1907 Tombstone, next to: Mary A. Fenlon/Oct. 13, 1859/Jan. 9, 1944 Elmer J. Fenlon/Jan. 23, 1911/Dec. 21, 1997, ossw: Helen C. Fenlon/nee Nienhaus/May 7, 1923/June 4, 2001 Gertrude A. Fenlon/nee Dugan/1909-2003 (Note: on 1860 census it's Fenley/Finley; 1870 it's Finly; on 1880 it's Finlon; 1900 it's Fenlon)

FETZER: Bernard Fetzer/1921-1976, next to: Margaret L./1888-1961, ossw: Bernard P./Aug. 23, 1885/July 31, 1969 (John Fetzer/d. Oct. 18, 1939/age 15 yrs./from obit.)

FIELDING: Odys T./son of/D.M. & Alice Fielding/born Nov. 5, 1903/died Oct. 1, 1905 (Stone on pile in woods.) James W./son of P. & M. Fielding/died May 29, 1897/aged 35 yrs. 4 mos. 7 ds. Tombstone, next to: Mary/wife of/John Fielding/died/June 19, 1879/aged/65 years No Tombstone Alice Fielding/1866-1923 No Tombstone, next to: (Michael Fielding/died 19 Apr./aged 17.5 yrs) No Tombstone (Alice Fielding/d. 1916/from obituary) Stone for those with no stone: Odyst Fielding/1903-1905 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone See MONAHAN

FINLON: Owen Finlon/died/Dec. 12, 1858 ae 62 yrs, ossw: Patrick/son of/T. & E. Finlon/died Jan. 7, 1866/ae 2 wks. (Note: on 1860 census it's Fenley/Finley; 1870 it's Finly; on 1880 it's Finlon; 1900 it's Fenlon)

FINNEGAN: Erected by/Ed. W. Finnegan/in memory of his wife/Mary KELLY/native of County/Tyrane, Ireland/died/Apr. 26, 1861/aged/55 yrs. (Patrick Finnegan/d. Aug. 15, 1904/no stone/from obituary) Tombstone for those with no stone: Bridget Finnegan 1804-1886 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone see MONAHAN

FINNIGAN: Margret Finnigan/born in Killhulen, County/Carlow, Ireland/died Mch. 18, 1908/aged 85 years

FITZGERALD: Joseph/1818-1910, ossw: Ellen/1836-1918, ossw: Hugh/1875-1898, ossw: John P./1871-1945, ossw: David/1863-1914 Hannah Fitzgerald/1834/Apr. 10, 1898 (Margaret Fitzgerald/1860/Oct. 21, 1951/from obit/no stone) (Michael Fitzgerald/Feb. 11, 1859/Nov. 25, 1926/from obit/no stone) (Michael Fitzgerald/Apr. 1893/July 11, 1957/from obit) (Two children of M.J. Fitzgerald/d. June 1897/from obituary)

FLANAGAN: Bernard Flanagan/died/July 1872/aged 75 yrs. Bridget ENRIGHT Flanagan/1853-1902

FLYNN: Michael Flynn/a native of the Parish/of Hi Town Kilcoleman Abbey/ Co. Kerry, Ireland/died/April 16, 1869/aged 57 years/

FOLEY: Philip Foley/died Nov. 15, 1889/aged 34 yrs. (Johanna (Cronin) Foley/wife of Philip Foley/d. June 14, 1921/age 62 yrs./no stone)

FOX: Winifred Fox/Mother/1848-1952

FRENCH: Mary E. French/nee Fetzer/Nov. 3, 1917/Feb. 13, 1998

GALLAGHER: Julia/Mother/1866-1945, ossw: Douglas/Father/1870-1946, next to: John Gallagher/died/Sept. 28, 1893/aged 64 years Mark/June 2, 1907/Apr. 22, 1976, ossw: Mary/Jan. 1, 1909/1983, next to: Catherine/1873-1949, ossw: Michael/1866-1951


GAROLL: Katharine/wife of/WM. Garoll/a native of Parish Arilferd, Ireland/ aged 60 years. Died March 2, 1874, erected by niece/Julie M0OHAN

GARRY: Bridget Garry/wife of/Wm. Garry/born in Co. Tiperarey/Ireland/died/June 24, 1880/aged 47 yrs. (Wm. Gary/d. April 1896/from obituary)

GEIGER: Robert A./father/1896-1967, ossw: Lina N./1904-mother-19__, next to: Robert A. Geiger/Wisconsin/Cook 20 Repl Trans Corps./World War I/March 16, 1896/Aug. 3, 1967 Katharine/gattin von/Sim Geiger/Geb./9 Jan. 1851/Gest./4 Mai 1872

GERHARDT: Joseph A. Gerhardt/May 23, 1972/Sept. 25, 2004 Eugene/July 11, 1948/June 19, 2008/from obit Barb/Feb. 1, 1950/Sept. 13, 2014/from obit

GILL: Lawrence Gill/born in Ireland/Aug. 15, 1833/died Jan. 23, 1914, ossw: Mary Gill/born in Ireland/Oct. 11, 1840/died Feb. 9, 1937 Tombstone Lawrence/Mary

GOGGIN: Thomas Goggin/died/Aug. 10, 1890/aged 76 yr./native of ????, Ireland, ossw: Mary H. (nee Nolan)/wife of/T. Goggin/died July 2, 1872/aged 39 years/native of the Parish of???? Co.????, Ireland.

GOGGINS: Charles H./Son/1928-1946, ossw: Margaret/Mother/1885-1964, ossw: John S./Father/1884-1959, next to: Charles H. Goggins/Wisconsin/AS US Navy/World War II/ Jan. 5, 1928-Oct. 21, 1946 George Goggins/Jan. 27, 1923/Aug. 26, 1995, ossw: Charlotte M. Goggins/nee Watt/Dec. 20, 1922/Mar. 12, 2003

GRADY: Mary/Nov. 11, 1863/Nov. 10, 1927, next to: Dennis/Apr. 2, 1857/Jan. 23, 1926 Mary Grady/born in Co. Limerick/Ireland/died July 2, 1877/aged/47 years, ossw: Thomas Grady/born in Co. Limerick Ireland/died July 9, 1879/aged 61 years, ossw: Mary Grady/1851-1923

GRIMMER: Gertrude Grimmer/1896-1935

GUHIN: Joseph/Husband/1874-1943, ossw: Margaret/Wife/1882-1959 Mary Guhin/1848-1944, next to: John Guhin/1838-1920, next to: Patrick E. Guhin/1874-1945 Stone for those who have no stone: Timothy Guhin 1807-1891 Mary Cavanaugh Guhin 1809-1879 Thomas Guhin 1853-1890 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone (John Guhin don't know where he is but this photo was sent in/ he may have moved to Nebraska: 1910 census of Omaha, NE: John GUHIN, age 30, born WI, parents born Ireland, a Druggist) Photo Ellen C. Guhin/Sept. 25, 1892/July 22, 1992 Mary Guhin/Mother/1840-1920, ossw: Patrick Guhin/Father/1832-1924 Margaret R. (REGAN) Guhin/1860-1924 see REGAN

HAGARTY: Catharine Hagarty/died/Dec. 21, 1879/aged/42 years

HAGERTY: Mary/wife of Thomas Hagerty/died June 22, 1873/ae 65 years/Erected by her son Thomas Hagerty/Native of the Parish of Noval Co. Cork, Ireland see O'BRIEN

HAGGERTY: (Lawrence/d. 1900/from newspaper)

HALLORAN: Hugh/1874-1919, ossw: Lucille (Halloran) Ehrett/1906-1938, ossw: Anna/1876-1963, ossw: Catherine/1912-1918 John/1878-1931, ossw: Michael/1869-Jan. 21, 1911, ossw: Nora/1842-1924, ossw: Hugh/1828-1910, ossw: Ellen/1876-1902, ossw: Mary/1871-1893 Tombstone John/Michael/Nora/Hugh/Ellen/Mary Tombstone for those who have no stone: Margaret Ebert Halloran Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone See EHRETT

HALLRON: (John Hallron/1859-Jan. 27, 1929/no stone/from obit) (Also listed as John O'Halloran)

HALRON: Frank Halron/died Oct. 8, 1896/aged 68, years, ossw: Sarah Halron/died Oct. 26, 1914/aged 90 yrs.

