Town of Newton, Newton Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: Take Silver Creek Road to So. 26th Street, then 0.2 miles south on So. 26th Street, on the west side of the road.
This cemetery is well cared for and is part of the Calvary Cemetery Association of Manitowoc. The church is long gone,
but the oldest stone dates back to 1821.
(note: this must have been mis-read because there were no settlers here at that early date.)
The original material was copied July 16, 1977, typed and proofread by Marcie Baer, member of the Manitowoc County
Old Cemetery Society. The site was revisited by Mitchell J. Hein in the summer of 1997.
Corrections and additions were made to this material on 30 August 1997.
Updated again in 2004 by Thomas A. Strauss, Superintendent Calvary Cemetery
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Large Stone reads: die Verstorben von Der Familie Ackermann.
   No other stone nearby.
Anna Ackermann/Geb. Mar. 1, 1862/Gest. Mar. 12, 1905

ANDRASTEK: Deacon Phillip S./b. Jan. 11, 1939/d. July 1, 2008/ ordained Deacon fall of 1986, ossw: Lucille/b. May 5, 1937

BAUER: Anna Bauer/Geb. 23 Nov. 1825/Gest./23 Apr. 1904, ossw: Anton Bauer/Geb. 9 Feb. 1815/Gest./13 Feb. 1913, ossw: Vater/und/Mutter (also footstones: Mutter/Vater), next to: Cecelia Bauer/Mar. 6, 1857/Feb. 6, 1918 Peter Bauer/Gestorben/25 Aug. 1865/Alt 45 Jahre.

BINGEN: See Trossen See Floszbach

BRUNS: Emma Bruns/1872-1960 (on same lot with Roedig)

DE MUSIEL: Franz De Musiel/Starb/12 Jan. 1869/Alter 53 Jahre, next to: Johann De Musiel/Geb. 1 Dec. 1854/Gest. 28 Oct. 1863

DHEIN: Joseph R., Sr./b. 04 Mar. 1922/d. 22 Mar. 2004, ossw: Eileen M./b. 15 July 1924/married 07 July 1943

DORSCH: Johann Dorsch/Geboren/22 July 1802/Gestorben/25 Dec. 1871 Footstone: J.D.

DUVENECK: Charles/1864-1938, ossw: Margaret/1864-1946

EGGLOFF: Peter Eggloff/Gest. 31 Mai 1881/Alter/52 Jahre, ossw: Regina Eggloff/Geb. WAGNER/Gest. 17 Juli 1880/Alter 18 Jahre 10 mon. (cement cover) Footstones: Vater/Mutter, next to: Gustave Eggloff/Dec. 17, 1862/Feb. 12, 1906

FELLER: Katharina Feller/Gattin von/P. Feller/geboren/9 Juni 1825/gest./17 Aug. 1873, next to: Peter Feller/Geb. 26 Juni 1821/Gest. 26 Nov. 1897 (stone broken off and standing on ground; cement cover over plot) U.S. War vet flag holder (J. Feller/Death notice in Der Nord Westen, 23 Nov. 1882 The wife of John P. Pitsch, who died on Sunday was buried in St. Peters Church Cemetery in Newton, then Mr. J. Feller, Mrs. Pitsch's father who died Mon. was buried in the same cemetery.) See PITSCH

FISCH: Large Stone (newer) no data on stones nearby.

FLOSBACH: Fred Flosbach/Died Mar. 17, 1913/Age 41 years.

FLOSZBACH: Willie/Sohn von Floszbach/Gest im alter var 4 Jaren, ossw: Maria/Gattin von F. Floszbach/gebne BINGEN/Gest. 12 Mai 1871/36 Jahre

FRAENZL: Maria Fraenzl/Geb. 30 Juli 1842/Gest. 11 Juli 1901, ossw: Robert W. FRANZL/Starb/10 Oct. 1886/alter 51 Jahre, ossw: Venzel Fraenzl/Geb. 3 Jan. 1801/Gest./4 Mai 1873 Franciska Fraenzl/Geb. 13 Feb. 1805/Gest./20 Feb. 1896, ossw: Joseph SCHINDLER/Geb./15 Feb. 1870/Gest/18 Nov. 1891, ossw: Anna SCHINDLER/Gest. 20 Apr. 1915

