State and Federal Censuses for Manitowoc County

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The census is listed according to their townships.

1821 Voters List, 1822 State Census, 1829 Petition List
Brown County

1836 State Census
Brown County

1837 State Census,
Manitowoc Township

In 1837 Manitowoc County was still part of Brown County.
The state census taken in 1837 listed Manitowoc as a township.

1840 Federal Census,
Whole County

1842 State Census
Whole County

1850 Federal Census

[Manitowoc Rapids][Meeme][Newton]
[Two Rivers]

Master index to the 1850 Census

From the Manitouwoc County Herald, Saturday, November 30, 1850:

Census Returns
We are indebted to Deputy Marshal Bennett, for the following statements of the
census of the County of Manitouwoc. They give the number of inhabitants to the
first of June last. There has been a heavy increase since.

Two Rivers,          924
Manitouwoc,          756
Manitouwoc Rapids   1092
Newton,              497
Memee,               210
Centerville,         223   Total 3702

Of these there were natives of

Wisconsin,                 409
State of New York,         376
Other States of the Union, 366
Germany,                  1378
Norway,                    246
Ireland,                   175
Eng. Scotland & Wales,     120
Canada,                    265
Other Foreign States,      255
Unknown,                   103
Whole number of males     2146
 "       "      females   1556

Excess of males            590

The whole population on the first of January, 1848, was 1285, showing an increas of
2417 in a little more than two years, being again of two hundred per cent.
Previous to 1848 the business of the county was almost exclusively confined to the
manufacture of lumber; there being on the first of January of that year, but twelve
cultivated farms. Although the lumber trade has greatly increased, the ration bears
no comparison with the advancement of the agricultural interest; there being on
the first of June last over two hundred farms under good cultivation.

1855 State Census

Census transcriptions with images

NOTE: I put just one instance of each surname for a page. Be sure to check pages for more.

Cato, Franklin, Gibson, Liberty(or Buchannan), Rockland, Schleswig, and Two Creeks(Rowley) were not separated as townships in 1855. For additional information on the formation of these towns, see the Town History Page

The State Census is to be taken in the months of June and July 
to commence the first of June. In all incorporated Villages, 
the Corporation Clerks are to take the census; in organized 
towns, or where there is no Town Clerk, the Clerk of the Co. 
Board is to appoint census-takers. Compensation in incorporated 
villages, $1 per hundred, in towns, $1.50-in counties not 
organized for judicial purposes, $3.
We have been requested by the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors 
to give notice that the necessary blanks will be found at his 
office. Those interested are notified that failure to attend 
to the duties makes them liable to a heavy fine.
Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Thursday, May 3, 1855 P. 3

Mr. F. Walsh, has kindly furnished us with the following statistics 
from the census of the village of Two Rivers:
Number of Males, 562; Number of Females, 446; Total Population of 
village, 1008; Total Population of Township, 1001; Foreign born, 
Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Tuesday, July 17, 1855 P. 3

Mr. Roeser, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors has furnished us 
with the following information obtained while taking the census 
within the limits of the Village.
Population of 1st Ward: Males, 827; Females, 880; (Total) 1507
2nd Ward: Males, 370; Females, 306; (Total) 676
Colored, 2 (Total) 2185.
Foreign birth, 1385
Mr. Roeser informs us that he has found but little sickness, 
and that there is an evidence of general properity among all 
It is extimated that there are not less than 400 inhabitants 
in the immediate neighborhood of the village, but who reside 
outside the limits of the corporation.
Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Thursday, July 12, 1855 P. 3

1860 Federal Census

[Gibson][Kossuth][Buchannan (now Liberty)][Manitowoc]
[Manitowoc Rapids][Maple Grove][Meeme][Mishicot][Newton]
[Rockland][Schleswig][Rowley (now Two Creeks)][Two Rivers]