HANLEY: Thomas Hanley/1914-2007, ossw: Mary Dorothy Hanley/nee Goggins/1913-2006

HARTNETT: James Hartnett/a native of Parish Rahcahill/Co. Limeriel, Ireland/died/ Feb. 12, 1890/aged 64 yrs, ossw: Ellen O'CONNOR/wife of Jas. Hartnett/a native of Parish/Newcastle Co. Limerick, Ir./died/June 28, 1898/aged, 85 yrs. see ROLAND

HAYDEN: John/1815-(30 July)1890/father, next to: Elizabeth (nee O'Neil)/1827-1892/mother, next to: John/1864-1916/father, next to: Ellon/dau. of/J. Jr. & E. Hayden/died Oct. 3, 1891 (Blanche Hayden/b. 14 Nov 1897/d. June 1986/SSDI/relative says she is buried here, also she was a teacher with the Milwaukee Public School Systems all her adult life working with young children) (Ellen Hayden/1863-Feb. 4, 1945/from obit)

HAYES: Hanorah Hayes/1855-1934 (Johnie Hayes/d. Nov. 1901/from obituary/no stone)

HEALY: Patrick H. Healy/1868-1898, ossw: Frances/Daughter/1897

HENNESSEY: Margaret/1897-1978 Tombstone, ossw: Patrick/1897-1967 Tombstone Mary/1858-1942 Tombstone, ossw: Patrick/1857-1929 Tombstone Martha C./wife of M. Hennessey/Apr. 15, 1865/Feb. 3, 1918 John Hennessey/born in KilKenney Co. Ireland/1818/died/Aug. 15, 1895 Tombstone, ossw: Margaret/born in KilKenney Co./Ireland/His wife/1826/died/Mar. 21, 1873 Tombstone, ossw: Michael E./son of/J. and M. Hennessey/died/Oct. 16, 1899/aged/36 years John E. Hennessey/1894-1976/PVT US Army WWI LaVerne A. Hennessey/nee Mangin/Dec. 24, 1930/May 10, 2003 Tombstone Kenneth P./July 29, 1930/Nov. 18, 2007/from obit Tombstone

HILL: Henry/1871-1922, ossw: Anna/1880-1963 Baby/July 18, 1932, ossw: William/1936-1938, ossw: Stella/1913-1999, ossw: Louis G./1907-1983 Aloisius Hill/1838-1918, ossw: Anna Hill/His wife/1842-1919, next to: Footstones: Mother, Father, next to: John/1869-1943, ossw: Mary/1881-1958 John A. Hill/1914-1986 Helen B. Hill/Jan. 8, 1924/July 11, 2013 Viola Hill/June 27, 1910/Oct. 7, 2010 Richard F. Hill/Dec. 11, 1948/Sept. 22, 2014/from obit.

HOGAN: Michael Hogan/1873-1929, next to: Thomas Hogan/1870-1924, next to: Catherine L. Hogan/1886-1918 (the above three stones, on pile, next to newer section of cemetery.) Margaret CONNELL Hogan/wife of M.J. Hogan/died Nov. 7, 1906-aged 36 yrs. Catherine E. HOGAN/Daughter/1863-1937 (bur. on Sullivan lot) John Hogan/July 25, 1813/Nov. 21, 1899, ossw: Mary KIRBY Hogan/His wife/1837-1907 Tombstone for those with no stone: Ann Hogan no dates Michael Hogan 1929 (transcription above) Thomas Hogan 1924 (transcription above) Catherine Hogan 1918 (transcription above) Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone See SULLIVAN

HORAN: Tombstone for ones with no stone: William Horan/1812-1857 Bridget Dunn Horan/1814-1899 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

HUSSEY: Daniel Hussey/born June 17, 1831/died May 31, 1911, ossw: Winifred O'NIELL Hussey/His beloved wife/ born Aug. 15, 1847/died Nov. 28, 1936, next to: John/1871-1943/brother, ossw: Mary Ann/1875-1892/sister

HUYBERS: Sylvester/1903-1971, ossw: Mabel L./1912-2004 Harlan Jerome Huybers/May 16, 1937/Feb. 12, 2003

ISAACSON: Thomas L./1950-1965, ossw: Florence/nee O'Neil/1911-2002, ossw: Theodore/1915-1984 Veteran Glenn "Bear"/July 4, 1946/Mar. 4, 2008/from obit

JOYCE: John Joyce/1850-1918 Stone for those with no stone: Michael Joyce/no dates Mary Hogan Joyce 1882 James Joyce 1887 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

JUDGE: Margaret/wife of/Dennis Judge/born/in the Parish of Newport/Co. Tipperary, Ireland/in 1817/died/Apr. 13, 1890/aged 73 yrs., ossw: James/son of/D. & M. Judge/born/in 1846/died/Nov. 22, 1886/aged 39 yrs., ossw: Dennis Judge/born in the Parish of Balinal/Co. Tipperary, Ireland/ in 1812/died June 28, 1870/aged 58 yrs.

KABAT: Ellen Kabat/1845-1939/born in Co. Limerick Ireland (Ellen (Enright) Kabat/sent in by researcher/see contributors page)

KAVANAUGH: Michael Kavanaugh/born May 8, 1853/died/Mar. 10, 1894 Thomas Kavanaugh/1855-1887/wife Mary Sheehy (Tessie Kavanaugh/d. Mar. 1896/from obituary) see CAVANAUGH

KEANE: Michael/husband of Ann Keane/died/Dec. 23, 1884/aged 56 yrs., ossw: Michael/son of/Michael & Ann Keane/died/aged 25 ys. & 8 mo., ossw: Charles/died/aged 2 mo. , ossw: Peter/died/aged 6 mo.


KEEHAN: Bridget/1826-1887/mother Michael Keehan/Father/died/June 28, 1898/aged/74 yrs., ossw: Cathrine/died/May 16, 1894/aged 60 yrs. (Lizzie Keehan/d. May 27, 1889/from obit/no stone) (Lawrence Keehan/1818-Jan 9, 1903/from death record)

KEELEY: Annie Keeley/1858-1941, ossw: Daniel R. Keeley/1865-1934 Philip Keeley/born/Feb. 3, 1862/died/Aug. 26, 1900, ossw: Patrick H. Keeley/born/Mch. 3, 1856/died/Jan. 10, 1884

KELLEY: Mary T. Kelley/nee Lorrigan/1927-2003

KELLY: Tombstone for those with no stone: James Kelly 1873 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone see FINNEGAN see MONAHAN

KINGS: John Kings/died Aug. 22, 1899/aged/43 years, ossw: Anna Kings/died Dec. 29, 1931/aged/66 years, next to: Clara M./1890-1980, ossw: Benjamin J./June 7, 1893/July 13, 1969 Thomas J. Kings/Wisconsin/Sp 5 330 Trans Co./Vietnam/ Sept. 25, 1944/Sept. 16, 1970 Robert J. Kings Sr./Nov. 18, 1918/Nov. 28, 2000, ossw: Mary Kings/1918-1989

KIRBY: Elizabeth/1868-1950, ossw: William/1853-1926, next to: Bartholomew Kirby/1849-1929 (Thomas Kirby/1856-Oct. 27, 1925/from obit./no stone) (James Kirby/d. Feb. 20, 1908/from obit./no stone) see HOGAN

KODMAN: Tombstone for those who have no stone: Elizabeth Kodman 1908 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

KONOP: Patricia Konop/Sept. 15, 1949/Jan. 6, 2011/from obit Victor Konop/April 23, 1921/Nov. 24, 2010/from obit Agnes Konop/Jan. 13, 1922/May 24, 2007/from obit Glen T. Konop/Aug. 9, 1950/Aug. 30 1982/from obit

KULLAS: Frank T. Kullas/Apr. 22, 1947/Feb. 3, 1993, ossw: Gloria J. Kullas/nee Goggins/June 2, 1948/Feb. 24, 1986

LEARY: Bridget Leary/Feb. 14, 1858/Aug. 21, 1923, ossw: Dan Leary/Feb. 8, 1856/Nov. 27, 1930

LEEF: Tombstone for those with no stone: Mathias Leef 1889 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

LINNANE: Joseph/1877-1955, ossw: Susan/1872-1953 Peter J./Father/1874-1905, ossw: Ellen/Mother/1877-1970 (20 Apr 1877/May 1970/SSDI) Ellen/1850-1929/Mother, ossw: Edward/1836-1897/Father Anna Linnane O'NEIL/1887-1960 (See O'NEIL-have obituary), next to: Edward Linnane/May 3, 1881/May 24, 1921 (Patrick Linnane/d. Dec. 1917/no stone/from obit) (Mrs. Patrick Linnane/d. June 24, 1967/no stone/from obit)