GADZINSKI: Alois/1909-1993 (b. 31 Oct 1909/d. 30 Dec 1993/SSDI), ossw: Irene/1915 - Hein - 2000 (b. 16 Dec 1915/d. 4 Mar 2000/SSDI), ossw: Michael/1937-____

GUETZLOE: Giesbert Guetzloe/Lieut. Co. B/9th Wis. Inf. (War vet marker) (Note: This is probably Gilbert Guetzloe - 9th WI Infantry, Company B Born ca 1825 Enlisted: September 14, 1861 as a 2nd Lieut. from Newton; 36 years old, Farmer, 6', blue eyes, light hair Resigned: January 23, 1862 Manitowoc Soldiers & Sailors Regimental Reunion Roster, 1880: Guetzloe, Gisbert (Lt.) Manitowoc Died: Buried: St. Peter's Cemetery, Newton Gravesite: 3-3: "Lieut/Ciesbert Cuetzloe/Co. B/9th Wis. Inf. - War vet marker Tombstone

HARDIE: Kathleen HEIN Hardie/b. 31 July 1947/d. 22 Aug. 1997

HARTUNG: Baby/Daughter of/Norbert & Carla/Hartung/1928, next to: Carla Hartung/1890-1973

HEIN: Frederick J. Hein/b. 16 Dec. 1923/d. 28 Nov. 2002 Mathies C./Father/1876-1947, ossw: Odelia C./Mother/1884-1969, next to: Nicholas J./1904-1981, ossw: Evelyn E./1908-1976 (29 Jun 1908/Aug 1976/SSDI) Phillip/1886-1954, ossw: Elizabeth/1894-1987 (Elsie Hein/Mar 06 1894/Jul 1987/SSDI/ She was Elizabeth "Elsie" (Trost) Hein, the wife of Phillip Frank Hein), next to: John P. Hein/Jan. 9, 1882/Mar. 22, 1932, next to: Philipp Hein/June 1, 1850/Nov. 29, 1914, ossw: Margaret Hein/May 10, 1848/Oct. 13, 1928 Footstones: Mother/Father Joseph/Son/Oct. 16, 1899/Aug. 4, 1918, ossw: Mary/Mother/Dec. 7, 1854/Apr. 4, 1917, ossw: Joyce Ann Hein/25 Feb. 1930/06 Aug. 2003, ossw: Marshall F./b. 1928/married 23 Nov. 1949, ossw: Matt/Father/Aug. 9, 1854/May 27, 1915, next to: Peter H. Hein/Born Feb. 11, 1879/Died Feb. 2, 1906 Paul E./1919-1989 (18 Nov 1919/27 Aug 1989/SSDI), next to: See KOWALSKI See HARDIE

HELFERT: Joseph Helfert/Geb./7 April 1841/Gest./26 Juli 1892, ossw: Mathilda Helfert/Geb./4 Juni 1847/Gest./8 Sept. 1885

JAGEMANN: Robert W. Jagemann/1923-1924, next to: Mary E. Jagemann/1919-1932

JANSCH: Johann Jansch/23 July 1802/25 Dec. 1821 *Unsure of spelling of last name (NOTE: This can't be right..1821 is too early for this county.) Footstone: J.J.

JARVIS: Kelly Ann Jarvis/b. 25 Nov. 1968/d. 01 Sept. 2001

JORDANS: Peter Jordans/17 Juli 1878/Alter 78 Jahre, ossw: Barbara/Gattin von P. Jordans/Gestorben 1873/Alter 73 Jahre Footstones: P.J./B.J.