Master index to the 1860 Census

1870 Federal Census

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[Cato] [Centerville][Cooperstown] [Eaton] [Franklin]
[Gibson] [Kossuth] [Liberty] [Manitowoc]
[Manitowoc Rapids] [Maple Grove] [Meeme] [Mishicot][Newton]
[Rockland] [Schleswig] [Two Creeks] [Two Rivers]

Transcribed by Rosie and Shari

1875 State Census Images

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[Cato] [Centerville] [Cooperstown] [Eaton] [Franklin] [Gibson] [Kossuth] [Liberty] [Manitowoc]
[Manitowoc Rapids] [Maple Grove] [Meeme] [Mishicott] [Newton] [Rockland]
[Schleswig] [Two Creeks] [Two Rivers]

Transcribed by Shari

1880 Federal Census

[Cato] [Centerville] [Cooperstown] [Eaton] [Franklin]
[Gibson] [Kossuth] [Liberty] [Manitowoc Township]
[Manitowoc Rapids] [Maple Grove] [Meeme] [Mishicot] [Newton]
[Rockland] [Schleswig] [Two Creeks]

[City of Manitowoc Wards 1 and 3]    [City of Manitowoc Wards 2 and 4]

[City of Two Rivers]    [Two Rivers Township]

Transcribed by Rosie, Audrey and Dolph

Note A. - The Census Year begins June 1, 1879, and ends May 31, 1880.
Note B. All persons will be included in the Enumeration who were living on the 1st day of June, 1880. No others will. Children BORN SINCE June 1, 1880, will be omitted. Members of Families who have DIED SINCE June 1, 1880, will be INCLUDED.

1885 State Census

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[Cato] [Centerville] [Cooperstown] [Eaton] [Franklin] [Gibson] [Kossuth] [Liberty] [Manitowoc]
[Manitowoc Rapids] [Maple Grove] [Meeme] [Mishicot] [Newton] [Rockland] [Schleswig]
[Two Creeks] [Two Rivers]

Transcribed by Jan

[1885 Soldiers and Sailors census]

1890 Census
Whatever happened to it?

1890 Veterans Schedule

1891 Reedsville Census

1895 State Census

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[Cato] [Centerville] [Cooperstown] [Eaton] [Franklin] [Gibson] [Kiel] [Kossuth] [Liberty]
[Manitowoc] [Manitowoc Rapids] [Maple Grove] [Meeme] [Mishicott] [Newton] [Village of Reedsville]
[Rockland] [Schleswig] [Two Creeks] [Two Rivers]

Transcribed by Wendy

1900 Federal Census

[Cato] [Centerville] [Cooperstown] [Eaton] [Franklin] [Gibson] [Kossuth] [Liberty]
[Manitowoc] [Manitowoc Rapids] [Maple Grove] [Meeme] [Mishicot] [Newton]
[Rockland] [Schleswig] [Two Creeks] [Two Rivers]

There are a hundred lines to a set (2) pages for this census.

1905 State Census

These pages were donated by Teri. It consists of a few pages each of these townships.

[Franklin] [Gibson] [Kossuth] [Manitowoc-Ward 3] [Manitowoc-Ward 4]
[Mishicot] [Schleswig] [Two Rivers] [Two Rivers-Ward 1]

1910 Federal Census

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I truncated pages that didn't have any more info on them.
Missing page numbers indicate a blank page.
Lined out entries mean the person died during the year before the census was taken.

[Cato] [Centerville] [Cooperstown] [Eaton] [Franklin] [Gibson] [Kossuth] [Liberty]
[Manitowoc] [Manitowoc Rapids] [Maple Grove] [Meeme] [Mishicot] [Newton]
[Rockland] [Schleswig] [Two Creeks] [Two Rivers]

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1920 Federal Census

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[Manitowoc Rapids][Maple Grove][Meeme][Mishicot][Newton]
[Rockland][Schleswig][Two Creeks][Two Rivers]

[City of Manitowoc][City of Two Rivers][City of Reedsville][City of Kiel]