LOGAN: John A./1899-1953, ossw: Charles/1869-1934, ossw: Mary/1871-1967 Photo, next to: Harold F. Logan/Wisconsin/EMI USNR/World War II/ April 19, 1916/April 4, 1969, next to: Charles G. Logan/Wisconsin/Pfc Hq 6 Armd Division/World War 11/ Dec. 29, 1905/March 18, 1964 Raymond J. Logan/Berkeley, Ill./Commissioner/June 27, 1901/June 24, 1934/ Boy Scouts of America in memoriam, next to: John D. Logan/June 8, 1865/Feb. 24, 1942/aged 77 years, next to: Anna Logan (nee Hogan)/Jan. 15, 1867/Oct. 10, 1909/aged 42 years, next to: Jessie Logan/Sept. 17, 1907/Jan. 11, 1931 Peter/Father/1854-1938, ossw: Sarah/Mother/1857-1899 (Michael Logan/d. Jan. 15, 1917/from obit/no stone) (Joseph C. Logan/Dec. 29, 1905/Oct. 22, 1963/from obit/no stone) See CAMPBELL

LONG: James Long/died/June 14, 1894/aged 62 yrs., ossw: Margaret (nee Doyle)/wife of/J. Long/died Aug. 2, 1890/aged 48 yrs., ossw: Terrence/Davie & James/Davie & Walter/children of/J. & M. Long see COHEN David Long/died/Feb. 22, 1908, ossw: Mary DANAHEY/wife of/David Long/died/Mch. 30, 1908 Patrick Long/born in Kilkenny Co, Ire./died at Manitowoc, Wis./ Jan. 14, 1891/aged 65 years, next to: Thomas Long/born/in Ireland/Nov. 27, 1830/died/Jan. 2, 1906, ossw: Hannah O'CONNELL/wife of Thomas Long/born in Ireland/July 14, 1832/died Apr. 22, 1908, ossw: Maurice/son of/T. & H. Long/born/Mch. 27, 1867/died/Mch. 16, 1914, ossw: Tommie/son of T. & H. Long/born/Apr. 26, 1871/died/June 20, 1899, next to: Patrick C. Long/born/Dec. 6, 1853/died Nov. 18, 1885 Patrick H./Father/1861-1924, ossw: Elizabeth/Mother/1887-1940, ossw: Cecilia/Daughter/1896-1968, ossw: James/Son/1903-1981, ossw: Vietta (Long) PESERIK/Daughter/1894-1982, next to: Estella/born Oct. 13,1903/died Sept. 13, 1904, ossw: Patrick/born and died/July 2, 1906

LORIGAN: / LORRIGAN: Bryan S. Lorigan/Mar. 10, 1824/Oct. 31, 1895/and his wife/, ossw: Margaret Lorigan/June 10, 1828/Nov. 16, 1897, ossw: Michael WATT, ossw: Margaret WATT/His wife/(1856-Oct. 9, 1935/from obit), ossw: John P. WATT, ossw: Mary/His wife (No dates.), ossw: Michael Lorigan, ossw: Hannah/His wife (No dates.) Mayella Lorrigan/July 5, 1915/May 27, 1944, next to: Richard J. Lorrigan/Wisconsin/Carpenter's Mate 3 Cl/USNR/ May 20, 1925/Sept. 7, 1945 Photo, next to: Elizabeth Lorrigan/Dec. 19, 1889/Dec. 9, 1974, next to: Edward A. Lorrigan/Aug. 25, 1890/Apr. 16, 1953 Bartley/Son/1893-1935, ossw: Daniel/Father/1863-1936, ossw: Mary/Mother/1869-1919 Bryan Lorrigan/1901-1966, ossw: Marie Lorrigan/nee Morris/1903-1998 (Chas. Lorrigan/d. Jan. 31, 1915/from obit/no stone) (Father (Bartholemew) Lorrigan/d. Mar. 1888/from obit/no stone) (Dennis Lorrigan/Sept. 26, 1954/Dec. 29, 2012/from obit)

LOVERN: William Lovern/1857-1894, ossw: Margaret Lovern/1854-1922

LYNCH: Mary/wife of Thomas Lynch/died June 29, 1885/aged 56 years, ossw: Catherine Lynch/died/Feb. 1873/aged/6 yrs. 7 ms., ossw: Thomas Lynch/died/May 5, 1894/aged/78 years See WATT

MADIGAN: (Michael Madigan/d. June 16, 1898/from death record/no stone) No Tombstone


MALONEY: Cornelius J. Maloney/Nov. 14, 1899/Feb. 27, 1908, next to: Daniel Gerard/son of Mr. & Mrs. William SALUTZ/June 10, 1957(?9) See MOLONEY

MANCOSKE: Clifford Mancoske/1916-1993, ossw: Marian Mancoske/nee Rolland/1915-1997

MANGIN: Paul D./1904-1979, ossw: Olive/Nov. 10, 1900/April 23, 1967, ossw: Cecelia/1876-1953, ossw: Daniel/1869-1930, next to: Baby/1927, next to: Lloyd/1928, next to: Lillian/1929, next to: Gloria/1934-1935 (Infant Mangin/child of Paul/d. 1916/age 2 months) Paul J./1881-1951, ossw: Margaret/1889-1946 Donald/son of Mr. & Mrs./Lyle Mangin/1964 Paul Mangin/died Dec. 28, 1923/aged 92 yrs., ossw: Mary Mangin/born in Co. Clare, Ir./1842/died/Apr. 22, 1898, next to: Bridget E./dau. of/P. & M. Mangin/born/Oct. 13, 1875/died/June 24, 1895, ossw: Bridget Mangin/died/Oct. 28, 1886/aged 74 yrs. Martin/1873-1928/father, next to: Annie/1882-1953/mother Michael Mangin/Nov. 13, 1872/Jan. 15, 1902, next to: Bridget Mangin/nee SHEEHY/Oct. 8, 1867/Mar. 22, 1932 Daniel L. Mangin/1933-1999 Margaret Mangin/Apr. 21, 1933/Oct. 12, 2009/from obit Martha Ann Mangin/1920-1990 Michael P. Mangin/1914-2003, ossw: Lillian Mangin/nee Denor/1917-1985 Thomas Mangin/1940-1947 George B. Mangin Sr./1918-1986 John P. Mangin/Aug. 9, 1967/Dec. 8, 2001 Charlene A. Mangin/1938-1990 Paul J./Aug. 23, 1950/Sept. 14, 2012/from obit

MARLBOROUGH: Margaret/Mother/1863-1936, ossw: Thomas/Father/1862-1932

MATHES: Gordon D./1927-1957, next to: Gordon D. Mathes/CmG 2 USNR/World War II/Aug. 21, 1927/Dec. 16, 1957

MCCARTHY: (Michael McCarthy/d. Sept. 22 or 23, 1888/from obit-no stone) (Catherine McCarthy/d. Sept. 30, 1897/from obit-no stone)

MCCARTRY: Cath. Ann/died Aug. 26, 1865/age 18 years, ossw: John Edward/died April 9, 1866/age 30 years/children of/M. & C. MC CARTY/of Kossuth

MCCARTY: (Bridget McCarty/d. Sept. 3, 1891/from obituary) (Tim McCarty/d. Sept. 18, 1892/from obituary) (Nellie McCarty/d. May 14, 1912/from obituary) (John T. McCarty/May 22, 1854-Mar 14, 1904/from record) (John McCarty/1812-Apr 9, 1904/from record) see MC CARTRY

MCCORT: Michael McCort/died Nov. 1, 1884/aged 61 years/a native of Bedona/Co. Tryone, Ireland, next to: Ellen/1837-1901, next to: Bridget/1858-1901, next to: Michael Jr./1865-1916, next to: Nellie/1860-1925, next to: Sarah/1862-1931

MCCUE: Mary Cruseck McCue/1825-1898, ossw: Ann (McCue) BURNS/1858-1892 Joanis (listed on the monument with last names of the above girls) See BURNS See CRUSECK-have obituary

MCCULLOUGH: Niel Mc Cullough/Papa/1861-1894

MCGURTY: James McGurty/died Jan. 1, 1902/aged 80 yrs., ossw: (Ann) McGurty/Mrs. James/died Oct. 2, 1921/aged 92 yrs. next to: Frank McGurty/1871-1961

MCKNIGHT: Tombstone for those with no stone: Celia Mulcahy McKnight/May, 1911 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

MCMAHAN: Martin Mc Mahan/died/June 10, 1881/aged 60 years, ossw: Mary Mc Mahan/died_____/aged___ years (Stone in three pieces.)

