Most of my information below has come from  David Swayze A great site about ships and shipwrecks on the Great Lakes.
If anyone has any information to add to this page, please send it in and I will add it. Would love to get the original newspaper accounts of the disasters. They can be typed into an email and sent to me.

AbiahBrigBRIG. CAPSIZED.-We are infomed by Capt. Reid, that the Brig. Abiah was capsized about 12 miles south of this place, during a squall on Friday night last, she was a large three master of nearly three hundred tons burthen. The crew succeded in getting ashore in the small boat; the vessel sunk shortly after being capsized, the Pro Rossetter has been searching after her for several days but has not succeded in finding her, we believe she was owned at Green Bay. Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Saturday, September 9, 1854 P. 5September 9, 1854
ActiveSchoonerThe Schr. Active, Capt. John Scott, managing owner, while attempting to make the Harbor on Friday morning last stuck the bar, and after pounding a short time filled and sunk.Her freight consisted Groceries and Provisions, belonging to Mr. B. Huntoon, and was saved in a damaged state. After lightening her up the leak was partialy stopped, the vessel got afloat and on Sunday, brought into the River and ?ove down. The Active went ashore last fall at Wolf River and was purchased by her present owner who succeeded in getting her off and was returning from her first trip to Chicago. She will be ready for sea in a few days as good as ever. We learn that she has been purchased by our townsman Chas. Esslinger for $600,00. (sic)Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Thursday, June 7, 1855 P. 5

AlgomaDredge bargefoundered off Manitowoc during a gale18 Nov 1918 or 1919
Walter B. AllenSchoonerfoundered off Manitowoc in a gale while being towed in for repairs16 Apr 1880
AmericaSchooner-barge9 mi. north of Two Rivers28 Sept 1880
Major AndersonSchoonerAt Two Rivers10 Oct 1871
AndromedaSchoonerOff Manitowoc18 July 1858Sprung a leak and foundered.

SCHOONER LOST.-We learn from Mr. Hodges, that the Schooner Andromeda, of Sheboygan, Capt. Morgan, was lost on Saturday, evening at 8 P.M., 40 miles N.E. by E. from Manitowoc. Cargo, 800 bbls salt, lost-no insurance. All hands saved. Mr. M. bought the Andromeda last spring, paid for half of her, and insured the vessel in favor of his creditors. He had invested all his means in salt, on his last trip, and so his loss is peculiarly heavy. Capt. Flood kindly took the men on to Sheboygan, giving them the comforts of the boat gratis. The Daily Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Tuesday, July 20, 1858 P. 2

Ann Arbor #1Wooden steam carferryburned off Manitowoc/recovered and rebuilt7 Mar 1910no lives lost
Anna MariaMerchant SchoonerCapsized off Two Rivers15 Oct 1880
ArrowMerchant SchoonerSank three and a half miles from Two Rivers30 Apr 1883
S.C. BaldwinSteamerfoundered off Twin River Point3 Sept 1908
Major BarnumSchoonerNear Two Rivers14 Sept 1854
Bessie BoaltMerchant SchoonerLost 4 miles northeast of Two RiversSept 1872
Tubal CainBarkOff Two Rivers Point24 Nov 1867Built at Detroit, 1866, 340t.
F.C. ClarkBrigStranded and wrecked near Manitowoc1856no lives lost, built at St. Clair River, 1849
CometSteam tugBurned off Two Rivers12 Oct 1897No lives lost
ContinentalWooden freight steamerWent ashore and broke up at Rowley Point near Two Rivers12 Dec 1904
Emily CooperMerchant SchoonerWent ashore and broke up near Manitowoc18 May 1894
Oliver CulverMerchant SchoonerFoundered just outside the Two Rivers harbor entrance4 Dec 1881 or 1882Built at Charlotte, 1855, 450t.
DartMerchant SchoonerWent ashore and broke up near Two RiversDec 1882 or Oct 1883built at Green Bay, 1867, 450t.
wrecked at Two Rivers31 Dec 1881no lives lost
ExperimentSchoonerStranded and wrecked near Manitowoc1864built at Detroit, 1858
FlorettaSchoonerfoundered 15 mi. off Manitowoc18 Sept 1885No lives lost.
Gallinipper (was the Nancy Dousman)SchoonerFoundered and sank in a white squall 10 mi. SSE of Manitowoc7 July 1851
Off Otter Creek, near Sleeping Bear1880, Oct 231856, J. Harbridge, Two Rivers, WI
Louisa E. GladeSchoonerSunk near ManitowocSept 1893
Henry Gust

