Descendants of Hans Joachim Stuerwaldt

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Generation No. 1

1. Hans Joachim1 Stuerwaldt was born 1858 in Germany1, and died July 06, 1927 in Two Rivers, Wis1. He married Christina Bock. She was born 1853 in Germany, and died November 11, 19321.

Notes for Hans Joachim Stuerwaldt:
Used name "John J." after 1903 (cert of death-Ferdinand Stuerwoldt)
Date of death: 7/3/1927-Amanda's Bible
Port of entry: From Holstein to NY; Filed Declaration of Intent 5/18/1882
Residence: Manitowoc Rd, near city limits (Schmidt's Directory 1901-1902)

More About Hans Joachim Stuerwaldt:
Occupation: Laborer2
Burial: Pioneer Rest Cemetery, Two Rivers
Immigration: Date of US entry: April 1880

More About Christina Bock:
Burial: Pioneer Rest Cemetery, Two Rivers
Children of Hans Stuerwaldt and Christina Bock are:
        2 i. Emma2 Stuerwaldt, died April 26, 1916.
+ 3 ii. Mary Stuerwaldt, born 1879 in Germany; died January 20, 1931.
        4 iii. Alvina Stuerwaldt, born November 20, 1880 in Two Rivers, Wis; died February 13, 1929. She married Robert Stegemann September 16, 1899 in Ev. Lutheran Church, Two Rivers, WI; Married by Pastor A.F. Doehler3; born 1876 in Prussia, Germany3; died October 1962 in Two Rivers, Wis.

More About Alvina Stuerwaldt:
Spelling Variation: Alwina

More About Robert Stegemann:
Occupation: Aluminum worker

        5 iv. Ferdinand Stuerwaldt, born June 28, 1882 in Two Rivers, Wis; died June 08, 1903 in Two Rivers, Wis4.

More About Ferdinand Stuerwaldt:
Burial: Pioneer Rest Cemetery, Two Rivers
Cause of Death: General Tuberculosis / Tuberculear arthritis

+ 6 v. Amanda Stuerwaldt, born June 08, 1890; died June 15, 1971.
        7 vi. Augusta Stuerwaldt, born 1892; died October 04, 1972. She married Arthur Marineau; born 1892; died May 12, 1970.

More About Augusta Stuerwaldt:
Burial: Pioneer Rest Cemetery, Two Rivers

More About Arthur Marineau:
Burial: Pioneer Rest Cemetery, Two Rivers
Military service: Wisconsin/Pvt U.S. Army

        8 vii. Heinrich Louis Stuerwaldt, born January 31, 1895 in Two Rivers, Wis5; died February 01, 1933 in Two Rivers, Wis. He married Meta; born 1904; died December 1991.

Notes for Heinrich Louis Stuerwaldt:
Birth date: Registration of Births, Manitowoc County Re 2099

More About Heinrich Louis Stuerwaldt:
Burial: Pioneers' Rest Cemetery, Two Rivers, Wis.
Cause of Death: Complications of Diabetes
Military service: Private, US Army

Generation No. 2

        3. Mary2 Stuerwaldt (Hans Joachim1) was born 1879 in Germany6, and died January 20, 1931. She married Carl Johann Herman Christian Stueck6 January 18, 1902 in Ev. Lutheran Church, Two Rivers, WI6, son of Friederich Stueck and Maria Nickole. He was born November 1877 in Two Rivers, Wis6, and died December 21, 1950 in Two Rivers, Wis.

More About Carl Johann Herman Christian Stueck:
Occupation: Farmer6
Children of Mary Stuerwaldt and Carl Stueck are:
        9 i. Harvey3 Stueck. He married Dorothy; born May 17, 1903; died April 1986.
        10 ii. Esther Stueck, born April 12, 1907; died July 1985. She married Lester Schultz; born April 24, 1900; died April 19, 1979.

        6. Amanda2 Stuerwaldt (Hans Joachim1) was born June 08, 1890, and died June 15, 1971. She married Wilhelm Dallmann July 01, 1911 in Two Rivers, Wis7, son of Wilhelm Dallmann and Emilie Dreier. He was born October 17, 1877, and died August 19, 1970.

More About Amanda Stuerwaldt:
Burial: Valahalla Cemetery, Milwaukee

Notes for Wilhelm Dallmann:
Baptized: Carl Wilhelm Dallmann

More About Wilhelm Dallmann:
Burial: Valahalla Cemetery, Milwaukee
Christening: October 18, 1887, Baptized / St. John Ev. Luth Church, Milwaukee, Wis
Children of Amanda Stuerwaldt and Wilhelm Dallmann are:
        11 i. Edgar3 Dallmann, born June 29, 1912; died January 17, 1977. He married Helen Hoppe; born November 17, 1914; died June 11, 1975.
        12 ii. Elwood C Dallmann, born August 02, 1913; died April 24, 1999. He married Alice Wachs; born February 18, 1916; died July 16, 2000.


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