MEANY: Patrick Meany/died Dec. 21, 1871/aged 48 years, ossw: Bridget Meany/died Feb. 10, 1899/aged 65 years, ossw: Daniel Meany/died Apr. 30, 1892/aged 24 years, ossw: James Meany/died Dec. 26, 1879/aged 8 years

MEEHAN: John C. Meehan/born May 1859/died Dec. 23, 1913 (Picture on stone.) (This stone was there when transcriptions were made) Patrick Meehan/died May 7, 1884, ossw: Catharine Meehan/died Nov. 9, 1879 Tombstone for those with no stone: John Meehan/1859-1913 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

MEYER: Theodore/1896-1960, ossw: Ella/nee Collins/1901-1990, ossw: Robert/1925-1934

MOLONEY: William Moloney/died Nov. 29, 1898/aged 73 yrs., ossw: Ellen/wife of/WM. Moloney/died Sept. 6, 1901/aged 57 yrs., ossw: Hanora Moloney/died/May 9, 1861/aged/60 yrs. Patrick Moloney/1863-1916, ossw: Nellie Moloney/1868-1949, ossw: William MULLINS/1866-1928, ossw: Josie MULLINS/1870-1940 (See MULLINS-have obit)

MONAHAN: Philip/son of M. & M. MONAHAN/died Apr. 28, 1894/aged/21 yrs. 11 m. 15 ds, ossw: Sarah Jane/dau. of M. & M. Monahan/died Mar. 8, 1869/aged/5 years John F. Monahan/1879-1910, next to: Michael Monahan/1831-1916 Letters written by Edward Conrey, next to: Mary KELLY Monahan/born Jan. 15, 1843/died Jan. 28, 1905/aged 62 yrs. 13 days, next to: Mary Agnes/dau. of Michael Monahan and Mary FINNEGAN/born July 5, 1860/ died Feb. 25, 1905/aged 44 yrs. 7 mos. 20 days, next to: Alice FIELDING/1866-1923, next to: Edward Monahan/1865-1921, next to: Thomas Monahan/1862-1917 (Owen Monahan/1877/June 25, 1942/from obit/no stone)



MORRESEY: Thomas Morresey/died March 14, 1871/aged 72 years/a native of the Co. Carlow, Ireland/erected by John Morresey

MORRISEY: John Morrisey/died Jan. 14, 1884/aged 53 yrs./a native of New York, next to: John Morrisey/1880-1947 Thomas Morrisey/died Sept. 30, 1889/native of the Parish of Burris/ Co. Carlow, Ireland/erected by his grandson/T.J. Morrisey aged 92 yrs., next to: Ellen/wife of Thos. Morrisey/native of the Parish of Burris County Carlow Ireland/aged 77 yrs./erected by Jas. Morrisey/died April 4, 1884 See MORRISSEY

MORRISSEY: Martin M. Morrissey/1892-1967 (04 Jan 1892/Oct 1967/SSDI), next to: Mary Morrissey/1851-1928 James Morrissey/d. May 8, 1919/age 76/from obit-no stone Lillian Morrissey/1893-1926 (On pile in woods, next to new section.) Thomas J./1870-1906, ossw: Anna L./1877-1961, ossw: Baby/-1906- Thomas B./Aug. 26, 1859/Aug. 5, 1919, next to: Morrissey/1870-1874, next to: Morrissey/1875-1882, next to: Joseph Morrissey/Father/born in Co. Carlow, Ireland/May 23, 1823/died July 18, 1898, ossw: Louisa GOUGH/Mother/his wife/born in Quebec, Canada, Nov. 13, 1836/died Sept. 3, 1917 Morrissey/wife of Peter FALVEY/1866-1913 (Mary Jane Morrisey from mar. index v.7 p.356) Morrissey/1873-1874, next to: Maggie A./dau. of Joseph & Louisa MORRISEY/born/July 18, 1863/ died/July 31, 1887/age of 24 years 13 days/erected by her brother/Thomas Morrisey [Joseph S.] Morrissey/1868-1895 Margaret/wife of Thos. Morrissey/died Oct. 21, 1884/aged 89 years (Mary Morrissey/wife of John Morrissey/d. Dec. 1916/from obit/no stone)

MULCAHY: Michael Mulcahy/died/December 22, 1902/aged/33 yrs. 5 mon. Delia Mulcahy/1879-1911

MULLANE: John E. Mullane/1896-1941 Mary Mullane/Mrs. James Mullane/1816/Mar. 23, 1899 Mary/wife of/James Mullane/1812-1898, next to: James Mullane/born in the Parish of Newcastle/West Co. Limerick, Ireland/died Apr. 12, 1891/aged 63 years, ossw: John/dyed 1 yr. 1 mo., ossw: James/aged 12 yrs., ossw: Catherine/aged 1 yr. 2 m., ossw: Bridget/aged 3 yrs. 7 m./children of James & Mary Mullane Mary/1860-1931, ossw: Patrick/1846-1904

MULLHOLLAND: Tombstone for those with no stone: Hugh Joseph Mullholland 1881 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

MULLINS: Infants, next to: Mary/1870-1908, next to: Michael J./1859-1942, next to: Henretta/1875-1957, next to: James H. Mullins/US Army/World War I/Nov. 9, 1889/Jun. 3, 1975, next to: Lester Mullins/1909-1929, next to: Maurice Mullins/June 10, 1903/March 14, 1910 John E./Son/1902-1956, next to: Margaret/Mother/1865-1945, next to: William E./Father/1865-1922, next to: William F. Mullins/Wisconsin/Pvt. Trp F 8 Calvary/World War II/ Aug. 22, 1897/June 18, 1961 Michael Mullins/born in/Co. Clare, Ire. 1821/died/Dec. 5, 1902, next to: William E./1842-1937, ossw: Nell/1843-1916, ossw: Josephine/1883-1910, ossw: May/1874-1895 John J./Nov. 9, 1899/Oct. 20, 1975, ossw: Ella L./1901-1976 James Mullins/died/May 20, 1903/aged 70 yrs., ossw: Hanorah/wife of Jas. Mullins/died/Aug. 11, 1895/aged 57 yrs. Irishman's Shramrock "+", ossw: John Mullins/1825-1908, ossw: Nancy CONNELL Mullins/1832-1912 Tombstone John/Nancy Justin (Jim) Mullins/May 26, 1919/May 19, 1993 (Patrick Mullins/d. Apr. 20, 1915/from obit/no stone) William Mullins/1866-1928, ossw: Josie Mullins/1870-1940, ossw:MOLONEY (Mary E. Mullins/d. July 2, 1906/no stone/from obit) (Hanna Mullins/May 6, 1863/Sept. 12, 1885/no stone/from death record) (Michael Mullins/Nov. 23, 1856/1886/from death record) (Infant twin Mullins/d. Sept 22, 1901/from obituary/no stone) see MOLONEY

MULLOY: Mary/wife of/M. Mulloy/born/Oct. 4, 1822/died/Nov. 3, 1898/aged 76 yrs., ossw: Michael Mulloy/born/Aug. 4, 1821/died/Sept. 19, 1898/aged 77 yrs., next to: Theresa/Mother/1870-1916, ossw: Edward/Father/1862-1931

MUNHALL: Patrick H. Munhall/1865-1941 Harold E. Munhall/1928-1970 Constance/Mother/1888-1957, ossw: Edward J./Father/1888-1946 Patrick Munhall/died Aug. 7, 1897/aged 74 yrs., ossw: Mary/wife of/P. Munhall/died/Aug. 17, 1899/aged 64 yrs. Tombstone for ones with no stone: Catherine Munhall/1886-1887 James H. Munhall/1858-1893 Joseph Munhall/1829-1908 Anna McGoven Munhall/1843-1910 James Munhall/1865 Anna Munhall/1879 Alexandra Munhall/1879 James Munhall/1794-1870 Mary Hogan Munhall/1794-1869 William Munhall/1870-1936 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

MURPHY: Lukey Murphy/born Apr. 6, 1882/died July 7, 1908 Peter J. Murphy/1860-1916 (Michael Murphy/Sep 26, 1826-Nov 28, 1905/from obit) Johannah Murphy/wife of/Michael Murphy/died/Nov. 25, 1888/aged/67 yrs. 8 mos., ossw: Hannorah & Margaret/daughters of/M. & J. Murphy Hannorah/died May 31, 1872/aged 16 yrs. 1 mo./ Margaret/died Jan. 13, 1873/aged 21 yrs. Catharine/wife of/Thomas Murphy/died/Aug. 13, 1888/aged 85 years 1 mo., next to: James/son of/Luke & Johana/Murphy/died/Aug. 28, 1875/aged 28 yrs., ossw: John Murphy/native of Co. Carlow/Ireland/died/June 19, 1888/aged 39 yrs, ossw: Patrick/son of/Luke & Johana/Murphy/died/July 20,1869/aged 19 yrs., ossw: Luke Murphy/native of Co. Carlow/Ireland/died Sep. 27, 1894/aged 94 yrs, ossw: Julia NORRIS/His wife/native of Co. Kilkenny/Ireland/died/Sep. 27, 1893/aged 75 yrs. (James W. Murphy/d. Jan. 3, 1944/no stone/from obit) Tombstone for those who have no stone: Thomas Murphy 1903 Pvt John F. Murphy/7-11-1945 k.i.a. Phillipines Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone (Jeremiah Murphy/d. Feb. 1913/no stone/from obituary) See CANNAN See REIDY