Francis HintonWooden freight steamerStranded and broke up off Two Rivers16 Nov 1909FRANCIS HINTON ON THE ROCKS CREW OF ELEVEN SAVED Boat Goes on the Rocks Two Miles off Manitowoc The Francis Hinton, a large lumber barge with a crew of eleven is on the rocks two miles north of Manitowoc and is fast being pounded to pieces. The Captain and his crew numbering eleven were rescued by the Two Rivers Life Saving crew early today. The Barge was in distress at Two Rivers and came near going ashore, but managed to dodge the danger points until three miles this way when she went on the rocks and in a short time the waves were washing over the craft and tearing away the cargo. The crew managed to keep from drowning until the life savers arrived when they were taken ashore. The high sea gives poor prospect of saving the craft which is fast being wrecked. The shore is lined with wreckate at this time, all believed to come from the Francis Hinton. The Francis Hinton is a Manitowoc built craft and at the time of the accident was enroute from a Michigan port to Chicago with a cargo. The Hinton is a boat of 397 tons, gross tonnage, and 273 tons net tonnage. She is 152.2 feet long, 30.9 feet wide, and 10.8 feet deep. She was in the freighting service. The boat carried a crew of 11 men and her engines are capable of developing 450 horsepower. She was built in 1889 in Manitowoc and is owned in Chicago. Sheboygan Press, November 16, 1909
There is plaque on Mariner’s Trail near the site where the ship Francis Hinton sunk. The article written on the metal plaque goes into some detail of what happened to the ship during a storm that torn the boat apart. The ship was built by the Jasper Hanson Shipyard at Manitowoc in 1889 under the direction of Captain Joseph Munger. He liked the ship so much that he sailed her until the ship was sold to a lumber firm. He then went to work for the Goodrich Line as a skipper. On the day of the disaster the Hinton was carrying a load of Norway pine from Manistique , Michigan. It was a stormy day and the ship bobbed and swayed from side to side caused by the windy condition and high sea. The Hinton was bound for Chicago but would only make it as far as Manitowoc that day, November 16, 1909. Captain Campbell was notified by the crew that the ship was taking on water. The captain fearing the worst ordered the men to drop the lifeboats. Campbell and his eleven crew members made it to shore safely. During this episode the hundreds of people watched the ordeal from the shoreline. (sent in by Wayne)
HomeWooden schoonerOff Manitowoc23 Oct 1858
HumkoOil screwBurned until it sank off Two Rivers Point22 July 1956
J.M. JonesWooden schoonerOff Manitowoc2 Sept 1861
LookoutMerchant SchoonerSunk by a storm 2-3 mi. north of the Two Rivers harbor29 Apr 1890 or 1897Built at Buffalo, NY, 1855
MagellanSchoonerrun down by Jos Hurd beached 3 mi. north of Manitowoc8 Nov 1877All eight of the crew lost
MariaSchoonerNear Two RiversNov 1895All eight of the crew lost
Joseph G. MastenBulk freight schoonerWent ashore and wrecked just north of Two Rivers4 Dec 1897built at Cleveland, OH, 1867
MiltonBulk freight schoonerFoundered off Two Rivers Point8 Sept 1885Five crewmen drowned/built at Milwaukee, 1867
MinnesotaSchoonerNorth of Two Riversmid Nov 1873Five crewmen drowned
James NavaghSchoonerTwo Rivers PointOct 18681 death from exposure.
NevadaSteam freighterfoundered 20 mi. northeast of Two Rivers15 Nov 1890no lives lost
New ChurchSchoonerTwo Rivers1885
J. Emery Owen
burned off Manitowoc5 Dec 1903no lives lost
PathfinderSchoonerdriven ashore and wrecked north of Two Rivers19 Nov 1886Built at Detroit, 1869, 603t.
Grace PattersonBulk freight steamerRan aground, caught fire and was destroyed on Two Rivers Point18 May 1882/also have 15 Mar 1882no lives lost
PlanetBulk freight steam bargeSank off Two Rivers Point7 Nov 1872Seven lives lost
Robert C. Pringle (Chequamegon)Steam tugBecame waterlogged and sank 15 mi. off Manitowoc19 July 1922
RacineScowSank near the harbor entrance at Two Rivers19 Aug 1893
H. Rand (story)
Lumber SchoonerCapsized and sank off Manitowoc24 May 1901Four lives lost
R.J. SanbornSchoonerStranded and wrecked off ManitowocNov 1873
Scow #2ScowSunk near the harbor entrance at Two Rivers19 Oct 1896
L.B. ShepardSchoonerNear Two Rivers13 Oct 1898The schooner L.B. Shepard, which became water logged and rolled over during the gale of last Thursday, has drifted onto the beach just south of the south harbor pier, and is breaking up rapidly.Manitowoc Daily Herald, Manitowoc, Wis. Wednesday, October 19, 1898 P. 4
Silver LakeSchooner-scowrun down by Pere Marquette Railroad carferry 10 mi. off Manitowoc28 May 1900One sailor died
Rouse SimmonsSchoonerfoundered off Two Rivers PointNov 191217 (all) lives lost
Wooden passenger and freight steamerfoundered at Two Rivers Point25 or 29 Oct 188736 to 41 lives lost