KASELESKI: (Matt Kaseleski/d. 23 Oct. 1889/from obit-no stone)


KLEINBAUER: Josephine Kleinbauer/1869-1941 Thomas Kleinbauer/Gest. 6 Juli 1926/Alter/95 Jahre, ossw: Eva Kleinbauer/Gest./29 Mar. 1903/Alter 63 Jahre

KOLANCZYK: William Kolanczyk/Geb. 30 Marz 1826/Gest. 18 Aug. 1911, ossw: Veronica Kolanczyk/Geb. 27 Juli 1835/Gest. 8 Aug. 1913 Footstones: Mutter/Vater

KOWALSKI: Gertrude E./July 10, 1924/Oct. 26, 1997, ossw: Vernon J./Jan. 10, 1927/Nov. 15, 1993/PFC US Army WWII

KULANZEK: (Frank Kulanzek/d. 25 Mar. 1885/from obit-no stone)

LEACH: Austin/1943 - Buck - _____, ossw: Patricia/Oct. 31, 1934/May 9, 1997/married 14 May 1977

LOGAN: Keith Bradley Logan/1969/1969 (Pfeffer Funeral Home marker)

LONSDORF: John Peter Lonsdorf/Father/Apr. 9, 1890/Jan. 18, 1943 Photo, ossw: Theresa KESTLY Lonsdorf/Mother/Aug. 9, 1857/Feb. 5, 1935, next to: Rose Lonsdorf/Oct. 1, 1883/Aug. 1895 (possibly misread) (Death index: 1894 Sep 02/Lonsdorf, Rosa/co. death index v.4 p.227), next to: Anna ROCK Lonsdorf/Aug. 13, 1820/Nov. 6, 1906

LORITZ: Julius Carl Loritz/1885-1944

MALEK: Clementine Malek/1884-1951 Tombstone, next to: Florentine Malek/1865-1947 Tombstone, next to: C.J.M. Malek/Ur. 26 Sierp 1855/Um 21 Lipca 1919 Father

MULLER: Marie Anna/Gattin von/Andreas Muller/Gestorben/im Sept. 1862/Alter 38 Jahre

MUSIEL: Ida Musiel/Mother/1855-1901 (Note: This is Musial on the 1900 Newton twp. census)

NEILITZ: Ray/1911-1995 (1 Oct. 1911/18 Aug. 1995/SSDI), ossw: Dorothy/1912-____

ORTH: Annie Orth/wife of Nic Orth/Apr. 26, 1880/Sept. 9, 1903

PARWORTH: Eugene P./Feb. 4, 1914/Feb. 18, 1990, ossw: Josephine T./April 8, 1916/Sept. 13, 1997/Married/June 26, 1935

PETERSON: Frances Peterson/1866-1941

PFEFFER: Anna Marie Pfeffer, ossw: with WELLNER

PITSCH: Peter Pitsch/17 Juni 1830/27 Mai 1895, ossw: Anna FELLER/Gattin von/J.P. Pitsch/Gest. 19 Nov. 1882 Footstone: A.P., next to: P.J. Pitsch/Co. L/1st Mo. Eng'rs Tombstone

ROBERT: Margaretha Robert/Geb./19 April 1853/Gest./17 Nov. 1888, next to: Nickolaus Robert/Geb. in Freidenburg/25 Apr. 1825/Gest./13 Juni, 1895, ossw: Anna Robert/Geb. 11 Nov. 1834/Gest. 15 Juni 1915, next to: Elizabeth Robert/1863-1942 See SCHERER

ROBERTS: Jos. Roberts/May 23, 1896/May 30, 1896, next to: A.H. Roberts/June 16, 1908/Dec. 17, 1925, next to: Mathias/Father/1860-1940, ossw: Mary/Mother/1869-1945

ROCK: See LONSDORF Large Mausoleum at back of cemetery with following names on the door: Monica Rock/1878-1950, ossw: Arthur Rock/1875-1936, ossw: Mary K. Rock/1866-1932, ossw: Hubert J. Rock/1856-1935, next to: Large cement covered area, approx. 36 by 6 ft.: In Memory of John & Catherina Rock & Family, next to: Hubert Rock/Gest. 5 Marz. 1864, Alter 69 Jahre, ossw: Cath. Rock/Geb. STRUPP/Gestorben 27 Dec. 1873/Alter 53 Jahre (Stone is broken off and laying on cement covered area) (John Rock/d. July 1897/age 75 yrs./from obit-no stone) Footstone: J. & C. Rock