NATE: Tombstone Grandpa Nate Charles H./Feb. 9, 1894/Dec. 11, 1969, ossw: Margarette/1897-1979, next to: Howard J. Nate/1919-1969, ossw: Mary Nate O'Connell/1923-2008 (1st spouse Nate/2nd spouse O'Connell) David H. Nate/1955-1980 Emily Nate/Mar. 31, 1925/Jan. 22, 2014 Wilbert J./1921-1960, next to: George B. Nate/1890-1952, ossw: Mary B./1889-1973, next to: Mary/dau. of Mr. & Mrs./Howard J. Nate/Feb. 15, 1954 Frederick Nate/Mar. 4, 1858/Jan. 5, 1931, next to: Frances/1900-1944/daughter J.D. Nate/born Apr. 20, 1848/in Jefferson Co. N.Y./died May 7, 1916/father, next to: Catherine Nate/born Dec. 23, 1861/died Oct. 17, 1949/mother Edgar Nate/born June 24, 1900, died/Oct. 22, 1900 (the following was sent in by a family researcher) Catherine Nate/Apr. 25, 1867/May 15, 1948 Frances Nate/Nov. 7, 1900/Oct. 3, 1944 (I believe this one is Frances above/ I can find no Frances Nate who died on Oct. 3, 1944)

NOLAN: Lawrence Nolan/died Oct. 17, 1902 age 96 yrs. Annie H./wife of/J.E. Nolan/died May 25, 1892/aged 31 yrs. 22 d s., ossw: John E. Nolan/died Jan. 2, 1922/aged 65 yrs. 3 ms. 12 ds. (Mary Nolan/d. May 4, 1892/from obituary)

NOONAN: (Maurice Noonan/1812-Mar 28, 1898/from record) No Tombstone


NOVOTNY: Louis Novotny/1879-1937 Annie Novotny/1884-1922 Mary D. Novotny/1917-1996, ossw: Emanuel Novotny/1911-1932

NUGENT: (Bridget Nugent/d. 1892/from death record) (Thomas Nugent/d. 1889/from probate notice) (Martin Nugent/d. 1892/from death record)

O'BRIEN: Patrick/1847-1933 Patrick/1852-1933/from obit/may be Patrick above Bridget O'Brien/1861-1939, next to: John O'Brien/1864-1926 Ellen/July 21, 1875/Mar. 25, 1948, next to: Mary/Mar. 8, 1868/Dec. 17, 1944, next to: William/Feb. 5, 1871/July 21, 1931, next to: Thomas P./Feb. 11, 1860/Apr. 30, 1912 Denis O'Brien/born in Co. Clare, Ireland/August 15, 1827/died/May 27, 1885 Joan O'Brien/died Mar. 23, 1885/aged 75 yrs./a native of/Feitl, Co. Clare/Ire., ossw: Mary/wife of/J. O'Brien/born in Co./Clare, Ire./1819/died/Oct. 24, 1900/aged 81 yrs. John O'Brien/born in Parish/of Feakle Co. Clare, Ire./Febr. 29, 1828/died Oct. 2, 1894, ossw: Mary/wife of/J. O'Brien/born in Parish of/Tulla Co. Clare, Ire./May 3, 1832/died May 26, 1887 Michael O'Brien/1832-1916, ossw: Ellen HAGERTY/His wife/1822-1908 Tombstone Michael/Ellen (This stone located in woods, lower section of cemetery, standing upright.) (Note: Apparently the cemetery has been cleaned up and the stone is no longer in the woods.) Daniel O'Brien/1835-1907 (On pile.) James O'Brien/1874-1929 (On pile.) Anna E. O'Brien/1864-1942 (On pile.) (Martin O'Brien/d. Oct. 15, 1918/age 41 yrs/from obit/no stone) (Mary O'Brien/d. June 27, 1910/from obit/no stone) (James O'Brien/d. 1902-age 32 yrs/from obit/no stone) (Patrick O'Brien/d. Feb. 1908/from obit./no stone)

O'CONNELL: Ethel M./1919-1966, ossw: Allen M./1914-2005, next to: Thomas/son of/J. & M. O'Connell/May 2, 1904/May 8, 1904, next to: Margaret/Mother/1877-1967, ossw: James/Father/1866-1942 Harry/Nov. 10, 1903/Aug. 26, 1906, next to: Michael/Father/Sept. 6, 1858/Feb. 8, 1933, next to: Margaret/Mother/Sept. 8, 1862/Feb. 22, 1953, next to: Maud O'Connell/Daughter/Nov. 28, 1894/Dec. 31, 1954, next to: James W./June 22, 1886/Dec. 19, 1943 Simon O'Connell/died Apr. 20, 1905/aged 76 years/And his wife, ossw: Margaret/died Sept. 14, 1893/aged 55 years Myra M. O'Connell/Mother/1920-2006, ossw: John M. O'Connell/Father/1909-1969, next to: Edward O'Connell/1901-1953 Catherine O'Connell/Mother/1879-1945 Morgan O'Connell/Father/1866-1916, next to: Margaret O'Connell/Daughter/1902-1927 Brian J. O'Connell/Oct. 21, 1942/Sept. 29, 1986 Harry J. O'Connell/Oct. 7, 1908/July 16, 1992, ossw: Adeline O'Connell/nee O'Leary/Aug. 16, 1917/June 9, 2008 Morgan O'Connell/Mar. 6, 1893/Aug. 5, 1987, ossw: Helen O'Connell/Aug. 7, 1911/July 8, 1991 Tombstone for those with no stone: Corp. Norbert O'Connell/6-30-1944 k.i.a. France Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone See LONG See NATE See ROLLAND

O'CONNOR: Margaret/Mother/born 1860/died 1916, ossw: Martin/Father/born/1858/died 1921, next to: Clarence P./1899-1919, ossw: William/1896-1964 Margaret/wife of/M. O'Connor/born in the Co./Clair, Ireland/ died/Jan. 8, 1897/aged 72 yrs., ossw: Martin O'Connor/born in the Co./Clair, Ireland/died Nov. 9, 1878/aged 59 yrs. Nora O'Connor/1848-1914 Margereth/wife of/Dan. O'Connor/Sept. 1, 1872-Oct. 20, 1897/Birdie see HARTNETT (John O'Connor/unknown where he is but have this photo that was sent in) Photo

O'DEA: Michael H. O'Dea/1871-1956, next to: Mary/wife of/Michael/O'Dea/1836-1874, next to: Michael O'Dea/1834-(Aug.)1911, next to: Nellia O'Dea/1869-1936, next to: Bridget O'Dea/1804-1879

O'HALLORAN: John D. O'Halloran/July 12, 1906/June 18, 1986, ossw: Margaret O'Halloran/Nov. 1, 1871/Oct. 30, 1936 Francis J. O'Halloran/Oct. 4, 1913/Dec. 22, 1987 Theresa O'Halloran/Oct. 15, 1911/July 4, 2002, ossw: John I. O'Halloran/July 19, 1855/Jan. 27, 1929 (Ann O'Halloran/nee Minogue/buried 19 Dec. 1911/age 84 yrs./died at Cato)