YearCraftTypeTonnage and LengthBuilderFate
1847CitizenSchooner60t.Joseph Edwards, Sr. ManitowocWent aground and was abandoned 6 mi. north of Chicago, 18 May 1853
Schooner68t. 82ft.Bates & Son ManitowocStranded and wrecked on a reef in Bailey's Harbor, WI. Dec. of 1901
1852ConvoySchooner64t.Joseph Edwards. Sr. Manitowoc
1852DefianceSchooner110t.W. Ham Manitowoc
1853Black HawkSchooner110t.Bates & Son ManitowocSchooner by this name went down with all hands on L. Michigan, Nov. 1887
1853Colonel GloverSchooner123t.C. Sorenson Manitowoc
1853GesineSchooner99t.H. Rand ManitowocFIRE.-We learn that the sails of the schooner Gesine caught fire on Sunday last and were considerably burned.She was laying alongside A. Baench's dock at the time, and it is supposed that the fire was the work of an incendiary. The Daily Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Tuesday, June 8, 1858 P. 3
Lost at Michigan City, IN. 23 Aug. 1887.
1853LomiraSchooner120t.C. Sorenson Manitowoc
1853Mary Stockton Schooner275t.Bates & Son Manitowoc
1853North Yuba Schooner140t.Bates & Son Manitowoc
1853Mary C. PlattSchooner25t.James Harbridge Manitowoc
1853William JonesSchooner154t. 108ft.James Harbridge ManitowocSchooner by this name and tonnage sank at the mouth of the Manistee, Michigan harbor, 22 Nov 1890
1854Clipper CitySchooner126t.Bates & Son Manitowoc"MANITOWOC FLEET AHOY."Cap. Jos. Edwards jr (sic). left on Monday morning for Milwaukee, for the purpose of fitting out the Shr. Clipper City, having been engaged as master of that fine vessel by her owners Messr. Platt and Bro. of this place. Capt. Hughes will sail the Transit owned by B. Jones & Co. and Capt. Hoag will sail the Col. Glover. We have not learned who is to comand the Gesine owned by A. Baensh but are informed that Capt. Bell has been engaged by the owners of a Chicago vessel. Manitowoc has a band of sailor boys of whom she may well feel proud and who possess those rare qualities which fit them for the active discharge of the arduous and responsible dutites which belong to their avacation. May favoring gales attend them. Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis., March 8, 1855 P. 3
1854E.M. ShoyerSchooner120t.C. Sorenson ManitowocMARINE DISASTER.-Captain Hoag, informs us that the new schooner, E.M. Shoyer, recently built at this place, is ashore at Muskegon, and will probably be a total loss. Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Thursday, November 29, 1855 P. 2
1854North StarSchooner175t.C. Sorenson ManitowocSale Of The North Star.-M.F. Van Vleck has sold the North Star (built here last spring) for $9,000. She will hail from Milwaukee hereafter and is worthy of a place in her naval galaxy. Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Thursday, January 24, 1856 P. 3
Possibly the one that went down in Lake Erie in a white squall-no date
1854StellaSchooner184t.J. Harbridge ManitowocThe undersigned hereby express their gratful acknowlegements to Captain Nichols and the officers of the U.S. Steamer Michigan for the efficient aid rendered in getting the Sch. Stella off the beach at this place on Friday and Saturday the 23rd and 24th ult.,- Their assistance so freely rendered was of the greatest service condensing the labor of many days into one, and it becomes us to speak in the highest terms of the energy and skill, which was so well displayed on the occasion, and to express our confident belief that the same are among the distinguished characteristics of the gentlemanly officers of the Michigan. Aldrich Smith & Co. Two Rivers, July 15th, 1854. Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Saturday, July 22, 1854 P. 2