ROEDIG: Joseph Roedig/Geb. 12 Feb. 1879/Gest. 6 Jan. 1907, ossw: Joseph Roedig/Geb. 21 Juli 1830/Gest. 6 Mar. 1917 Separate Stones on same lot: Joe Roedig/1871-1907, next to: Theresia Roedig/Mother/1834-1918, next to: Bertha Roedig/Daughter/1859-1940, next to: Adolph Roedig/1879-1954, next to: Emma BRUNS/1872-1960

SCHERER: Mathias P. Scherer/Geb. 21 Mar. 1900/Gest. 23 Mar. 1900, ossw: Mathias P. Scherer/Geb. 24 Feb. 1867/Gest. 5 Mar. 1900, ossw: Anna M.T. Scherer/Geb. 29 Aug. 1898/Gest. 18 Apr. 1899, ossw: Theresia Scherer/Gebne ROBERT/16 Juni 1872/Gest. 19 Aug. 1904 Josephine Scherer/Born May 10, 1869/Died June 2, 1939, ossw: Joseph Scherer/Born Mar. 19, 1869/Died May 11, 1903 Alfred R. Scherer/Oct. 22, 1927/Dec. 30, 2003, ossw: Shirley A. Scherer/b. Sept. 7, 1931/married 16 May 1953 Footstones: Mother/Father

SCHINDLER: Anna Schindler/Gest. 20 Apr. 1915, ossw: FRAENZL

STEDER: Catharina/Gattin des Nick Steder/Geboren/20 Okt. 1834/Gestorben 2 Febr. 1891, next to: Nicolaus Steder/Geboren/27 Juli 1827/Gestorben 13 Mar. 1910

STEPHANI: Jacob Stephani (Marianne Stephani (nee Wagner)/d. 31 Aug. 1885/from obit/no stone)

STRUPP: Peter Strupp/Geb 20 Oct 1810/Gest 5 Sept/1882 (Death notice in Der Nord Westen, 7 Sept. 1882 Peter Strupp of Town Newton died on Tues.) See ROCK

TOLLEFSON: Josephine A. Tollefson/1891-1976 (27 May 1891/Jul 1976/SSDI), next to: Eugene M. Tollefson/1914-1933 Oliver E./Apr 2, 1916/Feb 13, 1986, ossw: Alice A./Apr 22, 1920/_______, next to: Walter A./b. Apr. 29, 1944/___/Father, ossw: John Oliver Tollefson/Sept. 27, 1982/July 27, 2005/ SPC US Army - Iraq Bronze Star Medal/Purple Heart/ Operation Iraqi Freedom Photo, next to: Adeline A./July 12, 1922/Aug. 21, 2007, ossw: Anton R./Nov. 9, 1919/Jan. 18, 2008

TROSSEN: Luzia/Gattin von/N. Trossen/Gebne BINGEN/3 Juni 1845/Gest./23 Apr. 1895, ossw: Peter/Sohn von/N & L Trossen/Geb. 29 Apr. 1876/Gest./22 Juli 1877, ossw: Nicolaus Trossen/Geb./6 Dez. 1831/Gest./31 Juli 1894

TROST: Joseph Trost/1864-1944 Tombstone


WELLNER: Anna Marie PFEFFER, ossw: Friderich R./1820-1885, (Wellner)Tombstone Anna/Friderich, next to: Anna and Elizabeth Wellner Tombstone Anna/Elizabeth

WILD: Mathias Wild/July 16, 1866/Oct. 16, 1935 Mathias Wild/Geb. 9 Nov. 1818/Gest. 20 Juni 1901, ossw: Susanna Wild/Seine Gattin/Geb. 12 Feb. 1825/Gest. 20 Juni 1909 Footstones: Mutter/Vater

?????: Base of Cast Iron Cross in back row, next to Peter Strupp. Footstone: Father (Next to Mary Jagemann lot & in front of Peter Strupp cross.