O'HEARN: Ellen/wife of/Th. O'Hearn/born in Parash Ford, Co. Limerik/Ire./ died Dec. 24, 1897/aged 65 years, ossw: Thomas O'Hearn/born 1833/died Jan. 13, 1919, next to: Allen T. O'Hearn/1900-1982, next to: Mary/1874-1958, ossw: James W./1868-1935, next to: Mary D. O'Hearn/Dec. 21, 1907/Oct. 24, 1970 William/Feb. 8, 1899/Aug. 21, 1939, next to: Emma J./Mar. 17, 1869/Mar. 22, 1955, next to: Thomas/July 3, 1865/Sept. 19, 1929 (Mary Ellen Ohearn/b. 1899/d. 9 Jan. 1899/from death index) Margaret/1869-1927, ossw: John/1874-1944 Agnes F./Mother/1876-1949, ossw: John E./Father/1867-1940 Bernice/Mother/1897-1977, ossw: George/Father/1901-1957 James A./1898-1984, ossw: Ruth C./1908-1987 John O'Hearn/born 1822/died May 1, 1892/aged 70 yrs., ossw: Catherine (nee Finlen)/wife of/John O'Hearn/born 1827/died May 28, 1890/aged 65 yrs., ossw: James/son of/J. & C. O'Hearn/born Mar. 28, 1860/died Aug. 13, 1887, ossw: Katie/daughter of/J. & C. O'Hearn/born Sept. 14, 1863/died Sept. 28, 1881 (d. 28 Sep. on county death index/also spelled Herne) Patrick/1861-April 1911, next to: Footstone: Father, next to: Elmer P. O'Hearn/Wisconsin/Pvt. 8 Service Comd/World War II/Dec. 9, 1901/July 26, 1969,next to: Margaret/1861-1931 Charles M. O'Hearn/1902-1978 (William O'Hearn/1897-Oct. 25, 1950/no stone/from obit) John G. O'Hearn/July 13, 1959/Oct. 6, 2011/from obit John J. "Jack" O'Hearn/Sept. 16, 1931/Oct. 5, 2009/from obit

O'KEEFE: Patsy O'Keefe/1885-1947 Patrick O'Keefe/b. 1885/d. June 1947 (could be Patsy O'Keefe?) Hannah/wife of/Daniel/O'Keefe/died/Aug. 3, 1873/age/28 years, ossw: Daniel O'Keefe/died/May 29, 1909/aged/76 years, next to: Anna KEEFE/Mother/1847-1916, next to, Daniel/son of/A. and D./KEEFE/died/Jan. 9, 1900/aged 21 years

O'LEARY: Catherine/1895-1972, ossw: John/1896-1975 Donald O'Leary/1929-1979 Gertrude O'Leary/Mar. 1, 1928/July 31, 2012/from obit Gordon O'Leary/1918-1992 Dustin O'Leary/Feb. 18, 1989/Jan. 29, 2012/from obit

O'LOUGHLIN: Anthony/1871-1937, ossw: Sarah/1880-1965

O'NEIL: John/Brother/1879-1942, ossw: James/Brother/1885-1946, next to: Margaret O'Neil/1881-1975, next to: Agnes O'Neil/1889-1963 Thomas/1883-1970, ossw: Margaret/1882-1956 Martin/1854-1925/Father, next to: Mary/1862-1936, next to: Martin O'Neil, Jr./1885-1935 Martin/1877-1951 Photo, ossw: Elizabeth/1882-1951 Photo, next to: Lester M./1913-1966 James/died/Dec. 31, 1919/aged/49 years, next to: Catherine O'Neil/wife of/Patrick O'Neil/born/in the Co. Kerry, Ireland/ died/May 19, 1883/aged 55 yrs., next to: Martin O'Neil/died/Feb. 13, 1896/aged 33 yrs. 5 mo. James O'Neil/born Apr. 4, 1849/died Mar. 5, 1917, ossw: Mary/His Wife/Sept. 14, 1897-Feb. 4, 1922 Martin O'Neil/born in the/Parish of Feakle/Co. Clair, Ireland/ died/Apr. 12, 1893/aged 76 yrs., ossw: Ellen/wife of/M. O'Neil/born in the/Parish of Feakle/ Co. Clair, Ireland/ died/Sep. 23, 1896/aged 80 yrs. Catherine O'Neil/Daughter/Jan. 27/Feb. 1,/1899 Marie O'Neil CAVANAUGH/1900-1946 (See CAVANAUGH-have obit) (Anna O'Neil/b. July 26, 1887/d. Dec. 1960/from obituary) Kenneth J. O'Neil/Nov. 29, 1911/Oct. 2, 1996/US Army WWII Purple Heart Marie O'Neil/May 2, 1916/Oct. 6, 1995 Martin O'Neil/1919-1995 Anna Linnane O'Neil/1887-1960 Robert O'Neil/d. Mar. 12, 2009/age 76 see LINNANE

O'NEILL: Timothy/1876-1957, ossw: Ellen/1873-1963, ossw: Mary/1868-1934, ossw: John A./1866-1934


OSWALD: George L./1881-1961, ossw: Julia A./1886-1926, next to: Laura B./nee Welch/1895-1978, ossw: Anton D./1892-1980, ossw: Anton D. Oswald/Dec. 13, 1892/Apr. 9, 1980/PVT US Army WWII Harold/1936-1973, ossw: Alice/1940-_____ Tombstone for those with no stone: Patrick Oswald/3-25-1927 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

PAINE: Cecelia Paine/1911-1936

PAUL: John/1860-1944, ossw: Margaret/1873-1942 Marvin Paul/Mar. 12, 1928/Apr. 26, 1928 Johann Paul/Geb./7 Dec. 1827/Gest. 23 Juli 1905

PEPPARD: P. Peppard/died/Oct. 18, 1905/aged 76 years Michael Peppard/Sept. 15, 1852/Sept. 1, 1933, next to: Thomas Peppard/1854-1925, next to: Anna Theresa Peppard/1884-1888 Jane DORSEY/wife of/Mich. Peppard/1862-1919, next to: Patrick Wm. Peppard/(May)1889-(2 Aug.)1890 (parents: Michael and Jane (Dorsey) Peppard) (Thomas Peppard/Mar. 22, 1912/age 92/from obituary/no stone)


PETSKA: Raymond L. Petska/June 20, 1911/Oct. 1972, ossw: Bernadine Petska/nee Munhall/1917-1995

PHILLIP: Joseph J./1885-1961, ossw: Emma M./nee Swoboda/1894-1978 Anthony Phillip/Feb. 2, 1963/July 7, 1973 Edward C. Phillip/1914-1996 Joseph V. Phillip/1924-1984 Veteran, ossw: LaVerne C./1925-1986 George S. Phillip/1915-1998, ossw: Viola A. Phillip/nee Fiel/1915-1985

PLAYFAIR: Tombstone for those with no stone: Margaret Playfair 1855-1891 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

RADEY: George/1906-1992, ossw: Helen/1916-1977, ossw: Donald/1936-1957 (picture) Richard/son of/J. & A. Radey/born Apr. 2, 1909/died Sept. 10, 1912, next to: Iron cross, no inscriptions., next to: Anna/1871-1961 Photo, ossw: John/1871-1965 (John I./b. May 10, 1871, d. Nov. 23, 1965),next to: John Radey/died/Mar. 21, 1918/aged/76 years, (b. June 21, 1841, Bohemia/died in Franklin, WI/age 76 years, 8 months, 28 days/ father: John Radey/mother: Kate Kresl/parents b. Bohemia/cause of death: Chronic myocarditis/occupation: farmer-Gen. Dairy Farm), ossw: Catherine Radey/died Mar. 25, 1923/aged 78 years Mary/Mother/1883-1949, ossw: Albert/Father/1877-1961, next to: Albert Radey, Jr./Father/1911-1935, next to: Carol Mae Radey/Nov, 17, 1932 Henry M. Radey/May 30, 1908/Oct. 30, 1993, ossw: Angeline Radey/nee Lemberger/Sept. 13, 1912/Oct. 17, 2002 Joseph F. Radey/1895-1980

RAMEKER: (Frank Rameker/d. Oct. 1912/from obit-no stone) Theresia/Wife of F.J. Rameker/born May 28, 1874/died Apr. 3, 1904 (In pile, next to new section.) Wencel Rameker/born July 7,(1878?)/died Nov. 12, 1907, ossw: Anna/1884-1969

RAPP: Dr. Val W. Rapp/1894-1964

RATHSACK: Frank/1826-1888, ossw: Mary/1842-1930


REDDIN: Patrick Reddin/born 1810 in County Clare, Ireland/died April 10, 1889 in Franklin Ann Flannery Reddin/born 1812 in Ireland/died April 1, 1890/ wife of Patrick Reddin (They are listed in the St. Patrick's church burial records which were found at the Manitowoc County Historical Society. They do not have headstones)

REETZ: Tara Marie Reetz/Dec. 8, 1982/Nov. 18 1983

REGAN: Patrick/son of/Edmand M. Regan/born/Nov. 5, 1856/died/Jan. 17, 1878, ossw: William/son of/Edmand M. Regan/born/Mar. 22, 1866/died/Nov. 25, 1892 Margaret R. GUHIN/1860-1924, ossw: Brian Regan/1868-1937, ossw: Mary Regan/1862-1937, ossw: John J. Regan/1874-1937 (Edward Regan/April 14, 1897/from obituary) See GUHIN