Sunk on Lake Michigan in a white squall-no date

1854RoverSchooner23t.Manitowoc, Wis.
1854ToledoSchooner100t.C. Sorenson Manitowoc
1854TransitSchooner121t.H. Rand Manitowoc
1855Anna ThorineSchooner89t.C. Sorenson Manitowoc
1856William Aldrich
Schooner192t. 124ft.James Harbridge, Two RiversTipped over in a white squall on Lake Michigan 1891, 1 crew member lost. Righted and was beached and broke up 9 June 1916 off Davenport, MI.
Schooner118t. 94 ft.Bates & Son ManitowocFoundered near Big Sable Point, MI in a gale on 12 Dec 1908
Schooner116t.C. Sorenson Manitowoc
1856Steven S. BatesSchooner139t.Bates & Son ManitowocDriven into shallows in a storm and broken up by waves.
1856GertrudeMerchant Schooner81ft.Two RiversThrown up on the beach in a storm and wrecked at Otter Creek, near Sleeping Bear Point, MI. One crewman drowned. 26 Sept. 1880.
1856Edward E SkeeleMerchant Schooner214t. 123ft.G. Barber, ManitowocDestroyed on a reef during a storm at Julia Bay, on Manitoulin Island. 25 Sept. 1921.
1857A. BaenschSchooner75t.Hanson Rand Manitowoc
1857El TempoSchooner213t.S. Goodwin Manitowoc
1857H. Rand (story)
Schooner130t. 110ft.Hanson Rand ManitowocCapsized and sank off Manitowoc 24 May 1901, four lives lost
1857Jo VilasSchooner225t. 107ft.Rand and Harbridge Two Rivers
1857TrialSchooner36t.H. Rand Manitowoc
1860Two Charlies (rebuilt)Schooner110t.R.L. Bell Manitowoc
1861Sunbeam (Victor)
Steamer450t.W. Bates ManitowocLaunched as Victor, was torn apart by a gale and sunk at Keweenaw 28 Aug 1863, 28 lives lost one survivor
Propeller, wood434t.W. Bates & Son ManitowocBeached in a gale at Au Sable Point, MI and went to pieces 25 Sept 1873, no lives lost
1861HornetMerchant schooner40t. 60ft.Two RiversBroke up in Lake Michigan at Good Harbor Bay near Petoskey, MI. November, 1870.
1863Chicago Board of Trade
Schooner422t.G.S. Rand ManitowocStruck Niagara Reef in Lake Erie during a gale and was torn apart, 21 Nov 1900
1863Sea GemSchooner103t.Bates & Son Manitowoc
1864Nabob (Waukesha)Schooner310t.G.S. Rand ManitowocLaunched as Waukesha, became waterlogged and sank in rough weather off Muskegon, MI, 7 Nov 1896, six lives lost
Schooner310t.G.S. Rand, Two RiversFoundered in a storm at Sturgeon Point, Lake Huron. Five lives lost.
1866OrionSteamer600t.G.S. Rand ManitowocStruck a bar at the harbor entrance at Grand Haven, MI on 16 Oct 1870 and was pounded to pieces. No lives lost.
1867Northwest (Greyhound)
Steamer1109t. 236ft.G.S. Rand ManitowocSank in 1904 in slip at Detroit, MI
1867Alice RichardsSchooner285t.Jasper Hanson Manitowoc
1867FleetwingSchooner344t. 145 ft.H. Burger ManitowocBeached and broken up at Death's Door on the tip of the Door Peninsula Sept 1885. No lives lost.
1868Jesse PhillipsSchooner147t.E.W. Packard Manitowoc
1868Jonah RichardsTug25t.Jasper Hanson Manitowoc
1868Kitty SmokeTug75t.Jasper Hanson ManitowocBurned at the mouth of the Saginaw River, 1889, no lives lost.
1868ManitowocSchooner569t. 210 ft.G.S. Rand ManitowocWrecked on North Manitou Island, MI., 10 Nov 1900
1868S.A. Wood
Schooner314t.H. Burger ManitowocBattered by a storm 13 Nov 1904, made it to Milwaukee. Skipper was killed. Ship was never repaired and abandoned.
1869C.L. JohnstonSchooner199t.E.W. Packard Manitowoc
Steamer470t.G.S. Rand ManitowocLost at Tonawanda, NY. 18 Nov. 1898
1869Louisa McDonald
(Lily E.)
Schooner210t.J. Hanson Manitowoc
Steamer624t.G.S. Rand Manitowoc
1870EvaSchooner15t.W. McCullom Manitowoc
1870CoronaSidewheel steamer470gt 374ntG. S. Rand, ManitowocCaught fire and burned. 18 Nov 1898
1870H.E. McAllisterSchooner237t.J. Hanson Manitowoc
1870IndustrySchooner55t.P. Larson Manitowoc
1870J. & A. Stronach (rebuilt) (B.C.F.M.)Schooner143t.J. Hanson Manitowoc
1870J.B. Newland
Schooner173t. 112ft.Jasper Hanson ManitowocThick fog and heavy seas drove her aground east of South Manitou Island. No lives lost. 8 Sept. 1910
Steamer70t. or 761t.G.S. Rand ManitowocBurned at the dock in the famous Chicago Fire, 9 Oct 1871
1870NormanSteamer996t.G.S. Rand Manitowoc
1871Christine Neilson/NilsonSchooner315t.Hanson & Scove ManitowocLost near Bailey's Harbor, WI. 21 Oct. 1884
1871David SmokeBarge
Capt. Morgan Manitowoc
1871EspindolaSchooner54t.P. Larson ManitowocBroke up in a storm just north of the Chicago waterfront on 10 April 1882
1871G. Knapp (rebuilt)Schooner186t.P. Larson Manitowoc
1871Kate L. BruceSchooner34t.Hanson & Scove ManitowocLost off Alpena, MI. 8 Nov 1877. All (8) lives lost.
1871L. MeekerSchooner312t.Hanson & Scove Manitowoc
Sidewheel Steamer618t. 193ft.G.S. Rand ManitowocDied in drydock. Some supports fell and it destroyed her hull when she hit the ground on 22 Sep 1896
1871Willie KellerSchooner263t.Hanson & Scove Manitowoc
1872City of ManitowocSchooner310t.H. Burger Manitowoc
1872Margaret A. MuirSchooner347t.Hanson & Scove Manitowoc
1872Mary L. HiggieSchooner310t.Hanson & Scove Manitowoc