REIDY: Elizabeth/1892-1981, ossw: Jeremiah/1878-1959 Timothy Reidy/1888-1917, next to: Katherine Reidy/born in Ireland 1843/died Oct. 15, 1908, next to: Jeremiah Reidy/born in County/Kerry, Ireland/Aug. 6, 1837/died Oct. 6, 1905 Daniel/1879-1936, ossw: Elizabeth H./1892-1954 Ellen/wife of James Reidy/born County Kerry, Ireland/died Jan. 13, 1899/aged 88 years, next to: My Celia see BURKE Martin Reidy/native of Co. Kerry Ireland/died Oct. 25, 1914/aged 80 years, ossw: Anastasia MURPHY/Wife of Martin Reidy/native of Co. Carlow Ireland/ died Nov. 5, 1913/aged 70 years Clara Thersa Reidy/Apr. 12, 1909 Martin J. Reidy/1926-2007 Charles L. Reidy/July 7, 1931/Jan. 4, 2008 (James H. Reidy/1877-July 25, 1949/from obit/no stone) (Eileen Reidy/d.1934/from obit) (Timothy Reidy/d.1925/from obit)

REILLY: Tombstone for those with no stone: William Reilly/1953 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

REMIKER: John/Father/1842-1904, ossw: Barbara/Mother/1845-1924, ossw: Frank/Son/1869-1952 William/Apr. 20, 1880/Apr. 26, 1924, next to: Margaret/Jan. 29, 1880/Nov. 7, 1942 Viola J./1914-1998, ossw: Raymond T./Nov. 17, 1901/May 5, 1977 Mrs. John Remiker (Nora)/born Oct. 3, 1878/died Jan. 25, 1918, next to: Catherine, next to: Ilene Joseph/1882-1973, ossw: Mary/nee Stefl/1880-1979, ossw: Joseph/1917-____, ossw: Mary/1919-2013 Elmer J., Sr./1909-2005, ossw: Marie/nee Seidl/1911-1992 (26 Aug. 1911/20 Aug. 1992/SSDI) Joseph/Father/Mar. 8, 1849/Dec. 7, 1939, ossw: Barbara/Mother/Nov. 25, 1853/Aug. 21, 1933 Marga. Remiker/Geb. 3 Aug. 1846/Gest. 13 Marz 1883 Above on iron cross., next to: Iron cross, no inscription legible. (John Remiker/d. May 20, 1947/from obit-no stone) (Marvin E. Remiker/June 30, 1928/Dec. 7, 2014/from obit) (Virginia/Nov. 27, 1930/May 1, 2014/from obit) (Catherine Remiker/d. Dec. 31, 1900/from death record)

RESCH: Norman F./Oct. 21, 1923/Dec. 29, 2011/from obit.

REZNICHEK: Edward/1898-1973, ossw: Lorina/1907-1981 John R. Reznichek/1932-1985

RIPPLE: Edward J. Ripple/July 8, 1927/July 29, 1997/US Army Korea

ROBINSON: Tombstone for those with no stone: Johanis Robinson 1890 Catherine Robinson 1886 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

ROHL: Alois J. Rohl/1927-1998/PFC Army WWII, ossw: Eunice J. Rohl/1943-2007

ROLAND: Elizabeth HARTNETT/wife of M. Roland/died June 27, 1890/aged 36 years

ROLLAND: Esther M./1893-1977, ossw: James E./1887-1952, ossw: Sadie/1896-1919 Elsie/Mother/1892-1918, ossw: Richard/Father/1877-1945, next to: Michael Rolland/1846-1931 Mary B./wife of Jeremiah Rolland/born Oct. 4, 1885/died Oct. 12, 1918, next to: Richard Rolland/born Mar. 29, 1860/died Mar. 31, 1917, next to: Mary Rolland/born May 26, 1868/died Sept. 22, 1926 Michael/Father/1838-1901, ossw: Catherine/Mother/1840-1932 Michael Rolland/1883-1933/on O'Connell lot Tombstone for those who have no stone: John Rolland 1882-1892 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone (Edward Rolland/d. Nov. 1, 1900/no stone/from obituary) see DOOLAN see O'CONNELL

RYAN: Tombstone for those who have no stone: Patrick Ryan/1901 (d. in 1902/from obit) Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone


SAUER: Peter Sauer/1862-1928, ossw: Mary Sauer/1856-1920

SAVAGE: Thomas F. Savage/1858-1943 John G. Savage/1900-1960 Bridget/Mother/1865-1920, ossw: James/Father/1851-1920 Tombstone for those with no stone: Bernard Savage/1902-1905 Laura Savage/1893-1906 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

SCANLAN: (Patrick J. Scanlan/d. May 29, 1936/from obit-no stone)

SCHAEFER: Harry J. Schaefer/1911-1997, ossw: Irene Schaefer/nee O'Connell/1907-1986, ossw: AVERY/nee SCHAEFER, ossw: Mary Avery/1934-____, ossw: Robert Schaefer/1934-____ See AVERY

SCHMIEDER: Lawrence/1916-1962, ossw: Catherine M./nee O'Leary/1921-1996 Lawrence F. Schmieder/Wisconsin/Sgt Co B 379 Infantry/World War II SS PH/Jan. 10, 1916/May 19, 1962 Susan C. Schmieder/Mar. 2, 1955/Mar. 29, 2002

SEIDEL: Agnes Seidel/Mother/1885-1974


SHEAHAN: James Edward/Brother/(d. July 1917), ossw: John Patrick/Father (d. Feb. 1923), ossw: Anna Rose/Mother (d. Dec. 1926) Charles G. Sheahan/Wisconsin/Pfc Btry 985 FA Bn/ World War II/April 17, 1905/Oct. 13, 1967 Gertrude/Mother/Jan. 7, 1909/June 30, 2003 Henry/Father/Jan. 6, 1901/Dec. 31, 1941 Edward/1898-1972, ossw: Elizabeth/nee O'Neil/1907-1987 Helen/nee Lemberger/1904-1981, ossw: William D./1894-1957 William D. Sheahan/Wisconsin/Pvt 160 Depot Brigade/World War I/ Dec. 3, 1894/July 15, 1957 James L./1891-1978, ossw: Margarete/1899-1965, ossw: Raphael/1937-1962 James L. Sheahan/Pvt US Army/World War I/ Jan. 15, 1891/Mar. 12, 1978 Raphael R. Sheahan/Wisconsin/Pfc Co. D 105 Armor/32 Infantry Division/ June 3, 1937/July 28, 1962 Photo Dennis Sheahan/1854-1932, ossw: Ellen/1850-1921 Hanora/His wife/born in Kilcummin, Ire/died June 2, 1901/age 90 yrs., ossw: John Sheahan/born in Glen Flesk, Ire./died Mar. 11, 1880/age 75 yrs. Elizabeth/1891, ossw: Patrick/1893-1895/children of/James & Bridget Sheahan, next to: Bridget Sheahan/Oct. 31, 1864/Dec. 6, 1933, ossw: James Sheahan/July 19, 1858/Sept. 18, 1923 James Sheahan/a native of Parish Raheaury Co. Limerick, Ireland/ died Oct. 11, 1872/aged 56 years (Daniel Sheahan/d. Sept. 4, 1863/no stone/from obituary)

SHEASTAK: Benjamin V./1897-1961, ossw: Margaret M./Jan. 21, 1899/July 15, 1975

SHEEHAN: Daniel J. Sheehan/Wisconsin/Wagoner/9 Amm Trans 9 Div

SHEEHY: John J. Sheehy/born July 31, 1861/died July 1, 1913, ossw: Ellen/His wife/Mar. 17, 1868/Apr. 27, 1921, next to: Harry, next to: William J. Sheehy/died Feb. 19, 1918/aged 18 yrs., next to: Footstones: Mother, Father Patrick L./Father/1873-1956, ossw: Margaret/Mother/1878-1932 Nellie/1908-1964, ossw: Leo/1901-1963 John Sheehy/died Jan. 18, 1890/aged 72 yrs., ossw: Mary (nee Munhall)/wife of John Sheehy/died Apr. 18, 1890/aged 55 yrs. Eileen BERNIER/1924-1951 (See BERNIER-have obit), ossw: Frances/Mother/1896-1955, ossw: John/Father/1896-1979 Mother/wife of Dennis Sheehy/1836-1896, next to: Mary/Mother/wife of M. COLLINS/1868-1916 (See COLLINS-have obit), next to: Dennis Sheehy/Father/1826-1917 Harold Sheehy/1933-1998 Army Gordon Sheehy/Mar. 8, 1915/Apr. 26, 1991, ossw: Irene Sheehy/nee Dvorak/Jan. 4, 1924/Sept. 19, 1990 Roger Sheehy/Apr. 14, 1946/Jan. 10, 2008 (Lillian Sheehy/June 18, 1905/Jan. 8, 1992/from obit) (Joseph Sheehy/d. Mar. 1919/from obituary) See BERNIER See COLLINS See MANGIN