1872Menominee (Iowa)Steamer796t. 202ft.Burger Boat, ManitowocCaught in the ice in the Chicago harbor and was crushed and sank. Crew walked to shore. 4 Feb 1915
1872MinnehahaSchooner60t. 71ft.M. Ornes ManitowocSank near Whiting, IN, July 1905
1872OcontoSteamer505t.G.S. Rand Manitowoc
1872Thomas H. HowlandSchooner299t.Hanson & Scove Manitowoc
1872WillisSchooner260t.P. Larson ManitowocDisappeared on Lake Ontario
1873Blazing StarSchooner279t. 137ft.H. Burger ManitowocGrounded and broke up on Fisherman Shoal near Washington Island, WI., 10 Nov 1887, no lives lost.
1873C. LulingSchooner233t.P. Larson Manitowoc
1873C.C. BarnesSchooner582t.H. Burger Manitowoc
1873De Pere (State of Michigan)Steamer736t. 175ft.G.S. Rand ManitowocAt the mouth of the White River, MI, it threw a piston rod through the bottom of the hull and sank. Everyone made it to shore safely. 18 Oct 1901
1873FalmouthSchooner234t.Hanson & Scove ManitowocLost at the mouth of the harbor at Buffalo, NY. 21 Nov. 1880.
1873FelicitousSchooner199t.P. Larson Manitowoc
1873Guido PfisterSchooner694t. 198ft.J. Hanson ManitowocWas being towed by a tug at the mouth of the Duluth Ship Canal, towline broke and she drifted onto some rocks. Abandoned in place and allowed to rot. 10 Oct 1885
1873G.C. TrumpffSchooner347t.J. Butler ManitowocThe schooner G.C. Trumpff, built by Windiate & Butler, of Manitowoc, which crossed the Atlantic last season, is again on the lakes staunch and sturdy as ever. Manitowoc Co. Chronicle, June 1, 1875
1873George MurraySchooner790t. 203ft.G.S. Rand ManitowocBlew ashore in a gale at Pictured Rocks near Munising, MI and wrecked on the rocks. No loss of life. 25 Oct. 1893.
1873Henry C. RichardsSchooner700t. 189ft.H. Burger ManitowocWent down at an unreported position on Lake Michigan. 6 Oct 1895
1873Hattie A EstelleSchooner
H. Burger ManitowocWent down at an unreported position on Lake Michigan. 6 Oct 1895
1873H.M. ScoveSchooner305t. 138ft.Hanson & Scove ManitowocFoundered of Pilot Island in Death's Door Passage, Green Bay. Nov. 1891
1873Hunting BoySchooner55t.Captain Christianson M Manitowoc
1873L.J. ConwaySchooner90t.Larson and Son ManitowocWrecked in a storm north of White Lake, MI. near Fowler Creek. Five lives lost. 17 Nov. 1896
1873LydiaLaunch83t. 80ft.Rand & Burger ManitowocWent down in a gale out on Lake Michigan. 20 Oct. 1902
1873Mystic StarSchooner339t.J. Butler Manitowoc
1873ThistleSchooner363t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1873W. RichardsTug19t.J. Richards Manitowoc
1873City of Woodstock
(R. Kanters)
Schooner164t. 112ft.P. Larson ManitowocSank 3 mi. off Plum Island at Green Bay. 29 May 1896
1873TypoSchooner335t. 137ft.ManitowocCollided with the V H Ketchum and sank off Presque Isle in Lake Huron. 4 or 9 person lost. 14 Oct. 1899.
1873Cornelia B. WindiateSchooner322t.Thos. Windiate ManitowocMissing in a gale in the Straits of Mackinac, off Middle Island near Rogers City, MI. 10 Dec 1875 with all the crew.
1874ChicagoSteamer747t.G.S. Rand Manitowoc
1874GrangerMerchant Schooner366t. 155ft.Hanson & Scove Two RiversTotally wrecked on Seul Choix Point on Lake Michigan. 1896
1874David VanceSchooner774t.J. Butler ManitowocLost southwest of Point Pelee. 20 July 1893.
1874DioneTug9t.G.S. Rand Manitowoc
1874J. DuvallLaunch132t. 107ft.Rand & Burger Manitowoc4 accounts: Wrecked on South Manitou Island 11 Dec.1905; Sunk near Harsen's Island in Lake St. Clair, 5 Dec. 1905; Sunk on Lake Superior, 1904; Off Two Rivers after 1900. Only one schooner registered during that time with this name.
1874Bertie CalkinsSchooner248t. 134ft.Hanson & Scove Two RiversFoundered near Belleville, Ontario, 3 Oct 1919
1874J.I. CaseSchooner828t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1874Julia LarsenSchooner59t. 70ft.P. Larsen ManitowocStranded at s.e. corner of Thunder Bay Island in Lake Huron. Total loss. 1912
1874Mary R. AnnSchooner20t.unlisted Manitowoc
1874MerchantSchooner66t.P. Larson ManitowocWrecked in a storm near Sandusky, OH. 28 June 1904.
1874Mocking BirdSchooner166t.J. Richards Manitowoc
1874RamadarySchooner22t.Captain Worden Manitowoc
1874RapSchooner8t.J. Hanson Manitowoc
1874UlsterTug50t.none listed Manitowoc
1874J O ThayerSchooner380t. 166ft.none listed Two RiversStranded near Sheboygan, badly damaged on 18 Nov. 1881. Salvaged the next year, rebuilt and put back into service.
1875Frank CanfieldTug48t. 62.5ft.Rand & Burger ManitowocBroke up and sank in a gale near Big Sable Point, MI in Lake MI. 3 crewmen lost. 11 Apr 1904.
1875H. B. Burger (rebuilt from Traveler)Cargo ship214t. Rand & Burger ManitowocThe old schooner Traveler has been re-built and re-christened by Messrs. Rand & Berger, of Manitowoc. Her name is now Henry Berger. She is almost entirely new, nothing but the keel and a few braces being used of the old vessel. May 18, 1875, Manitowoc Co. Chronicle

Foundered 2 mi. S. of the Chicago waterfront. 21 May 1883

1875John V. JonesSchooner236t. 125ft.Rand & Burger ManitowocThe cabin of the new schooner John V. Jones is the most completely and elegantly furnished of any vessel that has left the Manitowoc harbor for some time. We understand that Anton Vogt manufactured the furniture and fixtures. Anton has already won a high reputation for the manufacture of elegant furniture, but this last job of his has shoved it up another notch. Manitowoc Co. Chronicle, June 22, 1875

Foundered in a storm near the Harrington Beach shore, WI. 2 crewmen died. 20 Oct. 1905

1875John SchuetteSchooner270t. 137ft.Hanson & Scove Two RiversThe prospects now are that the John Schuette, the new schooner of Hanson & Scove's, will cross the Atlantic soon. Manitowoc Co. Chronicle, June 1, 1875

Collided with the Alfred Mitchell off Ecorse, MI., 2 July 1909. Wrecked and abandoned. No lives lost.

1875Lucia A. SimpsonSchooner227t. 127ft.Rand & Burger ManitowocFire destroyed her at her layup dock at Sturgeon Bay, WI. 5 Dec. 1935
1875SuccessSchooner161t.Captain Jorgenson Manitowoc
1876Lottie CooperSchooner265t. 131ft.Rand & Burger ManitowocCapsized in Lake Michigan off Sheboygan, WI. One life lost. 9 April 1894
1876Tennie and LauraSchooner57t. 73ft.Captain Jorgenson ManitowocSank on Lake Michigan between Muskegon, MI and Milwaukee WI. 1 crewman lost.
1877B. JonesSchooner45t.Captain Knudson Manitowoc
1877H. EschSchooner42t.J. Butler Manitowoc
1877Irma L. WheelerTug51t. 66ft.Rand & Burger ManitowocDestroyed by fire near Charlevoix, MI on what is now Lake Charlevoix. 1 April 1905
1877MinnieTug40t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1879I. StephensonBarge461t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1879ImperialLaunch68t.Burger Manitowoc
1880Daisy DaySteam barge124t.Hanson & Scove ManitowocLost near Little Point Sable, MI. 11 Oct. 1891.
1880H.C. Albrecht (Thomas Hume)Schooner309t.Hanson & Scove ManitowocOn a Chicago-Muskegon run and simply disappeared with 6 crewmen. 21 May 1891
1880Henry WhitbeckSchooner Barge498t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1880Ludington (Georgia)Steamer842t.G.S. Rand Manitowoc
1880M.A. KnappTug18t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1880May RichardsSchooner511t. 161ft.James Butler ManitowocStranded and went to pieces on Lake Erie at North Bass Island. No lives lost. 6 Oct 1906
1880PenobscotSchooner260t. 131ft.Rand & Burger ManitowocSeriously damaged in a collision in the St. Clair River at Marine City, MI. Total loss. 19 Aug 1925
1880S. M. StephensonBarge511t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1881A.A. CarpenterSchooner Barge540t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1881ArcticTug52t. 64ft.G.S. Rand ManitowocFoundered on rocks in Lake Huron south of Harbor Beach, MI. Sept. 1893
1881Emily B. Maxwell
Schooner360t. 148ft.Hanson & Scove ManitowocDestroyed on the breakwater in a gale at Cleveland on Lake Erie. 31 Aug 1909
1881Isolda BockSchooner70t.Captain Jorgenson ManitowocWrecked in heavy seas off Beaver Island, Lake Michigan, Sept. 1916
1881Lalla RookhSchooner60t.James Butler Manitowoc
1881MelittaSchooner83t.Hanson & Rand Manitowoc
1881OlgaSchooner308t. 137ft.Rand & Burger ManitowocWent ashore and was destroyed by the waves north of Goderich, Ontario on Lake Huron. Nov. 1905
1881Rube RichardsSteamer815t.James Butler Manitowoc
1881T.L. ParkerSchooner628t.Hanson & Scove Manitowoc
1881TallahasseeSchooner760t.P. Larson Manitowoc
1881Thomas H. SmithSteamer281t. 130ft.Rand & Burger ManitowocCollided with the Arthur Orr northeast of Racine, WI. Boiler exploded and destroyed it. Nov. 1883
1882AliceSchooner307t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1882Burt BarnesSchooner134t. 95ft.Rand & Burger ManitowocThe Burt Barnes has had a new foremast put in. Manitowoc Pilot, March 8, 1894