SHIMEK: Connie Frances/Apr. 24, 1959 Darlene A./July 21, 1938/Aug. 11, 2014/from obit. Paul R./Oct. 25, 1933/Aug. 22, 2012/from obit

SMITH: (Thomas Smith/June 1, 1877/Mar. 20, 1961/from obit)

STADELMAN: George L. Stadelman/1918-1966, next to: George L. Stadelman/Wisconsin/Cpl.1613 Svc Comd Unit/World War II/ BSM-PH/April 24, 1918-March 14, 1966, next to: John Stadelman, Sr./Feb. 15, 1920/Oct. 27, 1994, ossw: Joseph/1879-1927, ossw: Elizabeth/1889-1974, next to: Elizabeth Stadelman/Daughter/1914-1947

STELZER: Mathias/Father/1877-1946, ossw: Catherine/Mother/1886-1957 John Stelzer/1873-1949 Wendelin Stelzer/died/Mch. 10, 1915/aged 70 years, next to: Mary Stelzer/1896-1923, next to: George Stelzer/1883-1944

STOCK: Milton A. Stock/Nov. 17, 1919/Oct. 15, 1982/SGT US Army WWII, ossw: Juanita M. Stock/Apr. 29, 1923/Mar. 24, 2005

STRAK: Charlotte/1868-1927, ossw: Joseph/1868-1935 John W. Strak/Oct. 7, 1898/Feb. 8, 1977 Charles Strak/1904-1977/WWII Army

STRAUSS: Simon J./Apr. 12, 1898/Oct. 1, 1962, ossw: Matilda M. (Tillie)/nee Schambureck/1901-2001

SULLIVAN: Leo T./1914-1966 Photo Mary M. Sullivan/1929-1993 William M. Sullivan/Wisconsin/Sgt. 4 Air Serv Mech Regt/September 12, 1936, next to: Cora Sullivan/1892-1922 Elizabeth/Mother/1881-1961, ossw: John/Father/1875-1956 Ellen F./1856-1938, ossw: Hon. Thomas A./1855-1946 Francis/Father/1805-1885, ossw: Margaret/Mother/1815-1897 Tombstone Francis/Margaret Alexander/born 1820/died 1885, ossw: Elizabeth/His wife/born 1832-died 1914, next to: Catherine E. HOGAN/Daughter/1863-1937 (Margaret Sullivan/d. 6 Nov. 1898 from records of St. Michael's, Whitelaw) (Michael Sullivan/d. Aug. 1910/from obituary/no stone) No Tombstone (Mary Sullivan/d. 1897/from obituary/no stone) See HOGAN

TASCHNER: (Twin sons Taschner/b. and d. Jan. 15, 1960/from obit)

TIKALSKY: John/1911-1972, ossw: Florence/1912-1937

TOOMEY: Jeremiah Toomey/born Co. Cork, Ire./died Dec. 22, 1908/aged 71 years, ossw: Catherine Toomey/died Feb. 10, 1914/aged 61 years (Katie Toomey/d. Aug. 18, 1884/from obituary)

TOUHEY: (Bridget Touhey/d. Apr. 17, 1885/from death record) Tombstone for those with no stone: Michael Touhey/1885 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

VOGEL: John/1882-1969, ossw: Sarah/1888-1962 Photo (Rita Vogel/May 21, 1923/July 1, 2013/from obit) Tombstone for those with no stone: Clara Vogel 1922 Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone Tombstone

WALLANDER: Frances/Mar. 29, 1897/Jan. 13, 1970, ossw: William/Apr. 5, 1894/Jan. 3, 1975, next to: William P. Wallander/Pvt US Army/World War I/Apr. 5, 1894/Jan. 3, 1975 Donald Wallander/1930-2000

WATT: Thomas H./1890-1950, ossw: Bernice E./nee Engles/1892-1977 (Infant Watt/child of Thomas/-1919-/from obituary) Thomas/Father/July 25, 1856/Jan. 17, 1933, next to: Mary/Mother/Feb. 11, 1862/Feb. 16, 1941 (d. 1940/from obit) William E./1891-1977, ossw: Viola J./nee Welch/1896-1984, ossw: William, Jr./1921-1941 Sarah/wife of T. Watt/born in Kilrush/Co. Clare, Ireland/ June 7, 1815/died Sep. 3, 1895, ossw: Thomas Watt/born in Kilrush/Co. Clare, Ireland/June 1, 1815/died Nov. 30, 1896 John P. Watt/died/Nov. 26, 1911, next to: Mrs. J.P. Watt/died Jan. 12, 1921 (Daniel Watt/d. 10 Aug. 1899/from obit) Michael Watt, ossw: Margaret/His wife/(1856-Oct. 9, 1935/from obit), ossw: John P. Watt, ossw: Mary/His wife (No dates.), ossw:Lorigan (Cora Watt/d. Jan. 20, 1895/from obituary) (Daughter of Mike Watt/d. May 23, 1896/from obit) (Margeret Watt/d. Apr. 22, 1901/from obit) (Infant of Michael/d. Nov. 8, 1893/from obit) See LORIGAN


WELCH: Edmund/Father/1862-1959, ossw: Margaret/Mother/1869-1945, next to: Footstones: Mother Margaret, Edmund Edmund/1919-1966, ossw: Marie/1919-2011, ossw: Thomas/1962-1962, ossw: Rose Ann/1952-1966 Mary (nee McCulley)/wife of/Thomas S. Welch/born Sept. 15, 1858/died Mch. 21, 1912, next to: Daniel/son of Mr. & Mrs. Edmund T. Welch/May 3, 1941/Sept. 2, 1942, next to: Julia MALONE/wife of/Wm. Welch/died/May 27, 1887/aged 66 years/ native of Kilkenny, Ireland, ossw: William Welch/born/Dec. 10, 1814/died/Jan. 27, 1896, next to: Thomas/1856-1933, ossw: Nora/1877-1965 Eugene Thomas Welch/1945-2007 Margaret M./Jan. 6, 1943/Mar. 1, 2008/from obit

WHELAN: Mathies/died/Nov. 1, 1872/age 80 years, next to: Mary R. Whelan/Mar. 6, 1884/aged 53 yrs. 8 mos. & 21 das., ossw: Thomas Whelan/died/Dec. 16, 1890/aged 66 yrs./3 mo. 17 ds. (spouse: Maria nee Rush), ossw: Allen/son of/T. & M.R. Whelan/died June 4, 1881/aged 30 yrs. 26 ds., ossw: Edwin/son of/T. & M.R. Whelan/died/Nov. 30, 1873/ aged 20 yrs. 8 mo./10 ds.

WHITEHEAD: (Anna Whitehead (nee Hayes)/d. 1 Jan. 1911 in Chicago) Tombstone for those who have no stone: Anna Hayes Whitehead 1911 Tombstone Tombstone

WILDA: Raymond J./1910-1979, ossw: Monica A./1912-1987, next to: Ray. J. Wilda, Sr./1910-1979 Wayne R. Wilda/Aug. 22, 1934/Aug. 21, 2001

WILHELM: Frank/1898-1973, ossw: Frances/1905-1989, next to: Baby boy Wilhelm/Sept. 10, 1947 Joseph Wilhelm/1888-1968, next to: Joseph Wilhelm/Father/1859-1940, next to: Anna Wilhelm/Mother/1862-1932, next to: Mary Wilhelm/Mother/1882-1948

WILKENS: Margaret B. (Pearl) Wilkens/1910-1997

ZIPPERER: William/1909-1959, ossw: Mary/1909-1967 Lucille Zipperer/nee Wilhelm/1915-1981, ossw: Harry Zipperer Sr./1916-2005 Harry R. Zipperer/1939-2007 Donald Zipperer/1931-1986 Florence M./Jan. 7, 1912/Sept. 17, 2007/from obit Joseph Zipperer/Mar. 14, 1904/Aug. 12, 1970/from obit

????????: The Following stones,located on pile in woods, near newer section of cemetery. Patrick/1861-1908 Margaret Mary/wife of, Daniel/1834-1910