Foundered 10 mi. off Long Point, Lake Ontario, 3 Sept 1926

1882George PankratzTug63t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1882J. C. PerrettSchooner160'Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1882J. Loomis McLarenSchooner286t. 132ft.Hanson & Scove ManitowocFoundered 4.5 mi. north of downtown Chicago. 1 crewmember lost. 18 May 1894.
1882MishicotSchooner73t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1882R. A. Seymour, Jr.Steamer131t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1882W. A. GoodmanSchooner324t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1882C. M. CharnleyTug83t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1882ClaraSchooner137'Burger Manitowoc
1882Duncan CityTug79t.Burger Manitowoc
1883Emma L. NeilsonSchooner-barge90t. 98ft.Hanson & Scove ManitowocRammed and sunk by the Wyandotte 12 mi. east of Tawas Bay in Lake Huron. 26 June 1911.
1883Farrand H. WilliamsScow 94t.Capt. F. Williams Manitowoc
1883Glad TidingsSchooner82t. 79ft.J. Butler ManitowocSank on the Detroit River with a cargo of stone. 4 seamen drowned. 29 July 1894.
1884G. WilliamsTug46t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1884G.J. BoyceSchooner319t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1884LinerlaSchooner77t.Hanson & Scove ManitowocA smart looking little trading schooner was launched at the shipyard
on Saturday afternoon. She was christened the "Linderla" and was built
for O. Torrison Esq. by Hanson and Scove. Her dimensions are 76 ft.
keel 21 ft. beam, 6 1/2 ft. hold. She flies the "Baine & Logan" flag.
Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, September 23, 1884 P.2
1885Grace WilliamsSteamer46t.Capt. F. Williams ManitowocLost near N. Manitou Island. 28 May 1896.
1885James H. HallSchooner100t. 92ft.Hanson & Scove ManitowocLost off Thunder Bay River south of Alpena MI on Lake Huron. 7 Nov. 1916
1885SplashSloop20'Burger Manitowoc
1885MarinetteSteamer Tug61t.Rand & Burger ManitowocBurned to a total loss. 28 June 1926.
1886MarinetteLaunch89'Burger Manitowoc
1886DolphinSloop20'Burger Manitowoc
1887A.D. Hayward Wooden Steamer304t. 138ft.Burger & Burger ManitowocWas crushed and foundered in an ice floe on Lake Huron at Harbor Beach, MI. 11 April 1911.
1887E.M. TiceSteamer728t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1887Francis HintonWooden Steamer397t. 164ft.Hanson & Scove ManitowocBroke up off Two Rivers, WI in a storm. No lives lost. 16 Nov. 1909
1887RandSteamer191t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1887Wau BunTug63t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1888Andrew Johnson (rebuilt)Steamer
Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1888Fannie HartSteamer476t.Burger & Burger ManitowocCaptains Henry and Cliff Hart were in the city on Monday. Before leaving for home they had work commenced on their boats. The Fanny Hart will receive a new boiler and will be refitted. The Moore will also receive a new boiler. The three boats will be painted. Manitowoc Pilot, March 8, 1894
1888Lizzie MetznerSchooner77t.Rand & Burger Manitowoc
1888Mark B. CovellSteamer261t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1888PetoskeyWooden Steamer735t. 171ft.Burger & Burger ManitowocDestroyed by fire at the scrapyard at Sturgeon Bay, WI. 5 Dec. 1935
1888W.C. KimballScow-Schooner33g 31nManitowocFoundered in a gale in Lake Michigan. 8 or 12 May 1891
1889City of RacineFerry Steamer1041t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1889Cora A.Schooner381t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1889Isabella J. BoyceSteamer368t.Burger & Burger ManitowocGrounded and destroyed by fire. 6 June 1917
1889John E. HallSteamer343t. 139ft.Hanson & Scove ManitowocSank in a blizzard and gale in Lake Ontario north of Main Duck Island. 9 (all) crewmembers lost. 14 Dec. 1902
1890ActorSchooner30t.Roeber Brothers Manitowoc
1890S.M. StephensonBarge162'Burger Manitowoc
1890City of MarquetteFerry114'Burger Manitowoc
1890Eugene C. Hart (Norland)
Steamer407t. 122ft.Burger & Burger ManitowocSprang a leak and sank about 2 mi. off Milwaukee, 13 Nov 1922
1890H. LudingtonTug47t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1890IndianaSteamer1177t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1890Sidney O. NeffSchooner346t. 160ft.Burger & Burger ManitowocSprang a leak and sank near the Menominee River, Michigan. June 1940.
1891Edwin/Edward Buckley
Steamer414t. 154ft.Burger & Burger ManitowocCaught fire in Georgian Bay at Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron. 1 Sept. 1929.
1891George CooperTug53t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1891I.M. Leatham (Raber)Tug50t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1892AliceSchooner137'Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1892Alice E. Simpson/ShipmanTug40t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1892Anne Belle/AnabelleTug48t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1892FearlessTug28t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1892Myrtle CampSchooner49t. 68ft.Burger & Burger ManitowocSank off Deadman's Point north of Menominee, MI on Lake Michigan, 18 May 1892.
1892S.A. DixonTug29t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1893Julia C. HammelTug28t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1893R.M. CooperTug27t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1894Sea GullSloop
Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1894LotusSteamer219t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1894Sydney O. NeffSteamer435t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1895Sidney T. SmithTug71t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
Burger & Burger Manitowoc

Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1896El TrumpoLaunch80'Burger & Burger Manitowoc
Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1897SedonieTug14t.Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1898AlphardTug32t. 58'Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1898BradwellTug44t. 63'Burger & Burger Manitowoc
1898C.W. Endress (Mack Jean)
Tug73t.Burger & Burger ManitowocBurned in port a total loss. Aug. 1927.
Burger & Burger ManitowocBurned in port a total loss. Aug. 1927.
Burger & Burger ManitowocThe government yacht Ariadne, recently launched at the Burger & Burger ship yard in this city, made a trip two (sic) Two Rivers Sunday. The trip from the government pier at this point to the pier at Two Rivers was made in thirty minutes and the return trip was made in twenty-five minutes. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Apr. 17, 1899
1899Robert E. BurkeTug73t. Manitowoc

1899SunshineSloop47' Manitowoc
1899SwastikaSloop36' Manitowoc
1899Two MyrtlesTug96t. Manitowoc
1900AnglerTug14t. Manitowoc
1900J.B. BradwellTug32t. Manitowoc
1900J.F. MayTug62t. Manitowoc
1901Vernon Jr.Launch80'Burger, Manitowoc
1903Burger SteelTug
Built for Mr. John Coffey Manistique, Mich.
1903Chequamegon (Robert C Pringle) Wood Passenger Steamer-tug141t. 101ft.Built for Chequamegon Bay Trans. Co. of Ashland, Wis.Sank off Manitowoc, WI. 19 July, 1922.
1904RhineGas screw packet12t. 39ft.Built at ManitowocFoundered in a storm off Frankfort, Michigan. All crew was lost. 26 Dec. 1904.
1905Francis T. SimmonsSteel Suction Dredge
Built for Atlantic Equipment Co.
1905Josephine SteelTug46t.Built for Chesbrough Bros. Bay City, Michigan
1905MajesticSteel Dipper Dredge
Built for Edward Bros. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
1905MaywoodSteel Passenger Steamer 398t.Built for Escanaba & Gladstone Transportation Co., Escanaba, Mich.
1905No Name listedSteel Stone Lighter
Built for the Great Lakes Dredge &Dock Co., Chicago, Ill
1905No. 29 M.F.D.Steel Fire Boat
Built for City of Milwaukee
1905PocanticoSteel Dipper Dredge
Built for Empire Building Corporation New York
25'Burger, Manitowoc - Built for John Schuette
(W.H. Meyer)
Steel Tug130t. 90ft.ManitowocBuilt as W.H. Meyer, went down in a storm off Cleveland with all 14 crew members, 2 Dec 1944.
1907WandererWood CR43'Burger, ManitowocBuilt for F. Robert Zeit
1907RangerWood Yawl49' 06"Burger, Manitowoc
1908Avisgas screw packet (tug?)12 tManitowocSank at harbor at S. Manitou Isl. 1 Jan 1939
1908Graeme StewartSteel Fire Boat298t.Built for City of Chicago
1908H. DahlkeSteel Sand Barge450t.Built for Lake Sand Co. Chicago, Ill. by the Manitowoc Dry Dock Co.Lost at Sandwich, Ontario. 22 Dec. 1938.
1908Joseph MedillSteel Fire Boat298t.Built for City of Chicago
1909James A. PughSteel Freight Lighter401t.Built for Chicago Lighterage Co. Chicago, Ill
1909Manitowoc SteelU.S. Survey & Inspection Steamer174t.Built for U.S. Engineers Dept. Milwaukee, Wisc.
1909United States
Steel Passenger Steamer1374t. 258ft.Built for the Indiana Transportation Co. Chicago, Ill.Burned to the hull at dock at Sarnia, Ont. 6 June 1927. Salvaged and became the steamer Batiscan that was scrapped in 1944.
1909WaubesaWood CR45'Burger, Manitowoc
1910No name listedSteel Car Float
Built for Chicago River & Indiana R.R. Co., Chicago
1910AdeleSteel Freight Lighter402t.Built for Western Transit Co., Buffalo, N.Y.
1910AlabamaSteel Passenger Steamer2626t.Built for Goodrich Transit Co.
1910M. HauslerSteel Sand Barge609t.Built for Lake Sand Co. Chicago, Ill.
1911CommerceSteel Freight Lighter280t.Built for Merchants Lighterage Co. Chicago, Ill.
1911No name listedSteel Dump ScowTotal Cubic Yard Capacity 12,100None Given
1912E. GunnellPropeller, Steel, sandsucker638g 468nManitowocStranded and wrecked in a storm. Dec. 1912
1915AmericaWooden propeller tug
Burger Boat, ManitowocLost at Port Huron. 9 Feb. 1952
1922Anabel IIOil Screw Fish Tug62t.Burger Boat Co., Manitowoc, WisDestroyed by fire at her winter dock.
1922White SwanPropeller81 ft, 99 t.Burger Boat Co., Manitowoc, WisStranded on a reef in a storm/fog.
1937Linda E. (Le Clair Bros.)Propeller fishing tug29g 20nBurger Boat Co., Manitowoc, Wisunknown (probable collision). 11 Dec. 1998. 3 lives lost.
1941CormorantPropeller tug, steel [oil screw]18 g 12 nBurger Boat Co., Manitowoc, WisFoundered in a storm. 1958, Oct 16 or 17